The Thousand Years War

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Chapter 34: Darkgaryl’s Dark Delight

I’m sure you would like to know the fate of Angel and Mariano; yes they did fall down the bridge but they are not dead or at least they are still breathing. However they have fallen into a dark abyss an underground labyrinth or the surroundings look like a place where lost souls would be lurking around. While their bodies are in the underground area, Angel’s soul is not. In fact Angel was back on Earth or so he thinks, he sees Maria goes to hug and kiss her. They kiss passionately for a couple of minutes. Everything seemed so beautiful to Angel almost like he had completed his mission that everything on Earth had been restored back to the way it was before all of this chaos started. However just like Dayvon this is all just an illusion that Angel has to break out of or else face the rest of his life living in a world of illusions where everything looks real but isn’t.

When Angel opens his eyes he’s back home in Brooklyn but this time he is in a brownstone house. Angel says “Where am I, is this my new house? I see pictures of me and Maria when we got married but we never got married. I think somehow I’m back on Earth and the others were able to save me and now I’m back on in the real world with my dream girl how cool is this. I’m going to call the rest of the crew so they can come over, hey honey were are you?” Maria or at least it looked like Maria says “I’m over here honey putting something nice on just for you so that your friends can see that you got a good wife.” Angel responds “I love you honey, I’m glad you guys were able to save Earth even though I had died in the virtual world but it looks like everything has been reversed I got or I mean we got a nice house now!” Maria replies “Yeah this house is beautiful I love you too Angel but I think you better take a nap I think you been watching too many of those late night movies honey. Don’t worry I’ll wake you up.” Angel says in his head “Either Maria has some really bad memory or this isn’t really my wife and this is all just a really bad dream.” Angel says to Maria “This may sound strange but I want to ask you when we got married?” Maria happily replies “You silly goose you’re just pulling my leg aren't you but anyway all of you men forget anniversaries. We got married on May 27, 2015 on your birthday, it was so special I’m sure you at least the wedding itself.” While it all looked good to Angel but the reality was that May hasn’t arrived yet and while Angel wants to say he remembers his wedding the reality was he doesn’t remember because it never took place at least in his eyes.

Angel begins to think is this all too good to be true or did actually die after falling off the bridge then his friends were able to complete the mission of saving the Earth and he has simply been transported to the future. Angel was very confused of what was going on but decided to go with the flow and acknowledge Maria as his wife as that is what was is true desires were anyway when the evil was defeated. Angel tells Maria “On second thought I’m fine hun I’ll be ok I’m just going to call everyone to ask them what time are they coming.” Maria replies “Ok baby you do that and I’ll start cooking.” The fact that Maria was acting normal did seem encouraging to Angel but he was still a bit spectacle about the situation. When Angel went to call his friends nobody answered their phones, Angel thought that everyone was busy or probably driving over to his house. Angel then asks Maria “Where do Luis and Dayvon live again?” Maria responds “Luis lives in New Jersey and Dayvon lives in upstate New York, you should know that. Baby you’re acting a little weird you seem to be losing your memory trust me everything you see here is real you got nothing to worry about.” Angel says “You’re right must be the business stressing me out.” Then he says to himself “At least I still have my business looks weird but I think this is real; can’t wait to talk to everyone about the adventure we had and what actually happened to me. Maria then calls Angel upstairs.

Maria says “I’m upstairs honey I want to show you something real sexy!” Angel responds “Thought you would be cooking right now don’t you think these guys could be here any second.” Maria replies “Don’t worry this will only take ten minutes and I suggest you start stripping down yourself down to your underwear. I’ll take if off for you I’m feeling a bit hot right now and I need you to cool me down.” Angel excited says “No problem honey I don’t remember getting married but if I get to have sex that’s just fine with me! I’m on my way honey!” Angel felt strange going up to have sex with Maria, a girl he never was intimate with back on Earth and then all of a sudden Angel freezes where he is becomes concerned because there were simply too many questions in his mind about what everything that was taking place. Despite his doubts Angel goes up stairs begins to take his clothes off, enters the bedroom where Maria is waiting for him in sexy lingerie. Maria says “There goes my sexy tiger I knew you couldn’t resist to come up by the way I just got a text from your friends and they’re going to be a little late, giving us time to have some fun!” Angel jumps onto the bed stripping Maria naked and Maria taking Angel’s underwear off at the same time. Angel and Maria began to have passionate sex with each other, Angel felt convinced about everything because the sex felt real and the love between the two felt real; so what was there to be worried about? After an hour the two of them had become tired and began to cuddle each other inside the bed then they began to talk to each other with great emotion.

