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Chapter six


“Oh come on you still can’t be mad at me.” Onyx continued to follow Zero.

She ignored him and walked down the hallways, searching for the little girl. Dame had instructed her to go to the girl where she would be given proper clothing for a party in which all people were invited. The party was a apparently mean’t to celebrate being alive, and the new Lune Fighters who would hopefully, save the day, save the people and end the power of the moon.

Even though she had a lot of her todo list, she still didn’t forget about what Onyx had done. Zero looked around the area hoping to see that pink tutu and brown hair somewhere.

“I didn’t even do anything wrong.” Onyx protested.

“You stalked me.”

“No I didn’t. If you’d just give me a chance to explain.” Onyx reached out to take her arm.

Zero snatched her arm away from him and turned to look at him. She crossed her arms and looked him up and down.

“Well go on. Explain.”

Onyx sighed and his eyes softened. He looked around the hallway and awkwardly moved his hands around as if not knowing where to put them.

“I saw you,” he started.

Zero stared at him in disbelief.

“No, no, not like that! I didn’t see you in person… it was like a vision, kinda. Like daydreaming, but not normal day dreaming. I don’t know how to explain it! Anyway, I told Dame and she did some magic spell thingy and told me your name. The more I saw these daydreams the more I told Dame and the more information she told me.”

Zero continued to stare at him with a face full of doubtfulness. She sighed heavily and rested her head in her hand. Onyx’s face was filled with hope, he really was trying his best to explain.

“Y’know, of all things you could’ve said” Zero’s voice was filled with frustration “this has got to be the only one I’d actually believe, and that’s honestly sad.”

Onyx’s face lit up. Ebony came around the corner laughing with Myles. She quickly walked up to Zero.

“Com’on we’ve gotta get dressed.” She said and grabbed onto Zero’s wrist.

“So your not mad?” Onyx called out to Zero.

“Give me more proof! Then our relationship will be back to how it was.” Zero said.

Onyx smiled as he watched her walk with Ebony.

Why would she believe him? After him saying something as crazy as that? Because, Dame had told Zero something that she didn’t expect. She told her that she wasn’t the only person who possessed a special power. She told her, that this group was a group that could stop the world if they wanted to.

And also, because Zero knew for a fact, that Onyx was completely insane. Once Zero’s eyes landed on the girl she smiled happily and strut up to her. The young girl, as if already knowing what to do moved her clipboard and turned to walk making Zero follow.

“Zero isn’t it? Your room will be right in here.” The girl stopped at a door and pushed in three buttons. The door swung open and the girl entered after Zero.

Honestly, the room was stunning. There was a large pink bed and another large brown dresser that was very close to the wall. There were two mirrors, a large white rug and a nice green dress lied on the bed waiting for her to put it on.

Slowly Zero walked up to the dress and stared at the fine fabric. The design of the dress were tiny squares and even smaller stars.

“This is a very, big dress… are you sure I can fit it?” Zero asked and placed her hand on waist of it.

“Well that is what the tie is for. Please, try it on, if you don’t like it I’m sure we can find another dress.”

Zero looked back at the girl waiting for her to leave. Instead she continued to write something on the clipboard and checked something off.

“Do you… uh have to be in here?” Zero asked.

“I’m afraid so. I’m required to keep you safe and to make sure your dress fits properly. I could turn if you would like that better.” She turned away from Zero.

Zero nodded her head slowly and looked back at the dress.

“Speaking of requirements. Am I required to go to this party? I’m a bit… overwhelmed.” She asked.

“Yes, but don’t worry. You only need to be there for an hour then you can do as you please.”

Zero sighed loudly and got ready to remove her shirt. She pulled it off of her body and placed it on the bed, her eyes staring closely at the girl.

“So, what’s your name?” Zero tried to make the situation less awkward then it already was.

“Your right, I’m so sorry I forgot to properly introduce myself. I’ve been in quite of a rush this morning. My name is Arya.”

“Wow. That’s a really sophisticated name for such a young girl.” Zero spoke shocked. Arya laughed as she wrote.

“How old do you think I am?” She smiled as she asked.

“I don’t know like five?” Zero fixed her brah and pulled down her pants.

