The Thousand Years War

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Chapter 41: Flood Zone

Maria, Luis and Rebecca find the end of the sewer system which leads them to a tunnel and once they get outside they see a part of the city that has been flooded pretty badly. Whether it was Mother Nature herself that caused the flood or if the glooba invasion had to do anything with the flood was a question that could not be answered. Our heroes are shocked and saddened by the destruction of this once beautiful city by the flood. Angel and Dayvon meanwhile get caught in a rush of water which leads them down a waterfall but little do they know that they are not far from the others. Our heroes prepared for what was going to be an underwater adventure. Meanwhile the Elder God shows up to speak to Maria, Luis and Rebecca.

The Elder God says “You have made it back onto Earth or at least back to your current time and don’t worry I also sense the presence of Angel and Dayvon as well.” Maria replies “That’s good to hear Elder God, as you can see we found another survivor. It this all you came for Elder God?” The Elder God responds “No I have another reason and that is to tell you that the last part of the anti-matter ball is in a football stadium, I also came to say that you only have 4 and a half days left to complete your mission so you must hurry. I know that young lady there may not have a clue what’s going on but time is of the essence all she has to know is that she needs to survive. I must go now good luck my chosen ones.” Luis says thanks to the Elder God and he begins along with Maria to explain to Rebecca what is taking place. Rebecca says “I know exactly how to get to the stadium its right behind the kiss-kiss hotel I can lead us there.” Maria says “There you go you’re already helping out now if we can get through this flood zone, wait what’s that coming our way?” The trio sees two guys coming down the waterfall it was Angel and Dayvon; Luis and Maria take out their hand to pull Angel and Dayvon onto dry land. Maria goes to hug and kiss Angel saying “Hey babe you made it so glad you’re here, I already know…” Dayvon cuts Maria off saying “Hmm aren’t you forgetting someone?” Maria replies to Dayvon “Oh hey Dayvon.” Dayvon puts on an angry and puzzled face as Maria nearly refuses to acknowledge him. Maria continues saying “Anyway I know where the last piece of the anti-matter ball is located it’s at the football stadium and our newest member here Rebecca is going to help us get there.” Maria introduces Rebecca to the last two members of the crew.

Maria says “Rebecca meet Angel and Dayvon, Angel and Dayvon here’s Rebecca.” Angel says “Glad to meet you.” Dayvon says “As long as you are on our side you’re cool.” Rebecca says “That’s great to hear, hey Angel I think you’re cute with those blue eyes.” Angel begins to blush to Maria’s disapproval; Maria says to Rebecca “Ah easy there girlfriend you see he’s taken already, so keep it cool there honey.” Rebecca says “Oh sorry about that well now that we got that out of the way we should get going.” Maria replies “At least you know when to keep your distance, well you heard her guys let's go!” Our heroes see the top of a building but it cannot be reached so they have no choice but to drop into the water. Angel and Dayvon go underwater to see what they can find out and they go inside a submerged office building to find a door needing a yellow keycard. While the others wait Angel and Dayvon resurface to give their findings, Luis says “Well we may have to explore underwater more than we want who knows the keycard might just be underwater. This is a big place we might have to cover a lot of ground.” Angel replies “Well all we got as far as clues go is that we need a yellow keycard.” In the middle of our heroes thinking a group of sentry drones try to ambush our heroes, Angel says “Not on my watch!” Our heroes team up to take out all of the drones before they got too close. Our heroes realize that the surface is dangerous at best but as they would find out it was no better underwater.

The heroes go underwater to find a large amount of poisonpus’s but it wasn't a surprise to them as they were underwater but it was the amount which was alarming. They also had to contend with sharks and slimers as well. The heroes did the best to kill off as many aliens as they could until they found a small cave infested with poisonpus’s which our heroes were able to kill off. Once they get through the cave they resurface on top of a small lawyer's office but their biggest problem was that they were really low on ammo for their weapons. So they find salamander troopers and are forced to get into melee combat as you would expect Rebecca was having trouble defending herself having to be bailed out by the others. Our heroes eventually do win the long heated melee battle with the troopers. Then Angel sees a set of cliffs that he climbs and he finds a blue keycard then wondered what door needed a blue keycard. The others follow Angel up the cliff and they find a small pathway when they head towards the end find a couple of owl commanders waiting for them. Maria barely has enough juice left to shrink the owl commanders but she manages to kill them off. Our heroes spot an armory to their left which was rich in ammo; so our heroes took a little time reloading and recharging as they head off back to battle. Our heroes see a door leading to a helipad but it needed a green keycard and another door leading to a warehouse which needed a red keycard. Maria spots something nobody else sees and that is the yellow keycard which was needed for the door that Angel had found before.

