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Chapter Five


“Hello welcome to the universe of Stars Align, in which Dame rule all.” The voice of a woman on a speaker played loudly as the young girl pushed open a large metal door.

The door that led to a place the seemed almost out of the world. There were people, everywhere, rushing with suit cases, cars, food. All of them going in the same direction and looking ahead. They were all talking loudly, all wearing elegant clothing and standing on their tip toes to see what was in front of them.

Dame. Why did that name sound so familiar?

The young girl held on tightly to the clipboard and began to walk. Zero followed along with everyone else, making some people turn heads and point at them. Young children exclaiming loudly, their voices filled with enthusiasm, and adults smiling warmly. Some people even waved.

Theo happily smiled and waved at them. He even said a few words to the people as he walked, Lauren on the other hand looked straight ahead as if one of the guards and kept her hands deep in her pockets. Her mouth looked sealed shut.

Zero looked over at Onyx and watched him smile and wave to some people. He seemed relatively happy for someone who had been stalking her, for someone who spoke so much about her, for a stranger who ‘saved’ her.

Zero narrowed her eyes as she glared at him then turned to look at Myles who mocked Theo silently and rolled his eyes annoyed. He had his hands in his pants pockets as he walked and every once in a while he’d smile at one of the girls making them swoon and giggle.

These people sure did seem to be very well-known here…

Though everyone was laughing with Ebony and waving at Theo, they all really seemed to be focused on one thing… Zero. They would glance at her and some would even attempt to wave but then stop themselves.

The little girl stopped at a gate and pushed in a few buttons making it slowly open. She turned to a guard who held onto a microphone and took it. The guard, unfazed turned to look straight ahead again.

“Dame will be with you very soon. Please wait outside of the building.” She said then handed the microphone back.

With that Onyx began to walk inside the gates. Zero glared at him then continued to walk. Theo waved at a few kids as he walked into the gate and laughed.

“Your so fake happy it’s annoying.” Myles crossed his arms.

“Ah yes, and I believe your impression was to come off as the flirtatious side character right?” Theo asked.

“It’s not like your the main character.” Myles mumbled annoyed.

“Your right, but I’m closer to the main character then you could ever dream of being.”

“Hey! I’ll-“ Myles turned and got ready to hit Theo but the young girl stopped him by just a glance back.

“Violence will not be allowed in the building. Do not make me locate you off the premises.” She said. She stopped at a large pink door and stared at the knob. “Please prepare yourselves to meet our Queen Dame.”she turned back to look at everyone.

Zero found herself looking down at her clothes. Was she wearing the proper attire to meet a queen? The correct answer was no, but no one else seemed to be either. The girl opened the door and moved to allow everyone in.

Zero entered the room and looked around. There were two fine couches that sat opposite from each other, and a brown coffee table sat smack down in between them. Under the coffee table was a tan rug and on the table were a few cups. There were plants all around the room and portraits of people on the walls.

A stunning woman walked into the room, wearing the prettiest dress in the world, and had the curliest brown hair that was high up in a large ponytail. She had fine jewelry that hung around her neck and wore heels that clicked loudly as she walked. Her pink lips curved up as she stared at everyone.

“Oh you’ve finally arrived.” Her voice was a bit deeper than expected. She quickly hurried to hug everyone. Pulling them all deep into her arms and giving them blissful side kisses on their cheeks. “I’ve missed you all greatly.” She said “please, please sit.” She began to pour a yellow liquid into the cups.

She turned to look at Zero and for a moment she stopped. Her mouth hung slightly opened and her face became stone cold. A small half chuckle left her mouth and she turned to look at Onyx.

“Is this the Zero that you were speaking about?” She asked.

Onyx stopped drinking from his cup and looked up at Zero who didn’t even bother to look in his direction. He placed his cup down on the table and walked over to the two of them.

“Dame, meet Zero. Yes, THAT Zero.” He said and pointed at Zero “Zero, meet Dame, yes the Dame that I kept referring to.”

“What are you a human dictionary?” Zero insulted and crossed her arms.

Onyx looked down and scratched the back of his head. Dame continued to look at Zero with that frozen face expression and glanced between her and Onyx.

“Is everything alright Dame?” The young girl asked.

Dame swallowed hard and smiled.

“Yes. Everything is fine. Can I speak to Zero alone though?” She asked.

The chatter and clattering of the glass cups stopped. Everyone looked between Zero and Dame then slowly, hesitantly stood.

“Of course.” The girl nodded her head and began to escort the others to the door.

Onyx whispered something to Dame before he left, and made sure to get a long, hard stare at Zero as he exited. Zero stood uncomfortably as she looked back at the closed shut door and nervously laughed.

She hadn’t had a single clue as to why Dame, the queen would want to speak to her alone, especially not after just meeting. It wasn’t even a meeting, she barley said anything. In fact she said nothing at all.

After a moment of just standing there Dame finally began to move. Pushing the clutter off of the table and fixing up the room. She turned to look at Zero who watched her both closely and curiously.

“Your hand is bleeding.” Dame pointed at her hand.

Zero jumped and looked down at her hand. She hadn’t even noticed it until then. Suddenly a throbbing pain pierced through her arm and she rested it in her other palm. Dame quickly hurried to grab a large white bandage and needle and began to wrap it around Zero’s hand.

