The Thousand Years War

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Chapter 39: Raw Meat

The heroes enter the time warp and as they are traveling a break in the warp takes place. This break in the warp literally separates our heroes into two groups: Angel and Dayvon on one group, Maria and Luis on the other group. As you expect that meant our heroes were going to be separated once again and were going to end up in different places. Dayvon and Angel warp to a alleyway where a bank is not too far away. Meanwhile Luis and Maria end up at the top of a building with a sushi restaurant directly in front of them. Maria and Luis find that they have gotten their weapons back that they had before being transported back in time. The final push for our heroes begins here!

Maria and Luis walk through the roof the building they were on and out of nowhere an iguana enforcer pops out in front of the duo. Luis blasts the enforcer with his plasma cannon and says “Ah its great to have this bad boy back, was getting tired of using swords and crossbows.” Maria replies “Wonder if my shrinker still works.” Our heroes see that there is only one way into the sushi restaurant and that was to go down. It was a bit of a fall but our heroes go down anyway and they get down just fine. They are met with iguana enforcers and salamander troopers. Luis says “Ah is great to see you guys again and even better when I give a can of whoop ass to all of you!” Maria takes care of the salamander troopers by shrinking them then crushing them while Luis kills off the salamander troopers with the plasma cannon. After killing the aliens a couple of sentry drones come after our heroes but our heroes use the ingenious idea of throwing the corpses of the aliens into the drones as it activated their self-destruct circuit causing them to blow up in mid air. Luis says while laughing “Ah nothings changed, still the same dumb robots!” Maria asks Luis “Wait a minute where did Angel and Dayvon go?” Luis replies “I don’t know we all went into the warp together and all of the sudden we get here but they don’t.” Maria responds “I’m confused so they probably got transported to another location or…” Luis says “Yeah probably so and what were you about to say there?” Maria replies “No nothing it’s nothing, we should get going.” Luis says “I know you’re worried about Angel and Dayvon but I’m sure they must be ok; just like everything else we’ve been through we’ll be just fine and I’m sure we’ll bump into them soon enough.” After consoling Maria the duo head towards the sushi bar but before they can get inside a couple of iguana enforcers pop out and the duo kills the aliens off rather easily. After killing the enforcers the duo heads inside the sushi bar.

Maria and Luis head inside the sushi bar, all seems quiet but once they enter a trap door opens to their left side. The trap door contains a couple of sentry drones who get extremely close to Maria; Maria is able to backflip out of the way from the exploding drones, Luis dives to his right in order to avoid the blast. Maria says “That was too close, ouch what was that?” An alien turret was on the other side of the hallway which was decorated with Japanese statues and a picture of a popular stripper who was going to perform at the karaoke bar. The heroes also see three curtains which were sitting areas for customers; they figured to look in those areas to see if could gather any evidence. While dodging the turrets fire the duo heads inside the first sitting room where there is nothing besides salamander troops getting a bite to eat. Our heroes decide to put an end to their lunch date, Maria kicks one trooper then uses his shadow blade to impale him, Luis rips off the salamander troopers arm off and let it bleed until it died. After that the heroes go into the second sitting room where the table lowers revealing a secret control room which had controls to deactivate the turret as well as open a door. Maria uses the controls to deactivate the turret and open the door leading to an unknown room. The heroes go back out to the hallway where they were no longer being shot at by the turret and then they head inside the third sitting room. They find some ammo for their weapons but that’s about the extent of what they find. After that they see a white door that is locked which needs a blue keycard and then the duo sees an open door behind them which leads to a room which is full of glooba grass.

The room was filled glooba grass and to Maria’s disgust slimer eggs along with poisonpus’s. This room was being used as a breeding ground for more aliens specially slimer protectors and slimers. Luis says “Oh look our old friends the tentacle freaks, well its time to make some octopus eyes come out!” Maria and Luis took care of the majority of aliens until a poisonpus came and grabbed Luis; Maria didn’t dare to use her shrink ray because she feared that she would shrink Luis along with the creature. The poisonpus shot poisonous ink towards Maria missing her as she gets out of the way in time. The poisonpus began to squeeze Luis tighter and Luis saying “What’s taking you so long Maria?” Maria finds a hatchet and carefully sneaks around the poisonpus then she strikes the poisonpus in its weak spot with the hatchet. As a result she killed the poisonpus and Luis was freed from the grasps of the poisonpus. Luis says almost out of breath “Well about time thought you were going to leave me for dead?” Maria replies “Well it was that or I was going to shrink you by accident and we don’t have anymore vitamin x to restore ourselves.” Luis responds “Well that’s true at least you saved me and for that thanks.” After that the heroes explore a door in the back of the breeding room.