Arya laughed again and held onto her stomach. Zero stared at her confused but couldn’t help but let out a small giggle herself.

“Zero, I’m twenty-nine years old.” Arya finally said.

Zero’s mouth fell open. She picked up the dress shocked and began to unzip it. She slipped her leg into the dress then pulled it up to her arms and forced her hands through. The dress was smaller than what it looked. Zero spread it around with her hands and began to zip it up herself.

She picked up the tie and wrapped it around her waist. Tightly she tied it up in a bow and smoothed down the bottom of it.

“You can turn now.” Zero said.

Arya turned to look at Zero and smiled. She walked up to Zero then placed the clipboard down on the bed. She began to fix it up.

“You look amazing, I’m sure the boys will be all over you.” Arya said.

Zero nervously laughed and looked around the room.

“I’m not sure I’d like to be showered by boys.”

“Oh so it’s girls then?” Arya pushed down on the hem of her dress.

Zero surprised by what she said slightly jumped.

“No, not girls, or boys. Just by myself. That’s all.” Zero shifted side to side and looked around the room. She felt her body start to get hot.

“I see.” Arya nodded her head.

She walked to the side of the room and pulled open the dresser. She picked up a needle, and a crystal rock. First she began to push the needle into Zero’s dress and fixed a patch in it. She then began to wave the crystal around Zero’s body.

“Umm… what are you doing?” Zero asked as she stared at the crystal.

“I’m a witch,” Arya said “so I feel it’s my duty to push away the bad spirits from you. You sure do have a lot following you.”

“I do?”

“Yes, I think it’s because you’ve been around those deadly people.” Arya continued to wave it around her.

“Umm, if you don’t mind me asking, how did you start becoming a umm squire type person?” Zero asked.

Arya smiled and her face became filled with a mixture of regret and joy.

“I was saved by Dame.” She started “and insisted that I should repay her, she continuously said no so when she built this place I asked again. Once again she said no. I offered her the power of a spell… she said no. Persistent I was until she eventually allowed me into the building. I continued to beg for her to let me repay her. But she continued to say no. I decided to use a spell, tricking her to say yes, in a result I tricked myself into becoming young forever.”

Arya placed the crystal down and smiled at Zero. She began to fix the straps of the dress around her.

“Wow, that’s one heck of a story.” Zero said.

Arya shrugged.

“It gets old once you have to explain it to everyone.” She said. “Okay, your friends are waiting for you.” Arya pointed at the door.

Zero smiled at her then walked to the door. She pulled open the door and began to walk down the hallway. She looked at the pictures on the wall and stared at designs on the flooring. The building overall looked very beautiful and very detailed.

The sound of distant music told Zero that she was near the party room. She stopped at the loudest door and twisted the knob. She pushed the door open and was faced with music, chatter and food. Ebony walked up to her with a giant smile on her face.

She wore a nice yellow dress that looked almost identical to Zero’s. Her hair was up in a bun just like her’s.

“You look amazin’!” Ebony exclaimed happily and grabbed two cups from two of the waiters. She handed one to Zero forcing her to take it.

“Thank you. You look great too.” Zero smiled.

“Thanks. I don’t know what they put in these cups but they’re delicious.” Ebony drank from the cup.

Zero looked down at the clear liquid and smelled it. It didn’t smell like anything. She shook the cup a little and licked the rim of the cup. Her salvia dropped into the drink and she finally sipped some of it. Ebony smiled at her.

“It taste like, watermelon.” Zero said.

Ebony drank more and smacked her lips. She swallowed hard.

“Really? I was thinkin’ more like strawberries.” She shrugged.

“I mean it taste good either way.” Zero drank some more of the liquid.

Ebony nodded her head in agreement.

“Where are the others?”

“Looking for me?” Theo smiled and walked up to her.

He wore a nice suit and it looked like he had things in his pockets.

“You look great.” Zero happily smiled.

“Me? You look beautiful!” Theo looked at her nice dress.

“Aww thanks. You seem to have a lot to hold.” Zero pointed at his pockets.

Theo nervously laughed.

“Yeah I-“ Theo froze.

Myles dumped his entire drink on Theo. A smirk on his face. He dropped the cup on the ground.

“Oops my bad.” He said and grabbed the cup.

