The Thousand Years War

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Chapter 45: Area 51

Angel and Maria discover that the movie set contained a little secret hidden within its walls. Actually it was quite a big secret it was a secret glooba lab where creatures were being created and sent out to attack. It was probably working in unison with the underground base that Dayvon just escaped from. Angel and Maria were transported to the front gate of Area 51 where a jeep could be seen but all of its tires were flat and the secret entrance which was locked. Angel and Maria try to figure out how they would get in to the facility.

Angel and Maria see the entrance but the door was locked then a couple of salamander troopers try to attack the duo from behind. Angel takes care of the salamander troopers with his twin devastator weapon and at the same time he attacked the troopers the explosion made a crack in the small building nearby. Maria heads inside and she finds the switch to open the secret entrance where they spot yet another teleport. The two head inside and are transported to a cave above a trailer and the actual entrance to Area 51. However the outside was heavily guarded with hoverships, boar cops and salamander troopers. Angel took down one ship but notices he runs out of rockets for his weapon and then Maria out of nowhere decides to jump onto one of the hoverships taking the pilot out so she could use the hovership for herself. Maria says “Hey I got the left side; you take the right side hun!” Angel says “I was about to say what the hell but lets give these aliens hell!” Maria kills off the aliens to the left side and with the hovership it was nothing but target practice as the aliens went down like bowling pins. As for Angel he took out as many aliens as he could on his own until Maria came in with the hovership to finish off the job. Maria eventually gets off the hovership after seeing that the coast is clear; Angel says “Wow that was amazing a big risk but it paid off. Damn babe are you bad or what?” Maria happily says with a blush “Well thank you babe I only did what you would do for me.” After the two hug each other they head for the entrance but notice that it needs a green keycard before they could get in.

The couple looks inside the trailer and while they find some ammo but they don’t find any keycards. Angel says “Well looks like we’ll have to look elsewhere, now come on.” The two see a separate building or at least the top of the underground portion of the Area 51 base. However they don’t see a way up but Angel gives a Maria a lift by picking her up where she is able to get to the top. When Maria reaches the top of the building she sees a ladder to the right of her and says to Angel “Ah babe now I see a ladder just to my right.” Angel says “Oh so I almost messed up my back picking you up for nothing meanwhile there was a ladder right there!” Maria can’t help it but laugh at Angel and says “Well don’t get mad at me and besides I find strong men sexy anyway.” Angel replies “Well when you put it that way I can’t help but to stop being mad, besides it could be worse you’re not that fat.” Maria responds “What did you say I don’t way that much I weigh much less than you, Angel you better take that back or no sugar for you!” Angel replies at first in his head saying “Well that’s why females always win in a relationship because we are the ones who want them, oh well time to brown nose.” Then Angel says to Maria “Sorry about that Maria I didn’t mean say anything about your weight believe me when I tell you…” Maria cuts Angel off saying “You sure about that honey or you’re just saying that so I don’t have to kick your ass later. Now be honest!” Angel replies “Well it’s that I really love you but part of it is that yeah I don’t want you to kick my ass.” Maria replies while pinching Angel’s face “Well at least you’re honest because I will kick your ass!” Angel says in his head “Calm down Angel as long as you get married and more importantly get laid that’s all that counts.” The duo looks for a way to get inside the building.

The duo finds an air vent that leads inside the building, the duo jumps down into the vent. Once the heroes get inside they sneak down and Maria gets behind an iguana trooper then she chokes the creature to death. Angel sneaks behind a boar cop killing it by twisting its head. The duo arrives at a control room which has some controls for temperature and climate control but nothing special. Angel sees a blue keycard in the control room and they head down the small ramp only to be blocked by a force field. Angel and Maria are then ambushed by a group of boar cops and iguana enforcers. The duo easily takes care of the aliens despite being ambushed and they find a teleport leading them back outside of the Area 51 building. Maria uses the keycard to open the main entrance and when the duo opens the door they see some boar cops along with some salamander troopers. Nothing that the heroes couldn’t handle though and Maria says “Ah this is becoming second nature to me.” Angel replies while laughing “Yeah I could do this is my sleep.” After the duo cleans house in the waiting room, Maria starts to touch Angel in an inappropriate manner although Angel kinda of likes it and even puts on a sheepish smile on.

