The Thousand Years War

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Our heroes have conquered all of the obstacles to save the world from total destruction at the hands of the gloobas. During the journey four people who didn’t know each other meet each by chance and grow to like each as the help one another. Angel, Maria, Dayvon and Luis have been through a lot but this experience has made them stronger not only physically but also spiritually and emotionally. During the journey they met other people who they made good connections with but who have gone on to bigger and better things. However they also met people who weren’t as loyal and were willing to do anything just for a little power and money. The four heroes gather for a party at Angel’s house where they celebrate along with their loved ones. Angel and Maria warn Dayvon and Luis not to mention the adventure that they endured as their loved ones would not understand as their memory have been wiped clean or at least anything after January 21st, 2015. Dayvon and Luis agree with Angel and Maria in deciding that they will keep this a secret, until a surprise visitor comes in. It was Rebecca and our heroes look at her shocked as she was killed in the virtual world to save Angel’s life. Angel tells Rebecca in private that she needs to keep their adventure to herself and that the world is still in danger as the Elder God told Angel. So the party went on as planned and Angel has a much better conscience knowing that the one who killed his father is now rotting in jail. After the party Luis and his wife get married in city hall with everyone witnessing it. Dayvon purposes to his girlfriend and they are due to marry in a year or so. Angel and Maria purpose to each other but unlike Dayvon they decide to get married four months later in what would be a beautiful outdoor wedding and ironically the date was May 27, 2015 the same date that was shown to Angel during Darkgaryl's mind trap. Quentin was unable to show up to the party because of his job but did show up for the wedding and he’s still looking for his soul mate but knows that he will find that person soon enough. The future is looking very bright for all of our heroes but in the back of their heads they know the virtual world is still in existence and they may be called upon again should the time come. After Angel and Maria got married Angel decides to sell his business and pursue a new career in law enforcement after being inspired taking down bad guys in his virtual adventure. Angel quickly rises up the ranks along side his uncle Ismael and becomes a lieutenant for the NYPD. Maria couldn’t be any happier that she is married to a man who has become one of the New York’s finest. Rebecca begins her college career as she tries to earn a degree in medicine. While it’s clear the immediate danger is over and the world gets to live another day. However as long as the virtual world is still existent the evil one Neropos will strike again, now will it be another glooba invasion or a much greater evil force? No matter what the next threat is our heroes will be ready as they have been crowned by the Elder God as the guardians of Earth. Don't worry Angel will be back!


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