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Chapter Two


Zero’s body jolted up. She breathed heavily and looked around. She was no longer outside, nor was she in her room but instead she was in the living room.

A small sliver of light shined through the curtains. Zero touched her head and felt it start to pound, making her lie back on the couch. A loud groan left her mouth and she shook her head. Seconds later the realization of what had happened the night before hit her making her quickly sit up and stand.

She began to speed walk to her parents room hoping to see them sleeping soundly. She didn’t care if she walked in on one of them getting dressed, as long as they were safe, normal, happy then she’d be satisfied. She ripped open their room door and stared into it.


Nothing but a messy room that looked like it was tampered with. Zero shook her head in disbelief and backed out of the room. She turned and ran to her room.


Her room was the same as the night before. There were books on the ground from when she threw them and her curtains were closed tightly. Zero turned away from her room and ran to the kitchen.

The duct tape sat in the same place and the chair continued to sit in the middle of the room. A small sliver of light glistened through the curtains and a branch hit the window.

Zero shook her head clearly not believing what was happening. Perhaps, she thought, my family is just out this door.

Part of her knew that they wouldn’t be out there. That they wouldn’t be tending a garden or talking to neighbors. Part of her knew for a fact that Onyx was right, they weren’t there anymore. But she wasn’t ready to believe that, especially because of what happened the night before. She grabbed onto the door handle and got ready to twist it.

She felt a hand land on her wrist making her twist her head. Her eyes landed on Onyx who pulled her away from the door. He crossed his arms.

“Y’know maybe I should’ve been more specific in the message and just said don’t go outside at all.” He said.

“I still wouldn’t have listened.” Zero said and backed away from him. She placed her hand lightly on the door knob.

“Going out there could kill you.” Onyx warned her.

“And staying in here with a stranger wouldn’t?” Zero raised an eyebrow.

“Touché.” Onyx nodded his head. He pointed at the door “but, would you rather go out there with ‘people’ who claim to be your family, or stay with the person who saved you from being killed the other night?”

“You didn’t save me.” Zero spoke confused.

Onyx tilted his head sideways and stared at her baffled.

“Yes I did. You don’t remember?”

Zero shook her head.

“All I remember is backing away and then falling asleep.” She said.

“Hmm… that’s weird. Maybe Dame will know why.” Onyx said.

Zero twisted the door handle making a small click sound echo in the room. Onyx looked up at her and then looked down at the door knob. His eyes darted between her face and the door. Finally he grabbed her wrist again and pulled her away from the door.

Zero felt her hand rip away from the smooth knob as she stumbled forward. Onyx closed the door and looked out the blinds. He sighed in relief and then looked back at Zero.

“You know what’s wrong with you? You don’t listen.” He pointed at her.

“I don’t listen to strangers.” Zero crossed her arms.

“We’re not strangers anymore. I told you my name, and saved you, and plus we’re like the only people alive besides the other people that were saved.” Onyx said.

“Other people?” Zero looked at him now interested in what he was saying.

A smile grew on Onyx’s face as he stared at her.

“Others? Of course there’s others. Would you like to meet them?” He asked.

“Uh… are they just as crazy as you?” Zero asked.

“You think I’m crazy,” Onyx continued to smile “your gonna think they’re insane.”

Just like that, somehow Onyx was preparing her to go outside once again. Not just outside, but to the people the people that were like her. Saved, by a stranger.

Saved from the moon.

Zero sighed as she stared at herself in the bathroom mirror. Her thick hair was up high in a pony tail and she had faint circles under her eyes. Possibly because of the very little sleep that she was running on. Her lips were big and pink making her lick her lips.

Onyx knocked on the door, well she assumed it was Onyx. There wouldn’t be any other person who would knock on the door, unless it was her parents. Unless her parents had survived the moon.

Zero looked at the door and watched it suddenly swing open. Onyx looked around the room, his eyes at first filled with fear but once they landed on her they calmed down.

“Okay we need to set some rules here.” He said “and rule number one, you HAVE to respond after I knock. After I call your name or anything.”

“And why would I follow your rules?” Zero asked.

“Because I’m the one who saved you.”

“I have a feeling that your going to be using that card a lot.” Zero muttered and turned on the faucet water.

She began to wash her hands and watched the soap spread against her palm.

