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She knew that she should not be here touching Cayleb.
She could not help herself.
Ever since his conscientiousness entered her planet she had been intrigued.

He had woken her from a self-imposed slumber, that she had taken due to absolute boredom, at the moment of his conception. She could manage the planet in its present state in her sleep. Now that there are more creatures here, she has found that she enjoys the distraction of their lives. So many stories, customs and thoughts.

She followed his mother and father but mostly his mother, once she found where the beacon of life was calling to her from. His mother had taken ill several months into the pregnancy. They believed that the fetus would not be viable and the Tyto had suggested that they prepare for the worst. The soul deep crying touched She as Cayleb’s mother and Father offered their son to the creators and asked for their mercy.

Little did they know that the Elders were not listening. The stopped answering prayers and sacrifices eons ago when they got tired of, what they deemed petty requests. They had gifted her sister’s planet Earth with a truly unique being, shaped as them born in the womb of an earth woman and they turned on him and murdered him. They turned their eyes away from most of the universe.

She stepped in and tripled the stronger cells of the father. She also added a touch of her light to a glass of goa juice the mother seemed to crave during those long months. Within days, Cayleb’s mother started feeling better and the Tyto informed her that the fetus was healthy and strong. The Tyto accredited the Goa Fruit juice she was drinking. They then decreed that they would need to have it for all pregnancies to be successful.

She heard them and turned her consciousness to the round fruit that most of the inhabitants on the planet avoided. It made them ill, sometimes resulting in death. The grazing herds ate the leaves and blooms but left the fruit to rot and spoil on the ground. It was in the direct path of the solar flares during most of the year where the ground was sometimes scorched and burned during the dark season.

She touched the vines and ground it grew in and made sure it was healthy for the newcomers and increased its size. Somehow this useless fruit meshed well with the biology of the new inhabitants of her planet. When the last of the newcomers found it they quickly incorporated it into much of their life. She still had to let nature takes it course to keep them from over populating and endangering this piece of the universe, so the changes were slow happening over many cycles. She made sure that it would not grow anywhere else on the planet. They had tried unsuccessfully for many cycles.
They made a drink and sauces from the leaves pulp, but the seeds only produced fragrant blossoms, never any of the actual fruit.
The tiny terrene planet may not seem like much to the Elders, or to her sister, but it was her home, the newcomers were her wards.

Cayleb is special.

He is the only one she gifted a part of herself in the womb. The only one she manipulated cells for.
He calls to her deep within his mind even when he is not aware, and it becomes harder to deny him. She never should have led him to the entrance to her lair. But it is the only place that she can speak with him in private and gaze upon him without distraction. It had taken her many cycles to create the corridors after choosing just the right place to build the cavern on this hunk of floating rock with no name.

Her elders would call her weak and seek to destroy him if they found out of his existence. She had already made up in her mind that she would take whatever actions necessary to ensure his survival, even if it meant disobeying her own kind. They had sought to punish her by putting her on this faraway place to watch over, after she had dared to imply that they favored her sister over her. In time, almost forgetting about her.

She remembered when they first arrived. She felt their presence and barely stirred in her slumber taking no interest in these wary travelers.

It had been many cycles since the Elders had touched down on this planet and then it had been catastrophic when they last came. They killed some of the newcomers just for sport, which thankfully their weakness and wailing at the deaths became boring to them very quickly. That devastation is now a haunted part of their existence. She was unable to save any of them. Had She tried, the elders would have destroyed her and this humble planet. It was a test. One that she could not win in any matter of speaking. So, She has tried every year since, to balance the natural assets so they do not draw outside attention, by being over abundant. She has had to ensure growth of the colony was slow. They are creatures blessed with longevity so culling the population was necessary in the early cycles and reserving resources was important.

The truth was, the Elders did favor her sister. They had allowed her to choose where she wanted to go in the multi verse. Pick the planet she wanted to care for, which is not the way it should be handled. Planets were to be assigned. The Designers were given the task of creating worlds and matching the right guardian of life to the inhabitants to ensure a balanced, thriving life in that world.

They had always favored her sister who watched over a small mud planet many galaxies away called Earth. The inhabitants, called Humans, systematically destroyed and ravaged the planet causing her beloved sister to be in a constant state of angst, lashing out at her wards through what they call Natural disasters. Her sister only stays because there are some very dedicated humans that are determined to preserve the planet and try valiantly to reverse the wrongs. But She knows for a fact her sister does it to seem like she is overly kind and generous. The Elders have told her that their patience is limited, referring to her precious Humans as a vile virus and it is known in Guardian circles that the Elders and the Designers marked the blue mud planet for destruction.

Her sister, who is affectionately called Mother Nature or Mother Earth, by the humankind is such a complex, temperamental being that, even She approaches her with caution and guarded tongue.

She thought back to a time when they were young and carefree and close, sharing the excitement of each new planet, each new star, each complicated life force bestowed within every single living thing. They were happy once upon an eon.

It was true that her older sister had wrought many beautiful sights and cultivated complex creatures that are glorious to behold, but she is a finicky one all the same, subject to violent mood swings. Of course the Elders never seem to notice. The problems started when they first were young beings.

She had been imprisoned on this floating rock only able to travel through the ground through the black water for many centuries. How she longed to be of substance, to be touched back. She used to dream of a time where she could be coupled with another of her kind and they could rule together making a glorious world. Those days seem to be in another place and time, somewhere farther than the farthest galaxy, deeper than the deepest black hole.

The native creatures of this planet were not of the speaking type. Many were deadly, highly predatory and territorial.
That changed when the colony of newcomers landed; broken, afraid and weary. In silence and half slumber she listened to their strange tongues, their fears and customs. She monitored their growth and left them to cultivate this planet as they saw fit. She watched more intently as she discovered the colony's reverence of this new untamed land. She had yet to even be named. The colony was afraid to name the planet which meant they would not give her a name. She would simply continue as the UNNAMED.

She continued from the tree and visited the seededge where the Goa was nestled safely underground waiting to spring forth and bloom, bearing its precious fruit. She enhanced each seedling to make sure it produced the biggest, most succulent fruit ever. She smiled to herself as she imagined how surprised the colony would be. How happy Cayleb would be. She checked the ground to make sure no other plants or creatures in the area damaged the precious seeds by rooting around. To make sure it was protected she started a vine that had huge thorns on it. Easy enough to navigate through with their swords but possibly dangerous for unwary creatures.

She was okay with the loss of a creature or two as it would most likely serve as a food source and therefore not go to waste. There was a purpose to every creeping thing and some of it was to be nourishment for others. Traveling a yearn away from the seed edge she also prepared a special Motter tree, only one that Cayleb would find comfort in. It would call to his inner being. She would make sure of it. Here she would be able to watch over him. She would not interfere in the Time Trials, those he would have to win on his own. But she had faith in him and his superior abilities. After all, he was a Glider. She could not wait to see the colony's reaction when it was revealed.

Seeing that there was not much more she could do now she made her way back to Cayleb's home Motter tree but he was no longer there. She could hear him sleeping in his quarters. His breathing deep and steady. She listened for a time before pulling all of her conscience in one place and appearing as a sparkling light in the secret cavern. As light, she traveled to a part of the cave that Cayleb had not yet discovered and in all likelihood might never find. On one of the walls she drew the Motter tree and Cayleb in repose on one of the branches. Just below she drew her likeness standing beside the tree touching it, looking up at him. She regarded it for a long while before swirling dirt over it to hide it.

©Venis Nytes

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