The Thousand Years War

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Chapter 7: The Cold Shoulder

Area 2 – Arctic Circle

After the warp transport our heroes find themselves on the Yukon Territory in Northwest Canada. Quentin and the others thought what were the gloobas doing with an outpost in the middle of the Arctic Circle. The snow was coming down lightly, the winds were light but it was sure cold. Quentin still injured us unable to stand up and he falls. The heroes are able to find a cabin in the middle of the snowy deserted lands.

The heroes enter the cabin Angel looks to make sure that the coast is clear and then he gives the ok to go inside. Maria begins to take care of Quentin’s injuries. She says “This girl maybe a sexy fox but isn’t a dumb one, you’re going to be ok “Q”.” Quentin says “Ah that’s feels a lot better.” Maria says “You should rest up a little though.” Angel says “Whoa! Wait a minute guys! I see snowmobiles but the passengers aren’t here to save us, they’re gloobas ready to take us out.” Luis says “Let’s give these guys the “warm” welcome!” Dayvon says “Couldn’t agree anymore with you.” Angel, Maria, Dayvon and Luis come out of the cabin to deal with the troopers they take out the first wave but more decided to show up. Angel says “Whatever we do don’t let any troopers get Quentin, hear me!” Everyone agrees they all look for cover from the incoming fire behind the pine trees. Slowly but surely the alien numbers start to deplete. Angel says “Ah that was fun, now where the hell is this outpost?” A loud crack of a window is heard.

Angel enters the cabin as quickly as he could but by the time he’s able to get in Quentin is gone. Maria spots a snowmobile operated by a boar cop taking Quentin; she tries to take out the cop but her gun is out of bullets. Dayvon says “Damn they got Quentin, this was a setup!” Luis says “Yeah they attacked us from the front to distract us from what they were doing in the back of the cabin.” Angel responds “We gotta find Quentin without him the anti-matter ball can’t be formulated correctly.” They all go into the forest, are attacked by salamander troopers, boar cops and a new kind of enemy an iguana with a chain gun. The four take out the troopers easily Angel analyses the new enemy and calls it the “Iguana Enforcer” a slightly tougher and rougher solider than the salamander troopers with a black jump suit and a chain gun on it’s right hand which looks like that it is welded onto the actual body. Angel, Maria, Dayvon and Luis are constantly attacked in the forest, Angel says “Be careful guys this is prime ambush ground for these bastards.”

Our heroes approach a couple of cabins to check out. Angel and Maria check one cabin and Luis and Dayvon check out the other cabin. Both groups come up with the same result nothing. A huge building can be seen on the horizon but it looks far from where our heroes are. Our heroes continue their long trek when Dayvon complains “Ah more snow I had enough of snow, I hate snow always did always will!” Luis says “Ah stop complaining a little snow won’t hurt anyone, besides I always loved snowboarding.” Dayvon responds sacristy “Well good for you! If you love it so much why not move here?” Angel says “Stop it you too we got a serious situation here and you guys fighting over some dumb shit.” Maria tries to say softly while holding her laughter “Well Dayvon always was full of it, full of nothing but hot air…” Maria is unable to hold her laugh. Dayvon tells Maria “So you find my suffering funny do you, I got a bone to pick with you later.” Then a group of iguana enforcers jump from the trees down to the surface attacking our heroes. Angel blows off the head of one enforcer. Luis shoots then punches out the heart of another enforcer. Maria is grabbed by an iguana enforcer but she throws him to the ground and cuts his head off with her utility knife. Finally Dayvon cuts of the arm of an enforcer containing his chain gun and shoots the enforcer with his own weapon. Angel says “It may be cold out here but the action is hot and the enemies are on fire to take us out! Hopefully Quentin is okay.”

