The Thousand Years War

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Chapter 8: Blizzard Zone

Angel falls out of the railcar transporting him and the others to the main towers. Angel does manage to survive the fall and regains consciousness quickly. However the blizzard begins to pick up again, Angel sees the main tower in the distance, but now he needs to find his own way to the main tower. Then a loud roar is heard, huge foot prints can be seen in the snow. Angel eventually sees what's causing the loud roar...

Angel guards up and finds that the roars are coming from that of a polar bear. The bear however exhibits very aggressive behavior much more aggressive than normal polar bears. The bear attacks Angel with its claws but Angel is able to dodge its attack. Angel says “I don’t like the idea of shooting a polar bear, but if I don’t I’ll be its next meal.” Angel shoots the bear and painfully watches it fall down to the ground, then actually gets a bit emotional because he loved polar bears. However he noticed that the bear’s blood was green same color blood of the salamander troopers and iguana enforcers. He says angrily “No body messes with our animals and lives!” Angel realizes the gloobas are starting to alter what nature has created for their sick intentions. He says “This blizzard is probably made by these bastards as well, it’s going to take more that a little blizzard to stop me.” Angel ventures deeper into another forest with the snow falling at a rapid pace.

Angel is met with some salamander troopers and iguana enforcers, the limited visibility due to the snow makes it challenging for Angel to defeat the aliens but eventually he does defeat them. As he moves on in the forest he notices the forest is divided by several large hills. As Angel stares at the long fall below him, Angel sets himself up to jump across. Angel is able to jump across to the other side up the hill struggles to climb up the hill as he is hindered by the strong winds blowing against him. Angel finds a cave once he gets to the top of the hill, Angel goes inside the cave to warm up but he encounters another polar bear. Angel is trapped inside with no ammunition left in his shotgun; the bear traps him in a corner and Angel then plays dead in a last ditch effort to save himself. The bear sniffs Angel and assumes that he is dead then moves along his way back out to the wild. Angel sees that the coast is clear gets back up and says “Whew! That was too close; I thought I was dead meat. Good thing I was “dead meat” I get to live another day.” Angel starts to explore the cave sees a boar cop not pay attention, he drop kicks the boar then snaps it neck, then says “Squeal pig squeal!” He gets the boar’s shotgun and ammo then he was ready to roll. He goes back out and sees a path back to the main tower, but Angel knew by now that it wasn’t going to be easy. He slides down the hill which was a lot less steep than the last, then explores the next part of the forest.

The forest that Angel had entered wasn't nearly as dense, so there was less places for him to hide. The blizzard would pick up even more to the point where visibility was down to a eighth of a mile. Angel was grabbed by a teleporting salamander trooper and with the snow Angel just couldn't take out or even track where the trooper was going. To make matters worse nightfall was getting even close, Angel would get slashed by the trooper cutting his right arm which was already injured previously. Angel eventually did shoot the trooper down, but once again just like in the warehouse Angel found himself favoring his right arm. Then a group of snowmobiles made their way towards Angel, the snowmobiles were patrolling the area. Angel quickly made his way to hide behind a pine tree until the coast was clear. However Angel had a bigger problem he was starting to bleed again out of his arm and when Angel thought things couldn't get any worse things would get worse. Another snowmobile that was going much faster than the previous ones came towards Angel, but Angel had no time to react. The snowmobile struck Angel directly flipping him over. The salamander trooper driving the snowmobile stopped for a second looked at Angel and assumed he was dead so he went on while contacting his master on his radio telling him that he had killed Angel. His master ordered a unit of troops to pick up the body and transport it to "HQ". Angel remained lifeless on the same spot for the next hour.

While the others got to the main tower unscathed Angel was the unlucky one to be pulled out. It was one thing to deal with polar bears that were being controlled by the gloobas but it coincided with a raging blizzard. While the path to the main tower for Angel seemed obvious but the combination of the weather conditions and the gloobas made it hard if not impossible for Angel. It seemed that the gloobas had the upper hand against Angel and may have actually killed off Angel. The blizzard continued and there still was no sign of movement from Angel's body. With the sun going down the temperatures were going down as well. With the decreasing temperatures along with the snow it was only a matter of time until Angel would die of hypothermia. After an hour though a snowmobile unlike the ones the gloobas were using came and an unknown person came and picked up Angel then left the scene. Who was this person a friendly native or was a glooba simply taking Angel too his doom?

