The Thousand Years War

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Chapter 3: Death Rowing It Again

Our heroes find themselves in death row again but this time though they are placed on separate cells to prevent any unwarranted escapes. Execution will take place soon, however Angel's execution was about to take place right now. The aliens set up a chair that when activated would send thousands of volts of electricity to this body. The gloobas brought Angel to the execution room, meanwhile other gloobas gathered in he viewing room, but the curtain wasn't raised yet; the aliens anxious awaited Angel's execution. Angel was sat down on the chair being strapped down with mechanical straps to lock him in. The aliens would activate the machine, asked if Angel had any final words, Angel had no words to say. The machine started to put out thousands of volts of electricity and Angel was in real bad pain. However...

The machine started to malfunction, the straps were released and Angel was able to break out. All the gloobas that were with him had left to the viewing room assuming he was dying and were preparing to lift the curtain to see Angel. Meanwhile the only alien was a boar cop asleep in the security room in the execution room. Angel slowly opened the door and choked the boar cop to death. There was a cabinet behind Angel where he found a pistol and some rounds of ammunition. Angel also found a switch for the sentry guns in the waiting room that would shoot anyone on sight. Angel says confidently "Hmm these alien bastards are going to get one heck of a show alright, however let’s just say the script has been rewritten just a little." Angel waited patiently for the gloobas to open the curtains, the curtains open to the gloobas surprise Angel was no where to be found. Angel says in a cocky tone "Hey goofballs looking for me surprise!!!" Angel presses the button to activate the sentry guns. The sentry guns absolutely massacres every single glooba watching the execution; Angel says "Bet you alien scum's weren't expecting that!" as he walked through the corpses. Angel says "It's time to break out of this joint; I gotta look for the others."

Maria was in a cell not too far from the execution room, pondering on the condition of the others especially Angel. Maria says in her head crying "I hope you are still alive Angel, please I don't wanna lose you in. I think I'm in love with you." She turns the television on to amuse herself. The television displays a very important moderator for an upcoming debate in NY for senator. His name is Chuck Thomas and he is being interviewed and asked if he thought the four runaway's that were accused of using the virtual world should had been proven innocent. His response was "Yes I believe so I think this is nothing but a government cover up or someone’s is getting paid off, despite all this FBI action crime is at a all time high and buildings are coming down like bowling pins with no explanation." All of a sudden a hole appears through Chuck's chest; he begins to bleed rapidly and dies on scene. Further investigation pointed to no suspects, although a bullet hole was found on him there were no bullets on scene so there was no gun to go on by neither. An autopsy determined Chuck died of a bullet wound but with no signs of any bullets used or even a gun was even used.

After watching the news Maria could only assume the gloobas created a clone of Chuck; shot him in the virtual world therefore killing him on earth with nobody the wiser. She fears the gloobas will kill off each person of power then claim Earth for themselves. Maria just wanted to find a way out this hell hole she was in. She moved the bed around found a lead pipe and a secret passage only big enough for her to get in crawling. Maria says "Well this passage may lead to nowhere but it's better than staying here waiting for a miracle." Maria proceeds inside the passage crawling, little does she know her love interest Angel just broke out of the execution room and was heading towards her cell.

Quentin was locked up in a cell in Alpha sector which is the sector directly to the left of Omega sector which Angel and Maria were being held. Quentin would complain about how bad the food was, how much it stank in his cell and that his cell was too small. By the way Quentin is claustrophobic as well. Quentin cried and prayed "Please I don't wanna die here this is gotta be hell, I couldn't be that bad of a person to deserve this punishment." Then a boar cop came up to him and said "Shut up fool, don't worry you don't have much time left here anyway." Quentin sat at the corner in a fetal position, and then a gunshot was heard. Then Quentin sees it was Angel coming to his rescue Angel shoots the pig and says "Trust me Quentin if you were a bad person you would be one of these goons. I'm breaking you out I know you don't know how to use a gun very well, but I can't do this on my own. Quentin says still in panic "Don't worry I'll learn as quick as I can, just don't let me die please!" Angel calmly says "Keep your shirt on buddy

this is no time to panic, come on bro have faith we're getting out of here!" They explored a video/security room where they had access to the cameras, sentry guns and found a map of the prison. Angel found that the layout of this prison was slightly different than back on earth. Quentin tried to use the sentry guns to take out the aliens but the system required a password, he went on to try a few different words but no match. Angel and Quentin decided to just move on.