The heroes approach a bridge that looks like that it hasn’t been used in years. Maria says “If only we had a snowmobile, we could…” Angel cuts Maria off saying “No matter we have no idea the layout of the area I’m sure none of us have been up here and it’s also safe to assume none of us has ever left the United States and Puerto Rico doesn’t count.” The four head to the bridge until they spot a trooper on a snowmobile they take him out easily but the snowmobile heads to the bridge. Maria, Angel, Dayvon and Luis try to run across the bridge as fast as they can. The snowmobile strikes the bridge with such force that the bridge starts to tear apart since the bridge was held with suspending beams on top. Maria, Dayvon and Luis are able to get to the other side of the bridge, but Angel slips while running and is unable to make it to the other side then he falls into the icy waters below whose flow is going north. Maria says “No Angel! He’s gonna freeze down there!” she begins to cry believing Angel will perish in the water. Luis and Dayvon try to console Maria the best they can, Luis says “Look we gotta keep going Angel may be dead or not. Even if he dies here but as long as we can accomplish our mission he will return to Earth.” Dayvon responds “Come on Maria we got to think positively stopping here will not do anything for us.” Maria still crying “Yeah both of you are right, we have to keep on moving, let’s do it for Angel and Quentin!” Maria begins to cheer up. Luis says “Let’s follow the river its flowing north and it may lead to the outpost as well.” Dayvon responds “Sounds like a plan to me.” Our heroes continue on their way.

Our heroes have sure gotten the cold shoulder or reception depends on whic word you prefer to use. The Yukon has decided to show its nasty side or at least the gloobas have. The gloobas kidnapped Quentin and Angel falls into the icy waters below the broken bridge. Maria, Dayvon and Luis decided to follow the flow of the water to see if it would lead to Angel. Where did the gloobas take Quentin and where would Angel end up, hopefully not dead. Its safe to say the Arctic have given our heroes a “cold” start to their journey to find the next part of the anti-matter ball.

Maria, Dayvon and Luis continue their way following the icy river Angel fell into. A boar cop comes rushing trying to push our heroes down to the river but all three dodge the boar and the boar ends up falling into the river. Then a group of flying salamander troopers coming rushing in, while Luis and Dayvon are able to take out two of the troopers one trooper is able to grab Maria and takes her away. Neither Dayvon nor Luis dared to shoot the trooper fearing Maria falling to her death if let go. Luis says in a discouraged tone “There goes another damn this is not going well for us my brother.” Dayvon responds “That’s because before we were fighting in New York and we knew the layout of the land. Here we are pretty much lost and on our own having to find our own way." Luis and Dayvon continued but they notice that the river was getting smaller but that was because they were going higher in altitude. Luis says “All I know is that we are really far from the nearest and only city here “Whitehorse” because we are at the Yukon mountain peaks. I have to admit I wonder what the gloobas want to do up here.” The mountains were huge but the river ran through the mountain area so if they wanted to move forward they would have to somehow get through the mountains.

Dayvon decides that he would take the left side of the mountain and Luis would take the right side of the mountain. Luis trekked carefully through the path as the path was getting smaller and smaller. He would be attacked by flying salamander troopers and be jumped by iguana enforcers he would defeat the iguanas but the flying salamanders were giving him trouble. He found a small cave inside to hide inside until the troopers lost him. The troopers lost him and kept on going north and Luis says in his head "Hmm going in the same direction as us, now I'm sure we're on the right path." As Luis continued on his way the path was cut off where only pitch black can be seen, Luis heads back to the cave to see if perhaps if there was another way. He goes back to the cave and he sees huge snowdrift in a shape of an oval perhaps covering a passageway. Luis put his gloves on and started to dig through the snowdrift hoping a pathway was behind it.

Dayvon started his journey on his side of the mountain pass and is approached by a group of boar cops in winter gear. He sees they are unarmed and so is he so a fistfight begins. The boar cops had the upper hand at first until Dayvon threw a snowball in the eyes of one of the boars causing the boar to fall down. He tried the same thing again but the second boar cop blocks the snowball then the third boar tackles Dayvon to the ground. However Dayvon while being tackled put his right foot up and used it to flip the boar over, then the boar falls down to his death. Then it was a dogfight with the last boar cop, eventually Dayvon emerges victorious but he ends up bruised up pretty badly. Dayvon uses the snow to take the sting out of his scrapes and bruises then moves on. He continues on his path negotiating through salamander troopers and iguana enforcers killing them easily. Dayvon moves along easily until he takes a step and a loud crackling sound is heard. The part he was stepping on was weak and ready to collapse, Dayvon moves slowly to avoid putting any more pressure on the already compromised path. However to no avail the path collapses anyway and Dayvon begins to fall down...

