The Thousand Years War

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Chapter 6: BattleGlooba

Angel heart starts to beat even harder as he notices as he and his friends are very close to the center of the temple. They are also close to the location of the anti-matter ball which will be the eventual savior after it is reformulated. However our heroes are close to the location of the mothership where they are sure to encounter heavy resistance by the gloobas. Also our heroes have yet to meet “BattleGlooba” who is known as the one leading the attack in the virtual world. Everyone knew that “BattleGlooba” would eventually show himself and he would be guarding the anti-matter ball. The heroes knew they would have to stick together on this one.

Our heroes continue on the path to the center of the temple which then turns into a steep hill. All of them climb the hill carefully, Maria loses her grip but Angel grabs her and says “I won’t let you go although I’m in a bad position!” Angel with one arm hanged onto Maria while the other he hanged on for dear life on the edge of the hill. Luis gets to the top first and he tries to grab Angel’s hand but is unable to. Quentin says to Luis “Let me down while hanging on to me and I’ll grab Angel then you, I and Dayvon will pull together. Hopefully we’re all get up to the top.” Quentin and Luis go for the risky maneuver and at the count of three Quentin, Luis and Dayvon pull on Angel. They are successful in pulling Angel and Maria to the top of the hill. Maria hugs Angel for saving her. Angel says “Thanks but I mostly owe it to those three guys for pulling me up.” Dayvon says jokily “Hey Angel I think Maria has the hots for you, that’s like the fourth hug she gave you longer than 5 seconds.” Maria says “I’m not in love with Angel I’m just doing what any girl would do if she was saved.” Quentin and Luis jokily say in unison “Sure Maria you are!” Angel says “Hey to be honest I don’t care if you Maria like me or not but I say we need to get on moving we don’t have time to waste.”

After that scare out heroes proceed to several hilly platforms that are separated by falls of death into the lava. As they proceed through the path teleporting salamander troopers appear out of nowhere. The heroes try to move along and fast as the number of troopers kept on multiplying. Angel and Luis would shoot some along the way but their numbers were too great. Angel says loudly “Come on guys hurry we are super close to the center of the temple.” Quentin says “They’re gaining on us quickly!” All five would get to the center of the temple or at least the crust of it which there was a heavy concrete door in their way. Maria says frustrated “Damn this too is too heavy!” Angel responds “Let’s work together if we all pull I’m sure we can open it, chances are this leads to the center of the temple. Come on guys on three PULL!” They all pull up on the door and the door opens enough so that our heroes are able to get inside. They quickly close the doors to keep the pursing troopers at bay. When they finally catch their breath they realize that the walls aren’t the same brick as in the temple but instead the walls were of a greenish alien gooey material. Dayvon says “I think we are in the spaceship and where this a spaceship there’s going to be a “BattleGlooba” waiting for us.” Then the wall in front of them opens up which reveals a black hole with green light. Luis says “Who wants to jump or I should say who’s feeling lucky?” Angel says “I’ll go in the spirits tell me we won’t find anything just standing here.” Maria says “Angel!!!”

Angel jumps down to a dark green room and a big door with glooba like hands surrounding it. He screams to everyone “Come on down guys its safe!” The rest of the crew jumps down to Angel. Dayvon says “Yup we’re definitely in their spaceship known, now where is that “BattleGlooba” or it’s that just a myth “Tadodaho” made up just to scare us!” Several walls open around the room but no enemies pop out, instead many weapons can be found including machine guns, assault rifles and a couple of RPG’s. Each one grabs a gun to use and all come to the big door, Angel hits the button and the door opens slowly an ominous feeling of death strikes our heroes as the door opens. The five arrive at the center of the room slowly until an earthquake, no a couple of fireballs come shooting out. Then a creature rises on the big elevator down to the room. The creature says “Hahaha welcome to my lair or I should your coffins. I am BattleGlooba and I been sent here to destroy and take over New York then eventually the rest of the world.” He begins to shoot mortar rounds to our heroes who dodge them for their lives.

BattleGlooba was a huge salamander about 10ft tall, probably leader or king of the salamander sub race of the gloobas. He was armed with a mortar launcher and a Gatling gun strong enough to take out all of our heroes in one move. BattleGlooba says in his alien accent “I’m going to fry your asses!” Our heroes all attack BattleGlooba with their combined attacks but it has little effect on BattleGlooba. This was one creature that was going to take some creative thinking. BattleGlooba begins to shoot his Gatling gun at our heroes all of our heroes are able to hide behind a wall. However the bullets are so strong that the wall begins to fall apart in fact after BattleGlooba stops shooting a bullet hit Quentin taking him down. Angel says “No! Quentin! You alien bastard you’re going to pay now!” They all attack and it begins to have an effect on BattleGlooba but their attack are abruptly stopped by another mortar launch which blows away Luis, luckily the mortar was not a direct hit. However the blast was big enough to push Luis to the wall and rendering him unconscious. Angel says “This doesn’t look good for us, but you will not win BattleGlooba!” The rest keep attacking, Maria finds a jetpack and puts it on then begins to fly around BattleGlooba. BattleGlooba annoyed says “Stay still little girl you are starting to annoy me!” Angel says “Alright Maria keep on doing what you are doing, I think I see his weak spot.” BattleGlooba’s weak spot was his groin area. Angel says to Dayvon “I see his weak spot I’m going for BattleGlooba!” Dayvon responds “Are you out of your mind Angel?” Angel tells Dayvon “Don’t worry trust me!”