They open the door to find a couple of iguana enforcers in the cash register area; our heroes kill the aliens easily. After killing the iguana enforcers Maria finds the blue keycard next to the cash register. Luis also finds cash in the register and begins to take the money out until Maria cuts him off. She says “You sure got some sticky fingers there my friend. Besides what are you planning to buy in this world anyway if there is barely anyone here? Besides it’s wrong even if no one is watching.” Luis responds “Okay miss goody too shoes I’ll put the money back but only to shut you up, sounds good?” Maria replies “Whatever Luis lets just keep on moving shall we.” The duo gets out of the breeding room and head towards the door that was locked previously, Maria uses the keycard to open the door. Once Maria and Luis open the door and they find boar cops; Luis says “Oh I forgot we get to kill swine all over again.” Maria replies “Well let's make these pigs squeal!” Maria swipes the shotgun from one of the boars and uses it to kill two of the boars. Luis uses his laser pistol to take out the rest of the pigs in the hallway. Our heroes hear music that you would hear in a karaoke bar and with that our heroes prepared for a fight knowing many aliens were inside just hanging out. Maria and Luis enter the karaoke bar and to their suspicion they do find many boar cops waiting for them and they also did see a stripper doing a strip tease. However the duo had no idea if the stripper was being held against her own will or was she doing everything on her own will. Luis says “Hey you piece of swine crap party’s over, we’re cleaning this pigsty up!” Maria follow “That’s right this party is officially been canceled!” Then a big gunfight began with the heroes using whatever they could find as cover such as tables, the bar area or even the speakers. Luis charged his plasma cannon and let out a big blast killing the majority of the boar cops; then a cop grabs the stripper with his shotgun on her head and says in an alien accent that was hard to understand “Don’t try anything funny or the bimbo gets it! Maria uses sign language telling the woman to use her high heels to step on the boar's foot since the cops had no shoes on. The stripper steps on the boar foot; the boar squeals in pain letting the stripper go while he looks at his foot. The stripper took matters into her own hand and took her stilettos off then strikes the boar in his eyes killing it.

The stripper gives her thanks to Maria and Luis, after that she goes on to reveal her identity as Rebecca. Rebecca says in a panicked tone “Thank you guys so much I don’t know how much longer I was going to be able keep these alien bastards amused. I work here but these guys came in and threatened my life if I didn’t do what they told me to do.” Maria asks “What did these guys ask you to do?” Rebecca responds “They would tell me to do several dances and they were trying to make me do a sex act on each of them. It’s terrible here this whole part of the city is full of these weirdo's!” Luis says “Relax just come with us and you’ll be fine but first put some clothes on will you.” Rebecca says “No problem my clothes are in the closet in the kitchen which is just beyond the sushi bar area.” All three of them head into the sushi bar area where they find a mixture of iguana enforcers and boar cops. Maria and Luis keep Rebecca behind as they took care of the aliens that were in front of them, once they finish off the enemy they see what the sushi bar has to offer. However what the bar has to offer is anything besides sushi, in fact what our heroes see are parts of the human body such as an arm, eyeballs and green alien goo which was the favorite drink for the gloobas. The trio heads for the door leading to the kitchen, when they get inside they find some more iguana enforcers along with salamander troopers which they kill easily. When the room is clear Rebecca goes inside the closet to get her clothes that she had came into work with and says to Maria and Luis “Do you mind?” Maria says “Oh of course go ahead and change.” Luis says “I’m sorry we’ll get out of your way.” While Rebecca gets dressed Maria and Luis continue into the back of the kitchen which had an oven and salamander troopers waiting as well. After dealing with the troopers our heroes head down the stairs to a door that looked like it was boarded up. Luis says “Damn it’s locked, we need to find something to take out the wood and bust through.” Maria says “A crowbar would help now if I was a crowbar where would I be?” Luis replies “Wait a minute I saw some tools lying around by a pool just below where the breeding room was; there may be something there for us.” Rebecca tells the heroes that she is done getting dressed as our heroes prepare to backtrack to the breeding room.