Angel says to Maria “Hey honey what are you doing; I mean I don’t mind the contact but hun we gotta pick a better location if you know what I mean. I don’t want us to be in a compromised position if any of these aliens come to crash our party, besides we’re running out of time.” Maria replies “I hear you baby but I can’t control myself I may just pull your pants down out of nowhere. I got the hots for you.” Angel says in his head “Damn I gotta find a place for us to do it because I’m hot for her as well and I may not hold it either.” Then he says to Maria “Well hun… well you’re just have to hold it until we complete the mission, now lets go!” Maria replies “Ooo aren’t you the tough one to get don’t worry we’re doing it very soon I promise you that one way or the other.” Angel says in his head “Oh boy she isn’t going to leave me alone till we have sex oh well there’s bound to be a good place to do it.” The heroes then go down the ramp into a small shelter area which contains some salamander troopers inside who the heroes take care of easily. Then they continue down the hall where they kill more salamander troopers along the way and when they reach the end of the hall they are led to a ramp leading them back up to the waiting room. However they are behind the receptionist desk where they see a computer which opens an elevator door on the other side. Angel and Maria head to the elevator; Maria heads inside only to find out there’s no elevator but lucky for her she is rescued by Angel who grabs her hand in time to pull her back.

Angel pulls Maria back and says “Whoa! That was too close babe I almost lost you there.” Maria says “Nothing will ever separate us honey, we’re meant to be together!” Angel replies “I know honey but this isn’t the time to get emotional we gotta find a way down without killing ourselves now…” Maria responds “Hey why not we use the ropes as a way to go down just like the fire fighters?” Angel replies “Hey you know what that’s actually not a bad idea there honey, well there’s a problem there’s always a solution.” The duo rides the rope down till they get to a platform which was actually the top of the elevator but when they looked down they still saw noting but black so they continued down the rope until they hit the bottom of the shaft. When they reached the bottom they found themselves entering a hallway with a core and three hallways that were blocked with force fields. When they went towards the middle they were approached by a couple of slimer protectors who Angel takes of with his devastator weapon. The duo notices the core has some buttons in the middle to deactivate the force fields but one of them is busted and doesn’t work when pressed. Our heroes go through hallway #2 which is the middle path while path #1 to their left is inaccessible.

Angel and Maria go through the middle path which contains a room full of boxes labeled that they are heading to Roswell New Mexico. Angel says “I can’t imagine what the heck is inside those boxes.” Maria says “I know whatever it is it can't be good, that’s all I care about!” They meet some poisonpus’s that spit poison ink and the ink hit’s Maria rendering her poisoned as she kneels down after becoming dizzy. Angel with extreme anger says “Nobody messes with my girl, now you will feel true pain you octo freaks!” Angel then kills all of the poisonpus’s making sure he sees their blue blood for good measure and then he heads to Maria to check on her. Angel asks “Are you ok baby?” Maria responds “No I’m not, that poison is starting to eat up my inside and it’s getting to my head…” Angel replies “Don’t worry Maria I saw a medical room in the other hallway and I’m sure I’ll find a cure for you.” Angel backtracks and heads for path #3 where it leads him to a research room that contains capsules of the different glooba creatures and says “Hmm I always knew Area 51 was a government conspiracy but I never knew it would be this deep.” Angel begins to question if the evil is the actual government itself and this was all a setup. However Angel quickly turns his attention to finding a cure for Maria and approaching slimer protectors. Angel finds some ammo for his weapon and begins to unload missiles killing all of the slimer protectors. In the next room Angel sees a full size bed along with a cabinet of medicine; Angel grabs the serum from the cabinet and then with a needle gives Maria a shot of serum to cure her. After a couple of minutes Maria begins to get up but as Maria is waking up a trap door opens and more slimer protectors pop out of the door. Angel has a tough time with the aliens as he has to defend Maria at the same time. While defending Maria, Angel takes a slash attack from one of the slimer protectors. Maria is able to somehow able to get up from the bed and kill the slimer protector from behind; Angel looks at Maria shocked and says “That was quite a recovery young lady!” Maria says “Yeah I know, let me pick you up didn’t think you would be the one to be pick up huh?” Angel says “Well good thing you recover quick you saved my hide just now.” The duo investigates the room further.