Dayvon was locked in a small cell in the delta sector of the prison but the door wasn't a gate but a tightly sealed door and only a window covered with a metal gate. He was also next to a dead prisoner who was holding an ice pick possibly killed for trying to escape. He checked behind the picture of a swimsuit model and found a hole was nearly completed. He could see though a small hole a cave that may or may not lead to a way out. The pick was dull but still useful; Dayvon would try to make the hole big enough to sneak out without attracting so much attention. Dayvon overheard a conservation saying all guards have to report to an emergency meeting due to a breakout somewhere in the prison, Dayvon thought who was able to escape. He says in his head "Hmm meeting huh I'm going to try to use this pick to break through maybe my only shot out of here." So Dayvon removed the picture and soon as the coast was clear began picking at the wall.

Luis was in the same kind of cell as Dayvon was but on the other side in the beta sector. Luis begins to have flashbacks of when he was locked up for drug possession, being in a cell, bad food and no freedom. Luis says in his head "This prison on the other hand must be hell compared to where I was locked up at Rikers Island, hmm hold on." Luis sees something interesting on the window, a small but deep crack into the gate. Could it be big enough to take the gate down, Luis had no way of knowing that but he first needed something to cut into the metal. So Luis waited for a salamander trooper to deliver his food, he sees ho one's looking he grabs the trooper, slams it to the wall and beats it to a pause. The trooper is unconscious Luis takes a small laser along with the beam gun. Luis uses the laser and begins to focus it into the crack of the gate.

Angel and Quentin went back to the Omega sector hallway where they were met with more boar cops; Angel would make quick work of them with Quentin killing one or two of them along the way. They spotted another cell so they went inside to investigate hoping to find another member of the group. What Angel doesn’t know is that Maria was just in that cell finding her own way out of the prison through the secret passage. Angel says “There’s no one here crap! Wait the bed it looks like it’s been moved and there is a secret passageway, somebody was here.” Quentin responds “If only we could get in but both of us are too big to fit; only a person who was with a small enough body could fit in there. My theory is Maria was probably here and she found this way out hopefully it won’t lead her to a trap.” Angel says “I agree it can only be her or could there be someone else here; well whatever the case is there’s nothing here lets get moving.” The duo fights their way out of the Omega sector into the main hallway, they take a quick look at the map. Quentin says “The other two are probably in the beta and delta sections of the prison, but we’re gonna have a dog fight because in order to get to one side to the other we gotta get through the central high security area.” Angel says “Let’s start at delta then since this hall leads there, we’ll deal with central later, besides we can use another hand.” The duo arrive at the delta sector which is clear to their surprise, the guards were still in their meeting that was taking place at central station. The door to Dayvon’s cell is locked but Quentin recognizes the locking mechanism and is able to reprogram the door to open without hand verification. However when they go inside the cell is empty no body around; meanwhile the sign covering the hole Dayvon was digging is still hanging.

So where were Dayvon and Maria if they weren’t in their cells? Perhaps looking for their way out, probably assuming the other was dead.