“Will you hurry up? We’ve gotta get out of here before the sunset.” Onyx told her.

“It’s not even one o’ clock yet.”

“Times changed since the moon started messing with people’s brain. Look I’ll explain later, let’s just go.” Onyx grabbed onto her wrist and began to force her to follow him.

“Could you not practically rip my hand off please? I need that to do basically anything.” Zero sarcastically spoke.

Onyx ignored her and continued to drag her down the narrow hallway. Zero bumped into the wall as she walked and looked at a family picture of her’s. She only got a glimpse of it as Onyx led her to the back door. He stopped walking and stared at the door knob.

“Can I really trust you out here alone?” He asked more to himself than her.

“The correct answer is no, but the answer you should go with is yes.” Zero said.

Onyx continued to think to himself as he stared at the door. Zero looked over at the knives on the counter and slowly began to inch closer to them hoping that he wouldn’t notice.

Zero extended her hand out and reached for the knife. Her finger tips just barley touched the handle making her slowly move closer to the counter. Onyx grabbed her arm and forced her to stand on the other side of him.

He grabbed a knife from off of the counter and then looked at the door. He then looked over at Zero then the door, then the knife. He did that a few times clearly thinking of an idea.

“Can I trust you with a knife?” He asked her.


Onyx sighed and stared at the blade longer. He then extended it out to her waiting for her to take it. Quickly Zero snatched the knife from his hand and looked down at it. She made a face of confusion as she stared at the knife.

He had just handed it to her. No tricks, no threats. He was one horrible kidnapper that was for sure. Zero turned and got ready to stab him, to hit him so hard that he couldn’t stand up and run down the street. Before her knife could even get to his body. He grabbed onto her wrist and twisted her arm. Effortlessly he took the knife from her hand and allowed her arm to fall down.

Zero groaned in pain and looked at her arm. She glared at Onyx who gripped onto the knife.

“You can’t blame me.” He said without even looking up at her. “Come on we don’t got time to waste.” He walked up to the door and held onto the handle. Then for a moment he stopped. He turned and looked back at Zero.

She was staring at the plenty of other blades that were in the kitchen, evaluating her options and devising a plan. Onyx waved his knife in front of her face making her jump and look at him.

“Last night what you saw was how most ‘people’ react to other’s who haven’t stared at the moon. They act like that at night, some get physical but in the morning… that’s the worse time to be out.” He said.

“Why?” Zero asked and her eyes almost widened as she looked at Onyx.

“The moon isn’t out during the day. Those things, they start trying to harm any and everything they see. They do anything to get you to stare at the sky. Of course you can stare at the sky in the morning, but they don’t know that. They’re dumber then zombies.”

“So… they’re going to try and kill us?”

“Not necessarily kill, but some might go to that extent. So, sometimes we have to kill them. Like self-defense basically.” Onyx looked down at the knife.

“Is that why I need a knife?” Zero looked over at the knives.

“Yes. But you can’t try to stab me okay?”

Zero nodded her head and went to grab a knife. She picked it up and felt the heaviness weigh down in her hand. She didn’t really know if she wasn’t going to try and stab Onyx, in fact again just like the night before she didn’t know if she should believe him, she didn’t want to believe him.

She turned to look at Onyx who was still staring at her. His hand still on the door knob and his eyes still fixated on her he said,

“Just remember they’re not your real friends and family. Even if they look like it.”

Zero didn’t really understand what he mean’t by that. Of course they weren’t her real friends and family. If they were then they would’ve been saved her, they wouldn’t have kept talking about the moon. Obviously they weren’t the real people she knew and loved, so why did Onyx feel the need to tell her that?

“Don’t talk unless it’s in a hushed whisper, and try to keep quiet.” Onyx began to whisper and pulled the door open.

Instead of a large breeze like Zero hoped, she was faced with nothing but the whispers of the wind. Onyx began to slowly walk out into the street.

Zero followed close by and gripped on tightly to her knife. She had never once in her entire life stabbed anyone, in fact she never even held a knife unless it was for helping her mother cut onions. She didn’t know how the ‘people’ of the world would react after she stabbed them, she didn’t even know if she had the guts to actually hit one of them.

Onyx on the other hand seemed very confident in holding the knife. Like he had done this plenty of times before.

