The Thousand Years War

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Chapter 51: Mountains Of Betrayal

All of our heroes make their final preparations heading to the Himalayas as they look for the anti-matter ball to insert the ball. Angel and the crew still have questions about Orlando but they figure that he probably needs their help and he is being held hostage. Our heroes finally arrive at the beginning of the bridge of endurance; the skies turn into an ominous gray and even dark gray. Our heroes knew a storm was on its way and after a few minutes rain drops begin to fall along with a rumble of thunder. Angel, Luis, Dayvon, Maria, Fabian, Quentin and Samantha knew that a storm was about to begin not only literally but figuratively as well.

Angel and the others arrive at the beginning of the bridge of endurance. Right away Angel sees numerous alien defense towers and knows that getting to the main alien base was going to be met with heavy resistance. Angel says to the others “Well hopefully everyone’s ready it’s going to be a bumpy ride, entering glooba defense zone.” Dayvon says “Here we go!” Luis says “Time to show these bastards whose boss!” Maria says “I’m right behind you guys!” Quentin says “I just want this to be over already, feel the wind picking up already!” An alien voice says “Caiman here no problems.” However as soon as he sees the heroes close by he says “Do you copy? Emergency maneuvers!” Angel says “Too late game over pal!” The winds started to pick up and the rain started to become steadier. As the heroes approach the bridge the aliens start to attack first groups of salamander troopers, second groups of iguana enforcers and third a group of boar cops. The aliens did not hold back coming in large numbers our heroes had to work together just to defeat the initial wave. However Angel knows that at some point that he and the others are going to have to make a run for it as the aliens were not going to hold back.

As the heroes figured out already the crossing the bridge would only get harder as they were attacked by continuous swarms of glooba troops and now they were being shot at by hoverships along with a spaceship. Once again our heroes don’t even think twice they shoot at everything that moves while moving forward at the same time. Angel says “Come on guys hold together!” The winds became even stronger and the rain started to come down even harder; Quentin says “Well no use trying to stay dry I guess.” The heroes pick up the guns that are lying around from the fallen spaceship and Angel spots alien troops coming out of the defense towers. He tells the others to shoot down the towers as that would slow down the pace the aliens would come out. Dayvon says “What the heck are those things?” Everyone sees flying robots in the shape of butterflies shooting energy balls at our heroes, the heroes dodge the energy blasts but the blast causes Quentin to nearly fall off the bridge. Angel and the others take out the flying robots while Quentin tries to hang on for dear life of the edge; he knows he’s literally on the razors edge with the high powered winds. Luis says “Quentin hang in there buddy we’re coming to get you…” As our heroes try to save Quentin the winds keep knocking them back down and Quentin starts to lose his grip on the bridge. Quentin says “Come on guys I can’t hold on much longer these winds are too strong…” Once the winds calm down Angel runs to Quentin and says “Come grab hand quick before the wind picks up or before more enemies show up!” More of the flying robots come after our heroes.

Angel, Maria, Dayvon, Luis and Quentin have made it to the Himalayan Mountains which is the final goal of our heroes but as expected it isn’t coming easy for our heroes. A storm of not only alien's hits but also a powerful wind and rain storm begins making it even harder for our heroes to cross. To make matters worse our heroes were at a very high elevation so falling down meant instant death. The gloobas pull off all of the stops even sending in their latest weapon the butterfly robot to take out our heroes in a last ditch effort to stop our heroes. A combination of a powerful wind and the blast from the butterfly robot push Quentin off to the edge of the bridge where he is hanging on for dear life. The wind makes it hard for any of the other to come in for the save but the wind calms down and Angel makes his move towards Quentin. As Angel is going to get Quentin more butterfly robots come out to attack our heroes. Will our heroes be strong enough to withstand the storm that has come towards them?

