The Thousand Years War

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Chapter 48: Hotel Hell

Luis, Orlando, Dayvon and Rebecca prepared to enter the superstar hotel through the main entrance, while Angel and Maria would be coming in through a side entrance. Around the corner from the hotel was the stadium but because most if not all of the streets were destroyed our heroes had to find an alternative way to the stadium. Another thing was that access to the stadium was locked to the public, our heroes needed to find a keycard to enter the stadium. However the title of the chapter should give our heroes an idea that this will not be their normal hotel stay and the gloobas are waiting for them.

Luis, Dayvon, Orlando and Rebecca approached the entrance to the hotel but as our heroes suspected the outside was well guarded by alien troops. A group of boar cops, iguana enforcers and hoverships blocked our heroes path to the hotel. Luis and Dayvon take care of the hoverships shooting them down, Orlando dealt with the boar cops and Rebecca makes quick work of the iguana enforcers. However there were still bullets flying towards our heroes, the bullets were coming from inside the adjacent building to the right. Luis kills the gloobas inside the building using his plasma cannon and then Luis gives Rebecca a boost to see what’s inside the building. Rebecca finds inside just a desk of an office worker possibly one of a high title; Rebecca presses a switch under the desk which opens the picture to her left revealing a yellow keycard, after seeing the card she grabs it. When Rebecca is coming down from the building several owl commanders show up from the sky launching missiles towards our heroes; our heroes see the missiles from far so they have plenty of time to react. The owl commanders decide to come at full speed towards our heroes trying to tackle them down. Each hero aims their weapon while the owls are coming towards them and each shoots their weapon killing the owl commanders. After clearing the outside part of the hotel it was time for our heroes to head inside.

Angel and Maria get out of the alleyway finding the side entrance to the hotel, unlike the main entrance the side entrance looked like a complete dump and smelled like one as well. Maria says “Damn what is that smell I thought this was supposed to be a virtual world.” Angel replies “I know but it is an exact replica of Earth itself and yup for anyone on Earth right now their smelling this crap right now.” After complaining about the smell of the outside of the hotel our heroes attempt to go inside but there are boar cops and salamander troops guarding the area. Angel says while killing the boar cops “Ah this is getting old how much swine need to die before they learn their lesson that they’re boars and nothing more!” Maria says while taking on the teleporting troopers “Do you guys ever play fair? Well I didn’t think so but I’ve caught on to your little game and I got only two words for you lo-ser!” After killing off the gloobas the duo notices that the side door is locked needing a green keycard to open it. Angel and Maria look everywhere but after a good 10 minutes they find absolutely nothing. Maria says “Damn looks like we’re going have to kick this door down or break a window to get inside.” Angel responds “Not quite there is one place we haven’t searched…” Maria replies “No Angel No! We’re not about to go inside that toxic waste dump you call a dumpster, if you think for a moment we’re going in you must be out of your mind furthermore…” Angel cuts Maria off saying “You’re right babe we’re not going in…” Maria responds “I see that you have a head in there so where are we going?” Angel says “Before you cut me off Maria I was going to say we’re not going in but you’re going in.” Maria becomes angry saying “Oh no Angel oh no you don’t! I’m not about to catch a sickness just for some lousy keycard!” Angel replies “Then you don’t want to save the world I guess. Then I’m sure you won’t mind being a slave for the rest of your life. Fine I’ll go in sheesh Maria you’re a work of art!” Angel jumps into the dumpster digging through the trash until he finally gets the green keycard. Angel says “Got the keycard see that wasn’t so hard!” Maria responds “You put the keycard in I’m not touching that card I don't know what the hell is in that card!” Angel inserts the keycard and opens the side door.

