The Thousand Years War

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Chapter 5: The Abyss

The Abyss” sounds like our heroes are heading for a bottomless pit of hell. An Indian chief can be seen walking around the sunset. His name is Chief Sitting Hawk and is a well balanced built man. He goes to the nearest river by the entrance of a temple and sees two bodies. Could it be Angel and Quentin? The chief makes his way to the bodies and finds out that they are…

The bodies are indeed those of Angel and Quentin, the chief looks to see if they are living, he feels their pulse and indeed they are alive. Angel and Quentin wake up Angel says in confusion “Where are we? Last thing I remember was a whirlpool underwater and I thought we were dead.” Quentin says in shock “Where are the others, what is this?” The chief says in a calm tone “My friends relax don’t move too much, you guys are probably still dazed I’ll go and make some tea you’ll feel better.” The chief heads to his house by the temple and prepares an herbal tea for the two to drink. Chief says happily “Here this will make you feel better its mint and orange a nice mix at least I think so.” The two drink the tea and relax for about an hour or so. Angel says “Wow that was good, I feel better already, yo Quentin lets go.” Quentin says “Right behind you buddy!” The chief says “Where are you two going, you should rest up here for awhile.” Angel says to the chief “Listen chief I appreciate you healing us back to health I really do, but there’s no time to rest.” The chief asks “Why is that young one?” Angel explains “Listen you are in great danger chief this world is not what you think it is and you are your people are in great danger. There’s an alien race called the gloobas and they are currently invading these lands as we speak. It’s a complicated story that I don’t have time to explain.” Quentin then explains “We are looking for an anti-matter ball that we need to put in a machine to save Earth. You are probably one of the Elder God’s soldiers without knowledge. Anyway I have a feeling it’s here in your tribe here.” The chief says “Normally outsiders are not allowed in but I’ll make an exception for you two, in fact I wish to help you guys out in your journey. May the spirits guide us!” Angel says “Thanks chief for the honor but I must you warn you these alien creatures aren’t just legends, these guys are for real!” The chief says “Its fine it’s my duty to protect my people this warclub my grandfather gave me will help us out.” A loud roar is heard from inside the temple. Quentin says “What the hell was that?”

The chief says “It came from the grand temple, no these creatures of evil are trespassing on scared ground.” Quentin says “These guys don’t give a heck about your lands they want these lands for themselves and Earth itself. Reason is whatever happens here will happen on Earth!” Then a ship drops off some salamander troopers the chief uses his club to take one trooper out. Angel and Quentin beat up on the other two troopers and grab their guns. Angel tells the chief “You better take this gun while I respect your beliefs but you need to defend yourself.” The chief says “While we don’t believe in using guns but I’ll gladly accept if it’s going to help my people out.” Angel says cool “Lets go in and kick some alien butt.”

Maria jumps across the toxic river to a rocky platform. She nearly loses her footing, but is able to regain it. She can see a cave but she has to negotiate a set of steep hills. Maria begins to negotiate the hills but she is faced with flying salamander troopers who begin to attack her, one laser beam hits Maria’s hand and she falls but is able to grip another hill and pull her weight. Maria then shoots down all three troopers and a jetpack falls onto Maria hand, she puts it on and sees she can use it to fly across. Maria says “Wow this is fun, better than a roller coaster! Whoa!” Then a heavy wind picks up and knocks Maria out of her focus. Maria with her quick reflexes is able to dodge a pillar in the way and then notices the jetpack fuel begins to run low. Maria is able to reach the platform where the cave is located; she’s met with boar cops and teleporting salamander troopers. Maria says “This is gonna be a tough one here!” She takes out a few boars but then she’s grabbed by a boar cop then a trooper aims for Maria but the trooper is shot with an arrow by a Native American man. He goes on to shoot the other two troopers and Maria fights off the boar cop then shoots it. The man jumps down to Maria’s level and introduces as Tadodaho a native of the Mohawk tribe. He says to Maria in a convincing tone “Hi young girl my name is Tadodaho I’m part of the Mohawk tribe what are you doing here? Are you lost?” Maria responds “Yeah in a way I'm lost I was told that an anti-matter ball is here in your reservation, you and your people are in great danger.” Tadodaho says “I’m aware of that our people and Earth are in danger that’s why I saved you from those aliens, I also heard a loud roar as well.” Maria says “So did I, I think it’s best if we stick together, what’s inside this cave?” Tadodaho responds “That’s a passageway to the Grand Temple, but be careful there are many traps inside. Let’s go!” Maria says in her head “Seems like a good guy but he seems to know so much about what’s going on maybe a little too much. I got to remember what the Elder God said.” Maria has a flashback “This virtual world is sparsely populated but you may find some of my soldiers that were able to get in to the world who may prove to be a big help in your quest. That is if they haven’t been captured by the gloobas or turn into traitors themselves.” Maria says to herself “I should be cautious with this man.” The two made their way into the cave.

