The Thousand Years War

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Chapter 40: Bank Roll

While Maria, Luis and Rebecca were exploring the sewers that they were led to after getting out the back exit of the sushi bar Angel and Dayvon are at an alley. The duo gets up and realizes that they are back in their current time and they have the weapons that they had before they were taken back in time. The duo finds themselves in a alleyway that had a really bad smell which was just the garbage left in the alley. The duo sees a bank just ahead and decides that’s the direction they need to head to in order to get some direction where they are. They have no idea where Maria and Dayvon are located or if they are even alive for that matter. Let's just say that our heroes are not in the Hollywood they were all dreaming of.

Angel and Dayvon find some ammo for their weapons in a dumpster in all of places. Dayvon then says “Ah here we go with me going to all of the places that stink like crap!” Angel replies “And you decided to take me with you!” Dayvon says “Angel shut up!” The heroes move out of the alley way where they are met with boar cops in front of them and from above. Angel says “Looks like we came just in time the swine flu hasn’t had a chance to spread, here we go! Angel uses his devastator weapon to take care of the boar cops above while Dayvon used his freezethrower to freeze the cops on street level then broke them into pieces. Dayvon says “Well this is more like it no more creepy hallways or strange hooded people.” The duo continues their way to the bank and they are met with more aliens guarding the entrance of the bank. The aliens that are waiting consist of salamander troopers, boar cops and hoverships. Angel easily took down the hoverships with his devastator weapon, while Dayvon dealt with the salamander troopers and then the duo teams up to finish off the boar cops. Angel says “Sorry to break the news to you alien bastards but this little bank heist is about to be foiled, you guys are about to go broke!” The heroes arrive at the bank entrance door but they find that they need a blue keycard to get in.

The duo sees an office building across the street where they were and decide to investigate there to see if they could find the keycard in the building. They are unable to find the main entrance, so the duo uses the side entrance. However before they got to the garage door the door opens and a hover ship comes out attacking the duo. Angel and Dayvon jump out of the way the hoverships laser fire; Dayvon uses his shotgun to shoot the pilot causing the pilot to die and causes the ship to crash at the same time. When the duo does get inside they are met with a few boar cops who they take care off easily. Dayvon sees a couple of vending machines and finds some loose change nearby then decides to get a snack. Dayvon asks Angel “Hey you want something?” Angel responds “You’re worried about eating at a time like this we don’t have time to waste!” Dayvon responds “It’s just a quick snack so we have something to eat, we don’t know when our next meal will happen or if we are even going to eat again.” Angel replies “Well if you put it that way fine I’ll have a nutty bar and a coke.” Dayvon says “I got myself a nice big brownie and a sprite; ah Angel they’re no nutty bars anymore or cokes for that matter.” Angel says “Well fine just get me what you’re getting.” The heroes eat their quick snacks and drinks but notice that what they were consuming was outdated as the brownie tasted disgusting and the sodas were very flat. Angel says “Oh God this is terrible this brownie is hard as a damn rock and this coke taste like water.” Dayvon replies “I feel you bro well forget about eating I’m not about to lose my teeth and my soda taste like piss.” Angel says “Looks like these machines haven’t been serviced in years!” Dayvon responds “Well it’s not like anybody’s been here since the aliens took over this place; well if I had a hammer maybe I’ll eat my brownie but I’ll have to pass.” The duo decides to move on as probably the rest of the items in the machine were outdated as well. Angel and Dayvon find an elevator which leads them upstairs.

Angel and Dayvon get upstairs and end up in a small office which has only one desk probably belonging to a high executive of the company. The window has been completely destroyed so our heroes could easily fall down, as they approach the window a couple of iguana enforcers sneak up the building into the room. However Angel and Dayvon simply kick the creatures down through the window down to their deaths. There is one boar cop inside the cubicle but Angel sneaks behind it and snapping its neck killing it. After killing the boar cops the duo finds the blue keycard but they hear a familiar voice saying “Die humans!” Angel says “Looks like the owl is trying to warn us it’s about to get dark.” The duo sees the owl commanders attacking with rockets the rockets miss them but destroys the cubicle and the room starts to collapse. Our heroes quickly get in the elevator to get downstairs and they head outside to take down the owl commanders. One of the owls shoots a rocket while the other makes a b-line for our heroes; the duo backflips out of the way of the rocket but are grazed by the other owl's wings. Dayvon shoots the owl that comes at them with his freezethrower freezing it then Angel kicks it to break it into pieces. Then the other owl comes down to grab Dayvon but Angel grabs the owls wings and shoots it with his laser pistol rendering the owl immobile. Then Dayvon finishes it off with his shotgun then says “Nice job there partner!” Angel replies “Thanks but the fun is about to start soon, time to show these scumbags that our money is not theirs to take!” Angel and Dayvon prepare to enter the bank through the main entrance with the back on the walls to prevent any surprises on the other side.

Angel and Dayvon get out of the time warp and find themselves next to a bank having to stop a bank heist in progress being executed by the gloobas. After defeating several aliens our heroes decide to stop for a snack or at least that’s what they thought but it turns out that the food in the vending machines were all outdated. To their disappointment our heroes had to throw the snacks away and move on in their journey. Once getting the keycard in order to get into the bank they are attacked by owl commanders an enemy they haven’t seen for awhile. They endure a tough battle with these creatures but they are able to defeat the owl commanders. Now they prepare to enter the bank expecting heavy resistance once they get inside, what surprises await our heroes inside the bank?