Maria continued her journey through the secret passage with the lead pipe she found in her cell. She says “My back is killing me God I hope this leads me straight out of here, hope the others are ok.” Eventually Maria sees light at the end of the road and when she gets out she finds herself in a hallway labeled “Beta Sector”. Maria says in a disgusted tone “Damn all that and I’m still in this hell hole but at least I’m somewhere better, now to get out of here.” Maria sees a boar cop she sneaks up from behind and stabs the head of the boar with the lead pipe then she takes the boar’s shotgun. “Now it’s time to party!” Maria says in a cocky tone. She approaches the beta sector cells but there’s a force field surrounding it and she says “A force field, now I know the world is doomed looks like I need a keycard.” Maria enters the showers and she hears a cop say “Don’t drop the soap missy.” She responds “Show yourself coward!” The boar cop tries to take a sneak shot but the pillar blocked the shot, then both the cop and Maria exchange shots until the boar has to reload; Maria then approaches the boar and kicks him in the groin area, throws him to the shower and turns on the water super hot which burns off the boar’s skin leaving only his flesh remaining. She gets out of the bathroom and finds a small room with a keycard to the cells sitting on a table. Maria cautiously grabs the keycard then she sees parts of the wall open and a red dot on them. Quickly she realizes these are laser trip mines, so she dives forward out of the room with one of the laser trip’s barley missing her foot. She says slightly out of breath “Wow that was too close!” She goes to the force field uses the card and the field destabilizes and she heads to the cells, eventually she finds the cell Luis is being held. She approaches him from behind and says “Hey” then Luis turns around pointing a laser beam gun to her face.

Dayvon unaware Angel and Quentin are in his cell moves along in the cave he found behind the wall he broke through. When he finds the end to the caves he finds it leads to a sewer system and he says “Oh come on not another sewer system, crap got to watch my back here.” Dayvon was concerned about poisonpus because of its highly toxic properties and sewers were their main habitat. Dayvon reluctantly moves through the sewer system and then he sees a poisonpus up ahead he has two options either he faces the poisonpus or go into the murky water and dodge it. Dayvon says “This is going to stink but I rather stink than get poisoned, here goes nothing!” Dayvon jumps into the sewer water, but he notices something he can breathe underwater without holding his breath just like the Elder God said “Also don’t expect this world to be like yours in that certain rules of nature maybe able to be broken such as jumping from heights and surviving.” This was one rule of nature broken in this world, so Dayvon continued to swim until he saw a wall block his way then he rises from the water. There he sees what looks like a submarine just sitting there. However just as Dayvon is ready to walk towards the submarine he notices two poisonpus’s, a few salamander troopers and a few boar cops guarding it. Dayvon having no weapon to defend himself sits and ponders what his next move will be. Dayvon says “Crap I’m just going to have to hang here for a while until they leave or by some miracle one of the others break out and come get me.” So Dayvon would continue to stay there indefinitely until something happens.

Angel and Quentin come up empty handed in the delta sector cells now they need to go the beta sector. Quentin says “Wait hold on I don’t think it’s worth it going to the beta sector, we’re probably going to find the same result “nothing” besides either way we are going have to get through one way or the other. We should go straight for the exit instead.” Angel puzzled says “Quentin no offense but are you out of your mind that’s suicide man but then again according to the map there’s no other way out of here.” Luckily for Angel and Quentin there was an armory which contained several shotguns, machine guns and armor. Angel says “Quentin it’s time to clean house and bust out of this joint.” The duo approaches central station prepared for quite the shootout. They walk into central station and begin to empty bullets onto the enemies. However the duo notices they are getting out number badly, Angel sees sentry guns on top and tells Quentin “Go upstairs and see if you can get control of one of those guns to help even up the odds a bit.” Angel holds firmly behind a desk while peeking out and shooting as many aliens as he can. However he notices the desk is actually showing bullet holes so he gets up backflips avoiding many laser beams. Angel finds himself moving around often to avoid giving enemies a good shot and says in a frantic tone “Come on Quentin I can’t keep on forever I’m getting tired quickly I’m counting on you.” Quentin is in central command finds the control for the sentry gun gains control of it and begins firing. Quentin says “Now it’s our turn to have fun, die die die!” Angel follows “Hell yeah die alien bastards die!” After the long shoot out central control is cleared and Quentin releases the lock to the main exit. Angel says to Quentin “Good job partner but I got a feeling its going to be worse outside lets go to the armory get more supplies for us and in case we find the others we'll have some for them.” Quentin says “Sounds like a plan!”

