The Thousand Years War

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Chapter 42: Rumble In The City

While Angel was getting a helicopter ride to the stadium and Dayvon was MIA our other three heroes Maria, Luis and Rebecca find themselves in a storm sewer with a hole leading to the streets of Hollywood. The trio has no idea that Dayvon is missing and that Angel is getting a ride to the stadium which was still a distance away from where the trio was located. What would the streets offer our heroes?

Maria, Luis and Rebecca fall into the storm sewer and now they try to find a way out of the sewers. The three of them see a hole to get out of the system and leads them into the streets of Hollywood. Unlike the city they had previously explored this city was not flooded and was still mostly intact, this city was probably being attacked by the gloobas at the moment. The trio gets out of the storm sewer and they go to street level where they were met with some boar cops. There were boar cops everywhere on street level, in the distance and on top of buildings big or small. Our heroes realize that they were being surrounded by boar cops that they retreat back to avoid taking too much fire. Our heroes decide to use the peek and shoot idea where they shot the boar cops while trying to avoid being shot themselves. Luis says “Man this city is sure noisy!” Maria says “You got that right this is not what I expected coming to Hollywood!” Rebecca says “There’s just no end to these guys, we’re obviously not welcomed here!” Rebecca finds a RPG nearby from a fallen solider who was trying to defend against the alien attack and she uses it to kill many of the aliens to even up the odds a little bit. Rebecca says “You guys on top of that building, trying to hide I don’t think so!” Rebecca shoots the rocket blowing up the enforcers that were up there and says “Take that!” Luis says “Not bad there girl, I guess I underestimated you!” Our heroes clear the area but it was just one part of this city.

The trio moves on killing even more boar cops and they approach the big building. Then a rumble sound can be heard and shaking can be felt, it was an earthquake. Luis says “Everybody run back that building is collapsing!” As the building collapsing down from above our heroes move out of the way from the falling debris. Then the earthquake stops with some debris from the partially collapsed building on the street and Luis says “It’s going to take more than just an earthquake to kill us!” Once the trio sees that the coast is clear they move forward once again. A woman is murdered by a gang of four boar cops and Luis says “Why not trying to pick on someone your own size you pig bastards?” The trio kills off the four boar cops and then they study the body but Rebecca says there’s no chance to bring this woman back to life. Our heroes find themselves in front of what seems to be a local tax office or at least that what the sign said it was.

When our heroes head inside they find some salamander troopers inside and iguana enforcers nothing our heroes couldn’t handle. When they get deeper inside however they find that this was anything but a tax office. When the heroes came to find out it was a local quack’s office which was opened illegally using a tax office as a front. Luis says “Hmm I wondered how many people lost their lives using this crazy doctor?” Speaking of the doctor the trio finds the doctor was dead on the table, Maria says “Well if this isn’t ironic the doctor dies on the same bed where he would do his sick experiments and pretend to be a doctor.” Our heroes begin to explore the quacks office and they find a blue keycard which was needed to enter the celebrity condos or at least that was the name of the condo complex. Our heroes head towards the condo but are met up with more iguana enforcers and boar cops who they are able to kill off easily. The trio enters the condo using the keycard and they are greeted with a group of boar cops. Maria runs and then jump kicks a couple of the boar cops down to the floor, Luis follows her and he grabs two boars smashing their heads together, Rebecca uses the heel of her shoes to poke the eyes of the last remaining boar cops. The boar cops that were taken down by Maria get back up but Maria grabs one of the cops shotgun. Before the boars were able to get on their feet they were met with the barrel of their own shotgun and Maria says “Adios amigos!” Then Maria blasted off the heads of the boar cops and said “Eww that’s swine when it isn’t cooked properly, I for one don’t want these guys to be our future officers.” The trio sees two elevators but the one to the right was out of order, so the trio uses the other elevator which was an express elevator that took them up to the penthouse level.

Maria, Luis and Rebecca found a way out of the storm sewer and found themselves in the roaring streets of Hollywood. The three of them had a bull's-eye on their backs as everything alien were gunning for them and being out in the open didn’t help thing neither. However our heroes are able to survive although they found a woman by a quack’s office who was murdered by boar cops and they were unable to bring her back to life. They entered what they thought was a tax office but turned out to be nothing except an illegal quack’s office. They entered the celebrity condo complex where they killed some more boar cops. Our heroes got inside the elevator which would lead them straight to the penthouse level. What is waiting for our heroes in the penthouse?