Luis finds himself in the sewer system after stopping a missile launch attack from hitting NYC. He meets a couple of troopers and takes care of them easily and then he sees a big mountain area ahead of him. The water was still green and toxic even going towards the mountains; luckily Luis found a new pair of protective boots on the right side of the wall. He goes down the ramp, sees a door but it requires a blue keycard probably to prevent any Natives from the reservation from getting into the launch facility. Luis says “These guys aren’t playing when they say no trespassing!” Luis goes to the other side, finds no keycard but an assault rifle and bullets. He says “I’ll be taking this thank you very much, looks like I’ll be heading down hill.” He follows the flow of water to see where it leads, but it leads to a dead end and a whole bunch of enemies which he mops the floor with. Luis backtracks and finds two paths. One goes down to a ditch and one that has enough room for only one person at a time too bad Luis can’t see where it leads to. He decides to go down to the ditch and finds rounds for his rifle but no keycard. Then two teleporting salamander troopers pop out of nowhere and attack Luis he shoots one down; then takes the other trooper down with a tackle and he throws him to a fire behind him probably used during a ritual. Luis treks back up takes the other path moving slowly as to prevent falling down. Several more teleporting flying troopers arrive when Luis is at a bad and dangerous position. Luis tries to shoot them he gets two but one is able to teleport away, Luis then takes a risk running forward, goes around a cactus. The trooper pops up right when Luis goes around the cactus as a result the trooper hits the cactus and falls into the ditch. Finally Luis finds the Keycard in a tipi and hears strange noises of a Native American ritual coming from the other side. Luis climbs up and peeks through a hole to see a fire that was lit up but no actual ritual taking place. Unable to fit into the hole Luis backtracks to the door and uses the key card to open the door that was locked.

With most of the heroes accounted for that are still alive, Angel and Quentin were heading to the great temple and so was Maria with her newly found “ally” Tadodaho or at least Maria carefully assumes despite his vast knowledge of the current situation. Luis continues to transverse along in the mountains of the Mohawk tribe area. There was one member still unaccounted for which was Dayvon who was last at the sewers back in the chemical plant. His whereabouts remain unknown to all of our heroes, heck you the reader don’t know where he is. For all we know he could be dead already, it was a rather long fall down. Meanwhile what was the loud roar coming from and who was making that loud noise? Would our heroes even find the anti-matter ball in the Grand Temple? Finally can either Chief Sitting Hawk or Tadodaho be trusted as allies or is one or both of them traitors.

