The Thousand Years War

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Chapter 38: Darkgaryl

Angel and his crew had possession of the anti-matter ball but they still had some business left to be dealt with, they still had to defeat Darkgaryl who they still haven’t seen in person. They fall into a dungeon which is huge in size with a center used for prayers. Our heroes see somebody praying at the center of the dungeon but as they got closer the voice of the person sounded all too familiar. Could it be…?

Angel says “No it can’t be Mariano? I thought you were dead!” Mariano responds with an evil laugh “You assumed I was dead you should learn never to assume anything in life. By the way as far as Caleb goes lets just say it was a happy little accident I made…” Angel angrily cuts off Mariano saying “So you killed Caleb and you wanted me to have Maria take the rap for the crime. You double crossing bastard!” Mariano replies still with an evil tone “Maria you should be happy your future husband was smart enough to realize I was trying to mess with him. Ha Angel you’re not as stupid as you look!” Luis says “I don’t believe it we been hagged, why Mariano why?” Dayvon responds “I’ll tell you why he was probably paid off by Darkgaryl to take us out and mislead us. This is where he wanted to finish us off so he could collect his rotten reward which is worthless because Darkgaryl isn’t going to give him shit. Come on Mariano come clean will you!” Mariano replies “Ah what a shame you guys are much more worthy than I give you credit for, you would make great soldiers for the Cabal. However because you guys don’t believe in what the Cabal believe in only one thing can happen. That one thing is for you guys to die!” Angel laughs saying “You kill us? In case you haven’t noticed there are four of us and you’re all by yourself. Face it Mariano we’ve foiled your assassination mission so why don’t you come peacefully and show some dignity.” Mariano says “I don’t think I know I can take all four of you out because there’s something you fools have to know!” Angel says “What would that be? You got guys behind us or something?” Mariano responds “Let my actions speak for themselves, boy are you fools in for a surprise! Goodbye Angel you were so close but no cigar, you have failed hahaha!” Mariano begins to make a transformation to the shock of our heroes.

Mariano started to grow wings like those of a gargoyle in a gray color similar to that seen in the blanket over the corpse in the train and pictures of Darkgaryl seen though out the different areas. Maria says “No it can’t be!” Luis says “Looks like we were with Darkgaryl all this time!” Dayvon says “Well I’ll be damned he could have fool me, I had the impression Caleb was up to no good.” Angel says “Well Mariano I can see that’s not who you really are anymore, time to come clean who you really are…” Angel is shocked along with the others when he finds that Mariano had transformed into Darkgaryl himself. Darkgaryl says in a sinister voice “You see the surprise is that there was never any Mariano I just used his body to disguise myself, you wanted me so badly right? I’ll bet you’re regretting that wish!” Darkgaryl was a big gray gargoyle who was much bigger than the gargoyles our heroes had bumped into and he was also able to shoot dark spirit balls at his victims. Angel says to the others “This is gonna to be a tough one my friends but let's do this!” Darkgaryl says “Prepare to die fools!” Our heroes try to shoot down Darkgaryl but he simply flies away from the projectiles and his body is tough deflecting the majority of the things our heroes would throw at him. Darkgaryl flapped his wings hard and as a result he created a gust of wind powerful enough to push our heroes down to the lower level of the dungeon. Then he shot a dark energy ball at our heroes, even though it missed but it was so powerful the ball took down a column. Maria was right under the column and Angel pushes Maria out of the way of the falling column before it crushed her. However it looks like Darkgaryl was not going to go down so easily.

Our heroes fall into the dungeon and they find that Mariano is still alive however this is not necessary a good thing. That’s because our heroes would find out that Mariano was responsible for killing Caleb and he wasn’t who he seemed to be and if that wasn’t bad enough Mariano revealed that he wasn’t actually Mariano; as he began to transform into the gray gargoyle portrayed as Darkgaryl. In fact he would reveal that he was actually Darkgaryl and our heroes were foolish to believe that Mariano was an actual person. So far he has proven to be a tough opponent as he nearly kills Maria with a fallen column and he wasn’t going to be shot down easily neither. Our heroes had to come up with an idea and quickly before Darkgaryl got the upper hand.

After Angel pushes Maria out of the way Darkgaryl went after Dayvon and he takes him down with his wing. Dayvon falls down unconsciously, Luis went by Dayvon to see if he was ok but he got no response. Then Luis began to shoot Darkgaryl with his nailgun while it did have some effect but Darkgaryl was still flying strong. Angel then shot Darkgaryl with his thunderbolt which actually had a pretty good effect on the creature but he had run out of juice for the weapon. Angel then runs around in a circle dodging the energy balls while trying to figure out a way to defeat the creature. Maria used her crossbow on Darkgaryl distracting him away from Angel and then Luis stepped in to help. Then Darkgaryl went towards Maria with a slashing attack hitting her while she was jumping out of the way while it wasn’t a square hit but it did take Maria out of the battle. Darkgaryl then turned his attention to Luis and he shot an energy ball to Luis which hits him squarely. Darkgaryl becomes cocky thinking he has killed Luis but what he didn’t know was that Luis still had his spirit armor which was enough to keep him alive. Darkgaryl says to Angel “Well looks like all your friends are going down easily, you’re the last one remaining I’m going to have fun with you!” Then Darkgaryl begins to attack Angel.