After an hour or so Luis finally digs his way through the snow drift, although tired but encouraged. That's because there is indeed a path behind the snow drift, Luis enters cautiously. Luis realizes the cave is rather dark but the little light on his laser gun did give him just enough light to guide him. Then Luis hears several noises of footprints but had no idea where they were coming from. Luis screams "Whoever you are come out and show yourself I'm tired of the hide and seek games!" Then a beam hits Luis's gun and Luis loses his gun. Then he is attacked by salamander troopers in multiple directions it seemed hopeless for Luis who was getting kicked around in the dark with no way to fight back. A rattle was heard in the cave and then tons of snow came in collapsing into the cave burying Luis and his attackers. Luckily for Luis he was outside of the main impact of the snow so he was able to break out easily. He goes to one of the corpses of a trooper and sees the trooper had night vision goggles. He takes them along with his gun and says "Ah much better now I can see how to get the hell out of here. He sees a huge group of iguana enforcers but also sees a small path under them for him to get around them while remaining undetected. So Luis decided to crawl slowly to the underpass until he hits a part of the snow which makes a noise. The enforcers hear the noise; Luis thinks quickly and plays dead, the enforcers mistake Luis for another dead body of another human. After seeing the coast is clear Luis begins crawling again to the underpass he gets there he accidentally coughs but tries to cover it up. Once again the iguana enforcers become suspicious and one decides to jump down to investigate. Luis stays puts until the enforcer comes down with his back turned grab his mouth to cover it then he snaps his neck. After killing the enforcer Luis makes a run for it before the other enforcers are able to catch on to him. He is able to bypass the enforcers who are still in the state of confusion. He sees the light at the end of the tunnel as the night vision goggles start to turn bright white. Luis takes off the goggles and sees he has gone down in elevation on the mountain pass.

Dayvon continues to fall but lands on a lower platform, he says "Whew I thought I was a goner well looks like a clear path ahead." However Dayvon is sadly mistaken the path involves several small jumps between each mountain but one mistake and he was a goner. Not long he begins his first jump a hover ship arrives and tries to intercept Dayvon but he is able to do his famous summersaults and the ship crashes to the wall. Dayvon makes it to the second platform but realizes he has to jump to the next one quicker than he would like to; that's because the crash caused a stalactite from the mountain to fall. Dayvon makes it to the third platform just in the nick of time with the stalactite falling on to the second platform. He stands on the platform to catch his breath, then a strong gust of wind blows pushing Dayvon towards the edge of the mountain. He hangs on to a stalactite sticking out to keep him on the mountain. The gust eventually calms down and Dayvon tries to climb back on but the stalactite begins to crack, Dayvon uses all of his energy to push his weight back onto the platform. The stalactite falls down and Dayvon still catching his breath says "Wow now I know why people say mountain climbing is dangerous!" Dayvon catches his breath for a minute or so then resumes to his journey. Along the way he would take care of alien troops of every class be it boars, iguanas or salamanders. Dayvon sees the river much more clearly he goes towards the river to get a better look to see if he could spot Angel. He eventually reaches the end of the pass but another rattle is heard and the snow behind begins to fall. It was an avalanche Dayvon attempted to outrun the rush of snow, but the force was great. The avalanche would take Dayvon to an unknown location.

Luis leaves the cave outside and he’s attacked by several teleporting salamander troopers. He has a hard time defeating them but eventually does defeat them. He continues his way through the path with the occasional small avalanches of snow falling but none impede Luis’s progress. Luis finds himself losing sight of where Dayvon is and says in concern to himself “Hmm it may had been better to stick together here, hopefully he’s okay, these mountains seem to be acting very volatile and unpredictably.” Then a hovership appears out of nowhere attacking Luis, he dodges the ships lasers and he aims perfectly at the trooper pilot. He shoots the trooper perfectly then the ship crashes next to him. He approaches the next obstacle which is an extremely steep hill at a 45 degree angle; Luis looks at a big piece of the crash hovership and decides he could use it as a snowboard. During the times when he wasn’t at his dealership he was an avid snowboarder and he was in love with it plus he was pretty good at it. Difference he is that this hill was 45 degrees while he was used to boarding down on 60 degree hills. Luis said “What a steep hill but it’s too dangerous to go by foot, gotta take a chance though.” Luis grabs the piece of metal and begins his descent down the hill. During his descent he encounters numerous enemies on snowmobiles gunning for him, he managed to shoot several of them. However he started to pick up too much speed going down that he could not get a good shot on any of them. So he had to do some clever maneuvering so either lose them or get them to crash into the trees, at the same time though he was a having a hard time maneuvering himself having a lot of near misses on trees and rocks. Luis notices the path is cut off by a large hole with the river below. Luis hangs on and takes a leap of faith onto the other side of the hill then lands hard to the other side. Luis catches his breath then gets up and sees that the river leads to a huge icy lake surrounded by glaciers and within those glaciers were small glooba communication towers.