Angel, Quentin and Chief Sitting Hawk head into the Great Temple fight some more aliens and kill them. The chief leads them to a room in which they can find a map of the temple. Angel asks the chief to lead them to the center of the temple as it was the most likely place the anti-matter ball would be found. The three would head for a hallway then the door under Quentin opens up and Quentin begins to fall inside before Angel is able to grab him at the last minute. Angel says “One more second and you would had made for a good shish kebab.” Quentin responds “A spike trap to keep intruders out but who activated it?” Angel responds in a cocky tone “Ah probably those aliens watching us trying to get in a cheap shot.” The chief says in a concerned tone “I wouldn’t jump to such a rash conclusion there young man these traps are remote controlled and only our people have the remotes. So either yes the aliens have a control or someone of our people is a traitor and has sided with the enemy.” Quentin says “Why would anybody want to be allies with those freaks?” Angel says “The Elder God said not every human in this world are on our side some may had been paid off to take us out. These “traitors” are being offered or at least promised large payoffs such as money or power.” The chief says “Even though I don’t know who this Elder God is but I have to agree greed is a huge weakness for the aliens to exploit on us. Unfortunately several of my people gave into the demands and turned on us. At least I still have my son Tadodaho alive with me but I have my doubts about his loyalty. I still say he wouldn’t kill me.” Angel says “I think we should try to find this Tadodaho guy along the way.” The gang goes into a prayer room and then find themselves in a gun fight with a whole horde of aliens that after some effort they win. After they are done a boulder comes out of nowhere coming full speed towards the three. They all run out to the nearest hallway with the boulder crashing into the wall but Angel, Quentin and The Chief make it out alive. Angel says “That’s the second time already, I got a bad feeling about this situation guys, I smell a rat here and it stinks!”

Meanwhile Luis gets through the locked door and sees at the end of the path it is a long way down. While Luis survived the fall out of the prison window this fall was more than 100ft down he says “I bet not even in this world I’m surviving that fall. I’m going to have to jump across to the other side.” Luis gets a running start to his jump and makes it to the other side. Several flying troopers and a poisonpus arrive in his direction. Luis avoids the poison ink shot by the poisonpus and he takes care of all enemies with relative ease. He arrives at the top of the mountain then he begins to hear and feel shaking. It was an earthquake and a strong one at that, so strong the mountains and hills were all reformed just like in plate tectonics. So what looked to be a very long jump down was a lot more manageable for Luis, however he had to pick out the hills one by one from a safe jumping distance that wouldn’t kill him. He went down to the first on with ease, then down to the second one but during his jump down to the third and final hill that had formed, he was grabbed by a salamander trooper. He kills the salamander trooper easily but was concerned that he was at a higher altitude so he looks to land in the water which was actually blue where he was. Luis falls into the water and rises quickly out and sees a cave just like the one Maria had gone into. Little did Luis know he was close to Maria or at least heading in her direction.

Tadodaho and Maria are inside the cave the two of them together kill the gloobas that are in the area. They come to a fork with two paths and before Maria could say anything Tadodaho says “You take the right and I’ll take the left path, sounds good?” Maria puzzled says “We’re splitting up already that was fast?” Tadodaho in a consoling tone says “Listen you want to find the anti-matter ball right then if we split up we can find it faster don’t you think?” Maria says “I guess you’re right.” Tadodaho says “Were you with anyone else? I saw someone in the distance lying down in the distance back in the lava but I have no idea who it is.” Maria still puzzled says “Yeah I was with 4 other guys but we got split up along the way that person could be one of my partners.” Tadodaho responds “Well that person is probably dead but we can’t worry about that now we got to get moving!” The two split up, Maria was still puzzled why Tadodaho ordered her to the right path so fast like he knew something she didn’t. Maria figures is that he knows the way around however Maria can’t help but to be concerned. Maria goes into a dark hallway where two pillars come fast towards her ready to crush her; just when the pillars come close Maria lies down flat to go under the pillars. Maria hears someone say “Damn!” but she’s not sure if it’s Tadodaho or someone else. Maria enters a big room with a couple of poisonpus’s who give her a bit of trouble but are eventually defeated. The wall behind her comes down and Maria finds herself trapped with no way out, she screams Tadodaho’s name but no response.