Darkgaryl then summons numerous gargoyles to go after Angel while he hides out. Angel shoots the gargoyles with his flare gun which burns them, while he’s having an easy time with the gargoyles he realizes that he is running out of ammunition for his flare gun. To add to his problem all of his friends were down unable to get up, Angel needed to find an alternative way to kill Darkgaryl. Then Angel sees a sentry gun which was actually a ballista used to protect the area from sieges. Angel tries to head up to the ballista but Darkgaryl’s blast destroys one of paths leading to the sentry weapon. Then Darkgaryl tries to grab Angel but Angel barely gets out of the way, Angel makes his way up the second path to get to the sentry gun. Darkgaryl prepares to attack with his energy ball attack but he is shot with a crossbow while it doesn’t even come close to killing him it does distract him. Maria was the one to shoot the crossbow; somehow she still had the energy to get back up after being attacked by Darkgaryl. Maria then says to Angel “I’ll distract him I might not be 100% but you need my help. As for you Darkgaryl come get me if you can, I’m down so finish me off if you can!” Angel notices that Maria is just distracting Darkgaryl so he could get to the ballista so he had to be quick. Maria with the little strength she had ran and kept distracting Darkgaryl for as long as she could but eventually she fell back down. Despite Maria going down however Angel did manage to get to the ballista and says “Darkgaryl! Your little game is over!” Angel shoots the bolt from the ballista and the bolt hits Darkgaryl directly in the heart. Darkgaryl then falls down to the ground and tries to get up but finds himself bleeding at a rapid pace. Maria gathers her little bit of strength that she had and she finished Darkgaryl off by beheading him. Maria falls into Angel’s arms saying that she loved him and she owes him one. Angel places Maria down slowly then he checks on the others Luis started to get up saying “What… what happened?” Angel replies “Take it easy bro it’s over Darkgaryl is dead.” Dayvon gets up saying “We did it now how the hell do we get out of here?” Then the Elder God shows up.

The Elder God shows up saying “Excellent job my chosen ones, I had my doubts but you guys did it. As for you Angel I’m especially impressed with you I’m really am; you stood faithful to your love one Maria and stood by her side even as Darkgaryl tried to fool you into thinking she was going to turn her back on you. However all of you were good and exhibited strong behavior even in the toughest of times.” Angel says “Thanks Elder God but now we must return to current time, the gloobas must be having a field day down in Hollywood.” Dayvon says “Oh yeah I forgot we gotta finish off those alien scum's but I don’t feel too well.” Luis responds “Me neither.” Maria is still unconscious on the floor. The Elder God says “Don’t worry now that you guys have been defeating the evil in this world I’m gaining the ability to do more in this world to help out. Everybody gather around and I shall heal all of you.” The Elder God blesses all of our heroes and all of them all start to feel much better along with having more energy. The Elder God says “I’m creating the warp to get you guys out of here but it will take a few minutes. While I’m doing that let me explain that Darkgaryl had all of you fooled for a bit, portraying himself as Mariano. This evil is specialized in messing with your thoughts and minds in order to get you to believe in lies as well as go against each other. However Darkgaryl is not an actually evil being, it’s just one of the many forms that this evil force takes to spread his ways on Earth. The warp is ready for you guys; I’ll leave you with this piece of advice your mind is a powerful force which can be used to help you but it can also kill you as well. Stay strong and don’t believe everything you might see in this world because remember this is a virtual world so it will not follow natures law. You posses three pieces of the anti-matter ball only one more to go, you guys are so close to completing your mission. However the enemy knowing this will be gunning for you even more than ever and they will throw everything at you. I wish you guy's good luck and goodbye for now."

Angel looks at the warp and says “Well guys we survived the medieval times and now its time to go back to real time to finish what we started.” Luis says “I just wanna kick some alien butt and go back to my normal life.” Dayvon replies “Wouldn’t we all want that, time to show these monkeys whose boss!” Maria says “The gloobas are in for a surprise when they see us and see we don’t give in so easily!” Angel then says “Well ready everyone, you ready my love?” Everybody responds yes to Angel’s question; Angel says “Here we go!” Everybody jumps into the time warp to return to their correct time.

Our heroes have been through a lot so far as they head for the beginning of the homestretch of their journey. Our heroes are able to defeat Darkgaryl and recover the anti-matter ball that they had lost when they made their unwanted arrival back in time. Our heroes have gotten to know each other much better especially here where they had to improvise ways to survive. As they head into the time warp they begin to feel renewed as they are only one piece of the anti-matter ball away from completing the ball and saving the world. Two days have passed since they were away leaving our heroes five days to complete their mission. Will our heroes be successful in saving the world and what destruction will our heroes find as they head back to Earth, in otherwords what have the gloobas accomplished since trapping our heroes in the past. The final showdown between our heroes and the gloobas was about to take place. The gloobas could not pick a better place for this showdown than Hollywood California the home of the biggest movie stars and brightest lights.

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