With BattleGlooba still distracted trying to grab Maria, Angel heads straight for the creature and when he gets to him begins to climb on him. However Angel had to be quick Maria was running out of fuel for the Jetpack. Angel eventually gets to BattleGlooba’s groin and shoots it. Then BattleGlooba makes a loud scream that nearly gets our heroes going deaf. He holds his groin then begins to kneel down in pain. Dayvon finds a Missile Launcher to his left quickly grabs it and Angel says “Shoot before he gets up!” Dayvon sets up the launcher and shoots with the recoil so strong it pushes him back a few feet. Angel jumps away from BattleGlooba right before the Missile hits and grabs Maria with him. BattleGlooba slowly goes down but when he hits the ground a loud noise proceeding so loud it wakes Luis up back into consciousness. After going down BattleGlooba says weakly “You’ll pay for this you bastards…” Angel blasts BattleGlooba’s face with the shotgun and says “Game over pal for you and all of your alien bastard soldiers can all go to hell!” The heroes check on Quentin to make sure he’s ok, Quentin gets up but his knee is in bad shape after being shot.

Luis and Dayvon carry Quentin and then Angel sees a white light representing the anti-matter ball. Angel approaches towards the ball but notices something is not right with the ball. The ball is not even full only a quarter of the ball can be seen; in fact it was indeed only a quarter of the anti-matter. Angel says in great disappointment “Damn we can't save the world with just a quarter of the anti-matter ball!” Then the speaker on the ship turn on and a deep alien voice can be heard saying “While our attack in New York was unsuccessful I had a back up plan by splitting the anti-matter ball into four pieces and hiding them in four different locations it won’t matter if they can find other pieces 10 days will pass anyway and Earth will be ours for the taking!” Luis says “What? So all this effort for nothing we have to find three other pieces?” Dayvon responds “What choice so we have; now the question is where the other three pieces are located. Any ideas poindexter?” he then tells Quentin. Quentin says “Sadly no I have no idea, well wait on the radar the gloobas have set up an outpost in the Arctic Circle but why?” Maria says “Whoa whoa whoa you’re telling me we are going all the way up there? First of all how are we gonna get there, second it’s cold like hell up there we’ll freeze to death.” Angel says “She actually has a point there it’s impossible for us to get there in a reasonable amount of time, we already past a day and a half and we have no coats on.”

All of a sudden a white light comes up and it’s the Elder God. Angel says “Elder God it’s you I’m sorry but…” Elder God says “I’m aware Mr. Medina of what happen and I’ll help when I can. I can warp you to the Arctic Circle and here.” Each person receives winter gear and boots. Luis says “Ah now we’re talking!” Elder God says “This should help you survive the cold out in the Arctic however it will not help you if you happen to fall into sub-freezing water. You’ll have to find something for that problem yourselves. Angel says to everyone “Well looks like its time to say goodbye to city life for now, this will indeed be a race to the end 10 days will indeed feel like a little bit of time after all.” Elder God says “You guys have done well so far but like Mr. Angel said you are all in for a long journey and I can promise one thing it will get rougher for you guys but as long as you stick together you shall prevail. Now it’s time for me to go good luck my children!” A warp opens up Angel says to everyone “Well there’s no turning back now; this spaceship was only the tip of the iceberg. Everyone lets go!” All five of our heroes jump into the warp not knowing what to expect on the other side.

Our heroes defeated the leader of the glooba army attack on Earth “BattleGlooba” but as they would learn he was only one but of several generals the gloobas had. Unfortunately for our heroes the gloobas were smart enough to split the anti-matter ball into four different pieces. So what was a simple go and get mission has now turned into a full blown adventure that now has more questions than answers. So if “BattleGlooba” wasn’t responsible for the virtual world invasion so who was behind this plan. Who is the emperor of the gloobas and was that the emperors voice that was heard in the spaceship back in the temple. It’s safe to say that the whole course of this adventure has taken a big twist and the gloobas have taken over more of the virtual world than what was once suspected. What are the gloobas planning in the Arctic Circle, where only snow and the occasional polar bear can be found?

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