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When Vesper, a young mafia gang lord, meets a teenage immortal, together they have new and adventurous experiences as Vesper's life becomes more clear and godly. When Vesper, a young mafia gang lord, meets a teenage immortal, together they have new and adventurous experiences as Vesper's life becomes more clear and godly.

Scifi / Action
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Uncle Rome

I was talking to my uncle as he told me the gore and dangerous stories of working on the menacing streets in Madeline. They had got new sources and product recently and are trying to figure out ways to move it. This product is better and more dramatic than Sunshine– the products they used to sell and anyone could want it so they got to be more careful. Uncle Rome said this product is called Passionate. He had a few guys try a bit of it, he said they were higher than space for the rest of the day.

"I"m telling you, these are gonna really sell like hotcakes, Vester." I held back my laugh, everyone but my Ma and Anthony mispronounce my name, always added an 'st'.

"Vesper, Uncle. There's no 'st' in my name." He playfully rolled his eyes at my correction. My name was chosen by Ma though everyone went against it, saying I would get picked on and that it's too complex. Ma was too stubborn to change it, saying it's was hard to figure out a name on her own– everybody just judged her, never helped Ma even now, except Uncle Rome.

"Why did ya mother name you that?"

"She said because it means evening star."

Some say the way he died was pitiful, or that he wasted his life away with gangs and guns and drugs, but they don't know. They weren't there. My uncle is... was a good man. He was more of a father figure than my own dad. They didn't see...feel what he's done for me and Ma. They don't want to admit that he was more than someone in the wrong line of business, that he wasn't a dumb drug dealer that didn't want to work for he had. They refused too. They just judge and see what they wanna. But they don't know what actually happened. I don't even know what happened.
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