The Thousand Years War

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Chapter 43: Movie Set

Luis is driving himself along with Maria and Rebecca to the stadium where they were prepared to deal with emperor himself and get the final piece of the anti-matter ball. What they didn’t know was that Angel was on his way there as well along with Orlando who he had just met while getting out of the flooded city. Our heroes are driving just fine until they pass a movie set where all a sudden the car catches a flat on its front right side. Luis tries to keep moving but the tires blows out and the car refuses to move. Luis then tells everyone to get out of the car just in case as he tries to find the spare tire to replace the one that blew. Luis finds the tire in the trunk and begins to replace the tire as fast as he can, however Luis never gets to put the tire in. That’s because the car is destroyed by a missile shot by an owl commander and with that the car is completely blown into pieces. Maria kills the owl commander but our heroes no longer had a ride to the stadium and now had to find an alternative way to get out.

Maria, Luis and Rebecca find themselves at the parking lot of a movie set where they are met with a gang of boar cops. The trio takes care of the boar cops rather easily but then they are approached by sentry drones. The heroes are able to shoot down the drones. Luis says angrily “Damn we were so close to the stadium, what’s a movie set going to do for us?” Maria replies “Maybe there’s a prop car we can uses or something else.” Rebecca responds “Well this is a subway station around here not sure where but I know the train stops here. It could be our only way of transportation and we can get to the stadium that way.” Luis says “Sounds good let's just hope the aliens aren’t smart enough to take the subway system over. To simplify I hope we can catch a train with a real person inside!” Maria says “We gotta take our chances we can’t think negative here, let's do the best we can!” After the conversation the heroes head inside the main entrance of the movie set where they see the security desk but instead of seeing a guard our heroes see a couple of boar cops who they kill off easily anyway. Then a boar cop van comes rushing in where a group of boar cops come out after our heroes. Each hero takes care of the boar cops with their weapon of choice for Luis it’s his plasma cannon, Maria uses the shrink ray to crush the cops and Rebecca finishes off the job with her RPG. Rebecca says “Hmm that’s a whole lot of bacon flying in the air!” Everybody laughs at Rebecca’s joke trying to make the best of what is a pretty bad situation. Then the trio heads to the vending machines where they find three boar cops but more importantly they find a blue keycard to gain entrance inside the movie set. All of a sudden our heroes hear a really loud noise like a helicopter.

What our heroes heard was the helicopter that Angel was on along with Orlando and they were heading to the stadium. They have no idea that the other three heroes were below them but they would get the chance to reunite with them although not in the way they would want to. The helicopter gets shot down by an alien hover ship and was ready to make a crash landing right towards the water tower. Angel and Orlando press the eject button which ejects them out of the helicopter and they land right where the other three crew members were. Angel watches the helicopter that he was going to use to get to the stadium go up in flames as it crashes into the a water tower and watches his chances to get to the stadium go up in flames but on the bright side he was reunited with the others except for Dayvon of course.

Angel says “Damn those alien bastards are going to pay for shooting up my ride!” Luis asks Angel “Let me guess you were on your way to the stadium as well.” Angel responds “Yes I was this man Orlando saved my butt with the helicopter that you just saw crash and burn. Another issue is Dayvon is now missing I have no idea where he went or where the aliens have him held.” Maria replies “As long as you’re ok that counts for something, we were on our way to the stadium until our car caught a flat and got destroyed by the same alien scum.” Rebecca says “However I believe there’s a subway station around here hmm is that the subway station all gated up. Well I been here before one time and there is a control inside the movie set to open the gate.” Angel says “Looks like we gotta ride the subway even if I have to drive the car!” After vaguely talking about their plan the heroes head inside the movie set with the keycard that was found by the vending machines.

