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Project 0001: The Revolutionary Engineer

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A story about a man from the future who traveled through time and arrived at his world's past to change it's fate using technology.

Scifi / Fantasy
Israel Edan III
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Chapter 1

Year 1000.

Hidden City, Limitless World

The sky was blue and beautiful. It was not too hot nor too cold. People in ancient clothes walked the street with smiles on their faces.

Festive air can be felt on every corner of the city.

The reason for that is because today is the Annual Martial Aptitude Championship.

Countless teen residents of Hidden City longed for this day. Today, they could showcase their hard earned strength and aptitude in combat. In today's era, it is important for one to have Martial prowess. Despite the rules that governed the human civilization, the principle, strength is King, held true.

Limitless world, just like what its name implies, is limitless. No one has ever seen its boundaries and no one has ever proven that it is circular or oval in some sense. Every effort has failed. The important characteristic about this world is that, it is not ruled by humans. Although, humans is one of its top powers, it is not the only one. The land is roamed with monsters and other humanoid races that are equally if not more formidable than human beings. Every day, humanity had to constantly fight for its survival. Due to this fact, one could understand that human beings put extreme importance to Martial prowess.

If a teen is proven to have talents, then the Human Alliance will put every effort to nurture that teen, making him a part of the Reserve Force for the Human Alliance Armed Forces. Changing his social status and financial circumstances along the way. Once he became a part of the Reserve Force, he would be trained to become a soldier and achieve the highest honor of becoming Humanity's Hero, an achievement every human teen dreamed of.

Since the very first year humanity established its power, Human Alliance Armed Forces (HAAF) bestow rank upon each soldier ranks, depending upon their Martial Prowess shown into battle. The higher the rank, the more experienced and powerful a solider is.

Contrary to the expectant faces of every teen resident inside Hidden City, Edan is still sleepy as he sat on top of his bed, blaming nature why did it made sleep a finite concept. If he could, he would sleep all day. Despite having a consciousness that is older than his body, he is still as lazy as he was in the future.

His attitude is a 100% opposite compared to the excited feels excluded by everyone.

That's because, he does not intend to join the AMAC.

What's the point? He had the weakest aptitude a human could possibly have. Even though he had not undertaken the championship, he knows due to his past experience from the future.

Since that's the case, he took a different path.

The path of Technology.

In his past from the future, he invented this term to name the unique path of creation he undertook. As of today, this term does not exist.

After he fixed himself, he wore the old robe he had. As he looked at his reflection on the copper reflector, he fixed his dark hair. His childish face had a calm presence and his brown eyes had knowledge that are not meant for his "age".

He could not help but sigh while looking at the young man in his reflection. This was not according to his original plan. When he brewed his plan for a time jump to the past, he was not expecting for his physical appearance to revert back to his appearance when he was just a teen.

"This must be some sort of side effect caused by the time jump."

He just let it go. There's no point in crying over a spilled milk.

He walked down the stairs from the upper floor. After reaching the ground floor, he clapped his hands.

All of a sudden, a humming sound echoed throughout the store. Then, just like magic, the atmosphere of the entire floor changed. The air became purified and fresh while the meager light was improved by lightings coming from different part of the room. If one would make a comparison, it is no different from any modern establishment.

From the ambiance, air quality, lightings, and interior design, no one would think that this is located at an ancient city during an ancient time. It was bizarre.

When Edan surveyed the surroundings, the shelves are empty.

"If I'm going to make my first product, I should not make it too advance to prevent the risk of being studied like a guinea pig. I should take it slow."

After spending a few seconds on contemplating, he decided that a good product should coincide with the need of the consumers. Thus, an idea was born into the his mind.

"I should take a look outside."

Once he got out of the door, he took a glance at the vertical sign outside his store.


This name was taken after a prominent virtual store from the future.

Suddenly, a tiny doubt was born inside his head, what if he fails to change the future? What if despite the butterfly effect caused by him is insufficient to cause a change on the dreaded fate Edan feared.

"I can only do my best."

In fact, despite the doubts he had, majority of him is still confident because he had something no one have. He had the capital everyone lacked.

As he was looking at the sign, people who are walking by, can't help but take a look at this handsome young man by the store but when they saw the store, disdain became apparent in their eyes.

The outside appearance of his store is the total opposite of the beauty it held inside. It looked so old, one might mistake it for an abandoned building if not for the fresh flower at the front door and the clean sign it held.

"I wonder who's the owner of that pitiful store?"

"Sigh, another hopeless shop owner."

"Who would want to buy anything from a store like that?"

"I know that one should be creative, but, what's with the name?"

People kept on murmuring as they passed by but Edan was not affected even a little. He himself know that every item he would make will be revolutionary.

Edan's store is located at the edge of the commercial district, close to the residential district.

Hidden City is divided into three district.

The first one is the Residential District that made up majority of the city.

The second one is the commercial district, it is where business establishments are located and most of the businessmen lived here.

The third district is the Elite District. This is the place where the city's management lived.

On the lower view, the Residential is somehow divided into two.

The High Class which consist of the well-off families including the families of those who are a part of HAAF or the Reserve Force.

The second part are those who are not really well off. Most of them struggled to find food for each meal. Unfortunately, strength is king. Nobody would notice the losers of the community. Even though nobody would play with their lives because of the law, nobody would care for their lives either.

As Edan toured throughout the city, he was amazed by how backward everything is. It is different from the advanced civilization he was used to. Children of the unfortunates are uneducated just like how their parents are.

When his thought reached this point, he suddenly had an idea.

If he wants to change what happened in the future, the first thing he should do is not to spread technology wantonly but to spread education using technology. No matter how advanced a technology he provides, people would never be able to use its entire potential without education.

When he returned, a smile is hung upon his face.

"System, open the Prototype Production Room."

He commanded inside his mind.

Surprisingly, a cold voice responded.

"As you wish, master."
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