Luis finds the mountain pass leads to Lake Yukon a huge lake separating from smaller islands in Northern Canada. Despite its remote location the gloobas have taken over and made their influence known in the area. Now what their intentions were in the area was still unknown. Dayvon is caught in an avalanche, Dayvon isn’t harmed in the avalanche but has he found the lake as well without knowing? Meanwhile where did the flying trooper take Maria to and is Angel still alive despite falling into the water. Finally no trace of Quentin can be found and our heroes have no leads to any possible locations of where he was taken too or will Quentin escape the grasps of the aliens.

A noise of a jetpack can be heard in the distance. It was the trooper who kidnapped Maria and Maria was still being carried, who was still trying to figure a way out without falling too great of a distance. Maria is able to take a peek and see Lake Yukon right below her, she realizes even though the water was cold but she had a better chance of survival falling into water than into the hard ground. She slowly gets her hands into the jetpack of the trooper and then she pulls the eject button. Both Maria and the trooper start to fall, but Maria is able to grab the jetpack and begins to use it while the trooper ended up falling onto a glacier instead of the water. Maria glides over the lake looking over then she sees a body lying on a small iceberg, she moves closer to the body. She discovers that the body is that of…

Luis begins his investigation of the first communication tower defeats the few salamander troopers guarding the tower and then he goes inside. He goes upstairs and sees the main communication tower across the lake and sees a suspended railcar to transport him to the main tower. However is in the distance and Luis had used a telescope in the tower to see everything. He says "Damn I got to cross this whole lake which is icy cold and I'm sure they got the lake surrounded by a wall." He finds a water suit and reads the instructions which say "This suit will help protect you for a limited time from your body being exposed to the sub-zero temperatures underwater. Only underground employees should be wearing these. Must be recharged after use, allows protection of up to 20 minutes." Luis says to him self why would I have to go underwater for? Is there an underground lab or facility? Well I should put this on to be safe." Luis jumps in to the icy cold water then he finds several hoverships patrolling the lake. Luis decides to use a peek and boo idea which he would shoot one pilot down, then duck down under water and then resurface to take out the others until all have been taken out. His strategy works with one problem he finds many poisonpus's underwater ready for their next meal, looks like they have adapted to the extreme cold as well. While Luis wanted to head straight for the main tower but it was too long of a swim, so he decided to rest up at each communication tower or barracks.

Dayvon after being unconscious for about 30 minutes regain his conscience then spots the end of the river leading up to the lake where Luis is currently exploring. However unlike Luis Dayvon is all the way to the left close to the wall surrounding the lake, he sees many buildings on the surface for him to explore then of course the lake itself. He starts with a barracks where he gets into a gunfight with aliens in the barracks which he wins with no injury. He finds a freezethrower which shoots ice that freezes aliens or any living thing for that matter on contact. He gets out of the barracks then into a warehouse where glooba weapons and snowmobiles are stored, he decides to take a stealthy approach this time around. He sneaks around the boxes then snaps the neck of a salamander trooper, then with a loose pipe he finds sticks into the heart of an iguana enforcer and finally activates a conveyor belt which grabs a boar cop and drops him to a compactor. Dayvon say humorously "Lard Lard too much to around much, I rather have bacon!" He goes up to the foreman's office and finds a keycard which reads "Keycard for Main Tower Railcar #1". Dayvon in his mind says "What the hell #1 what is that supposed to mean? Are there multiple cards I have to find?" While pondering on the meaning of the keycard Dayvon moves on to the third and final building before the lake which reads "Central Command South". When he gets inside central command he is ambushed by aliens, after defeating the first set of aliens then a salamander trooper gets on a sentry gun and starts to unload bullets on Dayvon. Dayvon quickly finds cover under a desk filled with computers but quickly moves out when the bullets start hitting the computers. He gets behind a pillar and ponders how to get through the alien knowing it was waiting for him to come out. Dayvon sees a computer terminal outside the sight of the alien, he sees the option of dropping hot oil onto the alien which was a trap usually set for intruders. He activates the trap which drops the oil onto the alien burning it to a crisp. Dayvon says "Crispy!" He finds the main computer and eventually finds out what the aliens are actually up to...

