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Refugee aliens land on a small planet fleeing the war-torn, ravaged and now uninhabitable planet Verbinia. The first son, born of the ruling family, a mixed species couple, named Cayleb, has been keeping several secrets. The soul of the planet awoke at his conception and now is conversing with him in private beneath the surface of the planet. What will happen when all of the secrets each is holding come to light? Will the refugees have more to fear from the planet or the entity known as the UNNAMED?

Scifi / Romance
Venis Nytes
4.5 2 reviews
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Raa-men - an alien race of warriors that look like humans, except much larger and more muscular, and they get markings that are their source of power and weakness.

Cycles - years

Brevas - birds

Gliding - similar to flying (drifting on wind) for short distances, volplaning

Siam - Siamese cat-like race, regal, have tails. They have cat-like eyes, walk on two legs, and have a human-like appearance. White or greyish - white skin, delicate features, and short soft downy fur.

Solstice - Solar event where one of the three suns moves to the opposite side and is furthest away from the planet. They are resulting in slightly cooler weather in the new world.

Surnami - Mixed race

Yerns - miles

Tyto - owl-like race usually scientists, doctors, and advisers

Vestati- symbols or markings that appear at maturity on Raa-men aliens denoting power and strength

©️Venis Nytes
Started writing end of 2015

A/N -This is a first draft edition. It's also my first attempt at writing science fiction. Updates will be random as I have other works in process.
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