Do you hear that? The whispers of the moon, so faint, so quiet, you can barley hear it. Listen to it.

Zero heard the sound of whispers in her head.

Listen to it, listen to it. Listen to the words that the moon is trying to-

“Ignore it. The longer you pay attention to it, the louder it’ll get.” Onyx whispered to her.

Zero nodded her head, but it was easier said then done. The voice, it wouldn’t stop talking to her, begging her to listen to the whispers of the moon. The whispers that seemed more like wisps of air.

The sound of Zero stepping on a very loud branch made everything stop. Onyx slowly turned to look at her as she stood there shocked at how loud it was. She looked down at the broken branch and then up a Onyx who was now looking around the area.

As if the branch signaled some kind of announcement people, everywhere began to walk over to them. All with odd, fake smiles on their faces. All of them pointing at the sky and walking closer to the two of them.

Onyx grabbed Zero’s arm and pulled her closer to him. He held out his knife and looked around.

There was at least ten of them, ten strangers circling them and talking about the sky. Talking about how wonderful it was. Zero shook as she stared at her knife and then back up at the people.

They were nothing like normal humans. They’re smiles were fake, like plastic, and their eyes… so dead, so scary, so blood shot. It was terrifying.

A hand touched Zero’s arm making her scream and turn to look at the man in front of her.

“Look up.” He said with a twisted smile on his face.

Onyx stabbed it making a large clot of black gunk drop to the ground. The man dropped to his knees as if that one cut had actually done something to him. He grabbed the gunk from off the ground and tried to force it back into his body.

Zero kicked it’s head terrified and found herself backing up against Onyx more. The head from the man rolled off of his neck making a loud snapping sound as if his neck bones cracked and his head rolled off onto the ground.

Onyx began to stab the strangers making more chunks drop from their bodies onto the ground. They didn’t die though, none of them died. They just quickly grabbed the black clots and pushed them back into their bodies, then once again beckoned them to look at the moon, at the sky.

“Shit.” Onyx muttered as he looked around.

“Onyx why does it always feel like your the one causing trouble?” A girl walked out from behind two houses.

“It wasn’t my fault this time I swear.” Onyx spoke to her.

Zero looked between the girl and Onyx for a bit then felt a man grab her arm. He forced her head up to look at the sky making her scream again. She closed her eyes, as if staring at the clouds would do something bad to her. Like if she opened them she’d become just like them.

The girl punched the man and elbowed him making him stumble back. She snatched Zero’s knife and slit his throat making his head roll off and chunks drop to the ground.

Zero looked down from the sky and touched her throat. She stumbled back and bumped into Onyx who was cutting-slicing- killing people left and right.

Zero didn’t know what to do. These two people were saving her, saving themselves while she just stood there defenseless looking around. Looking at the rolling heads and black clots. Listening to the people trying to convince her to look at the sky. Just listening, watching and hearing. Hearing one voice.

The moon is communicating to you… just focus on the moon.

Zero tried to ignore it. She tried to get it out of her head but it was strong. Stronger than Onyx, stronger than the people around her trying to convince her. It was stronger than her own thoughts.

“Zero! Are you even listening to me?!” Onyx shook her taking her away from her thoughts. “Ignore them. is it really that hard to ignore someone?”

“No but it’d be easier if it was your voice.” Zero insulted.

She looked around at the dead bodies that lied on the ground wheezing out the last words


“Is this the famous Zero?” The girl walked up to Onyx “the one you-“

“Yeah. Yup. It’s that Zero anyway…” Onyx cut her off and his face became a light red.

“Why do you all know my name but I don’t know your’s? It’s starting to get creepy at this point.” Zero said.

“Hiya the names Ebony spelled E-B-O-N-Y. But you can just call me Eb if you forget.” She extended her hand out.

Zero stared at her hand for a moment and then placed her hand in it. Ebony forcefully shook her hand up and down then moved it away. She twirled the knife with black liquid around in her hands and looked around the empty street.

“We should get outa here before more of em come around.” Ebony began to walk.

Zero stared at her for a bit longer then watched Onyx start to follow her. Zero began to follow Ebony and Onyx not sure if she trusted them yet. Not sure if these strangers were really trying to help her. Not sure what lune mean’t…
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