The heroes enter the movie set which and the first room they enter is a storage room where props were stored. Not only that, there were also salamander troopers and a few turrets our heroes had to deal with. Maria, Luis and Angel take care of the troopers while Rebecca took out the turrets with a RPG blast; as soon as the heroes dealt with the aliens inside they were aliens being dropped off by a spaceship outside. Angel says “Looks like the feature presentation is going to be the gloobas getting kicked out of our world! Let's do this!” The heroes get into a long and enduring firefight with the salamander troopers that are constantly being dropped off. Rebecca sees a weak spot on the alien space ship shoots it with her RPG and she is able to take down the spaceship which land away from the heroes. Angel tells Rebecca “Good job there gotta admit you’re not too bad there and you do look kinda of good.” Rebecca with a smile on her face says “Ah Angel you better look behind you someone isn’t impressed with your sweet talk.” Angel says to Maria “Oh no you’re much better and much better looking the Rebecca no offense to you Rebecca.” Maria says “Hmm that’s what I thought!” Maria then makes a hand signal indicating to Rebecca that she is watching her carefully and not to make any sudden moves on her man. Rebecca simply nods her head yes and stays silent.

The heroes continue to explore the movie set as they enter the next room they see some boar cops along with some iguana enforcers who our heroes are able to take care of easily. However they hear another spaceship outside and Angel says “Oh come on is there ever an end to these guys?” Maria says “Babe I’m afraid not these guys haven’t learned their lesson. Rebecca says “Or is it we haven’t learned our lesson not to interfere with the alien plans.” Luis says “Well time to take care of business once again!” This time a group of sentry drones, boar cops and owl commanders are dropped off but this time the spaceship pulls away instead of staying put. The heroes realize that it is too dangerous to go outside to deal with the aliens; instead they let the enemies come inside one by one as the pick them off as they come in. Eventually the boar cops and sentry drones are defeated; Rebecca goes outside despite the order not to go out and immediately she is struck by the wing of an owl commander. The others come to her aid and they defeat the owl commanders. Angel looks at Rebecca and she seems to be just fine as she avoided a direct attack. Angel then says “Rebecca what you did was reckless and stupid you almost got yourself killed out here. Look it’s our jobs to save the world and we have to work together, so if we tell you something it’s because we know, do I make myself clear?” Rebecca says “Yes you have made yourself clear.” Maria and Angel pick Rebecca off the floor. Then Angel introduces everybody to Orlando and despite the language barrier our heroes can all understand Orlando just fine. Our heroes continue to explore the movie set.

Luis says “This may not be a movie but it sure has the feeling of one well at least of an action/adventure. Imagine they make a movie based on us when we save the world.” Angel replies “Hate to burst your bubble buddy but first we need to get outta here, save the world and actually survive.” The heroes walk into a movie scene that takes place in the moon with the same exact buildings our heroes saw on the moon themselves. However the scene was that of the gloobas killing our heroes not the other way around. Maria says “These fools are already making a movie and they have no idea we’re still alive, well it’s time to give this movie the director’s cut!” In the set there were a few iguana enforcers but they were easy pickings for our heroes, our heroes also find a yellow keycard taking them to another set. After picking up the yellow keycard a trap door opens behind them and a group of boar cops grab Orlando, Rebecca and Maria. Orlando is able to power his way out and throw the boar cop onto the way then finish it off with his machine gun. Rebecca once again uses the heels of her shoes to step on the boar's foot and kills the cop with her laser pistol. After that Rebecca helps out Maria and kills off the last boar cop. Maria thanks Rebecca for her assistance and even compliments Rebecca on her shoes wishing Angel would get her a pair when they get back on Earth. Angel says “Oh boy already you want a pair of shoes, ah girls sometimes you can ask for the dumbest of things.” Maria replies and laughs “But you going to get me the shoes anyway because you love me right?” Angel says “Whoa don’t use the guilt trip on me it won’t work!” Rebecca whispers to Maria “He’s talking out of his ass; he’s dying to buy you a pair so he has an excuse to lay in bed with you.” Maria chuckles and says “I know I know.” The heroes head to the next set which can be opened with the yellow keycard but then a human voice can be heard saying “No you don’t! I’ll rather die than turn into one of your kind!” Angel says “Could that be Dayvon, it hear it on the other side. Tell you what why not I and Maria explore that noise while the rest of you explore the next set. Angel and Maria head to the direction of the noise while Luis, Rebecca and Orlando head to the next movie set.

