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Chapter Seven


Zero stared at herself in the mirror. It was the day after the party and she was handed clothes that she was meant to be training in.

She wore a very heavy shirt and had armor that covered and protected her chest. Her stomach was covered by a black corset that was tied tightly, and she wore heavy pants that had a belt around it. The belt was filled with a sword, dagger, and some other things. Including the crystals that Arya gave to her to ‘keep the spirits away’.

Onyx pushed open the room door and rushed into the room. Almost immediately after he walked back out and closed the door. He knocked quickly and impatiently. Zero stood staring at the door and blinked a few times in shock. She opened her mouth to respond but before she could even spit out a word Onyx burst through the room and looked at her.

His eyes were filled with worry but quickly he sighed in relief and his face was washed over with relaxation. He entered the room and closed the door.

“What’s rule number one?” Onyx crossed his arms as he stared at her.

“Uh… respond when…”
“respond when I knock and talk to you.” Onyx spoke over her “what exactly did you do?”

Zero rolled her eyes and looked back at the large mirror. She could barely hold up her body because of how heavy everything was. Onyx walked over to her bed and sat down. He sighed tiredly and pulled the armor off of his chest.

He began to rip the heavy belt off of his waist. Once he dropped it on her bed it plopped loudly and bounced up in the air.

“I know right it’s so heavy.” Zero said as if his expression was enough to tell her what he was thinking.

“I can barley hold my arms up.” Onyx agreed.

Zero nodded her head.

“Want me to help you take some of it off?” Onyx asked.

“Won’t we need to put it back on later?”

“Yeah but we’ve gotta eat first. I’m pretty sure everyone else is taking theirs off.” Onyx shrugged.

“Yeah… I guess your right.” Zero lifted her arms to pull the armor off of her chest.

Onyx grunted loudly as he helped her pull the weighty breastplate off of her body. Zero pulled roughly and watched Onyx struggle to rip it off of her. His face was becoming a light shade of red and he bit his bottom lip clearly focused. Finally, the weight was pulled off of Zero and fell on her bed. Both Zero and Onyx sighed heavily.

“Wanna take your belt off too?” Onyx asked his voice breathy.

“Yeah.” Zero’s voice was just as wobbly as his.

Sweating, and tired, Zero moved her hand to her belt and searched for the button that was supposed to be used to remove it. Her hands trailed along the belt a few times as she looked. Inpatient, Onyx grabbed her belt and began to look as well. He finally found the button and roughly clicked down on it making it fall down and hit the ground.

Zero let out another tired sigh and plopped down on her bed. She moved her hand up to her forehead and tried to catch her breath.

“What the heck? They put more pounds on the girls then the boys.” Onyx said as he looked at the sizes of their belts.

Zero’s door swung open making her and Onyx turn to look at it.

“Okay Zero today on your…” Arya trialed off as she looked at them.

She stood for a moment looking between the two. Then a small, innocent yet devilish smile creeped on her face. She cleared her throat.

“Today on your schedule your supposed to eat breakfast with the others and start your training, then you’ll be expected to make a speech that you’ll be giving tomorrow… but I’m sure in your free time,” Arya looked up and glanced at Onyx “you’ll have time to ‘hang out’ with friends.”

Zero looked at Onyx then back at Arya. Onyx’s face became full of a blush red and he looked down.

“Yeah hang out. Anyway, I should probably get going, Y’know do my uh things that I have to do.” Onyx began to grab his things.

Zero helped him and handed him his heavy belt. He quickly left the room and closed the door on his way out.

“What’s his problem?” Zero stared at the door. She shrugged and looked back at Arya who seemed to be holding back laughter.

“Zero, your as dense as a brick.” She said.

Zero, unsure of what she mean’t stood and began to walk out the door. Her legs were heavier because of the pants so it was almost impossible to walk. She leaned on the wall as she attempted to walk to the dining hall. Her feet dragged against the ground and her body wobbled.

Eventually the dining hall showed up and she grabbed onto the doorknob. She entered the room and ended up stumbling and falling. A low yelp left her mouth. Myles laughed and began to help her stand. Zero leaned against his arm and laughed herself.

“Sorry it’s impossible to move in these.” She said.

“Right!” Ebony agreed from the table.

Myles began to help Zero to a chair and allowed her to sit down. Her weight made the chair creak a little. She looked around at everyone.

They all had on their heavy pants and wore a white shirt that resembled hers. Everyone had a plate in front of them and everyone was eating. Dame smiled at everyone and grabbed her cup. She sipped from it.

