Earthlings in the Pleiades Planetary Republic

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Cryonics Facilities on Earth are rescued by humanoid creatures from the Pleiades and other star clusters and systems. Brought to their worlds and transformed into cyborgs, they will theoretically live forever in youthful bodies.

Scifi / Thriller
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Chapter 1 Pleiadian spacecraft lands

The spacecrafts landed on the sorched world, that the Pleiadians called Earth. This planet was totally destroyed over 50,000 of the Earthlings years by nuclear weapons and climate change. The radiation has subsided some, even a lot, from when that war ended all those years ago. The whole planet was now completely occupied by the Pleiadians, who was now on a mission to salvage anything of value. Anything of value to the Pleiadians, that is. The Earth's natural resources was of little value. The same as of their precious metals, of little use to them. In the possession of every spacecraft, was maps of cryonics facilities the world over. The majority of the facilities was put out of commission, due to the fact of lack of electrical power. There was some that had a built in power source of unknown origin. That being said, the facilities had to be deep underground well protected from the nuclear wars. There seemed to be a lot more "patients" than expected. Besides regular people being cryonically frozen, who had died, in various ways, there was a lot of scientist, who had self frozen themselves while still alive, according to the records. Every record was meticulously scrutinized by name of national origin, race, likes and dislikes. So they could be transported to the right planet and region of that planet.
The Starship Slowwalker77, found a suitable Cryonics facility in the region once knowned as the Deep South in the United States of America. That facility was in Shreveport Louisiana, formally known as, Arklatex Cryonics of America.
" Captain

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