Meanwhile in the beta sector cell where Luis is being held at Luis has his beam gun pointed at Maria. Maria says desperately "Wait Luis hold your fire I'm not an alien, don't shoot!" Luis recognizes Maria and lowers his gun then says "Maria don't scare me like that again you were almost toast. Didn't anybody teach you to never approach anyone from behind?" Maria says in a sad tone "Sorry about that Luis just got excited at the moment, what are you up to here?" as she sees part of the metal of the window red. Luis says "I saw a crack in the window and I'm trying to see if I can use this laser to cut it open then possibly bust out of here." Maria says "Hmm a long way down even if we do get out." Luis responds "Better than rotting here waiting to be executed, tell you what you can finish cutting the window and I'll stand out here keeping guard." Maria says "Okay sounds good." Maria resumes cutting the window. Meanwhile Luis notices footsteps and then a salamander trooper shows up, Luis shoots it but the trooper teleports out of the way and disappears into thin air. Luis says confused "What was that? The God is right about one thing this world doesn't follow natures rules, that thing just disappeared out of nowhere! Where did it go?" The trooper teleports behind Luis preparing to take a sneak shot on him; Maria looks behind her to make sure Luis is okay and sees the trooper. Maria says "Luis lookout!" She tackles the trooper then Luis blasts the trooper killing it, he gives the troopers laser gun to Maria. Luis then says "Thanks Maria you saved my life. Damn just something else to worry about "disappearing salamander" shit; can this shit get anymore weird?" The duo finish cutting the window and the window actually falls down. Luis says amazed "Wow can't believe that worked! Now who's jumping down?" Maria responds "No ones jumping we're going to use the bed sheets, tie it down to the bed and make a rope down. Now for what's down there I can't answer that." The two make the rope, Maria then successfully makes it downstairs, Luis goes down but his weight causes the rope to break and he falls to the ground. Amazingly enough despite the height of the fall Luis is still alive and endures no pain or very little pain. He says in shock "Wow this is just weird first a disappearing salamander now I fall and I'm not injured at all. Wow! At least we're out of there." However the two have little time to celebrate as an alarm goes off and then a whole rush of alien troops come charging in.

Angel and Quentin get out of the armory reloaded and ready to go. They approach the door to the exit, however the see a vent that can be opened. Angel asks Quentin "Well should we go in the vent or go directly to the exit?" Quentin ponders "Well we know where the door leads to, the vent on the other hand we have no idea where it leads to there's no indication on the map itself. On the other hand the main door is sure going to lead us to plenty of resistance from the enemy. So lets do this I'll go in the vent and you take the main door." Angel blatantly asks Quentin "Whoa there brother you don't expect me to fight all those guys but myself now do you?" Quentin looks in the vent, sees sunlight and a ladder. Quentin says "Look you go in slowly I got a feeling this takes me to a sentry point, I would have you come with me but there's only enough room for one of us." Angel says "Fine go see what's up there." Angel comes out side and says "Its quiet too quiet, oh shit!" An alarm sounds and the alien voice that Angel heard when he was captured says "Hahaha too late Medina, we're in control now!" Angel says "You're not in control yet, why not come out and show yourself!" Aliens begin to show up and Angel takes them down, but their numbers begin to increase at a fast rate. Angel says to himself "What is taking Quentin so long?" Then a hovership arrives towards Angel and he's able to dodge the initial attack. Then the hovership begins to charge its laser, Angel realizes he can't move out of the way as if he was frozen. Then a combination of salamander troopers and boar cops surround Angel. Quentin finds that the vent does indeed lead to a sentry point, when he sees the hovership he understands he doesn't have the weapons to shoot it down. He decides he's gonna try to jump on the ship's pilot; one flaw of the hover ship was that the pilot was exposed. Quentin thought if he could kick the pilot off and gain control of the ship he and Angel would be able to defeat all the aliens. Quentin makes the leap of faith, lands on the ship, shoots the pilot and gains control of the ship. Unsure of the controls Quentin randomly presses each button which causes the ship to spin out of control and shoots its laser beam. The beam hits the aliens surrounding Angel, he ducks down last second the beam misses him and the ship rises back up. Quentin panic when he realizes that he can't control the ship, he sees the eject button pushes it the ship ejects him out of the ship. The hovership crashes into the delta sector cell. Angel says "Good thing nobody was in there." However before the duo can settle down, some aliens approach them from behind and from the top of the walls. Angel says "Shit now we're screwed and I bet that door is locked how much you want to bet?" However the aliens behind the duo are shot from behind and behold it was Luis and Maria to the rescue. Angel and Quentin are relieved to see their friends are alive. The four teamed up to take care of the remaining enemies. Then Maria hugs Angel and says "I'm happy you're alive I was worried that they executed you, I'm happy that we're all here." Angel says "Almost everyone Dayvon is still missing, fact still is the alarm is still going off so more gloobas will sure be on their way. We can't climb over the wall our only hope is to open that huge green door." Quentin says "Hey guys got it open!" Luis says "Wow Poindexter that was quick I guess that solves that problem, lets go!" The four proceeded through the door.