The body that Maria finds on the small iceberg is that of Angel! Maria says in excitement "Angel its you! I knew you were still alive!" Angel gets up and says in confusion "Where am I last I remember I was trying to cross a bridge, fell into this icy river and I got so cold that I passed out. How did the hell I survive all this?" Maria says "I don't know like the Elder God said this world does not completely follow nature's law, so maybe you were able to withstand these temperatures. Anyway I'm glad you're ok!" Maria hugs Angel yet again. Maria looks at her jetpack and it's almost empty, she says in disgust "Damn it no fuel and we are in the middle of a huge lake! Wait I see a tower there if we can swim there, we can warm up a little and perhaps see what our next move will be." They swim to the tower while avoiding the spike ball traps and tentacles coming up from poisonpus's. One poisonpus grabs Angel and pulls him down, Maria hating the water had to face her fear of going underwater or else Angel would be a Popsicle in the lake. Maria dives underwater having trouble breathing shoots the poisonpus and grabbing Angel. Angel and Maria had to be quick getting to the tower because their body temperatures were going down at a rapid rate. They kept swimming but their bodies started to become numb due to the icy nature of the lake; however a boat passes by creating a wave big enough to push the two to the iceberg where the tower was located. Angel and Maria quickly went inside to the tower but they seen a large amount of gloobas guarding the area, they found a large box open and hid in there until they got warm enough to come out to face the aliens.

Luis after discovering another communication tower with nothing useful inside besides warming up, swims to another iceberg containing a barracks. He goes inside the barracks faces numerous enemies, he rips the chain gun off from one of the iguana enforcers and uses it mop the floor of all alien forces. Luis finds a downstairs level with more alien forces including his nemesis the teleporting salamander trooper. However Luis was so used to the attacking patterns of the teleporting troopers that it became second nature. One of the troopers grabs Luis from behind while the other trooper attempts to slash him with his laser sword. Luis breaks loose just in time that the trooper accidentally slashed his comrade and then Luis blasted the trooper with the chain gun he took from the iguana enforcer. Luis finds a poorly but very understandable map of the lake, it shows a keycard for the railcar where he is but when he goes to find the keycard it's not in the desk where it was supposed to be. He finds a note where the keycard should had been, the not reads "The Railway Access Card #3 has been moved to the underwater lab for security reasons, it has been moved to lab room A-2 in lab #2". Luis says in his head "Well looks like this water suit thing is gonna get it's money's worth. Gotta be careful though those poisonpus's are gonna be hungry for me, gotta find a better weapon. Ha here's one!" Luis finds a harpoon which is perfect for shooting down poisonpus's and the gun comes with more harpoons. Luis now felt prepared to explore the underwater in hopes to find lab #2, Luis put the map inside the water suit to protect the map from getting wet and therefore unreadable. The exit door is unlocked the console next to it says "Room ahead has to be depressurized to release lock." Luis plays around with the console until he's able to flush the water out of the following room and release the lock. Luis then went head on to explore the dangerous poisonpus infested waters.