After our heroes experienced mishaps on their journey to the football stadium they explore a movie set in hopes to gain access to a subway station which they hope will get them to the stadium. However their visit to the movie set in Hollywood is anything but glorious; in fact the aliens have taken over the movie set even shooting a movie of their victory when Earth becomes theirs. Is this a sign of what the future will be if our heroes fail? Then our heroes hear a loud noise coming from another set but heading towards the opposite side. Could that be the noise of Dayvon being held hostage by the aliens? Angel and Maria went to figure that out while Luis, Orlando and Rebecca went to the next set to see if they found the keycard they needed to get into control room.

Luis, Orlando and Rebecca backtrack until they see the door leading to the movie set requiring the yellow keycard. They enter the set killing some iguana enforcers along the way at first it looks like any normal hallway but as they get deeper they see that they are in a replica of a glooba spaceship or at least the cockpit. They also see a picture of Earth on the wall in front of the spaceship, could this be the scene where the gloobas begin their invasion of earth. They kill off a few salamander troopers inside the spaceship prop and they find a red keycard needed for the control room. However before they could get out of the set they were approached by more iguana enforcers and as they approach the storage rooms a trap door opens which reveals sentry drones. Our heroes run as fast as they can to the next room as they dodge the approach of the sentry drones. Eventually the drones implode once they hit the closed door behind our heroes, Luis says “Good thing that these robots haven’t gotten their bugs fixed.” Orlando says in Spanish “What were those things?” Rebecca explained to Orlando that they were flying metal bombs in layman’s terms. Our heroes approached the control room door ready to open the door but once they open the door they hear that all too familiar noise of a BattleGlooba in the distance. They find the switch to open the entrance of the subway station and the three of them prepared to head towards the subway station.

Meanwhile Dayvon is found tied up to a chair in another movie set and a glooba voice says “Ready and action! Hmm Dayvon you are one heck of a human being it would be a waste if we killed you. We can use your talents and powers for our own good; rather than kill you Dayvon we would like to make you our newest recruit. We promise that you shall be rewarded handsomely all you have to do is take this special medicine and go kill your former teammates. If you can do that we will reward you with money beyond your dreams!” Dayvon asks “How about my family I can care less about money!” The alien says “Well sorry Dayvon your family has to go you see they don’t fit into our script, in otherwords they’re just causalities in this war.” Dayvon says in an angry tone “You leave my family alone damn it they did nothing to you or did anything for that matter!” The alien replies “That’s exactly the problem Dayvon they haven’t done anything so they just useless as the rest of mankind, you on the other hand show some promise. Hey director isn’t this coming out good or what?” The director says “It’s a masterpiece I call this piece “Dayvon’s Betrayal” wait till his teammates find out he’s on our side now! Carry on my pupil you’re doing well.” Dayvon begins to loosen the tie wraps slowly to avoid suspicion and in minutes he breaks out but he doesn’t give it away just yet. The alien says “Well ready or not the final act is about to happen right now, any last words Dayvon?” Dayvon says “Yeah actually I do ever hear of rewriting the script?” The alien says “What are you talking about fool?” Dayvon replies “I mean rewriting the script where I don’t become one of you alien bastards. You wrote the script but I’m about to rewrite the script and I call this “Karma’s a bitch!” hope you guys enjoy it!” Dayvon grabs the salamander trooper and his shadow blade impaling the alien. Then he grabs the laser gun from the trooper and begins to clean house to begin his escape from the grasps of the aliens. Dayvon says “Aww your little movie act didn’t go as planned, well that’s just too bad because I don’t go down easily.” Dayvon makes his way out of the movie set outside.