Angel and the other decide that it was a smart idea to split up as they had different keycards and the sheer size of the area they had to cover. Angel says “I’ll be with Dayvon while the rest of you go together; I’ll explore where to use this blue keycard and the rest of you go see where the yellow keycard leads you.” However before our heroes could split up they saw two missiles heading in their direction, everyone is able to dodge the missiles. They were a couple of owl commanders along with a BattleGlooba however the distance between our heroes and their enemies made it easy for our heroes to defeat the BattleGlooba and his comrades. Everyone dives down back to the water and from there they begin to split up in different directions.

The Elder God tells our heroes that the gloobas have the anti-matter ball in a football stadium; our heroes assume that the emperor of the gloobas will probably meet them in one last showdown. However they needed to get there first and the journey will not be an easy one neither. All five heroes quickly realize that the water is equally as dangerous as the surface. When the heroes get differing keycards they decide that the best approach is to split up and cover as much ground as possible. What surprises and challenges await our heroes in this flooded city?

Maria, Luis and Rebecca head back underwater fighting off poisonpus’s and sharks as they head to the door needing the yellow keycard. Maria inserts the keycard to her surprise the keycard reader actually works despite the fact that it is underwater and any normal electronic reader would be fried underwater. They go through the door and they see two possible ways up or down. The trio decides to go up and resurface then they find a door leading to the roof of the big white building they saw at first and upon further review it turned out to be a hotel. When they arrive they are greeted by iguana enforcers and owl commanders. One of the owl commanders attempt to kidnap Rebecca but Maria is able to shoot down the owl before it could get away and says “You are not taking her today!” Luis takes care of the enforcers with his plasma cannon. While our heroes do find more ammo for their weapons which started to become a luxury recently the trio does not find anything of great importance. Luis says “Nothing up here girl's it looks like we’ll be heading underwater, Rebecca how good of a swimmer are you?” Rebecca replies “I’m actually a pretty good swimmer hopefully were not underwater for too long.” Maria responds “Don’t forget we’re in a virtual world so we are able to hold our breaths for a longer period of time.” Rebecca asks “So is this what I’m seeing right now happening right now in real life?” Luis replies “Yes right now all this is indeed flooded and will remain this way unless we can reverse all of this.” Rebecca says “I think I’m starting to catch on to the story here.” The heroes prepared to head back underwater and explore what was downstairs.

Meanwhile Dayvon and Angel search for the door which needs the blue keycard, lucky for them the door is not too far it is the small lawyer's office or the front door to get in. Angel uses the keycard to get in and he and Dayvon prepare to get inside the office. The lawyer's office did not look like an actual office anymore as it was filled with glooba grass and infested with poisonpus’s. A poisonpus grabs Angel and Dayvon comes in for the save but a whole bunch of poisonpus’s spit toxic ink to Dayvon and Angel is able to pull him out of the way just in the nick of time. Angel cleans house with his devastator weapon killing all of the poisonpus’s. Our heroes get lost for awhile due to the darkness of the office but they find an arrow pointing up telling them to go up, it was some sort of shaft. Our heroes head up the shaft and when they resurface they arrive at the nearby financial office which looks like it was ransacked and heavily damage by the flooding. The duo deals with a mixture of salamander troopers and poisonpus’s which they are able to deal with easily. Angel and Dayvon search through the damaged office but other than some ammo and a lot of washed away documents the duo finds no keycard. So the duo continues and they arrive at the main entrance or what was the main entrance that was flooded. Angel finds a pair of night vision goggles to his left which he takes and it may prove to be useful especially with the underwater being so dark. Angel and Dayvon kill some more poisonpus’s that were infesting the main entrance, they prepared for more poisonpus’s as they began their dive underwater. The duo dives underwater and while Dayvon is completely lost because it is so dark underwater Angel puts on the night vision goggles which gives him the ability to see clearly underwater. Angel kills off the poisonpus’s including one that grabs Dayvon nearly squeezing him to death. Angel tells Dayvon to stay up in the surface as it was too dangerous for him to be underwater without the night vision goggles. Dayvon says “Ok I’ll wait for you up here, be careful down there Angel.” Angel replies “I won’t be long.” Angel heads back underwater.