Finally Angel and Maria get warm enough to go out and face the aliens. Then a long enduring gunfight begins with the aliens, our heroes use everything including boxes and fire extinguishers to defeat the aliens. Although all the aliens are defeated Angel was shot in the arm by an iguana enforcer and the pain was made worse by the fact that Angel's nerves were still rather cold. Angel kneels down in great pain favoring his right arm and tells Maria in pain "You got to get something to make this pain go way and stop the bleeding, blood is starting to come out. I'm also getting a dizzy spell... Angel falls down unconscious and he doesn't move at all. Maria spots a medical room not too far; she drags Angel to the Medical room, lays Angel on the bed and starts to develop a cure for Angel's injury. Maria finds some ointment begins applying it to the wound, then finds a blanket to warm Angel up and then she ties some medical cloth around the wound to stop the bleeding. Maria begins praying "Please lord don't let Angel pass away, give him the strength to survive. Lord I love Angel he doesn't know just yet but please protect him and don't let me lose him! Amen." Anxiously waiting Maria begins to pace around for about 15 minutes then she sits back next to Angel. After another five minutes pass Angel slowly opens it eyes and Maria breathes a sigh of relief and actually kisses Angel on the cheek. Maria says out loud "Thank you Lord you won't regret answering my prayer, Angel I..." Maria is too nervous to tell Angel her feelings for him and says instead "Angel I'm glad you're ok." Angel says "That's three I owe you wow I'm starting to think you are my guardian angel, Maria I think..." Angel is also hesitant to announce his feelings for Maria and says instead "I think you are a cool person and a kick ass partner." The two spend another hour warming up while Angel continues to recover from his injuries. After that they resumed their investigation of the tower. Angel sees a keycard grabs it and it reads "Underwater lab #1 Access Card" and is followed with a note that says "To get the Railway Access Card #2 proceed to lab #1 and lab room C-4. To safely access the underwater lab put these under water suits on to keep your body warm while underwater, Sincerely Management." Angel says "Ah no breaks for the weary looks like were in for an adventure underwater." Maria responds "Ah no I hate water!" Angel responds back "Don't worry hun I'm with you now, if we work together we'll be fine." Angel and Maria prepare to go underwater to find the access card to the Railway transport.

Once again our heroes while in the same general area have very different fates and experiences. Little do they know that the Railway transport system needs all three keycards to activate and each one will be in possession of one thinking it's their ticket to the main tower and their questions will be answered. Little do they know that they all need to survive and have the three keycards at the same time to activate the Railway transport system. Will all our heroes survive? For if even one dies the whole journey will be compromised; Dayvon finally figures out what the gloobas intend to do with the "outpost" in the middle of the Arctic. What were the gloobas intentions here?

Luis begins his underwater expedition to find lab #2 and with the help of his might vision goggles he quickly find the door leading to lab #2. However just like Angel and Maria found out these waters are infested with poisonpus's, Luis defeats several of them. One of them is able to spit poison ink onto Luis but because of his protective suit the toxins are unable to get into his system. He gets close to lab #2 but sees a whirlpool coming very close to his direction, however Luis is able to get inside the lab just in the nick of time before the whirlpool is able to sallow him. He touches the console to flush the water out of the hallway in order to get in. Now Luis needed to get to lab room A-2 but he was in level C so he would have to go deeper into the lab to get to his destination. As he began heading towards level A he finds the same turrets that he found at the launch facility, so he had to zig zag his way thorough the hallway until he found an elevator, but before he could use the elevator he's attacked by a boar cop. The cop aims for Luis but Luis is able to jump then shoot the boar, even though the boar missed Luis but he did hit the elevator console declaring the elevator unusable since the buttons were fried after the bullets hit. Luis says in a frustrated tone "Crud looks like it's the stairs for me." Luis headed for the stairs when another set of turrets were guarding the stairway, instead of going down the stairs Luis jumped down to the level B hall. Then he gets attacked by a teleporting trooper from behind him but before the trooper got to teleport Luis grabs the trooper and pushes his head into a spike sticking out on the wall killing the trooper. The floor below him collapses and Luis falls he is able to break his fall by grabbing a spike, he sees a pattern of spikes going down to level A at the same time the stairs were collapsing and water was starting to leak into the stairway walls. Luis carefully climbed down the spikes until he got to the level A hallway. He made his way to lab room A-2 where he was attack by more aliens which he defeats easily, he grabs the keycard. However Luis realizes the water was breaking through the walls and he could not go back the way he came in, then he sees a sign pointing to an emergency exit. He follows the path until he breaks out and returns underwater before the lab before him collapses completely. When Luis resurfaces above ground he notices the iceberg that was once above the lab was completely melted, the temperature has risen significantly and the water level began to rise as well. Luis with the keycard made his way to the railway system.

