The Thousand Years War

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Chapter 44: Tier Drops

Dayvon falls into a trap when he walks into an alien looking room and falls into a hole. Then Dayvon falls into a secret underground glooba base known as “Tier Drops”, this is obviously not a place that radar’s will have an easy time spotting. Dayvon realizes that he will be solo for this part of the mission but he has no idea of how to get out nor does he even have an idea where in the heck he is. However the base does have to look of the base that was on the moon that was being taken over; Dayvon became concerned that he might had gotten transported to space or back in time again not knowing he is simply underground.

Dayvon falls inside the underground base begins to explore and the first thing he sees is a glooba spaceship grounded. He explores further but gets attacked by a whole pack of salamander troopers, at first he has a pretty good hold on them but then they start to multiply in great numbers. Dayvon decides to hide in the spaceship but he finds more aliens even inside the ship but he kills them off. Dayvon was faced with a problem however and it was that he was surrounded by salamander troopers. Dayvon looks for the controls to start the ship while killing troopers that followed him into the ship. Dayvon finds the ignition switch but the ship does not start that’s because the ship was docked for maintenance. Dayvon says “Shit this ship is under maintenance looks like I’m not going anywhere. Wait a minute!” Dayvon spots the controls for the sentry guns on the spaceship and begins to use the sentry guns to shoot down all the salamander troopers down until all of the troopers go down. Dayvon says “Whew what a mess!” Dayvon sees that the coast is clear so he gets out of the ship and he sees a handprint reader, puts his hand then the reader lights up but nothing happens. Dayvon assumes that he has to keep moving and that there is probably a central point in the base.

Dayvon goes back into the hallway and sees that he was just out from the Alpha sector or at least what was indicated by the sign. Dayvon continues down the hall where he sees a small armory where he picks up some ammo to reload his freezethrower that had been in hiatus for a little while. Then he approaches the Beta sector which was a medieval themed room that was filled with salamander troopers and owl commanders. Dayvon had to be careful going in as the owl commander were shooting rockets at him left and right. Dayvon did notice something and it was that the owl commanders would not go after him into the hallway but instead they guarded the room but the salamander troopers did go after him. So Dayvon took care of the troopers that went after him in the hallway and then he freezes the owl commanders inside the room then finishes them off by breaking them into pieces of ice. Upon further review this room was used as a mess hall where the gloobas would eat humans that they felt were unworthy of being one of them or be one of their slaves. Dayvon was disgusted with all the gore and human parts which were looked fresh. Dayvon then finds the second handprint reader which he activates and still nothing happens so Dayvon had to continue his journey.

Dayvon had fallen into the tier drops base which was an underground glooba base that looked like it was built recently during the invasion in Hollywood. Here Dayvon finds where spaceships are being maintained and where the gloobas would hang out to eat. Dayvon was sure to see experiments that the gloobas were performing to build their army. What Dayvon doesn’t know that this base is simply a squared circle and the base was not as complicated as Dayvon was assuming. He was simply looking for a way out so he could get back to the over world and reunited with his other crew members.

Dayvon goes back into the hallway continues forward finds another armory to reload. Dayvon says “Well at least this place has plenty of ammo for me; at least it gives me a chance to survive. What am I going to bump into now?” Dayvon finds the next sector which is the Delta sector and inside was noting but rocky terrain and cliffs almost like a desert but what Dayvon found next was even more disturbing. It was a gang of his nemesis poisonpus, the poisonpus’s came towards Dayvon with great force. Dayvon says “Damn not these guys again!” Dayvon used his freezethrower to freeze some of the poisonpus’s but there were more to come. Dayvon was trying to find the handprint reader but he’s unable to find it until he sees a cliff that has to be climbed. To Dayvon’s disgust he begins to climb but gets knocked down by a poisonpus tentacle. Dayvon gets up and tries again with the same result as the first time. Then a poisonpus shoots poison ink towards Dayvon but Dayvon quickly thinks and gets behind a pillar with the ink hitting the pillar. Dayvon then uses the shotgun to take more of the poisonpus’s out, while they still poisonpus’s remaining but Dayvon is able to climb up the cliff to the handprint reader to activate it. After that Dayvon simply jumps down and makes a run for it losing the poisonpus’s that were chasing him.

Dayvon returns to the hallway where he catches his breath after getting away from the poisonpus’s. He goes down the hallway where he finds yet another armory where he picks up more ammo for his weapons. After that he goes into the fourth and final sector of the base which is the Gamma sector. This sector contains a lot of gloobas grass along with a center room but what would make this room the most challenging was that there was lava below him wherever there was no solid ground. That mean Dayvon had to platform jump carefully to avoid falling into the lava; Dayvon easily jumps from platform to platform until the last one that contains the final handprint reader. Dayvon is surprised attack by an owl commander who launches a missile to Dayvon; he’s able to jump out of the way by back flipping to the platform behind him. Dayvon kills off the owl commander that attacked him but the platform that he was on was destroyed; now a big pool of lava separated Dayvon from the handprint reader. Dayvon sees a small ledge on the side where he could shimmy along his back to get to the handprint reader. Eventually Dayvon carefully gets to the handprint reader and then he activates it, once the handprint reader is activated a door in the center part of the room opens. It was probably Dayvon’s ticket to get out of this place.

However before he could get to the door he had to climb another cliff up to the door which took a lot of energy out of him. Dayvon was beginning to run out of energy as he was running so much and exerting energy with all the running around he had to do within the base. So Dayvon took a little break to catch his breath but that break was interrupted by a BattleGlooba that was behind him. Dayvon senses the breathing of the creature so he is able to get out of the way of the BattleGlooba’s initial attack He sees that he doesn’t have much room of the platform and the platform was surrounded by lava below. Dayvon says “This is going to be a rough one!” Dayvon does some fancy footwork to dodge the mortar rounds being shot at him and every time he had an opening he attacked the BattleGlooba with his freezethrower. However the BattleGlooba pushes Dayvon back to the point where he begins to fall and he is on the edge of the platform with nothing but lava below him. Dayvon is able to get both of his hand on the platform and begins to climb up until the BattleGlooba is above him ready to deal the final blow. Dayvon quickly grabs his shotgun from his back and shoots blindly up to BattleGlooba hoping to hit his groin and to his luck he hits the BattleGlooba directly in the groin. BattleGlooba begins to kneel down in pain giving Dayvon the opening he needed to pull himself back up. When Dayvon gets himself back up to the platform he finishes off BattleGlooba by blasting the creature in the face with his shotgun. Dayvon says to himself “Boy that what a luck shot I got; I know there must be a God up there watching over me. It must be destined that I complete my mission no other way I could had survived this.” Dayvon begins to realize that he was chosen by the Elder God because he was a special human being unlike the others and it was his duty to protect the world along with his own family. Dayvon sees a pathway that he begins to go through and when he gets deeper through the pathway he notices signs for a train station or at least the maintenance part of the subway. Dayvon finds himself in the maintenance portion of the subway station that Luis, Rebecca and Orlando were heading to.

Dayvon learns that the base he was in was simply a squared circle and it was a secret glooba base where they would send many of their attack from. Dayvon survives many near-death situations and the last one against the BattleGlooba proved to be the toughest obstacle of all of them. He realizes that he is not a normal human being and that he was given a special gift which is why he was chosen along with the others to take on this evil alien race threatening our world. After finding a way out of the underground base Dayvon finds himself at the maintenance area of the subway station that our other heroes were heading to. The question is will our heroes be able to hitch a ride or has their luck run out? Meanwhile Angel and Maria were being detoured to area 51.

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