The Thousand Years War

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Chapter 50: Preparing For The Final Destination

After defeating Super BattleGlooba our heroes head back into the warp where they are transported back to Fabian’s hideout. When our heroes are inside they are relieved to see that Fabian and Quentin are still alive and well. Angel gives Quentin the anti-matter ball so he can reformulate in a matter that the ball can reverse the effects of the virtual world once it's put inside the anti-matter machine. Then the Elder God appears once again to give our heroes a briefing of what they are about to walk into.

Angel says “Hey Quentin am I glad to see you!” Quentin says “The same to you and everyone else. I see you didn’t make any new friends.” Maria responds “Actually we did but one is defending space, one is gone missing and one sacrificed her life to save ours.” Quentin replies “Well sounds like an adventure now let me take the anti-matter ball so I can begin to reformulate it and we can go finish the mission.” The Elder God appears and says “I will begin to create the warp to India but as I speak to you know this maybe the last speech you receive if you shall fail. I sense very negative vibes coming from India, vibes that indicate that someone is up to no good.” Angel says “The only thing I sense is the emperor finally coming out and getting his ass handed by me!” Elder God says “Yes the emperor has his main base there but getting there will be a challenge you have to cross the rock bridge of endurance and I’m sure the emperor will throw everything at you guys. However you guys are so close to victory and I will help you by giving all of you better armor and upgrading your weapons to defend yourselves better, you’re going to need it. I figured I would call upon another one of your friends to join you, you will need all the help you can get.” Coming out of a separate warp Samantha comes to join the rest of the crew members.

Samantha says “Am I late to the party?” Angel replies “Nope you’re just in time, now this is a team to be reckoned with!” Quentin says “Well the ball has been reformulated as you can see by the green color on the ball instead of the white it used to have.” Luis says “Good job poindexter now lets get out there and kick some alien butt!” The Elder God says “Even with your numbers you’ll be outnumber by the aliens but you guys have been able to over come those odds.” Angel says “If we had Orlando it would be better but who knows if he need our help or if he’s trying to two-time us. However we can’t worry about that now there’s only one thing left to do and it’s to jump inside the warp. Quentin says “Well we got one more day to do this so it’s us against the aliens and time.” The Elder God says “I’m confident that you will succeed, I wish you guys the best of luck in this trial that has been put in front of you.” All of our heroes head into the warp on their way to the Himalayas and the Elder God says to himself “The true battle of good and evil has truly begun. This will decide everything the fate of mankind and the fate of Earth. Will Earth be saved or will it be plunged to darkness for years to come. It is no longer in my hands good luck my children.”

Angel gives Quentin the anti-matter ball to reformulate it and the ball turns green indicating that it has be completely reformulated. Then the Elder God comes in to give our heroes his final words before they head to India. He also upgrades their armor and weapons so they can defend themselves better. The Elder God now knows that the fate of Earth is no longer in his hands and Earth is in the hands of our chosen ones. Every trial our heroes have gone through was to prepare them for what will be the final battle. Remembering what the Elder God said before to go into every situation with a careful tongue. Our heroes have to be careful as Orlando is still MIA and Angel now questions the honestly of Orlando. Our heroes travel the warp to India.

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