Angel and Dayvon insert the keycard to get into the bank but they wall hug just in case any surprises were waiting for them inside. Once they hear the coast is clear they get off the wall entering the bank but all they see is a boar cop in a corner which they easily take out. Dayvon says “Seems much quieter than I would have thought, we need to keep a careful tongue just like the Elder God said.” Angel says “Yup these guys are probably waiting for us with some sort of trap.” As the duo continue to enter the bank Angel sees the side of the wall open with trip mines ready to pop out he says “Dayvon move back!” Dayvon replies “Whew thanks Angel you were right about the traps but that’s not all we got to deal with more swine to kill as well!” Angel comes up with an idea saying “Listen lets lead the boar cops towards us I gotta surprise for them…” Dayvon cuts Angel off saying “Come on Angel you really think these guys are going to come and actually set off the trap killing themselves.” Angel replies “Well I wasn’t finished yet I was about to say when we see them getting close we’ll just throw a corpse into the laser traps and then boom the explosion will be enough to take them down or even kill them.” Dayvon responds “Oh I got you now ok lets see if that works.” Angel waits for the boar cops to get closer once the cops are close enough Angel throws the corpse of the dead boar cop to the laser trip mines the blast is enough to kill some of the boar cops while the other are knocked down. Angel and Dayvon go inside to finish off the job killing the rest of the boar cops. Then the duo sees the door leading to the room that belongs to the president of the bank. However before they can enter a turret is in their way, Dayvon shoots the turret down with his shotgun. The door does not open however Angel looks behind a desk seeing four buttons and once again begins the button puzzle. Angel is able to figure out the puzzle the combination is 1-out, 2-out, 3-in and 4-in and then the door is unlocked. The duo enters the president's office.

Dayvon and Angel enter the president's office where they find numerous amounts of iguana troopers. Dayvon freezes all of them with his freezethrower then Angel follows up by breaking the frozen enemies. After killing off the enemy our heroes see the vault but as they expected the vault is locked needing a red keycard. Angel says “Looks like they haven’t gotten into the vault yet.” Dayvon replies “We need to make sure of that lets find that keycard before they do.” Angel finds three buttons on the desk of where the president would sit; he activates all three of them opening the door to their left. They is a sign next to the door they just open which says “Warning High Security Area Only Authorized Personal Allowed.” Angel says “Hmm we better take it slow here there are bound to be many laser traps here and this will probably lead us to the red keycard.” Angel and Dayvon enter the passageway into a reddish hallway where they kill off a couple of boar cops along the way. They enter a hallway when all of a sudden a sentry drone comes rushing towards them, Dayvon and Angel take the sentry drone out but after that laser trip mines popped out in various directions. The duo had to go under a few of the traps and then go over a few of the traps but they reached the other side without setting off any of the traps. Then they entered a small room with two doors one was locked and the other was able to be opened. They entered the open door but soon as they entered were attacked by enemy turrets in every direction, Angel sees a teleport on the lower level and says “Hey we gotta make a run for it to that teleport and see where it leads us.” Dayvon replies “Cool better idea than just staying here like a couple of sitting ducks.” Our heroes make a run for it to the teleport and to their surprise every laser from every turret misses the duo. The two enter the teleport which teleports them to a security room.

The security room contains more ammo for Angel’s and Dayvon’s weapon and a console but it was locked. Dayvon finds a laser and he uses it to override the circuitry which he does successfully; by doing that Dayvon was able to disable the turrets in the room they were just in, they still found no keycard. Our heroes reenter the room cross the bridge and open the door on the other side of the bridge. Once they get inside the door closes behind them and a group of salamander trooper begins to attack our heroes, they are taken care of easily. More importantly however the duo finds the red keycard they needed to open the vault, however they needed to find their way out of the room which had a big pool of water in the middle. Dayvon sees a button which opens the door but it closes too fast for our heroes to get out. Angel decides to get next to the door while Dayvon hits the switch so he could get out and then Dayvon went towards the door then Angel opened the door from the other side. At the same time sounds of boars could be heard which meant the enemy was aware our heroes have the keycard. Our heroes kill the aliens along the way when they were on their way back to the vault. Our heroes eventually are able to get back to the presidents room and they insert the red keycard to open the vault however the heroes realize that they are too late.

Once the duo opens the vault our heroes realize not only all of the money if gone but also the gloobas have used the vault as their breeding grounds to raise their army. To make matters even worse for Angel and Dayvon there were two BattleGloobas inside of the vault and Angel says “Oh crap forgot about these guys, damn we better retreat a little and have them chase us.” Dayvon says “Well so much for hitting the jackpot the gloobas took it already now they want to give us our reward for coming in which is not a good one I can tell you that.” Angel uses his devastator weapon to take out the first battle glooba but he runs out of ammo for his weapon and our heroes realize that they need to either defeat this BattleGlooba or run away and try to lose it. Angel and Dayvon hide under a desk in the teller’s area while the BattleGlooba was walking around looking for the two. Angel finds a magnifying glass and he uses it towards the light blinding the BattleGlooba and then Dayvon goes under BattleGlooba and shoots it in the groin causing the creature to fall. Our heroes then escape into the vault and find that the vault has been cut wide open to the point a sewer system was revealed our heroes head to the sewer system. Once they get in though a rush of water overtakes our heroes and begins to take our heroes to an unknown location.

Angel and Dayvon get into the high security area of the bank where they found many traps inside but they are able to find their way around them. Eventually their journey though the high security area leads them to the red keycard they needed to open the vault. Problem is once they get the vault open the duo finds out that the gloobas have already beat them to the punch cleaning out the bank of all it’s money and to add insult to injury they were using the vault as their breeding grounds. So our heroes had the idea of coming to the bank hoping to hit the jackpot but the joke is on them as the enemy is already one step ahead of them. They are able to escape the bank by using the back sewer entrance but then a rush of water rushes towards them. Where will our heroes end up next? Meanwhile the emperor of the glooba laughs in background where in the heck he’s located is a much different question that our heroes will find out in time.

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