Theo stood for a moment, shocked at what just happened. His back and hair was soaked in liquid water. He blinked and his mouth hung open. Zero looked up at Myles who was staring at the cup. He was twirling it in his hand and leaning on a cart.

“Yeah… accidents happen.” Theo forced out “Just, be more careful next time.” He placed a fake smile on his face.

“You might wanna go change.” Myles glanced at him and continued to smirk.

Theo swallowed hard and nodded his head.

“Yeah.” He whispered and looked down. He began to walk to the direction of the bathroom.

“That’s messed up dude.” Onyx walked up to him.

“What? It was an accident.” Myles shrugged.

“An accident that resulted in him having to change. Dame pays good money for these clothes, not only that but now his entire evening is probably ruined.” Onyx crossed his arms.

“Just shut up. He’s happy-go-lucky Galileo, he’ll be back to his annoying self in no time.” Myles threw the cup back as he began to walk away.

“That’s sick man.” Ebony shook her head.

“Someone should check on him.” Zero suggested.

“Nah, he’s fine. Myles is right, he can take a bit of water.” Onyx shrugged and finally looked over at Zero.

They were right of course, minutes later Theo was out of the bathroom being his normal happy self again. Talking about his favorite words and phrases, but throughout the entire night he avoided Myles. That seemed to be Myles overall goal though, he seemed happier knowing that Theo wouldn’t be talking to him. Despite them seeming perfectly fine, Zero couldn’t help but find herself looking between the two throughout the night.

Instead of wearing a dress like all of the other girls, Lauren wore a suit that looked like the boys suits. She stayed mostly in corners where she’d look around and eat or drink something. Zero did not once see her open her mouth to talk to anyone, in fact almost everyone avoided her.

At first Zero was shy about dancing and just wanted the hour to be up, but somehow Ebony and Onyx convinced her to dance with them. It was a mixture of embarrassing, hilarious and fun at the same time. Most of the time Zero couldn’t wipe the smile off of her face and she even spoke to some of the people there who all seemed very nice.

When Zero realized that the hour was up she almost didn’t wanna leave, but she had to. She couldn’t just forget about the responsibility that she was given. The large responsibility in which she was expected to save the world from the moon with powers she didn’t even know she had. With powers that she couldn’t even use.

The longer that Zero waited to see if something different would happen to her, the more fake the situation seemed.

Zero slipped out of the party room into the empty, quiet hallway. A long walk would ease her mind, she just hoped she wouldn’t get lost in such a big building.

She began to walk down the narrow hallway, and pushed down on her dress to make it seem tighter than what it already was. She looked at a door that read the words LIBRARY on it.

Curious, and hopeful that it would be quiet she pushed open the door and walked in. Unsurprisingly, there were loads of books all stacked up on huge shelves. The room smelled of fresh paper and coffee.

Zero entered the room and began to walk down the walkways filled with books. She touched some of the spines and sniffed the fresh air. Her feet thudded silently and the warm room made her open arms feel less bare. The longer she walked the deeper into thought she fell into.

Deep into thought about the promise she made. It had been weighing over her like a anchor on a boat. She was sinking deeper and deeper, this anchor was far too heavy. It had only been the first day, not even a real day, and she was already over-thinking this situation.

Dame told her that she possessed a power, but she didn’t tell her what power. She didn’t prepare her for a sudden wave of a god complex or strength that would grow within her. She simply said,

“You hold a power that not many can hold, and eventually you’ll learn how to use it. Just like the Lune Fighters before you.”

How was she even supposed to react? Never once in her entire life did she ever dream of becoming a Lune fighter. In fact she didn’t even expect the moon to turn against humanity. All she was, was a young girl who couldn’t fall asleep one night.

The sound of a distant shatter pulled Zero from her thoughts. She looked up and waited to hear another sound. Again, something else fell over making Zero start to walk closer to the sound, hoping to get a glimpse of what it was. She walked quickly in her flats and pulled up the hem of her dress to walk faster.

The warmth of a bright light became clear as she walked closer to the sound of someone mumbling something. The view of a few tables made her pick up her speed and then she finally reached a chair. She looked around the area, and calmed herself when her eyes landed on Theo.