Maria and Angel hear gunfire they assume the worse thinking whoever was inside had gotten killed or was being tortured. Before they got to Dayvon’s location they were met with a BattleGlooba and some boar cops. The duo struggles to kill the enemy as they were outnumbered badly they retreated back as they dealt with the boar cops and see what they could do with the BattleGlooba. As they killed off all the boar cops they faced BattleGlooba but out of nowhere BattleGlooba goes down face first and behind BattleGlooba was Dayvon. Angel says “Dayvon you’re ok I’m glad that you were able to help us out but how did you disappear from my sight?” Dayvon replies “While I was waiting for you I was grabbed with a net by these alien bastards and they took me here threatening to turn me into one of them. They were even filming it as like they were making a movie out of it.” Maria says “Damn thank goodness you’re out of there.” Dayvon replies “Let's just says I gave some aspiring alien actors the pink slip or in the entertainment world the cut and they won’t be starring in any movies anytime soon.” Everyone laughs and all of them go back to meet the others.

After Luis, Orlando and Rebecca got the gate to the subway station open they meet up with all the others. Angel tries to introduce Dayvon to Orlando but they are interrupted by another BattleGlooba but with the combined efforts of our heroes the BattleGlooba goes down rather easily. Angel says "We’re all together again and alive which is a good thing. Glad you’re ok Dayvon now we can get moving.” However before our heroes could get moving a couple of spaceships start to shoot in their direction one ship shoot’s at Luis, Orlando and Rebecca while the other ship shoots at Angel and Maria. While our heroes are able to dodge the spaceship attacks but the building begins to crumble and the building crumbled in a way where our heroes were separated once again just after they were reunited. Luis, Orlando and Rebecca were closest to the subway station; Angel and Maria were trapped behind burning rubble and were in the area where Dayvon was being held. Dayvon was stuck in the middle and had no choice but to enter the movie set that portrayed the moon before the rubble crushed him. Angel says “Damn there’s no way for us to get to you guys, you’ll just have to go on without us while we find another way.” The movie set was crumbling so Luis, Orlando and Rebecca made their way inside the subway station and then the ceiling behind crumbles making them unable to get out of the train station. Luis says “Damn looks like we got no choice but to catch a train, there’s no way back.” The trio continues inside the subway station.

Dayvon was stuck inside of the movie set so he explores for an alternative way out. When he gets to the moon prop area he sees an alienish looking room that wasn’t there before. Dayvon heads inside and falls into a hole to an unknown location. Angel and Maria explore the movie set that Dayvon was being held in and find it looked like the outside parking lot of area 51 the alien research base in Nevada. They see the chair Dayvon was sitting on and they see the substance they were trying to inject him with. Angel crushes the needle with his foot saying “These guys have gone too far enough is enough!” Maria sees a secret switch which opens a trap door and behind the trap door was a glooba research room where experimental creatures were being created. Then the duo is attacked by slimer protectors and they dodge the shrink rays the creatures shoot towards them. They kill off the slimer protectors and they find a teleport to area 51, they ask between themselves should they get in or is it a trap by the gloobas. Angel says “Well we really have no choice our only other escape route is blocked so we have to take our chances.” Maria replies “Ok baby I feel better going in knowing that I have you on my side and you won’t let anything happen to me. I love you so much Angel, I don’t know but I feel strange.” Angel says “Don’t worry honey we’ll be fine, let's go!” Angel and Maria enter the teleport to area 51.

Dayvon manages to escape the clutches of the gloobas and puts an end to their acting career. Angel and Maria then find Dayvon after he helps them take down a BattleGlooba. All of our heroes are reunited but it’s only for a few minutes because they would get attacked by a couple of spaceships. The spaceships do big time damage to the movie set, the debris and rubble of the collapsed movie set separates our heroes once again. Luis, Orlando and Rebecca go inside the subway station in hopes to hitch a ride to the stadium. Dayvon ends up in a strange alien room that turns into a trap dropping him down to an unknown location or to his death. As for Angel and Maria they explore the movie set Dayvon was held up in and find out the movie set was more than it seemed from the outside. There was a full-blown lab inside a trap door where the gloobas were doing their research. Most importantly though the duo sees a teleport to area 51 although they were uncomfortable with the idea but they realized there was no other way out. So the duo jumps into the teleport to area 51. What surprises awaits our heroes in their respective challenges; time was running out for our heroes only three and a half days remained.

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