It was night time in the Yukon border and the blizzard continued well into the night. Then the sun came up and the snow had turned to just flurries, also the wind had substantially subsided. Angel's body was no where to be found where he was hit by the snowmobile. A male voice says "Hey young man wake up." Angel slowly wakes up and finds himself right next to fireplace inside a cabin and says "Ah what happened and how am I still alive, last thing I remember I was bleeding out my right arm after one of those alien bastards tried to kill me..." The strange man says "The spirits must had guided me to you, trust me you're fine. I have to say the spirits must really favor you because you were in bad shape my friend." Angel responds "Yeah you're right because that snowmobile hit me dead on, anyway who are you? You're one of those Eskimos right?" The man said and introduced himself "Yes you are correct I am an Eskimo or at least one of the tribes that are still surviving here. My name is Fabian, what's yours? Angel answers "I'm Angel and I'm here because the aliens here are trying to destroy these lands and cause a great flood and kill off your people back on Earth. If you can understand what I'm saying at least." Fabian responds "Yes I understand we have been under attack from these creatures of faraway lands, quickly tribe after tribe and people after people have been eradicated. I fear if this continues our people will become completely extinct. I'm glad that you are on our side and I will like to join you my brother." Angel with some enthusiasm responds "Thanks man I can use a hand, but I have to tell you it won't just be your people extinct all of mankind would be extinct and those that do survive would end up being slaves. Put it simply if they win you can kiss your freedom goodbye." Fabian says "Thanks young one we will make a good team, the blizzard has stopped at least for now." Angel puzzled and crossed eyed says "What? You mean the blizzard is coming back?" Fabian calmly responds "Yes it’s actually a common occurrence up here. I can tell you're not from here." Angel responds "You got that right, shit you must be one tough cookie." Fabian laughs and says "No I just live with what nature offers me and my people. Now where were you heading to before you were attacked?" Angel points to the main tower and tells Fabian "There that's there main tower if we get there we can meet my friends and find out where their headquarters is located. I would tell you more but we don't have that kind of time." Fabian says "Ok lets go and don't worry I got my own rifle." Angel and Fabian begin their way out of the cabin and towards the main tower.

After the two leave the cabin the snow starts to pick up somewhat still not nearly as bad as it was at its peak. Fabian says to Angel "It won't be long now snow is already coming down again, this way through the hills." The hills were surrounded by rivers which went to Lake Yukon as well so both had to be careful to not fall in the water. There were three hills that had to be crossed in order to get to the main tower or at least in the literal sense. Fabian warned Angel that he's never taken this path before in his life so he had little what to expect just like Angel. They began on the first hill and are met by iguana enforcers who they take care of fast. Angel says "That was easy a little too easy. Don't get too comfortable I know these guys well, they've got more tricks up their sleeves." Then they cross a small bridge then a couple of odd-looking mini space ships come towards them, Angel and Fabian jump from the bridge to the other hill. One of the spaceships simply explode taking down the bridge with it and Angel shoots the other which explodes in mid-air. Angel shocked says "What the hell were those? Metal suicide bombers that fly into you? No this is just getting crazier by the moment, a perfect reflection of how NYC is falling apart back on Earth!" The spaceships are technically called sentry drones whose job is simple; run into you and explode such as the job of a regular suicide bomber. When negotiating the second hill more sentry drones pop out, Angel and Fabian team up to take them out except one that explodes next to Fabian causing the part of the hill next to him to collapse. Fabian is quickly grabbed by Angel before he starts to fall any deeper. Then two hoverships start to attack the two then come straight for the two trying to knock them down from the hill. Angel and Fabian jump just when the ships are getting closer then the hoverships crash into each other, one of the drops a RPG which Angel grabs along with 3 rockets and a back pack to carry them. "This may prove to be useful." Angel says after picking up the RPG.

A teleporting salamander trooper tries to attack Angel from behind but Fabian sees him and clubs him with a warclub similar to the one Chief Sitting Hawk used back in the "Abyss". Angel asks Fabian if he knew who Sitting Hawk was and Fabian responded "Yes I do he was a friend of my fathers he was raised out here but then moved out to New York. Why do you ask?" Angel responds "I ask because that warclub you have is similar to the one he had and I got some bad...” Fabian cuts Angel off and says "How do you know him and what happened to him?" Angel responds "This may be hard for you to sallow but he was killed by his son who turned on him to join these alien but it's only for now, if we can succeed in our mission all the destruction that is happening on earth as a result of what has happened here in this "Virtual" world will be restored as if nothing ever took place. So yes Chief Sitting Hawk and everyone you've lost up here will return back to life because we would reverse everything that has happened, if you can understand." Fabian responds "It's a bit confusing but I can understand the idea and I know one thing these aliens must be defeated but so what as long as I'm alive that's what counts the most." Angel says "Listen you just don't get it, but its fine you'll understand better as we go along." Angel and Fabian can see the third hill and begin to head for the final hill before the main tower.

The duo begins to embark on the third hill then a spaceship appears over their heads and begins to drop alien troops down. Meanwhile the snow and wind start to pick up again in earnest. Angel says "Damn this snow again! Plus these guys are coming in full force; this is gonna be a rough and bloody fight here!" Angel and Fabian pick off each alien one by one but the numbers are too much then Angel decides to use the RPG to shoot down the spaceship. The spaceship blows and crashes to the nearest forest. However there was a large amount of enemies in front of the two, so Angel uses the RPG to blow up all the aliens. Angel says in a cocky tone "In America we call that a strike!" Angel finds some more RPG rockets probably falling out of the spaceship, he says "Ah cool more firepower, here Fabian you take this." Fabian got a laser rifle capable of shooting three rounds at a time. Meanwhile the weather became a full-fledge blizzard once again and then a loud roar is hear again. Angel says "NO! It can't be that roar sounds too familiar, son of a bitch this bastard again!"

