The Thousand Years War

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Chapter 46: Rabid Transit

While Angel and Maria were making the long journey from Area 51 back to Hollywood the other four heroes Dayvon, Luis, Orlando and Rebecca were in the subway station. Dayvon was in the maintenance section of the subway station. Luis, Orlando and Rebecca were making their way in through the main entrance hoping to catch a ride to the stadium. However as they found out the train station would be infested with many alien troops and getting a ride may not be in the agenda after all.

Luis, Orlando and Rebecca made their way through the turnstile and found a bookstore filled with salamander troopers along with a turret. The heroes easily take care of the aliens in the book store, after that our heroes went into a small gift shop where they take out a couple of boar cops. Our heroes find nothing interesting in gift shop besides teddy bears and other novelty items. The trio heads to a station stop where they seen a train that was not moving as this was the last stop but as Luis saw the other side the tunnel was caved in with fallen debris block the trains movement and then the trio were attacked by salamander troopers from every side and angle possible. Our heroes retreated and began to pick off salamander troopers that were in front of them, to the side and on top of the disabled train. Luis says “Crap looks like this train is out of service but I do hear another train in the background so maybe we’re in luck.” The trio continues through the tracks and sees another stop that is locked with a metal gate which needs a blue keycard to get inside. Rebecca says “Let’s not even waste time here lets find where that train is.” Orlando says “Wow this is crazy never rode the train in my life, never needed to take one.” Luis tells Orlando “Don’t worry we got your back, I’ve rode the train all my life and I’ve been through worse things in a train station." The three of them go back to the bookstore for any evidence but all the see are corpses of the bookstore workers and tourist's visiting the area.

Meanwhile Dayvon finds himself in the maintenance section of the station where he finds a blue keycard which Luis, Orlando and Rebecca needed to open the train station that was locked. As Dayvon made his way through the area he sees the controls for the train switches but without any knowledge Dayvon decides not to mess with them. Dayvon also sees a map of the train station and finds that the train leading the heroes to the stadium was by the main entrance but that train was disabled or was there another train that our heroes have yet to explore. Dayvon finally finds the exit to the maintenance section and makes his way to the employee parking area where a variety of aliens attacked him. A combination of owl commanders, iguana enforcers and salamander troopers begin to attack Dayvon. He finds a machine gun inside one of the parked cars and begins to unleash on the alien troops. He’s able to kill all of the salamander troopers and iguana enforcers until a missile hits the car by where he was standing. The blast pushes Dayvon back; he then shoots of the owl commanders with the machine gun but quickly runs out of ammo for the machine gun. Dayvon switches to the freezethrower and shoots the owl commander as the creature began to fly towards him. Dayvon says “Whew! That was a close one.” Dayvon sees no way out of the parking area so he heads up the employee entrance to the employee train station where employees would be transferred to the main train station.

Luis, Orlando and Rebecca get out of the bookstore and head to the platform to wait for the train. While they are waiting they kill off a few boar cops. However Rebecca notices that the train they were waiting for wasn’t a passenger train; it was an automated train to take employees to the parking lot and maintenance station. Rebecca says to the others “This train is taking us nowhere it’s only taking us to the employee train station.” Orlando says “So now what do we do?” Luis responds “Hey I see a sign that says there’s a train on the upper level that leads to the stadium, who knows that may, had been the train we were hearing, let's go!” The trio heads upstairs without knowing that the train they were hearing was the maintenance train that was pulling in to the station just as they left. On their way upstairs they kill off some boar cops and salamander troopers. Orlando sees a room to the right of the stairs but it was just the janitor's closet and finds nothing useful. The trio then heads up the stairs killing off a few more boar cops until they reached the end of the walkway and to their disappointment the path way led them nowhere; in fact all they saw was the top of the disabled train and they saw the engineer was also dead behind the controls. To add insult to injury the other side of the path way was closed off, Rebecca remembers that that part of the station was abandoned many years ago. Luis asked “Like Orlando said before now what do we do, there’s no train for us to catch after all.” The heroes begin to ponder on an alternative route realizing that they would have to go to the maintenance area of the train station.

Dayvon works his way through the maintenance area of the subway and then Dayvon finds the keycard that's going to prove useful to Luis, Orlando and Rebecca in order to open the locked subway platform. While Dayvon finds a parking lot of the employees of the station but he finds the gate to get out of the lot is locked and there’s no way to open them without the key. Meanwhile for Luis, Orlando and Rebecca they are able to find the train in no time but find out that it will not be going anywhere anytime soon as the tunnel leading out of the station is caved in and the engineer is dead. The trio has no idea that they must cross paths with Dayvon if they expect to get any further and that they will have to find an alternative route to get to the stadium once again. All of them have no idea where Angel and Maria are located

Luis, Orlando and Rebecca decide that they should explore the train inside to see if they can find anything useful such as the blue keycard or something to break through the tunnel and get the train moving. The trio gets into the train from the top and what they find inside are a bunch of aliens inside who they kill off easily, besides some ammo and a briefcase with useless documents inside our heroes are disappointed to find nothing inside the train. Luis says “Crud there’s nothing in here; none of these papers are going to help us.” Rebecca says “Well we’re just going have to go to the maintenance section of the subway station to see if can find anything useful there. Orlando says “Come on guys stay positive as long as we have faith anything is possible!” Rebecca says “Dude’s got a point there’s no use just standing here waiting for a miracle to happen. Let’s get moving!” The trio gets out of the train using one of the side doors that’s broken and they head to the transport to go to the maintenance section.