Dayvon on the other hand was still stuck at the sewer exit still pondering on what his next move will be. Then a spaceship lands and many of the aliens go into the ship to an unknown location. Dayvon says "Damn this could be my chance if I can get that boar and his shotgun and maybe be able to see what's in the submarine." Dayvon waits for the spaceship to leave his sight, takes a second look at his surroundings, they grabs the boar beats him to a pause, takes its shotgun and throws it into the water. He finally gets out jumps onto the first poisonpus and shoots hit in the weak spot at the same time dodging the second poisonpus's tentacles. Dayvon takes out the other poisonpus with ease. Finally Dayvon finds himself meeting all the others and says "Nice we're all here when this is all over we're going to have our own stories to tell each other hehehe. You guys see that it's a submarine lets get in it and see if we can get any leads to where the anti-matter ball is." Angel says "The only place remotely close to hear is the nearest Native American reservation sounds like a place these goons would take the ball and do their crazy rituals. We should go there to investigate." Luis says "Whatever I don't any better ideas." Maria says "Okay hopefully we can get the chief on our side." Quentin says "Well looks like we don't have much to work with, but I'm just happy we are getting out of here." Angel says to Quentin "Hey "Q" you were great in there looks like you do learn quick, it's a miracle we all got out of here alive." The heroes head for the submarine they notice that they cannot find the entrance to the submarine. Dayvon says "It's probably underwater but hey we can go underwater without holding our breath, I don't know if it's just me or this world." Luis says "Yeah I noticed the same thing when I fell through the window I didn't get hurt at all." Angel says "Well let’s go for it shall we!" The five all jump underwater to look for the entrance to the submarine.

Our heroes are underwater looking for the entrance to the submarine. They see a square shape under the submarine which looks like the entrance. They all head for the submarine however a whirlpool comes out of nowhere towards our heroes. Maria, Luis and Dayvon are able to hang on to the entrance of the submarine and pull themselves in the sub. Angel and Quentin on the other hand are not so lucky the whirlpool grabs them and pushes them beyond the scope of vision of their friends. The other three are in the submarine searching the sub carefully they find a couple of salamander troopers that they take care of easily. They all proceed to the controls of the submarine and to no surprise nobody has any idea how to operate or even start the submarine. Then the three begin to notice that the submarine is beginning to move on it's own out of no where. Luis says "Never mind we're moving I don't know where though." Dayvon says "Got a bad feeling it's one of these traps again, like they knew we would break out." The submarine continued on its route to an unknown location.