Meanwhile back at the top of the flooded hotel Maria, Luis and Rebecca head back inside and dive underwater. They see a set of stairs leading down they keep going down the stairs until they see the main entrance of the hotel which is infested with poisonpus’s. Maria says “Looks like we’ve met the welcoming committee and not in a good way!” The trio kills as many poisonpus’s as they can but their numbers keep on multiplying as our heroes were badly outnumbered. The ceiling above the stairs that they had come down from had collapsed so they could not go back the way they came; they needed to find another route out. Rebecca decides to go to look for a way out while Luis and Maria try to hold off the enemy for as long as they can. Eventually Rebecca is able to find a switch activating the emergency exit out of the hotel but she noticed that Luis and Maria were trapped by poisonpus’s in a corner. Rebecca knew she had to be brave and go help out the same people that had saved her back in the sushi bar. She shot the poisonpus’s from behind killing all of them; while Luis was ok but Maria was unconscious possibly even drowning. Luis grabs Maria then the trio gets out of the hotel but Rebecca sees the red keycard by where the receptionist desk was located and then Rebecca follows Luis. The trio swam as fast as they could to avoid the poisonpus’s and sharks that were still underwater, eventually they resurfaced on top of the roof of the lawyer's office. Luis put Maria on the ground; Rebecca then tells Luis she knows CPR and that she could get Maria back to consciousness. Rebecca begins to perform CPR on Maria but salamander troopers started to fly in for a sneak attack, Luis held off the salamander troopers until one of them landed by him. Luis shot at the trooper but the trooper teleports out of the way, Luis says “Oh not this game again, come out and show yourself you coward!” The trooper reappears next to Rebecca but Luis is able to catch him and tackle him then he punches the trooper to death. After five minutes Maria had regained her conscience and says “Rebecca you saved me?” Rebecca responds “Yes Maria I saved you but I can’t take all of the credit Luis did pick you up when you were down.” Maria replies “Thanks guys and Rebecca good job down there, looks like what we told you got into your brain after all.” Rebecca laughs and says “Yeah I may look good but I’m also pretty smart in fact if it wasn’t for you I would be with Angel…” Maria cuts Rebecca saying “Hey don’t get too cocky there girlfriend, I thanked you just be happy with that.” Luis replies “Girls lets stop arguing and let's get out of here.” The trio head back up to the warehouse door that was previously locked.

Dayvon goes back to the main entrance of the main financial building which is just broken columns and the desks all broken up; he awaits the return of Angel. Meanwhile Angel heads back underwater where he kills more poisonpus’s then he sees a shaft leading further down. Angel swims all the way down the shaft until he gets down to the bottom which leads him to a waiting room where he destroys several slimer eggs and behind them is the green keycard that he needed. Angel assumes that he will not catch up with the others and that they probably have the red keycard heading in the opposite direction. Now that Angel has the green keycard he swims back up the shaft to pick up Dayvon and head back up to the green keycard door. Angel sees a few more poisonpus’s that he kills off easily and he gets back to the surface just in time before his night vision goggle ran out of battery life. He’s back in the entrance of the office but notices something; Dayvon was missing, Angel says “Dayvon where in the hell are you? Damn now Dayvon is missing unless he’s waiting for me upstairs but he wouldn’t disobey my order would he?” Angel assumes that Dayvon probably just disobeyed him and was up on the cliff waiting for him, in Angel’s thoughts Dayvon might had seen something that wasn’t right where Angel was now. Angel works his way back up to the upper level and made is way out of the lawyer's office back onto dry land ready to go up the cliff.

All of our heroes were enduring their own challenges in the flood zone trying to find their way to the football field. Maria, Luis and Rebecca explored a submerged hotel that was infested with poisonpus’s. However with Rebecca’s adept kills swimming she’s able to help the other two out of a tough situation that nearly kills Maria. Luis and Maria find a new appreciation for Rebecca realizing that she has her talents and proved that she is an asset. Meanwhile Angel and Dayvon explore a submerged lawyer's office which leads them to a ransacked office with nothing useful except a pair of night vision goggles. Dayvon and Angel head to the main entrance of the office which was mostly destroyed and flooded with water. The water is too dark for Dayvon to see anything so Angel asks him to wait for him while he went down to explore underwater. Angel finds his way to a waiting room finding the green keycard but by the time he gets back to Dayvon he was nowhere to be found. Angel assumes that Dayvon probably went back up the cliff where he felt safer but Angel fears that Dayvon was forced out of where he was possibly kidnapped by gloobas. However Angel could not find any evidence of any alien presence even a weapon that belonged to the gloobas. Angel goes up the cliff to see if Dayvon is up there or will he be solo this time.