Angel and Maria go underwater but because of how dark it was they had some issues finding the lab #1 entrance and to add to the problem they had to deal with poisonpus's. Maria started to feel hopeless swimming in what seemed to be an endless underwater expedition to nowhere but despair. Angel reassured her that every thing was going to be fine. After 15 minutes the two of them notice the protection of the suit was running out, then a light turns on out of no where and the lab #1 entrance was revealed. They head inside while dodging the tentacles of the numerous poisonpus's underwater. Angel and Maria finally get inside and find a recharging station for the protective suits; they placed the suits to recharge while they investigate the lab to find lab room C-4. While they are moving along they see a set of laser trip mines but they are actually moving towards them. The mines covered nearly every angle possible so they could not move left or right nor could they duck down. The door behind them closes as well; however one place the mines did not cover was up, Angel sees a set of pipes the two could hang on to while the lasers passed on by. So Angel throws Maria up to the pipes then he wall jumps and able to use his strength to pull up on the pipe. Both Angel and Maria hang out to the pipes in a hugging position where their feet were on the pipes as well. The lasers passed by them but more laser traps came out and set up in the bottom of the hallway. Angel screams and warns Maria "NO! Don't let go these traps cover the entire hallway, hopefully your upper body strength is good because we're gonna have to shimmy our way to the other side using the pipes, one false move and we're history. Man these guys are devious they really want us dead." Both Angel and Maria shimmy their way to the other side, Angel gets to the other side of the hallway easily but Maria loses her grip or at least one of her hands still hangs on. Angel tells Maria "You got to jump towards me, don't worry I'll catch you!" Maria responds "Ok here I go!" Maria jumps and Angel catches her just above the laser traps able to pull her away from the laser traps. After all that the two get to lab room C-4, grab the keycard then Angel sees a computer console which is able to shutoff the laser traps. After Angel shuts off the laser traps an alarm goes off. Maria says "Looks like we're going to have company!" A whole army of aliens come out the two take several of them out but agree to make a run for it instead. Grabbing their underwater suits they rush their way out of the lab and all the water would rush into the lab taking and drowning the aliens that remained inside the lab. Angel and Maria resurfaced and began the long journey to the railway car transportation system.

Meanwhile Dayvon while having a tough time understanding what the main computer said because it was written in the native glooba language is able to see a visual aid. This visual aid shows Dayvon that the gloobas plan to use a heat ray to melt off the polar ice cap and cause flooding of biblical proportions to coastal cities that would eventually spread through inland areas as well. Dayvon didn't have to understand the writing that if the polar ice caps are melted that the flooding would cause destruction that to the point it would irreversible even with the anti-matter ball. The gloobas wanted to flush out Earth then rebuild it for their own use for their new empire on Earth. However there was nothing he could do from the computer to stop the heat ray from being used, but he did find out where it could be found. The heat ray could be found on the northern most remote island of the Yellowknife region of Canada. Dayvon says "That's definitely where the railway will take me and the others assuming they are alive. Wherever the heat ray is located is also probably where got Quentin held up. Better get going!" Dayvon upon leaving the central command center finds a boat but it is docked and needs to be undocked. Dayvon attempts to undock the boat but it is tied up underwater which meant Dayvon had to go underwater, unlike the others Dayvon had no protective suit to help him out so he had to be fast as his body temperature was gonna go down fast. Dayvon went down to try to undock the boat but the locks were frozen shut as if no one has touched the boat for sometime. Dayvon went back to central command to see if he could find something to burn the ice off the locks. When returning to central command he finds a group of iguana enforcers ready to attack so he decided to put his new weapon to the test. He freezes all of them with the freeze thrower and kicks the frozen enforcers into ice pieces. Dayvon eventually finds an armory which is empty for the most part except for a flamethrower which is exactly what he needed to melt the ice off the boat. He goes to the boat all warmed up, goes underwater uses the flamethrower to melt the ice holding the boat eventually Dayvon is able to undock the boat. Little did Dayvon know was that a couple a poisonpus's were on his tail, he resurfaces catching his breath in the process. He starts the boat then the two poisonpus's pop out of the water to go after him, they immediately try to spit poison ink towards Dayvon, but Dayvon wisely uses whatever cover he could find. Then he shoots the poisonpus's with the freezethrower and throws them back into the water. He says "Is that cold enough for you alien bastards?" He starts the boat heading to the railway car and hopes to find the others in the process.