Next, Onyx stumbled into the room. He held onto the wall as he began to shakily walk toward his chair. Just like he helped Zero, Myles helped Onyx sit.

“Great, now that we’re all here we can finally talk.” Dame said.

“Are you okay?” Theo looked over at Onyx.

“Me? Yeah why?” Onyx asked and picked up his cup.

Theo stared at him closer then shook his head.

“Nothing. Your heart beat is just faster than normal, and your face is kinda red. Your pupils are a bit dilated, and I can tell that the veins in your face dilated too… it triggered your-“

“Shut up.” Myles allowed his fork to drop on his plate.

“Sorry.” Theo mumbled and rolled his eyes.

“No worries, I’m good.” Onyx assured him “just a bit flushed.” He muttered.

“Really? Why?” Zero asked.

Onyx coughed on his drink and placed it down. He shook his head.

“Nothing.” He wheezed.

Ebony smiled and looked between the two. She began to eat her food again and hummed something to herself.

Zero forced her fork into the pancakes that she was made and grabbed the knife. She tried her best to elegantly cut it and placed the smooth breakfast in her mouth. The syrup slithered down her throat and she could almost feel it plop in her stomach.

“Do you guys see what Theo just did? He could tell Onyx’s heart beat and everything. That alone could be his power. If he wanted to be could be a great manipulator.” Dame said.

“So what? His power is irritating nerd? Must suck.” Myles leaned back in his chair.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. What do’ya mean could be? You mean you don’t already know our powers?” Ebony asked.

Dame chuckled.

“Well of course I don’t know your powers. Those are something you come up with on your own. However your body reacts to something, your power will come with it. It must’ve just clicked faster for Theo.” She said.

Zero thought about what she said. Clicked faster? Did that mean she could’ve clicked with something already? She could’ve had her power but she just didn’t know it.

“So what’s with the weights and stuff?” Onyx asked.

“You already have wasted a lot of time. With the weights on you while your training you’ll get better then, when you take them off you’ll be twice as fast and twice as strong.”

“Oh… well how come the girls are heavier than the boys?”

“So you’ve noticed.” Dame smiled and picked up some food with her fork “I’ll be honest, I don’t have a reason why, I just have a gut feeling that I should.”

After eating and chatting more about their powers and how they could get them everyone began to clean up and get ready to go and put their armor back on. On Zero’s way back to her room she bumped into a little boy with a red hat on. He smiled greatly.

“Hi! My names Ethan. Are you a Lune Fighter?” He asked his voice filled with happiness and enthusiasm.

Zero looked around and bent down to be his height.

“Yes. Where’s your mommy and daddy?” Zero looked back at him.

The boy looked down sideways and began to swing his body side to side.

“They’re cleaning for queen Dame. Anyway,” Ethan looked back up at her and smiled again “are you going to save us? Are we going to be able to see the sky again?”

“Yup.” Zero nodded her head not really knowing if it’s true.

Ethan’s eyes lit up. There was a spark in his face, one that Zero had never seen in her entire life. He looked so excited, so happy knowing that she was going to let him see the sky again. That she was going to save him, and maybe, that right there was the reason why she truly did feel the need to save the world. To see his precious face light up again when she saved him.

Because that small, round face… resembled someone’s that she loved dearly. Someone who was no longer with her.

A woman walked up to Ethan and grabbed his hand. Zero looked up at the woman who smiled at her.

“I’m so sorry for him, he runs off sometimes. Come on Ethan, the Lune Fighters need to practice real hard so you can’t bother them.” His mom rushed him to start walking.

Before Ethan was forced away by his mother he turned and whispered something to Zero. He said,

The moon can’t be all that bad looking.

Zero stood a little bit in shock by what he said. What did he mean by that? Sure, the moon wasn’t bad looking, but why did he feel the need to say that? To her of all people…

Somehow Zero was in her room. She didn’t even know how she ended up in there but she had walked there, even if she didn’t remember.

She dragged her heavy breastplate off of her bed and wrapped it around her arms. Her body almost fell down but she forced it to stand straight and pushed the two buttons together to make it click. She groaned and began to try and adjust it to fit properly.

Zero grabbed her belt and wrapped it around her waist. She forced it to click and adjusted the things that were in it. Her hand landed on a sapphire crystal and she grabbed it.

She looked at it closely and found her eyes landing on a very small pebble that was inside the stone. She furrowed her eyebrows and put the crystal back.