That person Tadodaho saw by the lava area as he claims, could that be Dayvon that has gone MIA? Is Dayvon still alive or is Tadodaho telling the truth when he says Dayvon is dead. Does Tadodaho know more than he claims to know? Or does Tadodaho have a hand in this with the gloobas?

Angel, Quentin and the Chief continue along their way through the temple. They enter a praying area where they would pray for a few minutes. Then a boar cop tries to sneak up to the guys but is blasted quickly by Angel who says “Didn’t anyone teach you to knock before you enter piggy?” Then they find a small pond with a small waterfall, the chief tells Angel and Quentin that it is a healing pool so the guys use the water to heal their scrapes and bruises. The chief says “I could have sworn that I heard a voice calling for my son not to far from here.” Then the scream “Tadodaho” is heard again but much closer, Quentin is able to distinguish the voice to that of Maria. “Maria are you in there?” screamed Angel. Maria happily says “Yes it’s me I’m on the other side of the wall, but I’m trapped in here!” The chief says “Hmm there is a way she can get out but she would have to a few things. If you can hear me girl hit the hand on the wall then jump on the rising platform before it becomes out of reach, then when the platform is all the way up hit the hand up there. If you do all of this correctly the wall next to us shall open.” Maria says “Okay chief I’m doing it now” Eventually Maria is able to herself out of the room and hugs everyone especially Angel. The chief puzzled asked “Was my son Tadodaho with you?” Maria answers “Yes I met him outside a cave than when we came to a crossroads he told me to go right and he went left. I almost get crushed by pillars and I just got out of the trap room.” The chief responds “Hmm not characteristic of my son to leave you to go alone. I do not like the signals I’m getting right now but if we go straight we will be to the center of the temple.” Angel says “What are we waiting for lets go!”

Luis goes into the same cave as Maria had go in with Tadodaho deals with alien troops then comes to the crossroads that Maria was at before. Luis saw something suspicious blue dye leading left, so he decides to go to the left path that Tadodaho had went. He fights off a poisonpus who tries to surprise him. He proceeds to the same ritual room that he had seen from the other side when he was getting the keycard. He hears those same weird noises but no one around or anything useful around. He notices a switch labeled in a Native American language that he cannot understand. He presses it and he notices the pillars downstairs the same ones that almost killed Maria move back into their former position. He notices that same blue dye that he found on the floor was on the switch and Luis says in his head “Wait a second someone’s been here before.” Then Luis is pushed by an unknown person or probably an alien into the fire. However this fire was not any fire this fire did not burn Luis, in fact it teleported him to another ritual room. This ritual room was even bigger than the one Luis was just in several flying salamander troopers come flying in his direction shooting towards his direction. Luis shoots all three of the troopers down; he finds a handprint next to him that he touches accidentally; it draws a wall down then opens in turning into a platform. Luis finally sees a way to the top using all his upper body strength and is able to finally able to get to the top. Luis pondered what or who pushed him to that fire. While Luis ties his shoes and not paying attention someone passes him by quickly, Luis was unable to determine the person at all. So Luis pursues the man, but he is grabbed by a poisonpus which he shoots away. While the poisonpus was defeated Luis loses track of the person that passed him, he says “Damn lost him or whoever it was. I get the feeling that I’m not wanted here.” Luis continues on his way through the temple.

Angel, Quentin, the Chief and Maria arrive at the lava area which had to be crossed to reach the center of the temple. Before our heroes could trek any further another earthquake begins and reforms the lava area making the trip even more treacherous. Then an army of flying troopers attack but with teamwork the four mop the floor with the aliens. As our heroes move on in the lava area Maria says “Wait chief your son told me that someone was around here but he thinks he’s dead. I think we should look for that person. I got a suspicion that it’s Dayvon or Luis.” After Maria talks yet another earthquake begins.

