The Thousand Years War

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Chapter 52: The Final Battle

After defeating the four horsemen there was nothing blocking the way into the core of the alien base for our heroes. However Angel gets sucked inside the core while all of his friends get blown away from the alien base preventing them from catching up with Angel. All of a sudden Angel went through a hallway while he still has his jetpack on, the hallway had an ominous mix of orange and brown. Angel knew at the end of the hall he was going to meet the one who was responsible for all of the destruction that was taking place and the one who made his day a living hell.

After being sucked in to the alien base Angel flies through the hallway and says “I guess you’re man enough for a one on one battle!” The glooba emperor says “Hahaha I’ve been waiting for you Angel!” Angel replies “I’m sure you have.” The glooba emperor says “It's foolish to come against me! You will die just like your father!” Angel responds “We’ll see about that!” The glooba emperor replies “Now you will feel true pain and regret you ever came against me! This will be your last day alive!” Angel goes through numerous hallways which lead him to some ammo for his rocket launcher and devastator which he would need every bit of. Angel says “Is this some kind of maze so I’ll never find you or are you finally going to come out like a man?” Eventually Angel finds the end of the hallway where it is pitch black but when he walks the lights turn on once again with the brownish reddish look. The room was simply the emperor's throne room and then the door behind Angel closes which meant there was no turning back. Then all of a sudden coming up the floor ahead of Angel was a cube with the face of an ugly looking iguana with one eye. Angel shoots the core but the core turns into the face of what was on the cube, it was the face of the glooba emperor! The emperor laughs and says “Welcome to my lair Angel where you shall perish. You were always too reckless for your own good!” Angel says “It’s going to take more than just an ugly looking face to scare me, do your worst!” The glooba emperor begins to throw rocks at Angel that he picked up using telekinesis or mind power to lift the rocks of the floor and direct them towards Angel. Angel shoots the rocks as they come at his direction, this pattern would continue until a weak spot showed itself.

After dodging a few rocks being thrown at him Angel sees the eye of the emperor opens up and he begins to shoot the eye hoping to weaken it. As he shoots the eye the emperor closes his eyes and he begins to suck Angel towards his mouth while Angel tries to kneel down in an attempt to keep himself on ground level and not get sucked into the emperors mouth. Once the emperor stops sucking he begins to eat the rocks he swallowed and spits them back out towards Angel. Angel gets hit by one of the rocks and he hits the floor. Then the emperor starts to suck Angel in towards his mouth; Angel shoots rockets into the emperor's mouth and the emperor eats the rocket causing him to stop sucking. The rockets did very little but make the emperors mouth burning hot causing him to stop sucking but Angel also sees that the eyes of the emperor opens up once again. Angel shoots the eye repeatedly until the eye blows out and the face collapses, Angel says “There you go Cyclops looks like you won’t need that plastic surgery after all!” The emperor replies “You’re a tough one Angel but I’m far from finished!” The face falls apart but the core of the emperor reappears, Angel shoots at the core cube of the emperor once again and after a few shots the cube stays still. After a few seconds the cube transforms into a face of a demon in fact it was the same face of that of Darkgaryl who Angel killed back in the middle ages. The emperor says “Angel I’m sure you recognize this face very well don’t you!” Angel responds “Yes I do that’s the face of the one who tried playing with my emotions, how original couldn’t come up with anything new I guess!” Angel sees two eyes on the face of the emperor this time around.

Angel notices his jetpack has run out of fuel but he was still flying that’s because the room had no gravity causing everything to float around. The emperor continued to throw rocks at Angel but he also mixes in energy balls as well. Angel tries to shoot the eyes but notices that the rocks were blocking his shots. Angel gets hit by an energy ball then gets hit by rock after rock until he falls down to the floor. When Angel goes down to the floor it’s a hard landing and then Angel begins to have flashbacks of when he first met Maria, the times he would see her around the neighborhood and the times he spent with her during their adventure. After that Angel starts to remember the first passionate kiss he and Maria shared back in the fusion station in outer space. Out of nowhere Angel sees the spirit of Maria facing him and Angel says “Maria is that you how you got in here?” The spirit responds “I’m Maria but I’m with you in spirit and I come to deliver you a message from my human self and I quote “Angel the love of my life don’t ever give up, you’re a strong person and your father will be proud of you when you defeat this evil. By the way I love you!” Angel you must not give up I wish you good luck but before I go there’s something else I have to give you.” The spirit of Maria gives Angel a kiss lip to lip and then Angel is able to get up. Angel gets up and says “Thanks Maria and as for you emperor I may be down but I’m not out!”