Maria, Dayvon and Luis hold back the robots to make sure they don’t interfere with Angel’s rescue of Quentin. Angel grabs Quentin’s hands and pulls him back up just as the winds were beginning to pick up. Quentin says “Whew I thought I was a goner!” Angel says “No time to celebrate looks like these aliens want to play dirty!” Our heroes take out the butterfly robots and move forward once again as they continue their journey to the main alien base which was across the bridge. More aliens come out looking for a piece of the action and they are killed by our heroes. Dayvon says “That’s right aliens we’re killing off your species slowly but surely.” Then a voice is heard, it was that of the emperor of the gloobas he says “Ah if isn’t Angel and his friends. Those puny humans are no match for me! Hahaha you can never defeat me! I’m looking forward to this!” Angel replies “Yeah ok we’ll see who’s defeated when it’s all over! Come on guys we can do this!” Our heroes move on even further down the bridge killing more aliens along the way.

Angel and his friends encounter glooba battleships which they launch a surprise attack on the troops inside of the ships. Caiman the glooba in charge of defending the base says “Fire Fire! Don’t let them through!” Luis says “We’re going to break through that fleet!” Dayvon replies “Yeah let's take it to them hard!” The heroes find weak spots on the battleships which takes them out of commission with one perfectly place shot. While the wind and rain are still coming down hard our heroes are determined to get through the bridge they don’t pay attention to the weather conditions. Maria says “I’m gonna be wet for my post game!” Quentin responds “Well I think they are much more pressing issues than getting wet!” Caiman says “They broken through the second line!” He continues to send in more troops but no matter how many troops he sends they cannot kill off our heroes. It seems that the determination of our heroes is too much for the gloobas to overcome, Angel says “Lets continue to push we got them on the defense!” Maria jumps ahead and says “Here I go!” However she quickly gets into trouble when a butterfly robot begins to chase her and Angel shoots the bot down before it could harm Maria. Maria says “Whew thanks honey I think I better stay behind you for now on!” Caiman says in a panicked tone “The last line has been breached!” Dayvon says “Hehe we got them pinned down now! Come on emperor admit it the game is over we won now come out and show yourself!” After killing more aliens the heroes finally make it to the other side of the bridge. Caiman says “These guys are crazy! Dang deploy it now!” Luis says “Deploy what?” Maria says “Ah he’s crazy! What a minute I see something this one seems different.” Quentin says “Shit it maybe the emperor himself.” Dayvon says “Crud we were so close to the alien base!” Our heroes see a star floating around which transforms into a disk-shaped robot with a core, it’s called “The Disk Crusher”.

The disk crusher opens up beginning to open up holes on it sides where tentacles begin to pop out. Meanwhile in the center three energy balls can be seen floating around. Our heroes shoot the energy balls it weakens the robot a little bit; the robot has three tentacles that pop out. The robot attack our heroes with its tentacles missing our heroes, our heroes try to shoot it but the robot disappears then reappears. Once the robot reappears the disk crusher begins to launch rockets towards our heroes, Maria and Luis head to the platform to the left while Dayvon and Quentin head to the platform to the right in order to dodge the missiles. Angel stays in the middle dodging the rockets that head towards him. Caiman says “Heh heh heh... what’s wrong?” Maria says after seeing a weak spot on the tentacles “Shoot the tentacles so the robot opens his core!” Our heroes take two of the three tentacles out but the robot disappears into thin air again, Dayvon says “Oh come on really!” The robot reappears the heroes shoot the tentacles and the robot disappears again then reappears. This time the robot sends some salamander troopers after our heroes who our heroes take care of easily. After that the disk crusher opens up with three energy balls again and the tentacles begin to come out again. Angel and the crew shoots the energy balls weakening the disk crusher more but then the robot attacks with his tentacles made of metal.