Meanwhile Luis, Dayvon, Orlando and Rebecca go inside the hotel using the main entrance where they are greeted by a couple of iguana enforcers and a BattleGlooba. Luis says “Nice Welcome!” Dayvon says “I wasn’t expecting anything more; let's take care of these guys!” Rebecca says “I’m right behind you guys!” Orlando has no response but helps out our heroes to defeat the iguana enforcers and BattleGlooba. As our heroes explore the reception area they find a map of the hotel and notice a back exit which would lead them right across the street from the stadium. After exploring the reception area they head out to the hallway until they are barraged with a rain of bullets, there were no aliens though. Rebecca takes a peek out and sees a couple of sentry guns in the hallway but these were not alien in nature. While Rebecca and Dayvon come up with a plan to get around the sentry guns Luis asks Orlando more about himself. However unlike his conversation with Angel Orlando is a lot more reserved with his answers, making Luis a bit suspicious but Luis understands that Orlando may just be a reserved person so he stops questioning him.

Rebecca recognizes the model and maker of the sentry guns she sees they have a camera they use to spot the target. She also know that one perfectly place shot on the camera will disable the sentry gun, Rebecca peeks out of the wall and aims her gun right towards the camera shoots her gun right to the camera. Her suspicions are proven true the sentry gun becomes disabled and Rebecca does the same thing for the other sentry gun. However what grabs the attention of everyone is that the maker of the sentry guns was Binford a respected security company and that this hotel never had sentry guns. Our heroes think that perhaps Binford may have a hand in this as well or at least getting a cut from the gloobas. Orlando later reveals that he used to work for Binford security and he quit his job to come out to the states. The heroes begin to investigate the hallway while Orlando goes back outside to see what he could find back outside with the others puzzled of why he was going outside. After Luis, Dayvon and Rebecca find nothing special in the hallway or the bathrooms they see a door and elevator needing yellow keycards to open them. Rebecca while heading for the door overhears Orlando talking but she can’t quite understand since he was talking in a soft tone. Then she comes to Orlando and Orlando is surprised saying “Oh it’s just you.” Rebecca asks “Are you ok Orlando, who was that you were talking to just now?” Orlando responds “Nobody must be talking to myself again, all these things taking place…” Rebecca cuts Orlando off saying “I know you must be tired we all are and you were probably praying which is cool and all. We need to get moving though.” Orlando says “Ok I’ll go up the stairs myself while the rest of you go into the elevator.” Rebecca asks “Why you don’t want me to go with you?” Orlando replies “Trust me I’ll be fine I got my trusty shotgun here so I’ll be fine, well go on we don’t have time to waste!” Rebecca says “Ok see you upstairs.” Meanwhile Angel and Maria show up to the hallway from the side entrance to the delight of all the rest of the heroes. Luis says “I got a funny feeling about Orlando either he’s not all there in his head and is bound to get hurt or he knows something he doesn't want us to know. Angel and Maria I want you to go up the stairs follow Orlando to make sure he’s ok and see what he’s up to. The rest of us will take the elevator.” Angel and Maria go up the stairs while Dayvon, Luis and Rebecca take the elevator going up.

So far for our heroes the hotel has proven to be hell for our heroes and they try to get to the back exit of the hotel so they can get to the stadium. For Angel and Maria they use the side entrance and despite the foul smell of the area they find a way inside the hotel. Meanwhile for the others they use the main entrance while alien's resistance is high our heroes work together to take the aliens out, however as the heroes go inside the hotel they begin to notice things that just don’t seem correct. First they see the sentry guns in the hallway were installed by Binford while they were there already or not is questionable and Orlando reveals he used to work for Binford security back in Puerto Rico. The second thing is the more disturbing thing when Orlando begins to become more reserved and more careful of what he says. He seems to be talking to himself outside of the hotel at least that’s what he told Rebecca, whether this is true or not is questionable as well. What raises the big red flag is when Orlando decides to head up the stairs by himself claiming he was alright. Is Orlando just losing his mind or does he have something to hide. Perhaps Orlando might not be what he seems to be; only time would tell.