Zero shook her head trying to get the thought of the crystal out of her mind and began to walk towards her door where she would hopefully find the training area. Just as she opened her door she saw Ebony standing there getting ready to knock. Ebony smiled and laughed making Zero laugh.

“I was just headin’ to the training room I wanted to see if you’d come along.” She said and pointed behind her.

“Sure. I don’t know where it’s at anyway.” Zero tried to shrug but it was very hard to do.

Ebony turned and began to walk making Zero follow.

“I wonder what my power is. I hope it’s somethin’ good.” Ebony said.

“Yeah, I think I know what Onyx’s is.”

“You do?” Ebony raised an eyebrow and looked over at Zero.

“Yeah… he told me he had these vision kinda things. I think that might be his.”

“Oh I forgot all about that! So what? Theo and Onyx already have their powers… there’s only four of us left.”

“Yup. Hopefully we get them soon.” Zero nodded her head. She looked ahead at the hallway then found herself opening her mouth again “hey Ebony can I ask you something?” She didn’t even know what she was saying. It was as if she was just talking to talk, just letting the words fall out randomly.

“Shoot.” Ebony smiled.

“Well Theo said something about the time in between going crazy and being normal, and he said something about my body fighting it too… I mean, I know it sounds crazy, but do you think it could be happening to me? Sometimes I just forget stuff Y’know?”

Ebony thought for a moment and began to adjust her belt.

“Well it depends. Do you think about the moon a lot?”

“No, not really… not that I can remember anyway.”

“Then you’re all good, there ain’t nothin’ to be worried about.” She spoke reassuringly.

Zero looked over at her who was clearly thinking something. Eventually the two were at the training room.

It was large, and there were a lot of mats on the ground. There were weapons everywhere, punching bags and even weights. It was everything you needed for training. Instead of Dame being there to instruct them, Arya and a guard stood getting ready to tell them what to do.

The guard was apparently the head of the other guards. She was very strict and ordered that the first thing they did was to run. Run back and forth in the large room. Run with the huge weights on them.

Zero could barley even stand and this person wanted her to run! Somehow, she managed to do it. It was a sloppy half-run that left her tired but she did it. Everyone else was just as tired as her, everyone else but Lauren who seemed almost used to this. She was the quickest of all of them, but she was equally out of breath.

The next thing that they were supposed to do was push-ups which were way more difficult then what they sounded like. Onyx could barley hold his body up, and Myles was falling all over the place. Ebony couldn’t even pick her arms up. The only person who managed to get ONE push-up was Lauren.

Zero sweated and breathed heavily. She fell over and landed on her back making her chest plate push down on her breast. Zero groaned loudly making her breath only become more unsteady. Theo turned and began to help her sit up.

“Don’t lay down. It makes the pain worse.” Emily, the guard pointed at her. The guards voice was rough and stern.

“Can we like,” Ebony’s voice was breathy “get some water or somethin’?” She asked and leaned down. She placed her hands on her thighs and looked down at the ground.

“Water is for people who can run straight.”

Zero groaned in pain and began to try and fix her armor. Her shoulders hurt along with her legs, chest and arms. Onyx looked up at the roof as sweat trialed down his face and his chest rapidly went up and down. He rolled his eyes.

“Can we at least take a break?” He asked.

“No. Just for that question ten more laps.” Emily crossed her arms.

Theo, Ebony, Zero and Onyx all loudly groaned. Everyone trudged to one side of the room and sighed. They all looked ahead, narrowed their eyes and began to run. All of their legs pumping and in pain.

After running their laps everyone collapsed on the ground. Zero panted noisily and leaned against Myles arm. Her chest moved up and down and a lot of sweat was on her head. She closed her eyes and gasped for air. Myles did his best to hold her up but he himself was falling sideways too.

“Tired already? You just started.” Dame walked into the room.

Ebony fell over and loudly yelled. She forced her body to sit up and leaned against a wall.

“Just started?! I feel like I’m going to die!” Zero complained.

“I second that.” Onyx lazily raised his hand.

“I third.” Theo raised his next.

Lauren raised hers and loudly breathed. Dame giggled as she looked at them and looked over at Emily who was watching them all very closely.

“I’ve watched them closely and figured out their strengths and weaknesses.” Emily said and moved her hand up to her lip. “Lauren, your skilled and very good at running, but your biggest flaw is working together, on the contrary it’s the exact opposite for you Myles. Your helping someone almost every moment I look at you, well helping everyone but Theo.” Emily looked at the people once she said their names. “Ebony, you give up far too easily. Onyx,” Emily looked at Onyx for a little.

She was clearly thinking of what to say and exactly how to say it.