The tentacles miss our heroes but it begins to take out the foundation of the bridge where Angel was standing on. Our heroes take out the tentacles of the robot and the robot does it disappearing act again sending more missiles towards our heroes before disappearing again. The disk crusher reappears and opens its core but it doesn’t show any energy balls, instead the robot is charging up a laser shot and it’s aiming for Angel. Angel moves forward and backwards alternatively in order to dodge the laser until the robot stops. Angel says “Everybody ok?” Everyone says yes and Maria says “Whew you’re alright!” Then the disk crusher reappears open its core with three energy balls again and our heroes destroy the energy balls, after destroying the three energy balls the core of the robot changes color from blue to yellow indicating the center was open to attack. All five our heroes shoot the core of the robot and with their combined efforts they defeat the disk crusher which moves back spins out of control then explodes in mid air. Maria says “Yippie we did it!” Dayvon says “Next stop alien base!” Luis says “There’s no more hiding for the emperor, we’re coming for your ass now!” Quentin says “I can’t believe it I think we’re going to actually do this!” Angel says “Hold on we’re entering the main alien base. As for you glooba emperor I hope you said your prayers because I’m coming to get you!” All of our heroes head inside to the main alien base.

Angel, Maria, Dayvon, Luis and Quentin all head inside the alien base towards their final goal which was the anti-matter machine. In theory all our heroes had to do was insert the anti-matter ball inside the machine and everything would revert back to normal as if nothing happened. Angel and his crew knew better though as they expected the emperor to try to stop our heroes himself. Our heroes assume that the machine is being guarded by the glooba emperor himself, while our heroes would survive the wind storm but they were about to walk into another storm. A question that came up once again was where was Orlando? Our heroes grew suspicious that he either got caught by the gloobas got left behind in Hollywood or Orlando was prepared to show his true colors. Once all of our heroes head inside of the alien base they begin to make their way to core of the base where they would probably find the emperor himself. When they were heading close to the core of the base a voice is heard behind them ordering them to drop their weapons but one thing was wrong with that voice…

A voice says behind our heroes “Drop your weapons and put your hands where I can see them.” however the words were in Spanish. Angel says in Spanish “No it can’t be you gotta be kidding me.” When our heroes turn around they see Orlando holding them up with a laser gun in his hand and right next to him were salamander troopers. Luis says “Just as I thought, a traitor amongst the ranks.” Orlando says “Wow Luis you’re much smarter than I thought.” Maria says “Why Orlando? Let me guess the gloobas must have offered you something you can’t refuse.” Angel says “You son of a bitch you’re supposed to be a man of God or was that a lie to get over me and gain my confidence!” Orlando says “Shut up all of you, I’ll tell you exactly what’s going on. Let’s just say after all of you are dealt with I’ll be supreme ruler of Puerto Rico and no one will be able to stop me!” Angel says “You mean you’ll be the supreme puppet of Puerto Rico, you see these aliens don’t give a damn about you and they will take you out quicker than you think. Orlando if you side with these alien bastards you’re selling your soul to the devil and I promise you’ll pay for doing that in due time.” Orlando replies “Those are tough words for a person who’s about to join us whether he likes it or not.” Quentin says “I might not understand what you’re saying but I know you won’t get away with this!” Dayvon asks with the little Spanish he knows to Orlando “Why Orlando?” Orlando responds “You guys are idiots and you just don’t get it, you guys thought I was on your side and seem to be following your orders. I’ll have the ultimate power soon enough; well let me ask you a question, what if you were successful in obtaining the ultimate power what would you do? What if you in charge?” Maria says “But you’ll never be in charge, you’re such a fool Orlando don’t you see you’re playing right into the gloobas hand.” Orlando says “Well I’m not about to give up my chance to be supreme ruler of Puerto Rico, besides I and my fellow comrades have something to show you. Now go inside the door and don’t try anything funny!” Angel says to the others in a low tone “Damn where can Fabian and Orlando be?” Our heroes head inside the room where Orlando ordered them into.