After receiving a kiss from the spirit of Maria Angel is able to recover and get back up. Angel is filled with a new determination so he begins to take the eyes out while dodging the rocks and energy balls. The glooba emperor is relentless though so Angel has to wait for the perfect moment to hit the emperor’s eyes. Once Angel sees an opening to attack he begins to take out one of the eyes leaving one more needed to be taken out. After taking out one eye Angel sees that the emperor isn’t shooting as many projectiles so Angel takes advantage and shoots the other eye out of the emperor. After Angel takes the eyes out of the emperor the face collapses and the core of the emperor reappears. Angel says “This is it you alien bastard eat this!” Angel shoots the cube core of the emperor then the cube stops to move for a few seconds giving Angel the idea that he has beaten the emperor. However the room turns into a forest green color and the core opens up revealing the true form of the glooba emperor which was his cycloid face along with his whole body. The glooba emperor also has claws and his right claw has a hole where he would shoot projectiles such as rockets, energy balls or blasts of plasma. The emperor says in a cocky tone “No Angel you haven’t won! Only I have the brains to rule the universe!” Angel responds in a cocky tone as well “So Cyclops you decide to show your true form!” Angel dealt with the first two faces of the emperor but now he had to face the emperor himself in his true form.

Angel enters the lair of the glooba emperor where he meets the glooba emperor and as Angel quickly learns the emperor is an actual brain that takes many forms such as his own face and that of Darkgaryl. While Angel has no problem taking out the first form of the emperor the second form proves to be a lot more difficult. Angel is actually knocked down unconscious and during that time he sees the spirit of Maria who is outside the core waiting for Angel to hopefully come out. The spirit guides Angel back up showing him the memories that he’s had with Maria and before she leaves kisses Angel. After the kiss Angel is able to get himself back up and he destroys the second form of the emperor. However this battle is far from over, the emperor decides that its time to show Angel his true form which is his whole body and he is armed with high powered weaponry. Angel is so close to saving the world but he has two obstacles one the emperor himself and two there was only a half hour left before the effects of the virtual world would become Earth’s reality. Earth’s fate is up to Angel can he defeat the emperor or is the emperor too much for Angel to handle? Only time will tell although it isn’t much.

Angel stares at the emperor impressed that he has finally seen the true form of the glooba emperor himself. The emperor wastes no time and begins to shoot energy balls at Angel; Angel is barely able to dodge the energy balls and tries to attack the emperor with little success. Then the glooba emperor releases his two smaller eyes on his side that Angel did not catch at first. The eyes pop out of the emperor himself and grow into big eyeballs with the stem still on them. The retina of the eyes shot out red laser beams once again Angel is able to dodge the laser beams just like the energy balls. As Angel tries to shoot down the eyes he isn’t able to get any good shots at them as the glooba emperor was guiding the eyes using telekinesis and the eyes were in constant movement. To add to the problem the emperor was shooting rockets in random directions since the emperor temporary gave up his sight, this would be the only saving grace for Angel as the emperor didn’t exactly know where he was. However the rockets come dangerously close to hitting Angel making Angel suspicious that the emperor does know where he is even without his eyes. Angel begins to notice that the eyes are not moving around in random directions instead they are moving in a circle making it easier for Angel to take them down.

Angel grabs the plasma rifle that he acquired after defeating Bill and uses it to take out both eyes. Angel says “Well emperor looks like you’ll be shooting blindly now!” The emperor laughs in an evil manner and says “You’re a tough human being I’ll give you that but you’re also a foolish one as well!” Then a middle eye begins to grow in the middle of the glooba emperor’s head; the emperor says “I’m not blind anymore I was just toying with you but the games are over time to put you out of your misery!” The emperor starts to go all out on Angel shooting rockets, energy balls and plasma blasts. Angel tries the best he can to dodge every projectile but he gets hit by the energy balls and when the dust settles Angel is on the floor lying down not moving an inch. The glooba emperor laughs and says “Ha I knew I was too strong for you, you may had defeated all of my soldiers but when it counted the most you just failed!” The emperor prepares to finish Angel off with a concentrated laser blast and says “Well at least you’ll be able to see your father in the afterlife and tell him that you went out in a blaze of glory. Hate to say it but goodbye and good riddance Angel!” as the emperor continues to charge up his laser to finish Angel off.

Angel fights the true form of the glooba emperor, at first he seems a bit easy well too easy. However the emperor tries to use his eyes to shoot Angel down; after shooting down the eyes Angel assumes that he has blinded the emperor. Little does Angel know is that the emperor grew a new bigger eye in the middle of his already ugly face. The emperor turns to attacking Angel relentlessly and while he misses Angel with the rockets and plasma blasts Angel could not dodge the energy balls. The glooba emperor prepares his final attack to finish Angel off but the spirit of Maria reappears and this time she gets into Angel’s body…