“You’ve got a problem, with uh… what’s the word? Staring. Your looking at everyone else but yourself. Theo, you get distracted to easily and Zero,”

Zero looked up waiting for the criticism to hit her in the face. Perhaps it was because she was too slow, or too dependent on others helping her. Maybe she was loosing breath too easily or maybe she was simply too weak. But no, it was none of those things.

“your head is in the clouds. It feels like every five seconds your off thinking about something. I understand you might be overwhelmed, but you need to focus.”

“What do you mean? I haven’t been in my head at all this whole time.” Zero spoke confused.

Onyx, Ebony and Theo all looked at each other with the same concerned look as if they knew something she didn’t.

“I expect you all to work on these flaws of yours. That’s all for today, tomorrow will be way worse so stretch tonight.” Emily began to walk out.

Zero couldn’t help but keep looking at the three who seemed more focused on what she had just said then what Emily said. Despite being curious of what was happening she turned and began to go to her room. She had a speech to prepare for.

She stumbled and fell over as she tried to get to her room. She was tired, thirsty and her mind was everywhere. This speech was mean’t to assure the people that she would save the day, but she wasn’t really sure she could do that. Especially with not knowing her power and having little time to practice.

Sure, she had people to fight with her but that didn’t calm her or secure her confidence at all. The people she had to fight with were just as in the dark and weak as she was. Still, she had a responsibility to fulfill and she had to do it then, whether she liked it or not.

Part of her wished that she bumped into that little boy Ethan again. Just so she could see his face, and hopefully become suddenly inspired to keep working harder. By the time she was in her room she didn’t even notice she was in there. She was sitting on her bed and looking at a wall thinking to herself about all of the hard work that she was expected to do.

The sound of knocking at her room door made Zero turn to look at it.

“Enter.” She called out.

The doorknob twisted and Onyx walked into the room. His armor was off, and he wore nothing but a white shirt and black baggy pants. His body looked weightless while Zero looked the exact opposite from him.

“Need help?” He asked and walked toward her.

Tiredly Zero fell back on her bed and sighed loudly. She moved her hand over her stomach and closed her eyes for what felt like only a second. Onyx shook her making her jolt up and look at him. She blinked a few times and wiped her eyes.

“Oh god did I fall asleep? I swear I was just wide awake.” She whispered drowsily.

“You should take this off. It’s weighing you down.” Onyx began to search for the button to un-clip her breastplate.

Zero pushed down and felt the weight become released off of her. She shrugged her shoulders, trying to stretch them out as Onyx placed it on top of her dresser. He sighed and turned to look back at Zero who was falling over on her bed with her eyes closed. Quickly Onyx ran over to her and helped her sit up.

“Maybe you should take a nap.” Onyx suggested and took her belt off for her. He placed the heavy item on the dresser again.

“Nap? I’ve got far too much to do. Like this speech.” She gestured out towards the air.

“If you don’t sleep now you’ll be way too tired to even give the speech. Just take a nap and I’ll tell Arya to come wake you up in a hour or so to work on the speech.”

“What are you some sort of doctor? I’m fine.” Zero crossed her arms.

“I’m just a concerned friend, come on don’t over work yourself then we’ll never be able to stop the moon.”

Zero sighed loudly and rolled her eyes.

“Your right, and I hate that.” She mumbled “fine. I’ll go to sleep.”

Onyx smiled and stood up. As he walked out of the room he felt a heavy weight fall on his shoulders, one that wasn’t physical but imaginary. The smile on his face faded as he stared at Theo outside of the room. He closed the door quietly.

“She’s going to sleep.” He whispered.

“Do you really think she could’ve seen the moon?” Theo whispered back.

“I don’t know… but we can’t risk it.”

“Yeah, better save then sorry.” Ebony agreed.

Onyx began to walk to his room.

“Onyx,” Theo began to follow him “you know you’ll have to if she’s really stuck in the impartial state right?”

Onyx sighed loudly and frustratedly.

“Yeah I know” He said “but…”

“I mean I doubt she is. There’s only a 0.0001 percent chance she could be but again, just saying. No one else can do it but you.”

“I know. I’m prepared.”

“I don’t think you are.”

Onyx stopped walking making Theo stop too.

“I am prepared. The question is are you?” He asked.

“Onyx, you might be physically ready… but mentally, your not even close. No one is, don’t think it all falls on you. We all have a part in this.”

Onyx didn’t say anything. Theo was right, he wasn’t mentally ready at all.

Not again, he thought, please don’t make it happen again.
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