Maria finds more ammo for the duos respective weapons, missiles for Angel and shrink crystals for Maria. Angel goes through several desks until he finds a red keycard and says “Hmm a keycard, wait a minute government documents… top secret… looks like the government has got a dirty little secret to hide from us.” Maria replies “That sounds interesting babe, some times I think the president isn’t human or the government knows that these aliens exist. They may even have a hand in this as well, imagine an alien running our country.” Angel replies “That’s why we gotta find the one responsible for all this and put an end to all this once in for all! For all we know the aliens may already have their commander in chief in office and the cabinet full of dishonest bastards furthermore…” Angel stops talking as Maria starts to unzip his pants and take off his belt. Angel says “Maria what are you doing taking my pants off, oh shit I forgot you’re hot aren’t you?” Maria says in seducing tone “Yeah I’m hot alright, I’m hot for you! We’re alone aren’t we?” Angel says “Well… to be honest I would like to but don’t we have to get to know each other first?” Maria replies “I know you well enough Angel, you’re just stalling me come on baby just relax and let me ride you.” Angel still in shocked responds “What if the aliens come find us inside…” Maria turns on the force field to the room so that nobody could get inside and says “Well who’s getting in now and most importantly you think you’re getting out of here? Hmm I don’t think so, come on baby you know you can’t hold it neither.” then Maria blows a kiss to Angel. Angel asks “Are you sure you love me and not looking for a quick hit?” Maria replies “If I saved you or actually cried when you left or when you were kidnapped I wouldn’t even think of having sex at an alien base.” Angel says “Wow I’m honored well I don’t think an hour or two will cost us besides we got about three days left, we’re probably have the anti-matter ball tomorrow. Okay if you want to know lets do this honey I love you!” Angel begins to take his shirt off and so does Maria. After that Maria strips Angel’s pants down and gets even fresher when she starts to touch Angel’s underwear even touching dangerously close to Angel’s genitals. Angel says with an excited tone “Whoa! You don’t mess around you’re touching the danger zone already!” Angel begins to take Maria’s pants off as well stripping her down to her underwear as well. Maria and Angel start to kiss passionately with each other for a few minutes until they end up naked in the bed.

Maria and Angel look at each other naked at first they are shocked then they being to purpose their love for each other. Maria says “I love you!” Angel replies “I love you more!” Maria replies “I love you even more!” The two go under the sheets and begin to make love to each other while still saying that they love each other while at the same time they began to scream in the pleasure they were receiving with Maria screaming louder than Angel. Angel says to Maria before the climax of their sexual encounter “Wow no foreplay… we just got down to business… gotta admit I make… a great driver… don’t I?” Maria responds while groaning in excitement “Angel I never… had better sex… than with you… it feels even better that… I actually love you and… it’s not with some random dude… ahhhhh!” In only five minutes the two were done with Angel saying “Wow that was fun but I have to admit it went too quickly.” Maria replies “Well we still got 55 more minutes who says we can’t do it again, besides I still want more of you but now we get to have foreplay until you’re ready to do it all over again.” Angel replies “Well at least you’re honest. Let’s do this honey!” Angel has said that many times but for once it doesn’t come prior to a battle with the gloobas. The couple began to foreplay with each other and began to feel an even greater passion for each other than even when they performed sex for the first time. The foreplay between the two would last for over a half an hour until they were ready to get down and dirty once again. Angel asks Maria “Are you ready baby?” Maria says “Yeah I am because this time I’m the driver!” So once again our couple were getting their emotions out and showing their true feelings for each other with no one watching over them. When the two were finished they stood in the bed with each other just talking over some things as they just enjoyed a well deserved break from all of the action and finally got their true feelings for each other out. Maria says “I feel much better that I got to show you how I really feel about you and how I felt about you since I met you.” Angel says “Aww baby you’re too sweet. Well I think we had enough fun, I think we better get back to kicking some alien ass.” Maria says “Sounds like a plan but there’s one more thing we still need to do and that’s to take a shower.” Angel replies “Well of course I forgot, well we can have a little more fun in the shower but lets make it quick we can take all of the time we want once we get back onto Earth. The couple takes a shower in the researchers shower area.

