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Chapter Three


Zero followed behind Onyx and Ebony. They were far ahead of her, talking, talking about something that Zero couldn’t hear. It seemed to be important, very important, but Zero wasn’t really focused on that.

She was focused on trying to get rid of the sounds of the voice that was in her head. Again it was asking her to listen to the moon, to hear the moons song. Apparently a song so quiet that it was barley audible. As Zero walked she made sure not to step on any sticks, or leaves. In fact she was stepping over everything but the concrete ground that she would’ve avoided too if it weren’t for gravity.

Onyx turned and walked back to Zero.

“We’re here, you ready to meet everyone?” He asked.

“No.” Zero sighed loudly and watched Ebony walk deep into an alleyway.

“Fair warning, it’s a little crazy in there.” Onyx began to walk.

Zero followed him into the empty alleyway and looked around. There were cans and wrappers all in the alleyway, and there were even some torn clothes. Onyx pushed open a door to a building and began to walk in. Zero followed close by.

The building was cool and empty. There was dust everywhere making Zero cough. More dust flew up into the air.

Onyx got down on his knees and touched the floorboard as if searching for something. After touching the ground for a while he stopped and smiled. He pulled up a large square from the ground and pushed it aside. He then stood and moved out of the way and pointed at the hole.

“Just down there.” He said.

Zero stared at the hole and walked over to it. She looked down as if to see how deep it was and then sat on the ground. She pushed her body into the hole and felt her body drop down. Her foot roughly hit the ground making her groan and pick up her foot.

Onyx jumped down after her as if used to this and pulled the floor back over the hole making it become pitch black dark. They stood there for a moment in the dark, both of their breath a tad but raspy. Finally Onyx grabbed something from off of the wall and began to click it over and over again.

Then a small fire was lit on a match. Zero stared at the fire then looked ahead at the long hallway.

“Stay close if not you’ll get confused.” Onyx told her and began to walk.

Zero almost immediately started to follow him as she looked at the dirt walls. She watched three different hallways show up. Onyx, again as if knowing this place already, took the right hallway.

Zero followed Onyx all the way to a door. Onyx blew out the match making smoke fill the air. He unlocked a few bolts in the door and then pushed it open. Zero watched him walk in and stared into the room. He was right, it was crazy.

There were people. Doing things. Some were arguing others were cooking and cleaning. People were holding out experiments other people were writing things down. They all stopped at once, the yelling, explosions, cleaning. All of it stopped and they all looked over at them. At Zero.

They looked between her and Onyx a few times then quickly began to clean up.

“Hey Onyx, Zero.” Some guy walked up to them.

“If one more person says my name and I don’t know them.” Zero muttered.

“Guys it’s THAT Zero.” Ebony walked into the room.

Onyx face became red again, as if what she said really mean’t something. Everyone looked at Zero again then at Onyx and began to hold back laughter.

For Zero, it felt weird to not be in on the joke, to not know what was going on. It felt like they were laughing at her. Onyx seemed more embarrassed then she was, he was shifting his eyes all around the room and had his arms crossed clearly trying not to look at anyone.

“Well come on in Zero.” The guy moved out of the way giving her room to walk into the room.

Hesitantly, she entered and continued to look around the room. It looked the same as it did on the outside. She didn’t really know what she expected.

“Hi! My names Theo.” A boy extended his hand out and smiled.

Zero shook his hand and couldn’t help but force a smile. He sounded very happy and excited to meet her as of he was waiting for the time for a while. He held onto her hand longer than normal as he stared at her.

“Are you cold?” He asked her.

“Uh… I don’t know. Not really.” Zero spoke a little confused.

“Really?” Theo lifted her arm “your organs are colder than the average humans.” He said.

Zero backed away from him.

“Uh… cool?” She said and felt her back hit the table behind her.

“Ignore him, he’s always weird like that.” The guy from before said and pushed Theo out of the way.

“Hey!” Theo yelled and crossed his arms.

“Anyway my names Myles nice to meet you.” Myles extended his hand out.

Zero shook his hand quickly then moved her’s. Another girl walked up to Zero. She didn’t extend her hand out but instead kept them in her pockets.

“Hey, names Lauren.” She said.

Zero slowly nodded her head and tried to adjust to the chaos in the room. Everyone seemed very used to this, in fact everyone seemed very used to each other.

“Still think I’m crazy?” Onyx stood behind her and smiled.

“Oh yeah, your crazy. But this, this is just plain lunatic behavior.” Zero said.

“Eh,” Onyx shrugged and began to walk in front of her “you learn to get used to it.” He walked into the group and began to talk to them.

Zero stood there. Not really shocked but just… unsure of what to do. Unsure of what was happening. She didn’t even understand why she was there, she didn’t understand why she wanted to meet them.

“So Zero, what brings you here?” Myles asked and looked over at her.

Immediately everyone looked at her waiting for an answer. It was like they hadn’t spoke to someone new in a while, like they had never seen anything like her before. It was only a day since the moon took over, so why did they all seem so shocked to see a new person?

Zero backed away from them again, and looked around the room trying to find anything else to stare at. Everyone was staring at her so intensely as if she was supposed to have an answer. She didn’t know what dragged her here, actually she did, Onyx dragged her and aimlessly she followed.

How could she answer a question like that when she had plenty of her own?

“Uh… I don’t know.” Zero forced the words out of her mouth.