Dayvon heads to the employee station where he could catch the transport to the main subway station. He finds some boar cops but they give him very little trouble. Dayvon sees the transport is heading towards him, so he gets on the transport. Then the transport brings Dayvon towards the main part of the station but when the train is in motion Dayvon sees a hallway and a door. When he gets off the transport Dayvon meets the others and says “Oh you guys are alright, haven’t been able to catch a ride I see.” Luis responds “That’s because there is no ride for us to catch those alien bastards blocked the tunnel leading out of the station.” Dayvon replies “Well I did find this keycard I have no idea where the hell to use it at.” Orlando after seeing the card says in Spanish “Hey the keycard now when can open the gates come on everyone.” Dayvon asks “What did he say?” Rebecca responds “He’s trying to say that we can use that card to open another station platform it may lead us out and we would have to see where we end up and then decide where to go from there but finding that keycard does help.” Dayvon, Luis, Orlando and Rebecca head towards the gate needs the blue keycard and then they open the gate where they are greeted with a whole horde of boar cops. Dayvon says “It’s about to smell like rotten pig in this station just one more thing for the rats that live down here to eat.” The four of them team up to take all of the cops out, Rebecca says “Eww look at all that blood on the wall, it’s awful!” Luis says “I feel you Rebecca.” Orlando says “Who wants to eat some roast pig?” Luis replies “I don’t think I’ll be eating in pig for a long time.” then Luis repeats to Dayvon in English. The heroes begin to search for anything useful on the subway platform.

While nothing is found on the platform itself but our heroes see a set of stairs leading up our heroes become encouraged by the sight. Until at the top of the stairs a big bad BattleGlooba was waiting for them; while the heroes are able to take out the BattleGlooba with relative ease the ceiling leading to the exit collapses blocking the exit. Luis says “Damn it not again!” Rebecca says “We might just be trapped in here forever.” Dayvon says “No we still have one more chance I seen a hallway while I was on the transport, we just have to be careful not to get hit by the transport.” Orlando finds a red keycard and says “Well we should take this it might just be useful for us, who knows that door may need this keycard.” Luis replies “Sure why not and besides you’re probably right about the door. Now that we got something to work with let us have Dayvon lead the way.” Dayvon leads the rest towards the platform where the transport was there waiting for any passengers but the heroes do not go inside. Instead the heroes waited for the transport to leave and then they jumped into the tracks, ran as fast as they could before reaching the hallway. When the heroes got to the hallway the door did indeed need the keycard, so Orlando uses the keycard to open the door. When the heroes got inside they found them selves in the electrical room where the transformers were located which controlled the power going to the tracks. What they also found were some iguana enforcers along with a BattleGlooba, the BattleGlooba was rather aggressive in attacking our heroes in fact a little too aggressive. The BattleGlooba killed a few of his own kind with friendly fire which did even up the odds for our heroes. Rebecca trips on a crack on the floor then the BattleGlooba prepared to shoot Rebecca until Dayvon pushes her out of the way just as the BattleGlooba began to shoot. Luis along with Orlando kills the BattleGlooba then check on the others who say that they are alright.

After the BattleGlooba was killed more gloobas came out to pursue our heroes. A mixture of salamander troopers and iguana enforcers started to attack our heroes. Dayvon and Rebecca concerted their fire on the salamanders while Luis and Orlando focused on the iguanas. Our heroes kill off the aliens and began to investigate the area even further. Luis finds an emergency exit which he hopes wasn’t blocked off like everything else in the subway station. Luis says “Come on everyone this way!” Then the place starts to rattle again and small debris begins to fall; Luis says “Everyone come on we gotta hurry or were going to be trapped in here forever!” All four of them run out through the emergency exit until they got outside, meanwhile all of the transformers in the room popped and cause a big explosion luckily for our heroes they were outside already. Dayvon says “That was a close call!” Rebecca says “Hey we’re near the superstar hotel; only the best get to stay here and once we get past there the stadium is not too far away.” Luis responds “Good that means we’re getting close to the end here!” Orlando responds “I have no idea what any of you guys said but I’m glad were out here and not down there; we will be successful as long as we stay together and positive.” Luis says “The only question is where are Angel and Maria?” Dayvon answers “Ah they’re probably better off than we are probably going crazy for each other!” Rebecca says “Come on Dayvon get serious I’m sure they must in the hotel or at least nearby.” Luis responds “We can only hope that they are close.” The heroes walk towards the hotel.

Dayvon, Luis, Orlando and Rebecca all find themselves trying to hitch a ride on the train but instead find out that the gloobas have beat them to the punch already obtaining control of the subway. However despite all of the obstacles put in front of them the heroes are able to escape the subway. Once they get out of the collapsing subway they find a hotel that was very popular which is very close to the stadium. Our heroes are getting close to the stadium and become encouraged that they are finally close to finishing their mission. The only question for the four of them remaining is where are Angel and Maria? They have no idea that the heroes are about an hour away trying to drive back from area 51. How was the drive coming along for Angel and Maria?

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