Luis, Dayvon and Rebecca took the elevator up while Angel and Maria went up the stairs to follow Orlando. As Angel and Maria are going up the stairs they see dead boar cops on the floor which indicates Orlando has been here before and he killed the boar cops on his way up. Finally the duo gets up to the end of the stairway to the door which leads them to the second floor. When they get to the second floor they see several salamander troopers and iguana enforcers, at first they handle the alien's just fine but boar cops begin to arrive. However Dayvon, Rebecca and Luis get off the elevator in time to help out Angel and Maria. With the combined efforts they clear the hallway of the aliens and begin to investigate the individual rooms. Angel and Maria explore the first room with Angel saying “Anybody ordered room service; well all we have today is a whole can of whoop ass. I hope you enjoy your room service! Then Angel and Maria clear the room of the aliens, Maria says “I would hate to see what is going on back on Earth.” Angel says “Don’t worry after we complete our mission all this will disappear like it never happened.” Luis and Rebecca decide to explore the bar area instead of the rooms, they find a few salamander troopers hiding inside. After killing the salamander troopers Luis looks in the fridge and grabs himself a cold one. Luis asks Rebecca if she wants a cold one; Rebecca answers “No thanks I’m not in the mood for one, no need to get drunk now!” Luis says “Well suit yourself.” After Luis enjoys a cold beer the duo continue to explore the bar area which was rather high class in nature.

Dayvon explores the second room finds a few gloobas inside and says “I bet you wasn’t expecting any visitors of my kind weren’t you?” Dayvon rips the heart of one of the troopers and punches the chest of the other until blood begins to spill out of his mouth but Dayvon doesn’t stop until the trooper scream loudly and bleeds to death. Dayvon finds ammo but nothing else that’s useful. Angel and Maria then join Dayvon when they explore the last room with more aliens; once they clear the room the heroes find a red keycard although they have no idea of where to use it at. Meanwhile Luis and Rebecca continue to explore the bar area until Luis finds a secret door leading to a pool well to be exact the pool that were used to house fish. Luis finds a blue keycard then gets out of the water to rejoin Rebecca. The heroes reunite and ask each other have they seen Orlando anywhere, each one say that they have not seen Orlando. Angel says “Well no offense to the man but we can’t worry about him right now, the back exit should be behind the swimming pool.” Everyone heads to the swimming pool but this would not be a pool party our heroes would enjoy. A large group of salamander troopers along with a BattleGlooba are in the pool area. To make matters worse our heroes couldn’t take a dip in the water as the pool was infested with sharks hungry for human flesh. Everyone concentrate their fire on the salamander troopers, with the BattleGlooba shooting motor shots at everyone the heroes dodge out of the way. However Dayvon finds himself falling into the pool of sharks that were coming right for him. Angel is able to pull Dayvon out in time before the sharks could attack. Maria uses her shrink ray to shrink the BattleGlooba and squishes him. While the room was clear out of nowhere a couple of sharks pop out of nowhere chasing our heroes. In fact one of the Sharks knocks Luis out, Dayvon says “It’s time for you sharks to chill out!” then he shoots the sharks with the freezethrower freezing the sharks. After that everyone checks on Luis to make sure he is ok, Luis says “This is one hotel I won’t be checking into ever again!” Everyone laughs along with Maria.

The heroes find the back exit in the back of the swimming pool area both a red and blue keycards are needed Luis had the blue while Dayvon had the red. They open the exit door which leads them through a small pathway which isn't too long at all. All of our heroes with the exception of Orlando find themselves across the street from the stadium where the Elder God said the anti-matter ball could be found. The Elder God shows up saying “Greetings my children I’m here to wish you good luck you have made it to the stadium but I must warn you that you will not be catching the enemy by surprise they know of your presence and are prepared for you.” Angel responds “Well this is it we’ve made, gloobas you better be saying your prayers right now because we’ll here to kick your butt!” Dayvon says “Now it’s our turn to kick some ass!” Maria says “Whatever may be waiting for us back there will go down just like everything else.” Rebecca says “Hold on guys we’re not done yet, there’s only one thing left to do and that’s to go inside the stadium.” Luis says “The final battle is upon us, either we succeed or die trying!”

After our heroes go through the hotel they put aside their questions and prepare to enter the stadium where the anti-matter ball was being held. Our heroes are wise enough to know that they will not be uncontested once they get inside and the gloobas will put up on last attempt to stop our heroes. However they have gotten this far and there was no turning back now, it is now or never. What do the gloobas have hidden in the stadium for our heroes to endure? Our heroes only have now a day and a half so time was now becoming an obstacle that was against them. Can our heroes finally get the mission done or will they fall just short?

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