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A/N: This is a first draft story. Expect grammar, tense, and editing issues.


The small terrene planet came as a welcome sight to the weary and frightened refugees. They had barely escaped extermination and slavery by the invading species, The Gorh. They mourned the loss of their once beautiful homeworlds after world-destroying parasites infected and turned their own against one another. War raged. The atrocities were too great and horrible to speak.

His people had only been on this planet for 70 cycles—a mere blink of time for a race born with longevity that averaged over 1000 years. The world had no name, and his family and the rest of the mixed Verbinium refugees were okay with that, referring to it simply as home.

After the catastrophic end to their ancestral home planet Verbinia, they believed a world without a name would not be an easy target. It was a minor planet as far as planets go in the galaxy. Some would go so far as to call it a dwarf planet surrounded by meteoroids making access to the planet troublesome. So far, they had been correct, enjoying 70 cycles of peace.

His mother, a master healer from a long lineage of feline royals, and his father a purebred Raa-men, a general in the Protective Guard, the 1st
son of the last King, had fallen madly in love with one another upon first sight. They were not a product of arranged love as the Verbinium customs dictated. Because of his father's family's pedigree, the oldest son of the King, and his mother's royal station, the relationship had been begrudgingly allowed.

Many cycles later, back on Verbinia, they still waited for permission to breed. Then the wars came, and an invasion followed. Most of the inhabitants of Verbinia and their visiting alien races were lost. The invading species, The Gorh, a hostile parasitic alien race, invaded many of the inhabitants through brain mites and used them to prepare the planet for the attack. Then, as if it wasn’t enough, allowed the mite to kill them slowly, painfully, and violently.

The Tyto developed a tiny seed made from verbus. Verbus, a mineral plant rich in abundance on Verbinia, killed the mite upon entering the ear. By the time it was developed and implemented, the planet was no longer habitable. The few lucky ones who boarded the refugee ships received the seed injection. It ensured that they did not bring the threat across the galaxy with them. The Gorh enslaved many females for their pleasure houses and sucked the planet dry of its resources, making the once vibrant and technologically advanced world a desolate dystopia.

The weary survivors fleeing ravished and destroyed Verbinia arrived on this small planet half a cycle later with a small fleet of about 350 survivors, a small stash of verbus, a small amount of verbanium energy, and even fewer supplies.

His parents were the first to have a child in this new world. His name, Cayleb. Cayleb was born on the new planet 20 cycles ago. The first successfully born sundrani or mixed breed. Under normal circumstances, he would be considered a youngling until his 100th cycle born day.

His parents were considered an anomaly on Verbinia. But they were perfect for rulers in this strange new world. Two different alien species from distinctly individual planets were never more perfect for one another. After 50 cycles in this new world, it was finally safe to start breeding. Slowly, one by one, successful births occurred. Cayleb, being the first. His parents fostered a more tolerant way of life simply because of their love for one another and the fact that many of the survivors were not in conventional mating pairs.

The Tyto, an intelligent race of owl-like beings, trusted advisers, scientists, and healers, closely monitor all the coupling pairs and births, keeping meticulous records. They held a small ship off-planet as they did on Verbinia. They allow unmatched males to contribute their seed to females who want to keep their bloodline pure. Since there were many different species among the survivors, the Tyto helped match pairs when needed to make sure the offspring, referred to as Sundrani, would be viable. Much trial and error occurred during the early cycles. A quarter of the population died. Unmatched carrier females that were not yet ready to settle down could provide couples with an option for offspring as well.

There was still much to learn and even more to tame on their new home planet. This planet, their new home, was hotter than Verbinia, with its three suns and one enormous moon. During the early exploration of the terrene, a refugee vessel landed on the opposite side of the new world and discovered new plants, animals, and fruit.
His people had happened upon the Goa fruit by accident during the early exploration of the new planet. Once discovered, the Tyto set about understanding its uses and properties. To his people, it has long been a unique and beneficial fruit. Its skin used in several medicinal remedies, and soft, lightly sweet insides were in sections. The Goa seeds and fruit harvest is a short and dangerous season on the planet. Albeit a necessary one.

Five cycles ago, Cayleb wandered several yerns. He was far off from his parent’s land and happened upon the cavern. This hidden place beckoned. The closer he got, the stronger the persistent beat in his chest. Once inside, he was calm. Cayleb discovered a secret deep below the vast forest that encircled a significant portion of land around the family dwelling. He coveted the place of serenity, not sharing its existence with anyone. Somehow, he knew that it was supposed to be that way.

In the depths of an underground black water pool, something has been disturbed, awakened. Cayleb could feel its presence. Cayleb’s visits in secret became more frequent as he developed a kind of relationship with the strange entity that did not reveal itself to him. Then one day, something changed. It started as a whisper of his name as if the entity were testing his name on its tongue. Then it became more distinct. Soon a beautiful female voice started communicating with him and speaking to him in the languages of his mother and father. She began to teach him about the new world he inhabited and taught him the language from a distant world called Earth. The terra planet. She was preparing Cayleb for what was to come.

Does the very soul of the planet speak to him, or is it something else entirely? Will Verbinium refugees who now call this planet home have more to fear from surviving on the UNNAMED planet or the UNNAMED entity?

© Venis Nytes

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