Maria and Angel explore the Area 51 base and while it did prove to have plenty of aliens but the two were able to work together in fact a little too well. As our heroes went inside Area 51 Maria becomes rather promiscuous when it comes to sex with Angel. Angel tries to keep the focus on the mission and eventually they got deeper into the base finding a storage room where Maria would get poisoned by a poisonpus. Angel quickly finds a research lab where he heals Maria with some serum and while fighting a group of slimer protectors attacks our heroes and Maria actually helps Angel out once she is healed. Maria would go on to turn on the force field so that no aliens would get in but it wasn’t for protection it was for keeping nosy aliens out while the two had sex together. It’s fair to say that at this point the couple has finally gotten their true feelings for each other out in the open. However the clock continues to tick, are our heroes wasting precious time that they need to stop the alien invasion? Finally were our heroes celebrating too pre-maturely making love to each other and the world is still in their hands? It’s fair to say however when our heroes are done they will be refreshed and even more ready to finish the mission.

Angel and Maria finish taking their shower together and agreed that they will get back to the mission on hand. Angel and Maria head out of the research labs back to where Maria was poisoned in the storage room. Our heroes find nothing interesting in the storage room so they go down the ramp where they were met with some slimer protectors who they take out easily. As they head further they see a spaceship or at least a prototype of one displayed but they were also iguana enforcers and more slimer protectors. Maria took care of the iguana enforcers while Angel took care of the slimer protectors, Angel says “At this pace we’ll save the world very soon!” The duo continued up a ramp where they saw a door that needed a yellow keycard but they had a red keycard. At the lower level Angel spots a door which needs the red keycard, our heroes enter the room which is the same room that was blocked from where they entered the first building. Maria and Angel kill some iguana enforcers, Maria finds a yellow keycard and Angel took a look at the code needed to open the garage where jeeps and other vehicles are stored. Angel says “Well looks like we’re gonna have to commit grand theft auto and take one of those jeeps for a ride so we can get back to Hollywood. It will be a long ride but hey we can self destruct this place to really hit the gloobas hard!” Maria replies “Well it will be a fun drive because I’m with you the love of my life!” The two head up the door that needed a yellow keycard to open.

The duo heads inside the door which turns out to be an elevator that took our heroes to the garage area where the vehicles were stored behind gates. Angel looked for a vehicle that the two could easily take but Maria reminds Angel that he needs to enter a code to get in so the two searched for a console. Eventually they found a console but it was guarded by a BattleGlooba, the duo dodges the initial attack from the BattleGlooba. Maria sees a tub of battery acid over the BattleGlooba and she shoots the tub of battery acid which falls on BattleGlooba melting him alive. Maria says “Boo ya!” Angel gets to the console and enters the code that he remembers back in the control room. After Angel enters the code the gates open and they get into a jeep that they steal with the key still in the ignition. Angel starts the jeep and moves the jeep out of the area where it was being stored. Maria opens the metal gates which enables them to drive off to the highway and just in the nick of time as aliens begin to chase our heroes out of the facility. The couple prepares for a long and possibly a very dangerous ride.

After expressing their love for each the best way possible out heroes get back to business which was finding a way out of the Area 51 building. Angel and Maria find a garage with jeeps that could be used to drive out directly onto the highway as they prepared for a long ride to Hollywood and it’s only now they realize that those two hours they took to have sex will require them to do a lot of hard work to make up the lost time. The duo now realize that every minute and even seconds were now critical as there were only three days left for our heroes to undo the destruction being done on earth. Now after the fun they had the duo now faced a long drive to Hollywood from the Area 51 building. Finally what was the government's involvement in all this if any or were they the ones behind all this. If this is true then the question becomes why? However our heroes had no time to worry about the answer to that question, time was a resource that they lacked and could not get back.

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