Maria, Luis and Rebecca head up the cliff where they dodge a missile shot at them by an owl commander, they decide to ignore the enemy and just get inside the warehouse. When they get inside the warehouse they are met with several iguana enforcers and when one gets too close to Rebecca she rips the chaingun using it to take out the other enforcers. Maria and Luis look at Rebecca shocked but at the same time are impressed that she can actually defend herself. However the celebration is short lived because a couple of slimer protectors show up to attack our heroes. Rebecca nearly gets shrunk by a shrink ray; Luis and Maria take care of the two slimer protectors. Maria tells Rebecca “Honey this is a dangerous place I hate to tell you, it’s only going to get worse before it gets better. We gotta stick together, although your job choice is not all that but you’ve shown us that at least you are willing to help.” Rebecca says “I’ll do my best!” Luis says “Let's get moving.” As the heroes get deeper into the warehouse they notice that the floor below them begins to crack our heroes were on top of a sinkhole and down they went. By a miracle our heroes survived the fall as they landed on water and once again they find themselves in a storm sewer.

Angel still searched for Dayvon but it was to no avail, Angel decides to just go to the top of the cliff and open the green keycard door. Angel is unaware of what has happened to Maria, Luis and Rebecca because our heroes lost their radios when they were warped to medieval times. Angel goes up the cliff dodging missiles being shot at him by owl commanders, unlike the other heroes however Angel decides to kill the owl commanders. When Angel goes up the cliff he is met with a BattleGlooba along with some iguana enforcers. Angel kills off the enforcers easily but he has trouble with the BattleGlooba and the fact he was solo made things harder for Angel. Angel waited the BattleGlooba out to see if he could get any opening to get to the door but no such luck the BattleGlooba stood there like a statue. After 15 minutes however Angel hears a very loud noise in the air, the noise was that of a helicopter. The helicopter arrives and Angel says “Oh shit now I’m really in trouble more reinforcements they were probably the ones to take Dayvon. Gotta find a way outta of here or hope the one flying that chopper is on my side.” To Angel’s surprise the chopper was attacking the BattleGlooba shooting it with heat-seeking missiles. The chopper kills the BattleGlooba in just the matter of seconds and then the voice of the pilot can be heard saying in Spanish “Hey kid head to the helipad I’ll pick you up there!” Angel says in his head “Oh thank god this guy is on my side, he saved my butt!” Angel heads to the helipad by opening the green keycard door then the chopper lands and the pilot comes out of the helicopter. He introduces himself as Orlando a native Puerto Rican from the island itself, he moved to Hollywood since he has a license to fly helicopters and in Hollywood he was being offered good pay along with benefits. Orlando’s only problem was that he didn’t know much in the way of English but Angel does speak Spanish as well so he will be able to understand Orlando. Angel says in Spanish “Thank you I don’t know how to repay you!” Orlando says “My name is Orlando and I’m happy to have saved you. I been knew we were about to be attacked by aliens or the end of the world was coming but nobody listened to me.” Angel tells Orlando the best he could in Spanish “Listen Orlando you’re right and if we keep on fighting we will get our world back if you can understand me?” Orlando says “Well I don’t completely understand but I know how to defend myself well and willing to help you any which way I can. Come jump in the chopper we can go straight to the stadium I heard that’s where the alien boss is located.” Angel says “Perfect!”

Angel jumps in the chopper with Orlando and Orlando prepares to begin lift off of the chopper. The sound gets real loud as the chopper begins to ascend from the helipad. Angel and Orlando begin to fly towards the stadium where Angel was ready to meet the one responsible and find the last piece of the anti-matter ball. However Angel had a strange feeling that this was all coming too easy also that Dayvon was missing and he had become separated from the rest of his crew. Angel had no idea if he and Orlando would be able to defeat the enemy boss together or if he even could trust Orlando and he wasn’t a part of the whole scheme of things. Angel decided to ask Orlando more questions about who he was to get a better idea of his identity. Orlando answers all of Angel’s questions promptly and that gave Angel a sense of confidence that Orlando was indeed on his side. The two head off into the sunset as night began to come.

The flooded city proves to be a big hassle for our heroes. Maria, Luis and Rebecca explored a flooded hotel which proves to be almost deadly especially for Maria who had to be rescued by Rebecca. The trio eventually gets into a warehouse where they begin to explore until a sinkhole swallows the trio into a sewer system. As for Angel and Dayvon they explore a lawyer's office which was heavily damaged by the flooding. Angel goes underwater solo having night vision goggles, so he left Dayvon to wait for him in the main entrance of the office. However when Angel gets the keycard Dayvon is nowhere to be found, Angel searches with no results. Angel decides to move on assuming Dayvon probably went ahead of him but Angel’s assumption turned out to be wrong. In fact the enemy was waiting for Angel up on the roof until a man named Orlando kills the aliens and rescues Angel promising to take him to the stadium but Dayvon was still nowhere to be found. Was this all too good to be true for Angel getting a chopper ride to the stadium? What surprises were waiting for the duo or better yet is Orlando a man of his word? An even better question is where is Dayvon located? Finally where did Maria, Luis and Rebecca end up? Something sure smells rotten in the air and it’s not the sewer water.

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