Our heroes head into a room where there were five human pods which were used for glooba experiments including turning humans into aliens and cloning humans that were on Earth. Angel says “No the president has been cloned, son of a bitch I see what this is all about. You guys want to start a nuclear war where we kill each other then you guys just slip in to claim the world as yours! Orlando doesn't be a fool, you’re going to be a ruler of nothing and the gloobas will make you their slaves before you know it, come to your senses!” Orlando says “No such luck, now get inside those pods you’re about to be our newest recruits. Once we insert our special formula you will give us the anti-matter ball, reformulate it and put it in the anti-matter machine so no one will ever be able to reverse this forever.” Maria says to Orlando “What a sellout, you’re a disgrace to Puerto Rico!” Our heroes head into the pod hoping for a miracle, once the heroes get inside the pod the doors locked trapping our heroes inside. Orlando says “Well it’s time to end this!” However before Orlando could activate the machine he and his alien companions are shot from behind. To the amazement of our heroes it was Fabian and Samantha coming to the rescue of our heroes; Samantha and Fabian open the pods freeing their fellow friends, Samantha says “Sorry “Orlando” your sick experiment has been cancelled.” Maria says “What a pitiful way to die but he deserves his fate. He chose greed over doing the right thing.” Angel asks Fabian and Samantha where they were; Samantha responds “When we got here I saw a man look at me at my face then ran the other way. I and Fabian saw that as very suspicious so we followed him and as you saw here he was indeed up to no good.” Dayvon replies “Well glad you came when you did!” Luis says “Now it’s time to finish what we started!” When our heroes get out of the room Fabian and Samantha decide that they will search for the anti-matter machine just in case the machine is not in the alien base.

Angel says to Fabian and Samantha “Guys be careful out there!” Fabian replies “Don’t worry we will and good luck to you guys inside!” So our heroes split up once again as Quentin, Angel, Maria, Luis and Dayvon head deeper into the alien base. Angel says “Well at least we now know who our real friends are.” Quentin says “Yes sir we do, glad you learned that now.” Maria says “Well enough chit chat lets go!” Dayvon says “Hmm jetpacks might as well take them there’s one for each of us.” Luis replies “It may just come in handy, I still smell something rotten in the air.” Angel says “Yeah I don’t think we’re done with all of the worms popping out, I’m sure there’s one more surprise for us.” Our heroes finally arrive at the center of the base with the core just ahead; Angel says with a cocky tone “Say your prayers Mr. Emperor!” The alien base center was surrounded by a reddish brownish wall and had a dark feeling to it. As the five of them head even further into the center they hear the sound of loud jetpacks and as soon as Angel turns around he sees Bill and the four horsemen. Angel says “What the hell I thought we killed you back in space?” Bill says “Don’t get too cocky Angel! Play time is over!” Leon follows with “Let’s see how you handle us with our new armor and weapons!” Will says “Too bad dad isn’t here to see ya fail!” Andrew says “You’ll be sorry you crossed us and we’ll make sure you never reach the emperor!” Angel says “We’ll see about that Bill, besides I looked forward to meeting you again. I know the secret now, I know that you Bill killed my father you bastard, time to take off that mask of yours!” Bill says in a evil tone “I guess you aren’t as stupid as I thought but lets just say you’ll be joining your father soon enough. It was such a pleasure killing him besides he was asking for it! Wait a minute how did you know I did the killing?” Angel responds “I know because my father told me himself, you see Bill I’m a medium I can talk to people even in they are dead. You thought you could just sweep it under the rug huh? Thought I would never find out, I’ll make sure you suffer for your sins!” Bill responds “Well good luck with that Angel, I got your father now its time to kill his dear son!” Maria says “Well I had just about enough of this smart talk myself!” Maria shoots towards the four horsemen but misses. Our heroes prepared for the final battle with the four horsemen before they get to meet the emperor.

Angel, Maria, Dayvon, Luis and Quentin enter the alien base after enduring a tough path towards the base. Once they get to the base our heroes finally see Orlando’s true colors and not in a good way. Orlando betrays our heroes and holds them at gun point claiming the gloobas offered him the reward of being supreme ruler of Puerto Rico which was his homeland. Our heroes are shocked as this man introduced himself as a man of God and serving him with a passion but even Orlando has given up to greed. Orlando along with his alien comrades bring the team to a set of pods where they would be converted into aliens themselves or cloned to commit evil in the virtual world to destroy more of earth. Our heroes find out that the president has been cloned and is threatening to start a nuclear war that would spark World War 3. Fabian and Samantha came in for the save by taking out Orlando along with his alien comrades and were able to get the heroes out of the pods. With Fabian and Samantha separating from the rest of the group in order to find an alternative location for the anti-matter machine in case its not in the main alien base. Meanwhile Angel and his friends are approached by the four horsemen once again but this time Angel has vengeance in his mind now that he knows that Bill was the one who is responsible for the death of his father. However the four horsemen are also armed with improved armor along with upgraded weapons along with jetpacks. Can our heroes defeat the horsemen once again or will they be the last thing our heroes see?

