The Thousand Years War

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Chapter 49: Stadium

Angel and crew are right across the street from the stadium they can smell the anti-matter ball but they can also smell the gloobas preparing a last ditch effort to stop them. The only member not with them is Orlando ever since he went up the stairs without any assistance. However the heroes could not be concerned with him as they were close to completing their mission and they had to think about the time they needed to formulate the ball along with getting to India to get to the anti-matter machine. Our heroes head inside the stadium to prepare for whatever awaits them inside.

Angel holds Maria’s hand tightly and says “Baby this is it the moment we become heroes or we become the ones no one will remember that died trying.” Maria replies “No matter what happens inside you’re the best and the rest of you guys have been wonderful as well. Let's all hold hands and ask God to give us the strength to deal with whatever will be waiting for us.” Dayvon says “Let’s go!” Luis says “Nothing else to do, staring at the stadium will do us no good.” Rebecca says “Don’t worry we’re going to win it’s destined for us.” All five of them head inside the stadium and so far it’s quiet no aliens to be found. Dayvon says “Looks like your ordinary stadium with the concession stands. Look some hot dogs boy am I hungry!” Luis says “Hmm cotton candy my favorite.” Maria says “Cracker Jacks haven’t had these in a while.” Angel says “No don’t guys we shouldn’t eat anything here we don’t know if the aliens put anything in this food to make us turn into one of them and besides that food is probably last months leftovers. Dayvon gets to the hot dog stand and says “Eww that smell you’re right Angel eating this stuff is gonna kill us oh well.” Rebecca says “Aww cute teddy bears!” Angel says “Look guys I know it's tempting but we are not on Earth so this could all be a trap so we can trust any of this stuff!” Everyone eventually agrees with Angel. Angel’s heart begins to pound indicating that he and the others are close to the anti-matter ball. Angel says “We’re definitely in the right place let’s get going!” The heroes arrive at the actual field of the stadium; Dayvon says “Surprise no crowd!” Luis says “Yeah I would have expected a whole alien crowd watching over us.” An alien voice cuts our heroes off saying “Hahaha welcome to the stadium you guys have come so far but you will end up so far!” Angel says “Is that you glooba emperor you’re a coward why not come and fight?” The voice says “Yes Angel I’m the emperor of our great race but me killing you would be too easy. I rather see you suffer of having victory in your hands only to have it snatched away from you, I want to see your expression when you fail!” Luis replies “So what crazy, ugly and horrible thing do you have for us to fight?” Maria says “Cut the crap, Angel grab the anti-matter ball I smell of bluff this guy’s got nothing!” All of a sudden a BattleGlooba comes out of the middle of the field rising up but this BattleGlooba is much bigger, uglier and tougher. The emperor says in an evil tone “Well well isn’t this a surprise huh? It’s an old friend who’s been dying to meet you guys again; he missed you since the battle back at the Mohawk temple.” The heroes look at the BattleGlooba and are actually intimidated by the size of the creature.

Angel says “Oh so the BattleGlooba wants another ass whooping, the one he got before wasn’t enough I guess!” Luis says to Angel “Ah Angel I think this guy means business and it doesn’t look like he wants to be our friends.” Dayvon says “Yup all he wants is revenge and we’re the targets.” The emperor says “Your friends are right Angel BattleGlooba hasn’t been the same since you embarrassed him back in the Mohawk temple. Let’s just say I gave life back to him, gave him a bigger body, deadlier claws and a bigger badder attitude. Ladies and gentleman meet your doom and his name is Super BattleGlooba. All I got to say is have fun, good luck and let the games begin. Now we’ll see who’s truly the better race us the gloobas or some puny human beings! I know I’ll be having fun watching you guys fight for your pathetic lives along with the lives of your former kind, this is going to be epic!” Angel says “Well these “puny” human beings will beat your little monster here then we’re coming after your ass in India.” The emperor says “A bold call for a human who’s about to meet his maker, well I look forward to seeing all of you but especially you Angel. That is if you can make it out of this stadium alive, well gotta go tata!” Our heroes look at the monstrous Super BattleGlooba who is the same BattleGlooba they killed previously but now he’s been built up, better equipped and has his eyes right towards our heroes. Our heroes were preparing for what would be their toughest fight so far in their journey.