Angel falls off a bridge in the virtual world and when he wakes up he finds himself in a nice brownstone house along with the love of his life Maria who was now his wife. Angel was beginning to be convinced that the others had succeeded in saving Earth because everything seemed to be normal again. Angel had his doubts because the date was much later than when he went into the virtual world meanwhile between then and now he had gotten married to Maria which he does not remember. Angel has sex with Maria or at least that’s what he’s thinking. However everything changes in a instant when he goes inside the closet to get his clothes Maria tries to stop him trying to tell Angel that she would get his clothes for him but the way she acted it was like she was trying to hide something. Angel becomes convinced that something is indeed wrong because his “wife” was trying to hide something from him. Angel waits until Maria leaves the room then he opens the closet and finds something extremely disturbing…

Angel opens the closet to find hoodies similar to the ones that were worn by the Cabal and he says “Wait a minute honey what are we doing with this kind of clothing are you part of a cult. It’s time to come clean hun I knew something was funny. This isn’t Earth it's a trap by Darkgaryl to try and lure me into this sick illusion world. Alright Maria come on out or should I say Darkgaryl I know that this girl isn’t my wife. Maria comes into the bedroom with a handgun saying “I told you to stay still honey, now that you know the truth you need to die. FYI I still love you!” Maria shoots Angel but misses then Angel goes down the stairs with Maria chasing in hot pursuit of him. Angel says “I can’t believe it my girlfriend is trying to kill me after I gave her my love, is she part of this scheme?” Angel found a place to hide in the basement while he focused his mindset into believing that this was all just a really bad dream he was in. Maria says “Honey where are you, I just want to work things out with you don’t be scared now!” Angel is able to focus enough energy in his mind that he managed to break out of Darkgaryl’s mind trap and back into his body back in the virtual world. He finds himself in an underground temple or what was an underground passageway. Angel finds himself next to Mariano and is able to wake him up. Angel tells Mariano about the dream or mind trap that he was able to break out of. Then the Elder God shows up in front of our heroes.

The Elder God says “Indeed Angel it was a mind trap that Darkgaryl tried to get you and he nearly succeed when you decided to get involved with what was an illusion of Maria. You were smart enough to find the truth that is indeed your future if the evil wins the gloobas along with the Cabal would rule the world, that’s what the Cabal hood symbolized.” Angel says “It felt so real though even the sex felt so good like it really was Maria and she even called me honey.” Elder God replies “I sense you have great love for this girl but you have to be careful Darkgaryl and the ultimate evil force who’s responsible for all this will try to brainwash you with illusions that everything is ok, you have to be strong to deflect those mind traps. You went through a lot just now Angel you are a very strong person anyone else would had fallen into the trap and live a life of lies for the rest of their lives. Well I have to go now; you must find a way out of this abyss I sense your friends are in great danger themselves, goodbye for now.” Angel and Mariano look ahead to the “Place of lost souls” or Darkgaryl’s dark delight where lost souls roamed the area.

Angel and Mariano go straight for the elevator to their right side which leads them up. A teleporter or gateway can be seen ahead but it is blocked by a gate so the duo must find another way. Angel and Mariano go back down with the elevator then they find a door on the floor which opens revealing a small body of water. The two head underwater then they go through a small underwater passage until they resurface and they find themselves in a big room surrounded by cultists trying to take aim at the duo. Angel decides that the two of them should stay underwater in order to avoid getting shot at, they find a small path which leads them to a elevator that rises them into a hallway where they take out a couple of cultists. Mariano finds a switch which opens a four way bridge and then the center of the room opens as well. The duo heads for the center of the room while killing off more cultists along the way that were on the ledges. Angel and Mariano head to the center of the room where only one of the doors open while the ones to the left and right remain locked. The duo heads straight where they find fiends waiting but they are able to kill off easily. The two of them head down the ramp and activate a switch on the wall. All of a sudden the doors close and our heroes are trapped inside the room; afterwards several ogres come down to the room to attack the duo. Our heroes manage to avoid being cut up by the chainsaws of the ogres and are able to kill them after a long enduring battle then the doors open back up. Angel paused to think about once again what had happened in that mind trap and whether Maria could actually be trusted as a girlfriend or even as a friend in general.