Zero’s back hit the wall making her jump and look back at it. Everyone continued to stare at her not even caring that she was clearly uncomfortable. They all seemed to be thinking something, thinking the same thing. Though, Zero had no clue what that thing was. She had no clue what any of them had thought of her.

The group all turned to each other and began to whisper together as if Zero wasn’t mean’t to hear them. Eventually they moved and Ebony walked up to Zero.

“It’s gettin’ late, we should go.” She said and began to search through the dresser for something.

Zero moved out of the way and watched everyone else search for something too.

“Go where?” Zero asked confused.

“You’ll see.” Onyx handed her a knife.

She took the knife even more puzzled then before.

“Y’know I’m really starting to think your gonna keep dragging me along with everything you do.” Zero said.

“Your right.” Onyx grabbed her wrist and began to force her out of the room.

Everyone else followed close by, lighting matches as they came.

“Isn’t it dangerous to be out at night?” Zero looked at the dirt walls.

“Well when we’re in big groups it’s safer.” Ebony explained.

“Big? You mean as in six people? That doesn’t seem so big to me.”

Onyx shrugged.

“A bread crumb can be giant to an ant.” He said.

Zero thought of what he said as she walked. Either way it didn’t change the fact that they weren’t going to be completely safe. It didn’t change the fact that they were going out directly in the face of danger at the worst time possible.

Onyx stopped at a dead end wall and let go of Zero’s wrist making it fall down to her side. He put his hands up and got ready to push up. Zero rubbed her wrist as she watched Onyx push up making the roof go up. He pushed it to the side and got ready to pull himself up.

Zero watched him grunt and stand up. He extended his hand down to her making her grab it and pull her body up. Onyx pulled her up making her land on the ground. She groaned and stood up then dusted off her pants.

Onyx moved on and began to help Ebony up the hole. Zero looked around the room. It was just as dusty as it was before, and there were chairs lined up against the walls. There were large windows that made the moonlight shine through on the ground.

“There’s no way it’s night already.” Zero whispered in shock as she stared at the window.

Myles stood in front of her.

“You DON’T look at the moon. Remember?” He told her blocking her from the view.

“Oh right.” Zero nodded her head.

It was just morning, Zero didn’t understand how it was now almost pitch black dark outside. She had just woken up, and the moon was already shining through brightly.

“Here ya go. Could you put this on?” Theo handed her a pair of glasses.

Confused, Zero took the glasses and stared at them. She looked into the glass for a moment and then looked back up at Theo who was writing something on his hand and glancing between her and his palm.

“You might not wanna put those on.” Myles took it from her hands.

“Hey! I’m trying to help her!” Theo yelled and ran to grab it.

Myles taunted him and held the glasses high up in the air making it almost impossible to for Theo to reach. Theo jumped up and down trying to grab the pair that he had made.

Zero nervously laughed and slowly backed away from them. She found herself bumping into Lauren making her jump and turn to look at her.

“I’m so sorry!” She yelled.

Lauren just looked at her. She looked her up and down and then walked away not even saying another word. Her hands were stuffed deep inside her hoodie jacket.

Zero frowned as she watched Lauren walk away. She didn’t seem to like her much, in fact she didn’t seem to like anyone much.

Onyx took her knife and pointed the tip of it at her.

“Okay you know what? Rule number two, I get your knives.” He said.

“What?! I didn’t even do anything with my knife yet!”

“You we’re holding it wrong.”

“I was distracted.” Zero crossed her arms.

Onyx rolled his eyes and continued to keep the knife in his hands.

“Come on y’all we’ve got places to be.” Ebony walked to the door.

“Where are we going?” Zero asked again.

“You’ll see.” Onyx repeated and grabbed onto her wrist again.

Zero groaned loudly as Onyx pulled open the door. The loud whispers of the moon filled Zero’s head almost as soon as the door opened. It was almost as if it were waiting outside the door, waiting for her to slip up and walk out, just so it could play loudly in her head like a ear worm.

Onyx dragged her outside making her stumble and almost fall. She walked out into the cold night and looked around the alleyway. Some trash was being dragged against the ground by the wind.

Ebony gripped on tightly to her knife as she walked out and looked around the area. Lauren just walked out there, not having a single care in the world. She continued to hold her hands in her pockets and looked straight ahead.

The moon whispers so lightly, you can barley hear it. It whispers so calmly you can barley feel it. But you can see it, you can always see it, look up.

Zero followed Onyx and tried to ignore to the voice.

Look up.

Zero shook her head as if silently responding to it and looked at the empty street. There were still cars parked, and the grass was still the same height. It genuinely looked like a normal night, not a single soul would’ve expected to be greeted with crazy people telling them to look at the moon.

Look up… please.

The word sounded so sick. Like whoever was begging her to look up, really needed it. Really wanted it.

Onyx stopped walking and looked back at Zero. He waved his hand in her face making her blink a few times and move her head away from him.

“Okay rule number three you have to respond when I’m talking to you.” He said.

“I didn’t hear you.” Zero mumbled annoyed.

“That’s the problem.” Onyx turned and continued to walk.

“Why am I the only one who has to follow these rules again?”

Onyx didn’t respond making Zero roll her eyes. Ebony stopped walking and turned to look at everyone. A smile grew on her face.

“Here we are.” She said.

“Should I be scared?” Zero whispered to Onyx.

“Scared? You should be terrified.” He smiled as he said it.
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