Another miracle strikes again for Angel he is saved by Fabian a native Eskimo. The two of them work together to fight to the main tower, they cross the first two hills with some difficulty and cross halfway through the third hill. However that roar Angel hears coming from a cave that sounded eerie one that he's heard before. Could it be? Has BattleGlooba returned for his revenge for his defeat back in the spaceship back at the Mohawk temple?

Angel heads for the cave which is across from the river and yes it is BattleGlooba had made its return to get revenge on Angel. Angel says "I beat you once; I'll just do it again!" Fabian says in panic "Angel! Who in the hell is that big guy? Be careful!" Angel says in determination "Ah it's just an old "friend" of mines who needs to be taught a lesson for a second time!" BattleGlooba launched mortar shots towards the two; Angel tries to shoot the RPG but can't get a good shot. BattleGlooba uses his huge chain gun at Angel and Fabian, the two go down underwater to duck his bullets they quickly swim away while the bullets penetrate the water but misses our heroes. Angel resurfaces while BattleGlooba is distracted he shoots his RPG and it's a direct hit BattleGlooba kneels down. For good measure Angel shoots another rocket and BattleGlooba goes down for good, Angel says "Ha my little "friend" went down much easier this time apparently he came back for another ass whooping, one can of whoop ass just dealt!" Angel and Fabian see a gate and just beyond it was the main tower however the gate needed an access card. The two look in the cave where Angel killed BattleGlooba but no keycard could be found. Angel tries to climb the gate but gets an electric shock when he tries to get over and says in a frustrated tone "Shit looks like these guys are one step ahead of us, eh I hate gates these aliens are a bunch of cheaters!" Fabian says "I'll look up here and you go down underwater." Angel says "Whoa! Wait a minute no offense but why do I gotta go underwater? What you don't know how to swim?" Fabian sadly responds "Yes it’s true I learned everything well from my father except how to swim, I feel ashamed trust me..." Angel angrily cuts off Fabian "So you an Eskimo are saying you can't swim?! I must be shitting on my pants right now, like yeah you should be ashamed damn!" Fabian walks away in shame, Angel stops him and says "Wait I'm sorry I'm just being a dick you are an excellent warrior. I just got caught in the moment. Besides if I can kill off BattleGlooba then an underwater dive should be nothing for me." Fabian says happily "Its fine lets get moving shall we!"

Angel heads underwater where he sees a bunch of poisonpus's that he takes out with ease. He sees the keycard at the bottom of the lake; Angel's body temperature is going down but not as fast as it once was. It was almost like the water was actually getting warmer all Angel said to himself was "Damn it's warm I should be happy but I know that means these gloobas are already trying out their secret weapon. I got even less time than I thought!" A scream and a roar are heard by Angel who quickly resurfaces and finds BattleGlooba going after Fabian; he rubs his eyes hoping he was having an illusion. However it was real Angel says "There's no way he survived that?! Does this bastard ever die?" Angel says to BattleGlooba "Hey you, haven't you learned your lesson yet?" Angel shoots BattleGlooba with the RPG and BattleGlooba goes down again. Fabian uses his warclub and uses it to strike BattleGlooba's heart to ensure he could never come back. After that Angel gets Fabian to safety but notices something's not right in the air. He sees the dead BattleGlooba that he just killed and then he sees the corpse of the BattleGlooba that he had killed earlier. He realizes that there are multiple BattleGloobas and the one he killed in the spaceship was just the tip of the iceberg.

Reality was that he did kill the main BattleGlooba back in the temple. These BattleGloobas were weaker versions of the main one; they were used as generals during glooba assaults.

Angel and Fabian start to notice the blizzard comes to a complete halt, temperatures warm up big time and that the hill behind them was melting. Fabian says "What's going on? Why is everything melting?" Angel says "Now you understand these aliens are going to cause global warming themselves and nobody on Earth our real home will even know what the cause is. You see that hill melting; the more we wait the more our future is melting. Right now you fool, that hill is representing our future which is melting away not only figuratively but also literally. Is this what you want your future to be? Huh!" Fabian responds "Now I understand I been selfish as of late I'm sorry Angel, I get it now I belong on Earth but how did I get here." Angel says "I'll explain to you later but we gotta get going, now its time to kick some alien ass and send them packing with their feet on fire!" Angel and Fabian open the gate and move into the main tower area.

It took a while for Fabian to understand the meaning of everything, although he's confused of how he ended up in this virtual world but now understands he must help Angel and the others if he wants to save his people. Angel finds out that there are an army of BattleGloobas no just one. The blizzard has stopped completely. Now Angel had to go meet with the other who hopefully haven't got too far assuming that he has died. However the big question is what does the main tower hold for our heroes and is the heat ray there or will the main tower tell our heroes where to find it. Finally how many more kinds of sick twisted enemies was Angel going to run into? Hope has been restored at least for now, only question is where is Quentin?

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