The submarine was moving on its own where to nobody knew. Meanwhile the whirlpool took Angel and Quentin however where is anybody's guess. Are Angel and Quentin lost forever in the depths of the underwater world, will they die or end up in uncharted territory? As for Maria, Dayvon and Luis where will they end up or is the submarine rigged for their death as well. While our heroes escaped "death row" but is the road ahead deadlier? As the plot thickens as they say.

The submarine kept moving and then it sped up all of a sudden. Then after 5 minutes the sub hits a rock, turns around everyone inside the sub and it falls on its back underwater. Then the escape hatch opened and the water began to rush in the sub like a waterfall. The water level was rising at an extreme rate, Maria says “Oh my God we’re gonna drown!” Dayvon asks in a panic “Anybody got any good ideas; now it would be the time, because I’m sure we cannot stay underwater forever eventually we’re gonna drown!”

You may say wait I thought Dayvon said they could stay underwater for a long time. While true but only to a certain limit 10 minutes to be exact, while all knew there was a limit but nobody knew the exact limit. In the virtual world the safe jump height without getting hurt was 35ft.

Luis says “Wait hold on I see three buttons to open the emergency hatch looks like all I gotta do is hit all three and we can escape through the hatch.” Luis goes down to the buttons and hits all three but nothing happens. Luis then realizes that the buttons had to be hit in a certain way such as 2 in and 1 out. Luis keeps trying until he gets the pattern correct then rises to the others and tells them he’s got the combination correct. They get out of the submarine using the emergency hatch then go out to the open water where a whole bunch of poisonpus’s and all of them rises out of the water to the surface. Luis says “Should had known those alien bastards booby trapped the sub!” Maria reads “Upstate NY’s sewage and toxic treatment plant” Luis responds “So basically we’re at a chemical plant, watch out!” Salamander troopers attempt to surprise the three. Maria is hit slightly on the leg but she’s still able to walk. The heroes managed to take care of the troopers. Then they sit down by the entrance of the chemical plant to decide the plan of attack. Luis says “How are we gonna to do this, go in together or split up again I mean neither one has paid off well.” Maria says “I say we split up, there’s no telling how big this place is and if one of us finds the anti-matter ball that’s good enough; problem is without Quentin to formulate it this effort may prove to be worthless, but standing here isn’t gonna change anything.” Dayvon says “I can’t believe I’m saying this but I agree with her and call me crazy but I’m going to explore underwater again I saw a big cave opening it may lead to something and at the same time I’ll face my fear of poisonpus’s.” Luis says “Me and Maria will go into the plant together and split up in there; Maria are you ok?” Maria says cheerfully “Yeah I’ll be fine no worries. Just hope Angel and Quentin are ok hopefully that whirlpool didn’t take them out.” Luis says “No don’t even think like that girl we gotta stay strong! Let’s get on going!”

Dayvon dives into the poisonpus infested waters defeats a couple of poisonpus’s but is quickly overwhelmed by them by the submarine. He quickly swims towards the cave and a tentacle of a poisonpus just misses Dayvon. As he approaches the cave poison ink is being shot at him in every direction but each one missing. Dayvon says “Thank God these goons aren’t marksmen.” He hears a rattling sound like the cave is going to collapse and the cave is indeed ready to collapse. Dayvon swims for his life, gets through barley and loses his shoe in the process and one of the poisonpus’s is crushed by the rocks. Dayvon cruises the rest of the way following the path until he realizes he’s starting to lose his breath underwater and he needed to surface quick or he would drown. He eventually sees light and begins his ascent but he is grabbed by a poisonpus. Dayvon begins to turn blue, realizes the creature isn’t letting go and that he needs a perfect shot or he would perish. He aims his shotgun and hits the poisonpus in the perfect spot and Dayvon is able to ascend to the surface catching his breath.