He was sitting toying with something and mumbling words to himself clearly deep into whatever he was doing. Slowly, Zero walked up to his table and sat across from him. Theo looked up at her, his eyes wide for a second but then they softened and he smiled.

“It got loud at the party for you too huh?” He asked and looked back down at the glasses that were in front of him. He began to mess with them and the tip of his tongue hung out of his mouth.

“Yeah, I guess you could say that.” Zero shrugged “What are you doing?”

As if waiting for this question for a long time Theo happily looked up at her.

“Oh, nothing important. Just fixing your glasses and thinking.” He tried to seem chill and cool.

“Thinking…” Zero whispered. Theo looked up at her confused and stopped messing with the glasses. “Nothing,” Zero shook her head “why are you making me glasses?” She asked.

Theo looked back down at the glasses and stared at them closely. He sighed loudly and licked his lips.

“Your vision is bad. I’m surprised you haven’t noticed.” Theo said.

“How would you know if my vision was bad?” Zero looked at him confused.

“I don’t know. It’s been something I could do for as long as I can remember. Just like I can tell the exact temperature of someone by touching them.” He said it so causally. Like it was a normal thing.

“Oh… I didn’t even know that my seeing was bad.” Zero mumbled and looked at one of the books.

“Well when’s the last time you went to an eye doctor?”

Zero stopped breathing for a moment and began to think about his simple question. She blinked a few times and began to tap her finger on the table.

“It was uh… I remember I’ve just gotta… umm… I swear it was like… I…” Zero tried to say a sentence. Theo looked at her confused and raised an eyebrow. “Sorry, I can’t remember…” Zero admitted.

Theo went back to messing with the glasses and mumbled the numbers two and four to himself.

“Two… four…” he mumbled again. He sighed loudly “Onyx told me you’ve been forgetting a lot lately.”

“Not that much… it’s just been hard to remember stuff Y’know? Dame said it’s got something to do with the moon.” Zero shrugged.

“Have you looked up at the moon before?”

“What are you insane? I’d be one of those crazy people if I looked up at the moon.”

Theo closed one eye and squinted the other as he moved a tiny screw around.

“Not necessarily. There’s a phase between when you look at the moon and when you become mindless. It’s called something like uh… impartial, I think. It’s like your half like those dead people, and half normal. Maybe your body is fighting against it or something.”

Zero thought about what he said. She looked down and tried to remember if she ever did look at the moon… even if it was just a glimpse. Just a single side look, or the curtains were up just a-

“Not trying to scare you or anything.” Theo looked at her “I’m just coming up with solutions and stuff. It’s probably nothing. Like dementia or something.” Theo said. Suddenly he squeezed his eyes shut and hit his head “shit that sounds bad too. It’s nothing. People forget stuff all the time.” He tried to assure her.

Zero couldn’t help but let a small giggle out. It was clear he was trying his best but it really wasn’t working at all.

“I’m not scared,” she said “just thinking of what I would do if I really was in that situation.”

“Onyx would have to do it.” Theo mumbled as he stared intensely at the glasses.


“Huh?” Theo looked up at her “Shit did I say that out loud? Nothing, it’s nothing.”

Zero stared at him suspiciously. She moved her hands to her dress and pushed it down again. Once again she began to fall into the thought of the powers that she didn’t even know she had.

“Anyway, did you have fun?” Theo asked.

“Yeah… I guess. How about you?”

“After that whole Myles thing everything was really fun. Lauren and Arya gave me extra clothes which was great.”

Zero nodded her head.

“Speaking of Lauren… she doesn’t seem to like me much.” She admitted and looked down.

“Really? Her heart beat is quicker when she’s around you… or maybe it’s Onyx’s. I can’t really tell.”

Zero’s eyes widened. She let out a small gasp and began to play with her fingers.

“How can you tell that?”

“Like I said it just happens. Like now, your heart beat is WAY quicker. Like really fast, you should take some deep breaths or something.” Theo said. He continued to push down on the glasses then looked up at her as if just realizing. “Oh I didn’t mean to embarrass you! I’m sure it’s just a coincidence!”

“Thanks.” Zero smiled. Theo smiled back and he looked back down at the glasses.

The two were both deep in thought, deep in their own heads about two different things.
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