The four horsemen begin to use their jetpacks as they disorient our heroes by flying in random direction while shooting our heroes. Luckily for our heroes the armor that was given by the Elder God keeps them alive at least for a while. Angel says “So that’s the way you wanna play; looking to kill me from behind just like you killed my father!” All of our heroes begin to use their jetpacks to get on the same playing field as the four horsemen. The heroes despite the jetpacks still are unable to get an advantage over their enemies; in fact the four horsemen are still giving the heroes a problem. Quentin is doubled teamed by Andrew and Will, Andrew says “We got you now!” Will says “Come on little man shoot me!” Will and Andrew shoot Quentin down and then tackle him to the ground. Angel says “Son of a bitch! Quentin are you ok? Ok Bill I see you don’t play fair. Quentin lies down on the floor either unconscious or dead as he doesn’t make a move. Angel and the others start to get chased by the four horsemen unable to get away from them. Bill, Leon, Andrew and Will each take down each of our heroes still remaining. Angel, Maria, Dayvon and Luis each go down hard down to the floor but the heroes are still alive as their armor was able to take most of the impact but they knew the armor was going to be less effective as they continued to take damage.

The heroes get right back up; Maria says “These guys are tough!” Dayvon says “These guys don’t quit!” Luis says “Hey… Nice armor guys…” Angel says “I don’t think complimenting their armor is going to help us much. Once again the four horsemen are on hot pursuit of our heroes with Bill saying to Angel “You’re not so tough!” Will says to Luis “I do you good Luis ol pal!” Leon says to Dayvon “I’ll take of you.” and Andrew says to Maria “You’re not welcomed here!” Once again the four horsemen take down our heroes and the heroes fall back down to the ground but harder than before. Angel says in pain “Damn I’m hurt but there’s no way I’m letting this bastard get away from me!” Maria says “I’m hurt but I’ll be ok!” Dayvon says “We’re not done yet!” Luis says “Well we better come up with a strategy and quick because we’re getting our asses handed to us. We already got Quentin down, can’t let these guys get the upper hand.” Angel says “Let's play dead so we can give them a false sense of security and we can surprise them afterwards.” Our heroes begin to play dead and the four horsemen actually believe that they had defeated our heroes as they head down to finish our heroes. Bill says “Well Angel isn’t this a shame first your father now you! Goodbye Angel!” Andrew says “Check and mate for the emperor himself too bad!” Leon says “Close but no cigar, you lose!” Will says “I only got two words for you guy's lo-ser!” The four horsemen begin to approach our heroes believing that they were ready to finish the job.

When the four horsemen approached the heroes our heroes come out swinging towards the four horsemen. Angel says “Surprise bet you weren’t expecting this!” Maria says “How’s it feel to be suckered punched?” Luis says “Like I said we’re not done yet!” Dayvon says “I smell a comeback and a can of whoop ass being delivered to you guys!” All of our heroes punch and kicked the four horsemen back as they get right back up after falling. Angel says to his friends “Let's finish this! Bill its time to pay the piper!” The four heroes begin to pursue as the roles have completely changed now they were chasing the four horsemen. Maria says to Andrew “You’re carcass is mine!” Andrew replies “I’m not afraid of you!” Luis says to Leon “You’re dead meat pal!” Leon responds “Take me down if you can!” Dayvon says to Will “You’re not getting away that easy!” Will responds to Dayvon saying “Come on little man shoot me! You can't beat me I got better armor!” Angel chases Bill and Bill says “You good but I’m better!” The four horsemen summersault to fool the heroes and try to get behind them. Despite the four horsemen trying to fool our heroes our heroes are able to keep up as they continued to exchange laser fire with the four horsemen. Dayvon realizes he still has the ion shot from the stadium when our heroes took down Super BattleGlooba. Dayvon says “Hey Leon chew on this!” then he shoots the ion blast to Leon hitting him and weakening him. Dayvon follows up with laser fire and for good measure an elbow to his head which takes Leon down to the ground while Leon says “He’s too strong!” Leon falls to the ground hard and stays down on the ground for good.