“This must’ve happened when I fell down that tunnel.” Zero said “if he didn’t push me it probably wouldn’t have happened in the first place.” She mumbled to herself.

“And no guards tended to you?” Dame sighed annoyed “I need new guards.”

She slowly dragged Zero to sit on a couch and continued to wrap her hand. She pulled out the needle and began to sew the bandage closed. She placed the needle down on the table and looked up at Zero with a smile on her face.

“Zero, I’ve been waiting for you.” She said and stood. She fixed her dress and began to walk making Zero hurry to follow.

“Uh… you have?” Zero looked around at the mirrors and paintings on the walls.

“Yes, you are the reason why everyone’s coming to the building after all.” Dame pushed open a room.

“I am?”

Dame laughed and walked towards a large window. She pushed open the blinds making a bright light shine through.

“Well of course you are. Though, I’m not sure you can remember why.” Her voice became almost sad as she looked down at all of the bustling people all trying their best to get close to the gates.

“I haven’t been able to remember a lot lately… does it have something to do with the moon?”

Dame nodded her head. She turned away from the window and went to a large mural that was on the wall. Zero looked up at the picture too. The painting was of two people. One a man and one a woman. The two were on different sides, one light and one dark; and they were shaking hands. Though, right when their hands connected the painting stopped.

“The moon has been taking over everyone’s mind, well everyone but the people here. There’s only one way in, and one way out, and my faithful guards would never allow intruders in.”

“How did you get so many people here?” Zero asked confused.

Dame paused for a moment. She stared at Zero for a long time then turned to a closet.

“This has happened before… years and years ago. You don’t remember. No one remembers, except for Onyx. The government was in on it. Capturing innocent souls and using their bodies for the moon.. if they did it they were granted freedom for the rest of their lives. But,” Dame pulled out a nice dress from the closet and stared at it. A smile grew on her face “we stopped it. Not you and me, but me and a few other people.”

“And so… you saved these people?”

“These are the very few who have survived, yes. But deep down we all knew the war wasn’t over. And so we kept them safe in here and made a safe space for the next Lune fighters to hide until we could get in touch once again.”

“Again? Lune fighters?” Zero was now very intrigued in the conversation.

Dame grabbed a pair of scissors and began to cut up some of the loose strings that were on the dress. She began to hum to a familiar tune and nodded her head side to side. Zero’s mouth slightly hung open. She began to back away from Dame and felt her back hit a desk.

“How do you… how you do know that song?” She asked in a shaken voice.

That song… it had been the song that she hummed the night the moon took over. She had hummed that song moments before her phone blew up with notifications from the moon. She created that song, she created it because she was bored, because it was all she could think of at the time. How did Dame know what it was?

“How do you know it?” Dame continued to cut.

“I… I made it up. I created it. What do you mean? Why are you… what is…” Zero continued to back away spitting out fragments and trying to make a sentence of her own. Her eyes widened as she continued to stare at Dame.

“You didn’t make it.”

“Yes…yes I did.”

“No, a Lune Fighter did. He was warning you in the only way he thought he could. In a result… he died.”

“Why… why would anyone do that? Your not making since. None of this is making since.” Zero shook her head in disbelief.

“I know it might be hard to be given all of this information at once.” Dame said “I didn’t believe it at first either.” She paused “Perhaps we can finish this conversation after my speech.”

“After?! No! I need answers now. Not later.” Zero demanded.

Dame stopped cutting and put the scissors down. She looked up at Zero and a smile grew on her face.

“Okay what would you like to know?”

Zero’s eyes darted around the room and her back hit the wall. She swallowed hard and a single bead of sweat rolled down her forehead.

“What is a Lune Fighter? And what is Lune? Why do I keep seeing it everywhere?” She asked.

“That’s a question that I expected.” Dame shrugged “Lune is the crescent of the moon. Lune fighters are the people who fight against the moon and the crescent to make those people go back to normal.”

“You mean they can all go back to normal? They won’t be crazy people talking about the moon?” Zero asked.

“The one’s who aren’t dead, yes, they can go back to normal. After you defeat the moon that is.”

“And… I’m a Lune fighter? How am I even supposed to fight the moon? It’s in outer space. I’m not even strong even to do that! The only way I could defeat the moon is if I had some superhuman super powers and I could fly or something.”

Dame continued to look at Zero. She blinked a few times waiting for Zero to realize. Zero gasped loudly.

“Zero, your one of the strongest people on Earth. You hold the power that no one else can. Not only that but you have a group of people who are willing to do anything to help you fight.” Dame stood and walked over to the window. Zero hesitantly followed.

Down outside Onyx spoke to Ebony laughing with her about something. Lauren stood her hands in her pockets and watched everyone talk. Theo was happily showing little kids the glasses that he was fixing while Myles spoke to a group of girls. Everyone’s faces bright and full of enthusiasm. Everyone doing this… all of it, for her… for the world…

The crowd outside continued to talk and look at the building all of them waiting for the queen herself to walk out and tell them something.

“Zero, the world needs your help. I need your help.” Dame said “please, you have to stop the moon.”

Zero stared at the group for a little longer. She nodded her head.

“Okay, I’ll stop the moon. I’ll become Zero…the Lune fighter.” She promised.
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