Angel tells Mariano “About that mind trap I don’t want think like this but was this really a mind trap or is Maria really going to turn her back on me and try to kill me?” Mariano replies “I wish I could help you on this one but you know this girl more than I do but only thing I can say is too watch your back because Maria does look like a person that could do something like that…” Angel cuts Mariano off and says “Whoa wait a minute didn’t you just say you couldn’t say anything but all of a sudden you’re saying not to trust her, which one is it? Second of all you don’t even know her that well you only met her for a few moments then boom we get separated!” Mariano responds “I’m just telling you what I thought of her, you can take it however you want it. Honestly that just might your wake up call.” After the small argument our heroes move on and head back to the center room where the locked door were now accessible, they see an elevator which takes them up. When they get up to the upper level they see some death knights who were new enemies to the duo so they were unaware of its characteristics. The knight attacks Angel but Mariano kills it with the life leech burning it to ashes, Angel gives Mariano his thanks. Afterwards the duo jumps down to a lower level where an ogre is waiting he manages to push Mariano off the ledge into the water. Angel kills the ogre by pushing it to the spike that was sticking out of the wall; Angel says "You bastard, Mariano are you ok down there?" Angel gets no response from Mariano leaving him to assume that Mariano has perished after the fall. Angel then says "NO!! Mariano damn I'll avenge your death somehow, you might not have been the best person in the world but you didn't deserve to die this way!" Angel finds a platform next to him which floats around the room; he decides to get on to see where it would lead him.

Angel kills cultists on the way that try to ambush him during the ride. Then angel sees a group of ogres at the end of the path but on top of them was a trap which would come down to crush the ogres. Angel looked for a way to activate the trap; he shoots the symbol above the ogres and the crushing trap with spikes comes down to crush the ogres. Angel says "Well you guys got a taste of your own medicine about time you guys become the bottom of the trap besides me! How does it feel, not so good I assume." The platform gets to the room where Angel killed the ogres with the trap; Angel gets off the platform goes into the room, finds another platform which activates once he is on. Angel understandably is nervous because he has no idea where the platform is taking him and he was all by himself this time around. The platform leads him to the door across the platform where Mariano was knocked off from, the door opens leading to an elevator. Angel takes the elevator up which leads him to a room full of hungry fiends; Angel mops the floor with the fiends with his thunderbolt weapon. Then Angel once again takes a pause to think about the mind trap again and is still upset about losing Mariano or at least that's what he assumes.

Angel has just gone through a lot in Darkgaryl's playground. He has gone through he was told a mind trap but Angel has second thoughts and actually believes that what he went through was a permutation. However that would assume that Angel and the others had failed because Angel saw the Cabal hoods inside the closet which meant the Cabal would still be alive. The problem was the one shooting at him was the one he loves. So either Darkgaryl was messing with Angel's mind or was Maria one that he had to watch out for or does Maria have a hidden agenda of her own? Angel has just lost Mariano as well so that meant he was going at it alone, Angel takes a few minutes to catch his breath and his thoughts then he decides to move on.

Angel after gathering his thoughts decides that he needs to trust Maria and doesn't believe she would turn on him. He believes this is just an attempt by Darkgaryl to mess with his mind and get him to against Maria. However Darkgaryl doesn't announce himself like he did back at the great Cabal Temple; Angel figured that Darkgaryl would come out bragging how he was messing with him but Darkgaryl doesn't show up or is even heard. With that Angel still has second thoughts but decides that Maria is still his ally. Angel collects some boxes of ammo for his thunderbolt weapon which come in fuses filled with current. Then he goes down a ramp which leads into a room surrounded with lava, out of no where a shambler shows up to meet Angel. Angel dodges the shambler's attack but he finds himself on the edge ready to fall in the lava. With nowhere to run it was do or die for Angel, either he would find a way to kill the shambler or be fall in the lava and meet his doom all burned up? Angel says "Come on big guy you know you want me if I'm going to die here I'm not giving you the satisfaction of killing me easily!" Angel aimed for the shambler's head with the thunderbolt shot and closed his eyes just hoping for the best. After the weapon had run out of power Angel opens his eyes and sees the shambler on the floor then Angel breathes a sigh of relief. Angel says "I saw my life flash before my eyes; my heart has never pounded this fast ever!" Angel sees a teleport in front of him which he goes in, the teleporter transports him to the beginning room where he got up from the mind trap before. Angel asks himself "I just came from here, is this some sick idea of a joke or am I stuck in this infinite loop." A voice says "Look above you." Angel realizes that the gate that was previously down has now gone up, he has no idea how it went up but he goes up to the gate and into the hall. The hallway finishes with a teleport which from what Angel was able to understand the teleport would transport him to a place called "The Elder God Shrine", he steps into the teleport just relieved that he can get out of the underworld and hopefully meets the others.

Despite losing Mariano and the constant thinking of the mind trap that was placed on him on Darkgaryl Angel is able to fight his way out of the underworld. Or should we call it the devil's playground? Anyway Angel is able to gather himself and by a miracle of having the thunderbolt he is able to kill a shambler. Angel has more questions than he has answers but he'll have to figure out the answers as they come. Angel was heading to the Elder God Shrine which is one step closer to the Elder Temple.

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