Maria and Luis return to their current time although still in the virtual world and they find themselves exploring a sushi bar. As they expected however the gloobas have already invaded and were launching their attack on Earth. As they explore the sushi bar they would bump into Rebecca a stripper who was working at the karaoke bar inside the sushi bar. Rebecca has no idea what is really going on only that she was held against her will by a group of boar cops. Maria and Luis rescue her from the boar cops and afterwards Rebecca gets dressed into her regular clothes, as by what our heroes could tell Rebecca doesn’t look like she is really going to help our heroes much and she was going to be more of a person Maria and Luis would have to protect. Our heroes now searched for something that would help them break through the door that was boarded up.

The trio heads back to the breeding room and they saw a pool of water by a tool shed on the lower level. They jump down to the water and begin to look inside the tool shed where they would find a crowbar and some other useful tools they could use to break the door. The trio took the tools with them but notice that the door behind them was locked and there was no way to get back up to the breeding room, so the trio had to go underwater to see if they could get back on track. Maria, Luis and Rebecca go underwater which was infested with slimers, poisonpus’s and sharks. The number of enemies was overwhelming so our heroes decide to swim as far as they could and hopefully find their way back to the entrance which had a pool of water as well. The trio swam as fast as they could to avoid the tentacles and the sharks eventually they found light then resurfaced by the entrance of the sushi bar. When they resurface they found salamander troopers flying around, it proved to be annoying to take the troopers down because they were in flight but eventually our heroes down. Luis then asks Rebecca “You know how to use a gun?” Rebecca responds “No I don’t I’m a stripper, I never even held a gun before.” Maria says “Well you are going to hold a gun now and you better learn fast if you wanna survive.” Rebecca replies “Well ok now how do you shoot this thing?” A salamander trooper comes in front of our heroes and Rebecca shoots the laser gun and kills the trooper. Maria says “That’s how you shoot it girl as long as you shoot the bad guys you’ll be fine.” Rebecca responds “Ok I guess I can get used to this.” The trio heads for the boarded up door.

Maria and Luis broke open the door while Rebecca stood guard protecting the other two in case any aliens came to attack. However no aliens come to attack our heroes and our heroes are able to break the door open. The trio gets ambushed by a few iguana enforcers Maria shrinks her enforcer then stepping on it, Luis blasts the enforcer attacking him in the head and Rebecca gets grabbed from behind, she tries to fight off the creature but she is unable to. The enforcer is ready to cut off Rebecca’s head with its chaingun blade but Luis comes in to rescue Rebecca. Rebecca says “Thanks a lot I thought I was a goner!” Luis replies “Your welcome but you need to start defending yourself or at least on the run. I’m not trying to be an ass but we can’t keep on bailing you out, we may just get separated or it may be me or Maria who gets into trouble.” Maria follows with “Just like you killed that boar with your shoe that’s how you need to think.” Rebecca says “Sorry if I’m holding you guys back but I’ll repay you guys somehow.” The trio goes up the ramp where they see a door which contains a ladder which leads down to the sewers. Our heroes head down the sewers and follow the path as far it takes them to.

Maria, Luis and the newest member of the crew Rebecca survive the sushi bar as they figure out where they need to go to find the last piece of the anti-matter ball. For Maria and Luis what they endure inside the sushi bar is nothing new especially what they just went through back in medieval times with Darkgaryl. However for Rebecca this is all new for her, she has no idea what is going on and why the aliens are attacking. Rebecca might not even know that the world she is in is not even the real world but a virtual copy. However Maria and Luis decide to save her and they let her hang with them as she may know the layout of Hollywood. Although the duo are taking a bit of a chance because Rebecca is a lover not a fighter and she’s a stripper so she might not be the brightest person in the world. To add to that Rebecca doesn’t look like she has good survivor skills or that’s what she demonstrates to Maria and Luis. So the duo will have to teach Rebecca how to defend herself and fast as they continue their journey. Will Rebecca become an asset for our heroes or will she be a liability who holds our heroes back continously and even put them in serious danger. Finally where did Dayvon and Angel end up at?

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