Maria and Luis enter the chemical plant kill a few salamanders and boars along the way. Then they enter the disposal area their faces in shock when they see the sheer size of the room. A whole bunch of boar pigs and salamander troopers appear and a gunfight begins, the fight lasts a good 10 minutes before the last trooper is killed. Luis says “This is a big area better split up I’ll go upstairs’, you stay here on the lower level. Hold on look an orange keycard it says “Down level plant area” you better hang on to it. I’ll go to the door that’s upstairs.” Maria says “Eww it stinks here!” Luis responds “I feel you Maria.” Luis heads to the upstairs room its rusted shut, Luis shoots the lock and he’s able to open the door. Luis ends up in a small room with a convener belt in the back. Luis finds a green keycard which reads “Underwater Compactor Area Access Card” he says in his mind “I’ll keep going but I got a feeling I may have to go back down.” Luis is unable to get to the other side of the room, so he comes up with the ingenious idea of activating the convener and having the grabber pick him up transporting him to the other side. He gets to the other side finds a card reader, uses the card, finds a switch for the underwater compactor room and activates the switch. Problem is what door he activated, until he sees the camera screen and sees a red door downstairs open up showing water.

Maria tries to see where to use her orange keycard; she’s met with some boars that she defeats easily. Finally she sees two small holes and an access panel to use the card. Maria pays special attention to the instructions which say “To gain access to the downstairs plant area use these small holes, in order to get in have the shrink ray in the Access Panel will shrink you down to size to fit. However the effect will make you run at half speed and only lasts for 2 minutes then you will grow back to normal size again. If you are still in the hole once the effect is passed you will burst inside and of course die!” Maria had no idea what pattern would get her to the plant area she took a deep breath, inserted the card and let the ray shrink her. She went into the first hole and follows it but it leads to a dead end, already a minute passes. She realizes that she won’t make it in time, so she let the effect pass and went back to the hall. She shrinks again and goes into the second hole and she makes it to the downstairs plant in about 45 seconds. However she has another problem there were salamander troopers patrolling and if they saw her they could simply step on her. One was dangerously close to her so she went to a corner to hide and by a miracle the trooper misses her. She restores to full size, takes care of the troopers and continues along her way.

Dayvon reaches the surface still gasping for air lays on the rock to catch his breath. He sees salamander troopers guarding the area and decides the best way to deal with this was stealth. So he climbs up the rocky hills gingerly to avoid suspicion takes out the first trooper by choking it. He kills the second by doing a German suplex and pounding it till it died. The third one spots him shoots a beam missing Dayvon, then it shoots again but Dayvon grabs the corpse of a trooper to take the bullet, takes the dead troopers gun and shoots the third trooper. Dayvon would make a long jump across to the other side of the broken hill. He finds two switches not knowing what they do he presses them any way. One opens the door next to him which leads to a passageway and by the smell it was another sewer system. Unknowingly the other switch opens an underwater door that Luis would need to be open to continue his path through the underwater part of the chemical plant. Dayvon went into the passage way and his suspicions were correct it was indeed another sewer system. Dayvon says “Damn I if only I could hit the lotto as many times as I ran into sewers, God damn.” The sliver lining was that the system had pretty good lighting; Dayvon finds a maintenance room in the room is more shotgun shells which he could really use because it was inevitable that he would have to face his nemesis “poisonpus” again and probably for the rest of the adventure. He goes through the sewers and of course his nemesis appears why not? He dodges its numerous attacks until he blasts it. Dayvon says “One down, but a million more to go I’m sure.” He gets grabbed by another poisonpus and he shoots it killing it. He moves along then notices the walls open up and a wall of poisonpus ahead unlike last time there’s no way around these guys and his ammo is running low. Dayvon says “Well then if all fails I’m going to have to just run for it!” Dayvon sprints through the wall of poisonpus’s then just as they are ready to attack he summersaults above all of the attacks and says “You all missed me suckers!” He continues running, then a set of laser beam trip mines are ahead of him. Dayvon has to negotiate these carefully as some are low, others are chest and others hip high. One false move and boom Dayvon would blow into a hundred pieces. Dayvon gets through the laser beams when a poisonpus goes after him. Dayvon activates a switch to discharge water to the system; the force of the water pushes the poisonpus to the trap and blows it up. The force of the explosion forces Dayvon straight out of the system and out to a waterfall where he falls to the bottom and…