Our heroes see the anti-matter ball on the football field but as they suspected the gloobas had one more thing up their sleeves. However no one expected to hear the glooba emperor himself although he did not show himself he did show our heroes a little surprise. That surprise was their little friend BattleGlooba who they had killed previously but this time he was much bigger, tougher and meaner than before. So indeed our heroes did have one more game to play before they get their coveted prize, lets just see if they survive.

Super BattleGlooba wastes no time in shooting his chain gun to our heroes chasing them around the stadium. Our heroes ran through the stadium just to avoid being shot at as they try to figure out to even get close to defeating this monster. When the Super BattleGlooba gets tired of shooting his chaingun he being to launch mortar shots but these shots were able to travel further than previously. He blasts every single hero indirectly and all of them go down to the floor a then the Super BattleGlooba begins to laugh as he begins to approach Angel to finish him off. However Maria shoots a laser to Super BattleGlooba to distract him but it just does that distract him it has little effect. Then the Super BattleGlooba begins to bull run towards Maria, Maria is barely able to dodge the attack. Maria notices that the Super BattleGlooba has a blue hue around him probably representing his armor and the creature tries to slash her with his huge claws. However when he is prepared to slash Maria Angel launches a couple of missiles from his weapon to distract the creature, once again that’s the only thing that happens. The Super BattleGlooba once again begins to launch mortar shots and while they miss our heroes but the blast are enough to blast our heroes back to the ground. It seems like that the Super BattleGlooba was having his way with our heroes; the situation is becoming hopeless for our heroes. Have our heroes met their match, will BattleGlooba actually get his revenge on our heroes?

Our heroes were still on the floor trying to get up but the Super BattleGlooba was making his approach and once again his target is Angel. The creature says in an alien accent “It’s all over Angel; it’s time to pay for making me look bad!” Super BattleGlooba prepared to slash Angel but out of no where Rebecca dives in the way saying “No way you got to get through me first!” taking full impact of the claw slash. Super BattleGlooba was shocked but glad at the same time because even though he didn’t get Angel he got Rebecca. Maria shoots the creature once again to distract him and the Super BattleGlooba turns his attention away from Angel which was Maria’s intention. Dayvon and Luis combine to shoot at the creature but even their combined effort has little to no effect on the creature. Angel screams “It’s his armor that blue color around him is his armor and probably how he get’s his power. Wait I see what’s going on here?” Angel sees where Super BattleGlooba gets his power from; it was a panel reflecting powerful UV rays towards the Super BattleGlooba giving him his power. All Angel needed to do was to take down that panel but it was high up and too far for him to reach. Angel tries to take the risky approach of having the Super BattleGlooba shoot him with mortars in hopes he shoots the panel down by accident. Angel says to the others “Run away as far as you can and as for you ugly piece of shit come and get me if you can!” The creature takes Angel’s bluff and begins to launch mortar shells at Angel; Angel had to be careful not to get hit himself. Dayvon then sees a blimp which throws down a weapon of some sort but he has no idea what it is.

