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This Story Is about The Author T’Quan Coleman His View On The Word And What he See’s today according to the Bible . He also Unveils the Supernatural Side of His Life.

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TQuan Coleman
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Chapter 1

I was Born in Youngstown, Ohio. My Father Ended Up in Jail For Murder When I was One , and That’s Around the Time I went To stay with My Aunt While my mom was dealing with school. I would then Go back and forth from my mom houses till I was about 4 years old . On my Fourth birthday My sister was born. Her birthday is a day before mines. 4 years Later I had my two little brothers where born , All of us being born 2 years apart.

We All move To red Oak Apartments. We stayed there my whole kindergarten Year before we had ended up moving to Ohio . I would stay with my Aunt for half a year . My brothers and Sister Stayed with my mom and went to daycare. I was the only child to leave.

At the End Of First Grade I moved Back with my mother . We lived in Barberton Ohio where I made a lot of friends. There was something there that I never told any one . I always keept to myself until now .

I went down the stairs and I suddenly had the urge to look back . There was a black figure looking at me then went in my sisters room. What I seen never spooked me , I thought it was normal. I was about 6 or 7 . I never told my mom or anybody until I got older .

Since then I’ve felt like Something has been trying to take me out this world. Like one day I Was Walking home from school with a group of friends that stayed in the same neighborhood and we got right across the street from home. I look both ways and “Bink” a car hit me. The hill was so steep you couldn’t see the car coming from the other side so fast.
Luckily the car only hit My writing hand , by the grace of god I still have it.

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