Dayvon helps out the other by shooting the ion shot on the other members of the four horsemen. Luis blasts Will with his shotgun numerous times while saying “Hope you like eating shells!” Then Will goes down saying “This can’t be happening!” and then dies when he hits the floor. Maria uses her machine gun to take Andrew out and Andrew says “Ahhhhhh!” Angel punches Bill endlessly until he starts to puke out blood and Angel while foam was coming out of his mouth says to Bill “Son of a bitch you killed my father! You dirty old man I’m going to do what I was supposed to do years ago!” Angel after seeing Bill down he uses a shadow blade and he stabs Bill in the chest while Bill says “No way… I don’t believe this…” then Bill bleeds to death when he falls to the floor. Angel filled with so much hate for Bill decides to head to his body to finish him off and says “I’m going to make sure even when you come back after I save earth that you suffer real pain and I promise you even when you come back I will keep you in my sights! Anyway at least I’ll have the pleasure of dealing you more pain like when you killed my father!” Maria heads towards Angel pushing him saying “No Angel it’s not worth it; I know he killed your father but I’m sure your father taught you better, besides Bill is coming back once we save Earth.” Luis says “Then you can get your real revenge and not by killing him on Earth but putting him in jail and throwing away the key!” Dayvon says to Angel “At least you got your hands on Bill even if it’s temporary, besides we got bigger fish to fry.” Angel responds “You’re right Dayvon the real enemy is the Emperor himself and now that we got rid of his personal henchmen it’s time to end this!” Luis says “That’s the spirit! You heard that emperor we’re coming to get you and there’s no where to hide!” Angel and company go check on Quentin and Angel feels Quentin's pulse, he still has a pulse to Angel’s relief. Angel asks Quentin “Are you ok?” Quentin responds softly “Yes… banged my head… I’ll be fine though… go get… that alien bastard… and make him pay…” Quentin falls back into a deep sleep. Our heroes prepare to enter the alien base core but out of nowhere an opening from the base starts to vacuum Angel in while keeping the others away. The voice of the emperor says “Hahaha Angel it looks like it will be just me and you no interference from your friends. Now we’ll see who really the superior living being in the universe is.” Angel gets sucked into the alien base to meet his final opponent who was the emperor himself. Maria screams Angel’s name in panic.

This was it our heroes have finally reached the final goal which was the alien base in India where the Emperor was guarding the anti-matter machine; before our heroes could get the privilege to meet the emperor the four horsemen wanted a rematch with our heroes. Bill and his wingmen had some unfinished business they wanted to take care of with our heroes. Despite their improved armor and weapons our heroes are able to defeat the four horsemen. Angel gets so involved with defeating Bill that even after killing Bill he wanted to inflict more pain to Bill and vowed that even when Bill does come back to life after the Earth is saved that he will make him pay one way or another. While Quentin is still alive it is clear that he took quite the punishment from the four horsemen. As for the others they prepared to go inside the core to take on the glooba emperor himself and finish their mission. Only an hour was left until the effects of the virtual world would become permanent. The emperor had one more trick up his sleeve he took sucked Angel inside the core while keeping the others at bay. The final battle was about to be decided, the fate of Earth was about to be decided and the fate of our heroes was about to be decided. It will all come down to Angel all by his lonesome against the glooba emperor an enemy that Angel has heard many times but has never met. What will be the fate of Earth and Mankind and what does the glooba emperor look like?

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