Meanwhile Angel tries to dodge the shells being shot at him and his plan was coming to fruition the foundation holding the panel was collapsing it just needed a little more for the panel to fall. The Super BattleGlooba was so involved with getting his vengeance on Angel kept shooting without realizing he was destroying his own power source. After a few more minutes the foundation collapses along with the UV panel and all of a sudden the blue hue around Super BattleGlooba was gone. Angel says to Super BattleGlooba “Hey looks like that blue shine you had is not there anymore, aww you mad I killed your shine.” The Super BattleGlooba hit the ground so hard it causes an earthquake taking the seats out and Angel falls through the cracks. Maria sees what just happened and says “You son of a bitch you just messed with my boyfriend, play time is over!” Maria starts to shoot Super BattleGlooba without any care in the world and the shot begin to have more of an effect but not enough to take the creature out. Maria says to Dayvon “Grab that weapon, it maybe our only hope!” Dayvon heads to the weapon being careful not to get hit by any mortar shells and he grabs it. He sees it is an ion blaster which would shoot ion rays instead of laser waves it has just enough juice for one shot so he had to make it count. Once Dayvon has a clear shot he says to Super BattleGlooba “Game over pal!” he shoots the ion blaster which weakens Super BattleGlooba significantly even to the point he starts to kneel down for a second. Luis says “Everyone this is our chance he’s down! Everyone shoot to kill!” Maria, Luis and Dayvon combine their efforts to shoot down Super BattleGlooba and eventually the creature kneels down for more than a minute. Maria sees this as a shot to go under Super BattleGlooba groin area and she’s know even though this was “Super BattleGlooba” his groin was still his weak spot. She gets under Super BattleGlooba and says “The only thing super about you is how super useless you are, goodbye and good riddance because you lose!” Maria uses her RPG to blast a hole in the creature groin which causes him to bleed uncontrollably, the Super BattleGlooba screams in pain so loud even the emperor could hear.

The emperor says “No how can this be, how could a bunch of human defeat my ultimate weapon?” Maria responds “If this is your ultimate weapon you better try harder because we’re coming for you! If I was you I would gather whatever troops you still have and retreat before we come to destroy your whole race!” The emperor replies “Damn you might have defeated Super BattleGlooba but you’re running out of time. I dare you to come to India I’ll be waiting for you, all of you even if I have to finish you off myself!” Dayvon says “Well we got you scared; we got you on the run now!” Luis follows with “Today Super BattleGlooba, tomorrow it will your ass that will get fried. You will eat your own words.” The emperor replies “Curse you humans you’re more of a challenge than I thought but you haven’t won yet!” After the emperor cuts off communication the trio goes to check on Angel and Rebecca. Angel is caught in between section of seats but he is pulled out by Luis and Dayvon and says “Good job guys that was a rough one I can’t believe Rebecca gave her life to save mines.” Dayvon asks “What are you talking about?” Maria looking at Rebecca’s dead body says “This is what Angel means, Rebecca’s dead but if it wasn’t for her Angel would had gotten slashed and he would have be killed instead.” Angel grabs the last part of the anti-matter ball putting the ball together and now our heroes had the anti-matter ball in full, all they had to do was get Quentin to reformulate it. Angel says “Don’t worry Rebecca I’ll make sure your death isn’t in vain, you shall be avenged!” Luis says “Now we got the ball how do we get back to the Arctic Circle where Quentin is.” The Elder God appears in front of our heroes.

The Elder God responds “Don’t worry Luis I’ll create a warp for you guys to get to Quentin, now the question of if he’s alive I can’t answer we can only hope he’s still alive. However congrats on your hard fought victory against this beast, you have completed part one of your mission. Now the toughest part is next going to the Himalayan Mountains and getting the ball into the anti-matter machine. You can be sure the glooba emperor will be waiting for you out there trying to stop you.” Angel says “You can count on us to stop him!” The Elder God says “The warp is complete now hurry you don’t have much time left.” All of our heroes head into the warp back to the Arctic Circle where they would hopefully find Fabian and Quentin still alive at Fabian’s hideout back in the Yukon.

Our heroes did it they have completed their journey in getting the anti-matter ball in complete form. It did not come without its price, Rebecca sacrificed her life to save Angel’s and Orlando was still MIA. Angel, Maria, Dayvon and Luis manage to defeat one of the emperor’s greatest creations the Super BattleGlooba thanks to some quick thinking by Angel. Now it’s time to get the ball reformulated and head to the Himalayas located in the peaks of India. However the emperor of the gloobas promised he was not done yet, so our heroes were prepared for a final fight against the emperor of evil itself. Now it is a race against the clock only a day and a quarter remains before the effects of the virtual world would become a reality on Earth itself. The only question how many worms were going to pop out and is Orlando really on our heroes side or was the time trap Angel got caught in back in medieval times trying to tell him something. At this point anything that can happen will probably happen.

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