During the earthquake more reformation takes place exposing even more of the lava. Pebbles and rocks begin to fall one of these pebbles hit someone but it isn’t Angel, Quentin, Maria or the chief. Just feet away a body is seen laid there which the pebble hits could it be Dayvon...

Indeed it was Dayvon somehow after falling down the waterfall he ended up in the lava area. After getting hit by a pebble Dayvon gets up and says “What the hell where am I? What is this place one moment I’m in a sewer the next I’m here next to lava!” Dayvon begins to trek along the passage with lava surrounding it he sees some poisonpus’s. He takes them down with his shotgun that miraculously he still has. He finds a steep hill leading up; he follows the path takes care of the troopers who are in the area. Then he finds the source of the lava waterfall, he finds a handprint a sprit tells him “Touch the handprint and you shall see the source of the evil.” Dayvon takes the sprits advice; he touches the handprint, all of a sudden the wall in front of him opens up and he sees a huge spaceship where the center of the temple is. He is then ambushed by two boar cops one grabs him and the other begins to beat him to a pulse nearly rendering him unconscious. Dayvon gathers the little strength he has kicks the first boar in the groin and powers his way to throw the second boar that was holding him to the first boar that he had just kicked. He kicks both boars into the lava waterfall which both would go on to fall to their death. Dayvon realizes that the gloobas were sending their forces from the spaceship and the anti-matter ball was probably there. However the ship was at the other side, so Dayvon goes back down the hill and sees a path to the center of the temple. When Dayvon is on his way to the hill leading up he is grabbed by a poisonpus, he tries to shoot it but the shotgun has no bullets and Dayvon says in his head “Oh crap now I’m in trouble and he’s got me in a tight grip. Damn I better hope someone is here or I’m their next meal!” Dayvon screams at the top of his lungs “If anybody’s there HELP!!!”

Angel, Quentin, the Chief and Maria get themselves together after the earthquake. Maria hears a scream for help up ahead and says “Hear that someone’s in trouble. Come on lets go!” The gang sees that Dayvon has been grabbed by a poisonpus and Maria says “Dayvon it’s you don’t worry we’ll get you out!” Maria and the rest team up to take the poisonpus out, however Dayvon begins to fall into the lava, until the chief takes a rope out and Dayvon is able to grab on to it. The chief says “Come on children lets pull him up with all of us he’ll come up with ease.” Dayvon is pulled up and reunited with the others. Maria says “Yes! I’m glad you’re ok I was worried about you for a moment.” Angel says “Wow Dayvon where the hell were you at, glad you are ok though.” Quentin says “Now that only leaves only Luis left to be found.” Dayvon would then explain how he ended up where he was. Dayvon says “Its crazy Me, Luis and Maria were exploring the chemical plant long story short I ended up in a sewer. It seems like the sewer Gods must love me.” Everyone even the chief laughs on. Dayvon continues “A surge of water blasted me down a waterfall. All I remember after that was that I was taken by an unknown man in a tipi, put to sleep and I found myself ending up here.” Maria says “Hmm an unknown man, Tadodaho said he had seen a man down in this area, said he was probably dead. It was you Dayvon but why he did not try to save you?” Dayvon says “I did see a Native American looking man before I was put to sleep and I don’t even know how it happened it’s all a blur to me.” Angel says “Like I said I smell a rat here and now the smell is getting even stronger.” All of a sudden the chief is struck by an arrow on his back and he falls into the lava.