Luis heads to the underwater compactor area and dives underwater. He would meet the same poisonpus Dayvon had to deal with before he kills them wall. There were also spike ball traps that had to be negotiated. Luis says “What the hell is this place?” as he see the amount of garbage in the water. Remember the door Dayvon inadvertently opened Luis continued through the door way. Little did Luis know was that the door he just went was opened by Dayvon in the hills just above Luis location. Luis would find more poisonpus’s and dealt with them, then he saw huge double doors in front of him. He pondered how to open the doors; he found a switch to open the doors only to find a compactor crushing garbage. The wall behind him mysteriously blows up forcing Luis extremely close to the compactor; Luis hanged on to the door for dear life until the forces dissipated. Luis sees a small opening in the compactor during its rotation just big enough for him to fit in. He also finds himself running out of breath, he knew he only had one shot he waits for the opening and goes through. The resurfaces back at the upper level compactor area. He travels a waterfall until he sees another compactor at the bottom of the waterfall. He quickly jumps to a platform which leads to a sewer system, however this sewer system unlike Dayvon traveled is much calmer and at the end there’s a ladder. Luis climbs the ladder then after he’s up he sees a sign reading “Welcome to the Tiberus Launch Pad Facility”…

Maria continues to investigate the downstairs plant facility. Maria passes through many barrels of toxic waste along the way. She finds a small office up the stairs; from the window she can see a door and an exit sign. A salamander trooper comes down from the vent and attempts to slice her throat; however Maria is able to sense the trooper, grabs its arm and throws the trooper through the window. More boar cops show up to the plant. Maria grabs the keycard for the exit door then jumps out to a stack of metal boxes. She pushes a huge metal box onto the boar cops and crushes them. Then a trooper jump from above and lands on her using her legs she flips the trooper of the stack of boxes onto the metal box she pushed. Maria says to herself "Damn I’m good! Hopefully the others are having the same luck I’m having." Before Maria can get to the exit three salamander troopers block her way; while dodging their lasers Maria shoot’s a barrel reading “Battery Acid”. The battery acid drops on the troopers burning their skin and into their flesh leaving them dead. Maria uses the keycard then sees the wall behind her start to crack. Sewerage water begins to rush into the room, Maria quickly rushes out and make sure she closes the door to prevent the water rushing out. She sees herself surrounded by huge mountains and a flowing river of green slimy water if a dime is dropped inside it burns into a crisp. Then Maria hears two strange noises in the background one is of an Indian rain dance ritual and the other a loud roar of an unknown creature but by the sound of it was huge. Maria says “I don’t like the sound of that doesn’t sound like a creature I have seen, it maybe their emperor. Looks like I’m in the Indian reservation that Quentin was talking about hopefully there are some survivors here. This is one weird place and one weird adventure!” Maria ponders where to begin her exploration not knowing where her partners are or if they are even alive.

Maria, Dayvon and Luis took separate routes exploring the chemical plant and each of them enduring separate fates. Maria finds herself probably the closet to the Indian reservation that Quentin described. Luis finds himself completely sidetracked to what is only known to him as a launch facility. Were these aliens preparing to strike with a missile or perhaps go into space? Dayvon becomes the victim of rushing sewer water pushing him to a huge waterfall where Dayvon falls through. Will Dayvon survive the fall or will he become the first victim of the virtual world. Finally what has become of Angel and Quentin after they were swallowed up by the whirlpool, are they still alive in a lost part of the world or did the whirlpool swallowed them into a black hole in which they were doomed to never comeback again. Things begin to look bleak as each of our heroes has separated into their own different fates, each presenting its own different challenges. Can our heroes fight through their respective challenges and once again reunite?

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