Project 0001: The Revolutionary Engineer

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Chapter 2

"As you wish, master."

Edan did not hesitate and went straight up stairs.

On the second floor of his store, there are three rooms, divided by a corridor.

His room is on the very back of the corridor's left side and the first room from the stairs, is a guest room. On the right side of the corridor is the mysterious Multipurpose Room.

Multipurpose Room took up the rest of the corridor's right side.

Currently, Edan is standing in front of the Multipurpose Room while listening to system's voice inside his head.

"Prototype Production Room loading... 50%"




"Prototype Production Room is now ready."

When the system signaled him that the preparation is done, he twisted the door knob and went inside without hesitation.

The interior of the PP Room looked like any looked like any modern laboratory with its tiled walls and white lights. The only difference is that except for a single table and an input panel with a holographic monitor, nothing can be found inside.

Edan walked towards the table and the holographic monitor lit up.

Project Name:

Materials Needed:

Without hesitation, Edan filled the form using the input panel.

Project Name:

Materials Needed:
-Wood Pulp[1]
-Mineral Fillers[4]
-Fluorescent Pigment[5]

Edan pressed the "Enter" button and the system started processing.

If you are wondering, where did Edan got the system?

It is a long story but to sum it up, he got it during the preapocalyptic era. That era was the peak of human innovation and because of countless groundbreaking inventions, humans were ushered to a new heights.

Using the ultimate materials created by human beings, including Alternative Intelligence, Space Warping Technology, and Automatic Material Summoning, the system were born.

If his invention went public that time, it would have been the most revolutionary invention at that time. But unexpectedly, he chose to hide it to protect himself.

On the other hand, although it was called as the peak, Unfortunately, it happened way to late.

A tragedy that made them realize how premature their so called peak was, happened.

After a couple of minutes, the space inside the room warped and a long table materialized behind his back. On top of it were the materials he needed to produce the first prototype of his first project.

"System, open the business panel."

Edan commanded and right then, a panel opened inside his mind.

Profit: --
Credit: --
Total Revenue: --

"Master, you don't have enough revenue to procure the needed items for producing Project 0001."

The system announced inside his mind.

"Is the credit system now available?"
He asked.

"Credit system is currently available, would you like to avail?" The system asked.

"Yes." He nodded his head for affirmation.

"How much would you take as a credit master?"

Edan pondered for a little while, his hand propped his chin up.

"How much will it cost me to buy a ready-made Fourdrinier Machine[6]?" He asked.

To finish the prototype of Project 0001 as fast and as cost-effective as possible, he needed a Fourdrinier Machine. If he buy one, he won't need to spend more money in starting the project's initial production line. It's like hitting two birds with one stone.

"The price range is from 20 gold coins down to 20 silver coins."

When he heard the price range, he pondered for a moment. For an initial production line that can be seen as a test, 20 gold coins is too much of an investment. Not to mention that the money he'd use to buy the machine came from credits. Too much debt is bad for a start-up business.

"What can I get for 20 silver coins?" He asked.

After asking, the system displayed an old image of a Fourdrinier Machine made of wood and and crude metals.

"A 1799 Fourdrinier Machine." The system replied.

When he saw the picture, the image of Louis Nicolas Robert emerged in his mind. He was the man who invented the first Fourdrinier Machine. Unfortunately for him, Edan is now about to steal his future accomplishment 700 years before he could invent it.

He suddenly remembered why LNR invented the Fourdrinier Machine. It was to mass produce the thing he is about to make today.

"Give me this machine." He ordered calmly.

"User is about to take a credit of 20 silver coins from system. If master can't pay for a year, the credit will multiply by two-folds. Please confirm."

"I understand. Proceed with the credit."


As the system proceeded with its mechanics, Edan suddenly felt slightly weak. He felt every unit of his strength that left his body. This is the first time that this happened but Edan did not panicked. He knew all to well why this is happening.

Everytime he "remits" money to the system, it converts it into a special kind of energy called "Universal Energy". It is the same energy used by soldiers. Everytime he takes credit from the system, his the system will convert is UE into any form of monetary fund. This is why, after he confirmed the transaction with the system, he suddenly felt weak.

After a few seconds that felt like hours for Edan, the machine materialized in a corner of the room.

"Finally. Let's begin the process."


1 month later.

Profit: -5 Gold Coins
Credit: 5 Gold Coins
Total Revenue: -5 Gold Coins.

Edan looked at the business panel inside his mind as he sat on his table inside his room.

His complexion is deathly pale. It is apparent that aside from the previous credit he took from the system, he took another one and his credit had now reached 5 Gold coins.

This explains why he became so weak.

A few minutes passed, his attention was brought back to reality by a soft knocking on the door.

"Come in."

The door began to open with a screech only a wooden door would produce, and a young man a young girl around the age of 10 came in.

"Sir. All the package had been successfully delivered."

The girl named Ruby, lifted the corner of her lips, forming a cheeky smile.

Ruby looked like your typical cute girl with a dimple. She is not heaven-defyingly beautiful like how other novel protagonist are and not as ugly as an cursed being. She had a simple yet refreshing air around her that could make anyone close to her smile.


Edan smiled at her and she nodded with a smile.

[1] Wood pulp is wood that has been cut up into small pieces and crushed.

[2]Starches used typically are chemically or enzymatically de-polymerized at the paper mill or by the starch industry (oxidized starch). Starch is also used in paper coating as one of the binders for the coating formulation, which is a mixture of pigments, binders and thickeners.

[3]Rosin (/ˈɹɒ. zən/), also called colophony or Greek pitch (Latin: pix graeca), is a solid form of resin obtained from pines and some other plants, mostly conifers, produced by heating fresh liquid resin to vaporize the volatile liquid terpene components. It is semi-transparent and varies in color from yellow to black.

[4]Some of the most important papermaking filler materials obtained directly from mining include the ground limestone and chalk forms of calcium carbonate, kaolin clay, and talc.

[5]The Fluorescent Pigment For Paper Coating is used where a visual impact is required for various applications for achieving brightest possible result. These pigments are wash fast and croaking resistant.

[6] Fourdrinier machine, device for producing paper, paperboard, and other fibreboards, consisting of a moving endless belt of wire or plastic screen that receives a mixture of pulp and water and allows excess water to drain off, forming a continuous sheet for further drying by suction, pressure, and heat.
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