Dayvon drives the boat towards the destination but slows down because he notices somebody in the water. It was Luis, so he brought the ladder down so Luis could climb in and says "Hey you good bro?" Luis responds "Yeah I am, cool you got a boat that will sure help us out." Dayvon says "So that means the others can't be too far away." Dayvon continues to drive the boat until he sees Angel and Maria then sounds the boats horn. Angel says "What's that? A boat hey over here!" Dayvon approaches the two sends the ladder down to grab Angel and Maria. After all of them are warmed up Dayvon begins to explain what the aliens intentions are in the area. Angel responds "Son a bitch of course and then the people of Earth would blame it on global warming, come on guys we got less time then we thought!" Luis says "Where is this heat ray my brother?" Dayvon responds "According to what I seen on the alien’s computer it's the northern most part of Yellowknife or I should say Island." Maria says "Most likely once we get on this railway car that's where we'll end up at least hopefully." The heroes proceed on their trip to the railway car but it doesn't come without any turbulence. A spaceship come over the boat and starts to deploy a variety of alien troops including salamander troopers, iguana enforcers and boar cops. Angel says to everyone "We're not abandoning ship just yet, they're gonna have to kill us to get control of this ship." Luis says "Yeah come on everybody lets kick some alien tail." Dayvon finds more ice molecules for his freezethrower and shoots several aliens with it then breaking them into ice pieces. The rest of them shoots and kills the aliens that come their way. Many more waves come in and Maria says "Man there no end to these guys!" Angel sees a flare gun and says "With this I'll shoot down that damn ship and once it comes down no more aliens bastards will bother us. Angel shoots down the spaceship in its engine, the spaceship begins to descend and it falls underwater then explodes. Angel says "Scratch one big bogey and bacon for everyone!" The boat gets close to the railway transportation system; our heroes are getting close to the railway.

The ship arrives at the dock for the transportation system. Dayvon stops the ship and everyone boards off the boat then head for the railway transportation system. The heroes are at the access card reader for the transportation system, but they see three card readers with instructions saying "To access the railway to cross the to the main tower, all three access cards must be placed to use the railway, One to activate the third rail, one to activate the railcar and the final one to unlock the door to enter the railcar." Angel says in a frustrated tone "Great! We need three cards and I only got one." Dayvon says "I got one as well." Luis says "Me too, we all got the cards to get this bad boy started and we had no idea." Maria responds in relief "Whew lucky for us we got all of the cards, now to get moving and find Quentin." Angel, Luis and Dayvon insert their access cards into the card readers and the computer says railway car system is now activated. Angel says "Well he we go, ladies first. Finally we can get some rest even if it for a few minutes." Dayvon starts the railway car and the car begins to move towards the main tower. For the first 15 minutes the ride is nice and calm our heroes start to talk about their experiences so far and begin to discuss their personal stories of their lives. Maria and Angel do not discuss their feelings for each other even though they love each other but neither one knows that the other knows, so it remains off topic for now. After 15 minutes past snow begins to fall and the wind begins to pick up. Five minutes later the snow and wind really pick up as if the car was heading into a blizzard. Our heroes start to get concerned and start to become more cautious, however the car was nearly at the station for the main communication tower. Angel reassured everyone that they were close to the main tower. Then out of the blues an out of control hovership sideswipes the railway car and creates a pretty big hole where the wind starts to come in. The hole gets even bigger the wind begins to pull the heroes out of the car while Maria, Dayvon and Luis are able to hang on Angel is pulled by the wind straight out of the car. The car reaches the main tower station with Luis, Dayvon and Maria getting off. Meanwhile Angel then begins to fall to the mountainous terrain...

Our heroes finally learn that the gloobas are trying to cause a major flood that would flood possibly the entire world. While the heroes managed to survive and get back together is was short lived as once again the idea of that anything that can go wrong has gone wrong. Maria, Luis and Dayvon survived the crazy ride but Angel was pulled out and has fallen to either an unknown area or to his death. At the same time a blizzard was just getting started. Will Angel survive or have the numbers gone down by one. Meanwhile still no trace of Quentin and at the site of the heat ray the gloobas are continuing to work on the heat ray and soon it will be ready. Question is can they be stopped?

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