The spirit of Maria tells Angel “I’m in your body now lets' do this together. I’ll be your guiding hand my love.” Angel gets up right away and says “Well ok I guess as long as that laser doesn’t kill me!” The glooba emperor shoots the laser but instead of killing Angel it is deflected off Angel. The glooba emperor looks in disbelief and says “No way how did… you survive… that? You’re not the same anymore what did that girl do to you?” Angel responds with a renewed sense of confidence “I’ll tell you why it's because love will always overcome any evil such as yourself and this spirit of my girlfriend is only empowering me. Maria and me are about to kick your ass, why the shocked look on your face? Like I told everyone else mediums are hard to defeat and you’re about to learn that the hard way! It’s living things like you who fear us; this must be your worse nightmare come true!” After Angel gets up he and Maria’s spirit combine their attacks to take down the emperor to the floor. After that they use a combined laser shot of their own onto the eye of the glooba enforcer and then the glooba enforcer breaks apart back into his cube core. Angel shoots the cube destroying it and the spirit of Maria says “Good job my love you have won. I can’t wait to see you back on Earth I love you.” Angel says “I love you too; we’ll be together soon enough.” Before the core explodes the emperor says “If I go down I’m taking you with me!” then the emperor explodes and Angel screams “Ahhhhhh!” Then about one minute of silence is heard so silent you can hear a pin drop. Then out of nowhere a voice tells Angel “Don’t ever give up my son!” Angel says “Father?” Then the alien base begins to self destruct and collapse from the exploding glooba emperor.

Angel sees the door has opened leading to the hallway and his father tells Angel to follow him that he would lead the way out. Angel simply sprints as fast as he can to get away from the explosion and to make sure he doesn’t lose sight of his dead father’s spirit that he was able to see clear as a bell. Angel’s father says to Angel “This way Angel!” as he points to the right hall. Angel has to make sure that he doesn’t lose sight of his father or else risk taking the wrong hall which would lead to a dead end. Angel continues to run after his father’s spirit although he’s tired Angel knows this is no time to rest that he needed to get out just to survive and to get to the anti-matter machine to put the anti-matter ball inside. Angel father says “Never give up trust what your heart says!” Angel continues to run trying to keep up with his father as tired as his legs were. Angel says in his head “Come on Angel just a little bit more I’m sure.” After a couple of more hallways Angel is super happy to see the end of the hallway; Angel’s father says “You’ve become so strong Angel. I couldn’t be any prouder! Good luck in your future endeavors!” Angel gets out of the alien just in the nick of time before it completely explodes. Angel finds the anti-matter machine in front of him with only a half minute to spare Angel inserts the anti-matter ball inside the machine then the machine begins to activate. Angel screams out “Yes I made it!” The other heroes hear Angel’s scream and head in his direction, they find out that Angel has inserted the anti-matter ball and the world would be saved. Dayvon asks Angel if he’s ok and Angel responds “Yes I’m fine that was a tough one.” Maria says “Way to go baby!” Luis says “That’s our leader!” Quentin says “I gotta admit you did well Angel, we’re going back to the way things should be.” Angel looks around to see if his father’s spirit is still around but it is no where to be found and then Dayvon asks “Angel what's wrong?” Angel responds “Nothing nothings wrongs.” Samantha and Fabian show up to the celebration and then the Elder God shows up.

The Elder God says “Congrats to you the chosen ones thanks to you the world is spared, everything will begin to return to the way it was back 10 days ago. All of you have grown strong each and every one of you!” Angel says “Thank you honorable Elder God thanks for your guidance!” The Elder God says “Your welcome but you should thank yourselves more as you were the brave souls to complete this mission.” Maria asks the Elder God “So everything and everyone will return to Earth alive and well?” The Elder God responds “That would be correct my dear and even those we despise will come back as well but that does not give you the right to kill them back on Earth,” Angel says “Don’t worry I got something better planned for Bill when we get back to Earth.” Quentin asks the Elder God “How do we destroy this virtual world and make sure no one can use this world ever again for evil?” Elder God responds “That’s a good question Quentin but the answer is we can’t just destroy this world as everything that happens in this world will happen on Earth even though you have just reversed the effects. I'm going to tell you unless I myself or you guys come up with an idea to take this virtual world out without harming Earth there are bound to be people with evil intentions that will try to use this world for their benefit.” Luis asks “So let me guess we’re going to be the guardians in case anything takes place? Elder God replies “Yes my friend if anything happens in this world you shall be call upon to save Earth once again.” Angel asks “So that probably means this war isn’t over and we can expect another attack in the future. Well we’ll be ready for anything!” The Elder God answers “Yes this war is far from over that’s why I call it the thousand year's war. I’m happy to hear that you will fulfill your duties as guardians of Earth.” Maria says “As long as we’re together we can do anything and overcome any obstacle that comes in our way. I’m just happy that I will be able to be with my Angel when we get back to Earth.” The Elder God replies “I would just like to praise you all for a job well done! Well the Earth is back to normal and I’ve finished the warp for you guys to use to get back to Earth. I’m proud of you guys good luck in your future endeavors and hopefully that next time we meet each other won’t be too soon, goodbye my chosen ones!”