When the elevator stopped and reached the penthouse level our heroes get out then they are met with salamander troopers and sentry drones. Knowing the sentry drones by heart Luis takes out the drones whose explosion blew up the rest of the alien troops. The heroes notice that all of the apartments are locked so they decide to head back outside on roof level. All of a sudden the gloobas had begun to launch a full scaled attack in the city sending a different variety of enemies including hoverships and owl commanders to throw into the mix. The heroes figure out what their next move should be. They take out the salamander troopers that are on the roof and the three of them find jetpacks which would prove to be useful. The heroes saw an open window in the office building across from them and figured going there would give them a clue of how to get to the stadium. However they head to deal with the numerous amounts of owl commanders flying around but they figured if they could get into the office building quickly enough they could avoid any confrontation with the owl commanders. Maria, Luis and Rebecca turned on their jetpacks and began to hover towards the office building while dodging fire from owl commanders and hoverships. Luis took a few of the hoverships down and Maria killed off some owl commanders along the way. While the three were close to the building Rebecca’s jetpack started to malfunction, it was running out of fuel. Maria and Luis got to the office building but Rebecca ran out of fuel on her jetpack before she got to the other side. Rebecca begins to fall but is able to grab the edge of the window trying to pull herself up.

Maria tells Rebecca “Whatever you do don’t look down, grab my hand!” Luis says “Oh crap owl commanders and they’re taking aim right for us. Damn I’m out of juice for my weapon! I’ll help you Maria.” Rebecca hangs on for dear life and uses her other hand that was hanging to grab Maria’s arm while an owl commander was preparing to launch a missile towards Rebecca. Maria says “Come on Rebecca grab my arm we don’t much time that missile is heading straight towards us.” Rebecca says “I got your hand now pull!” Luis along with Maria pulls Rebecca up to the office meanwhile the missile hits taking part of the wall down but nobody was hurt. The trio decides to get away from the window to avoid taking any more fire from the enemies outside. However it was no safer inside than outside; the heroes were met by some boar cops and some salamander troopers inside although it's safe to say dealing with these guys was much easier than what was outside. When they got upstairs of what seemed to be a conference room for meetings and our heroes were in the middle of a meeting themselves. Luis says “I think you better get a rain check for this meeting because I’m putting it to an end!” The trio went on to clean house in the conference room until all of the aliens were dead even some iguana enforcers that were trying to hide in the back. When they were done with the enemies in the conference room the trio notices that the building starts to shake and collapse with all the alien projectiles being shot at the building.

Luis finds a red keycard and uses it to open the emergency exit so they can get out of the building. As they open the emergency exit door they are met by more iguana enforcers who the kill off easily. Then they find the stairs leading them down until they get to a car garage where they see cars parked and a way out. Now if they could just get into a car to drive off but they had no keys for any of the cars but Luis finds a screwdriver which he could use to start the ignition of any car. The heroes were met with a large group of boar cops and iguana enforcers they began to shoot them but then notice that the collapsing ceiling was killing many of their enemies. At the same time however our heroes realize that their window to get out of the garage in one piece was starting to literally and figuratively crumble on them. The heroes find a 2003 Honda Civic break into the windows, got in the car and used to screwdriver to start the car as the underground garage was to collapse. Luis and the others drive out of the garage into the street just in time before the garage completely gave way and the building would soon follow. Luis was a rather good driver so he was able to dodge enemy fire as they tried to intercept the car. Luis sees a ramp covering an incomplete street that was under construction and drives on the ramp getting to the other side of the street. Rebecca started to give instructions to Luis on how to get to the stadium. Our heroes were on their way to the stadium along with Angel who was getting a chopper ride.

Maria, Luis and Rebecca got a glimpse of what their future will be like if they fail their mission to save earth from the gloobas. It sure didn’t look pretty as the gloobas took down buildings that once housed the most elite people in the world and turned them into nothing but rubble. Our heroes fought through the city being attacked by the gloobas, our heroes wanted to stop the gloobas but they did not have enough manpower or strength to stop the gloobas. Instead our heroes decided that discretion is the better part of valor and decided to run so they could live to fight another day. While the city was falling apart behind them there was a glimmer of hope for our heroes as they now had a car to get to the stadium where the final part of the anti-matter ball was located. Meanwhile Angel was right behind them with Orlando in a helicopter the only one that remained missing was Dayvon but it wouldn’t matter if the rest were able to complete their mission. The day was almost over as night began to fall, from here on out our heroes had only 4 days to complete their mission. It is going to be a battle against time for our chosen ones; will they succeed only time will tell.

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