“NO!!! CHIEF! You son of a bitch! I should have known you were trying to take us out. Let me guess the gloobas offered you the world right?” Angel said angrily when he saw that Tadodaho shot his own father and killed him. Tadodaho wasn’t alone four salamander troopers were with him. Maria says “So its true Tadodaho you’re a traitor, you have no idea what you doing to your people!” Tadodaho responds “I wouldn’t try anything funny if I were any of you or else. Hmm let’s see, Maria you see I don’t care because I am now ultimate leader of these lands at least when I’m done with your four. Father never had any confidence in me and always said I had much to learn, I know a lot more than he did as you can see. Well for the four of you the anti-matter ball will not be in your possession at all, now if you submit to us and become our slaves I’ll spare your lives. Quentin says “Wow you are a disgrace to your people, you just don’t get it while you will be “chief” now but in the next few days you will be leader of nothing or these aliens will stab you in the back.” Angel says in a disappointed tone “Like the Elder God and your father said greed is man's biggest weakness. You Tadodaho are no man; you are weak and pathetic, you sold your peoples souls for empty promises and lies! Oh I should say you Tadodaho sold your soul to the devil himself and I promise you that you will pay for your sins. That’s not a threat that’s a promise!” Dayvon says “I rather be dead than to serve a two-timing conniving snake like you. Go ahead Tadodaho if you are a man of your world kill us, come on pussy ass!” Tadodaho says “Tough words all of you, I got to give you credit you sure gave out some really good end speeches there. Well for those who will be my slave’s, hahaha I win!” The troopers approach the four with their weapons drawn and begin to grab each person.

Then shots are fired and heard, after the noise passes all four troopers go down and die instantly. It’s Luis who comes to the rescue. “Hey buddy or I should say “Chief”, you forgot one person now I’m the one with the gun now.” Tadodaho in shock says “No!!! What are you doing here?” Luis answers “Well I should be asking you the same question but I already know the answer to that question its nothing damn good! Game over man just give up!” Angel says to Tadodaho “Look you can redeem yourself by helping us out and retaining at least a little bit of dignity. Well what do you say?” Tadodaho walks towards the edge and says “Screw all of you I hope you die in hell and besides “BattleGlooba” will destroy you!” then Tadodaho jumps off the edge into the lava killing himself.

Maria says “What a pathetic way to die, hate to say it but he deserves his fate.” Angel says in a disappointed tone “I’m with you on this one Hun.” Dayvon says “It’s like the Elder God said you can’t trust everyone in this world, it’s a shame that poor chief had to die the way he did.” Quentin says “Listen it’s not over for him yet if we can get the anti-matter ball into the machine we can reverse all this, Chief Sitting Hawk and even his son will be saved. In reality if we succeed it will be like at least on Earth that none of this ever happened.” Luis says “Well what are we waiting for lets get moving!” Angel says “Yeah Luis you got my drift…” Angel’s heart starts to pound again just like back in the strip club which is telling Angel that the ball is nearby. Angel says confidently “Guys the anti-matter ball is up ahead come on guys. Just like Luis said there’s no time to waste!”

Maria says “I wonder who “BattleGlooba” is; he sounds like a dangerous creature.” Dayvon responds “I believe he’s their leader and I saw their spaceship at the center of the temple. Don’t worry, no matter who that creature is, we have conquered everything this world has to offer and we will be just fine.” Angel says to everyone “Well guys this is it we’re heading to the devil himself, there’s no turning back now either we save the world or die trying.” Maria comes to Angel holds one of his hand and says “Yeah let’s finish this once in for all, there’s something I wanna tell you Angel when it’s all over, but only when I know we are back on Earth.” Our heroes move forward.

Our heroes have endured a lot already, each one their own story to tell. Despite their different paths our heroes are reunited once again. They met their first ally Chief Sitting Hawk; however the chief had the misfortune of being killed by his treacherous son Tadodaho, who became greedy and only cared about the riches that were offered to him by the gloobas. After the dust settled our five heroes survive with their heads still on. Now the only thing that stood between them and the anti-matter ball was an unknown creature called “BattleGlooba” that Tadodaho mentioned before committing suicide on himself. Was this the creature making that loud roar outside the temple? Our heroes are literally on their way to the “Abyss” as they head to the center of the temple and confront “BattleGlooba” Are our heroes going to escape this hell hole with their lives and reverse the evil that has been done in the virtual world before it becomes permanent. It is now or never.

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