Our heroes look at the warp leading them back to their hometown of Earth and they will get a chance to relive January 21, 2015 the last day before all of the events took place. Angel says “It’s time for us to go now!” All of our heroes get into the warp back to Earth and after a short ride through the wormhole our heroes are brought back to the beginning of the day of January 21, 2015 the same way that their adventure had started, However this time the day went normally for our heroes except that they have become much closer. As for Samantha she’s back in the international space station back on her post to protect space from any intruders. For Fabian he has gone back to the Yukon where he reunites with all of his fellow tribe brothers and he sits to tell them the story of his experiences. Dayvon heads back to his girlfriend and two kids saying “Baby I love you and I’m glad that you’re here along with our kids. I know for sure nothing is going to happen to us now.” Luis heads back to his dealership where he is greeted by his wife and daughter. Rebecca heads back to the strip club in Hollywood where she decides to quit and pursue further education in medicine. Orlando goes back to his helicopter but is stopped by police who arrest him for treason. Maria heads to work but before she does she gets Angel’s phone number so she can link up with him at a later time. However when Maria calls Angel she gets no response from Angel. The reason for that is that Angel was busy going after public enemy number one Bill; Angel waits till Bill gets out of his truck and into his house then follows him. When Angel gets to Bill he pulls a gun to Bill’s head and says “Well look who has the gun now, I ought to shoot you right here in cold blood believe me if it was up to me I would. However I have something better in mind if you admit to me you killed my father I’ll spare you sounds fair?” Bill says “Fine I killed your father he deserved it he was killing my business and if I could turn the clock back around I would still kill your father!” Angel says “Well that’s fine you get your reward I’ll spare your life but not without a cost, boys come and arrest this man and by the way officers here’s my phone with this man’s words recorded. Well Bill bon voyage I hope you enjoy your stay at jail!” Bill says “You bastard I should had killed you when I had the chance, you won’t see the last of me I’ll be back!” Maria comes inside seeing the situation watching Bill being arrested and says “There you go looks like you caught your little pest here. You did the right thing Angel he’s going to suffer more in jail than he would ever suffer if you were to kill him.” Angel comes to Bill and says “Oh by the way Bill the gun I had was phony!” Bill says “I don’t believe it I been haggled by a toy gun, Angel you’re a dead man if I ever get out!” The officer says “Well tell it to the judge, you have the right to remain silent anything that’s said will be and could be used against you in the court of law.” The police haul Bill to jail where he will be awaiting trial. Angel and Maria share a kiss that will hopefully last a lifetime. Maria asks Angel “So what you getting me for my birthday?” Angel says in his head “Oh shit!”

Maria says “You can get me a new dress, heels and sexy underwear for my post game show then we can get it on just me and you!” The Elder God appears saying “Sorry to interrupt you guys but I must warn you that you can not tell anyone about this.” Maria says “So no post game show for me?” Elder God replies “I’m afraid not sweetheart besides you guys who were in the virtual world no one here on earth will have any idea of what was taking place since you were able to reverse time. Like I said before once you succeeded it will be like if nothing ever happened. This must remain a secret between yourselves while you guys can celebrate amongst yourselves but it must stay that way. Exposing this secret to anyone else can prove to be dangerous as anyone with evil intentions will try to use that world to their advantage. I’m making all of you the official guardians of Earth as you’re the only ones I can trust with this great responsibility. I don’t come to ruin your celebration but only to warn you the battle may be won but in no way is the war won. You shall be called again.” Angel asks “So in otherwords we have to try to live in harmony with the virtual world?” Elder God responds “Yes in fact if someone like you enters the virtual world with good intentions you may even help the Earth out but I’m afraid human greed is too strong and people will not use this to help others but themselves. Another thing is that while you may have defeated the gloobas this time around but I sense their main home world is light years away and you won’t see that last of them. Would you care to share this with the others that were with you in your journey?” Angel and Maria both respond yes to the question. Elder God says “This is a dangerous period of time I wish I can say that everything will be ok but this is a war that has taken place before and a thousand years later the war is being fought once again. I wish you the best of luck and remember you two are mediums so you will be able to see, feel and even do things that normal humans are unable to. I must go now goodbye.” Angel says to Maria “Well if anything happens we’re strong and our love is stronger. Like he said we can see and do things normal people can’t do.” Maria replies “So as long as we stick together we can conquer everything!” Angel responds “That’s exactly what the Elder God wants us to think, so let's call the others for a Party.” Maria responds “A party that sounds like a plan to me! Love you baby! Angel says “I love you more.” Maria asks Angel "You mind if we do some overtime?" Angel responds "I should have expected that question from you but sure why not!" The couple walks off into the sunset.

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