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The concept behind this short story is lucid that describes the future generation of humans that left the planet earth and their search for other planet make them live in a strange planet. I describe some facts that might happen in future, doesn’t know if it’ll happen in future but what my mind and the current scenario tells me to write this, which has some impact on our current life and this will lead us to find ourselves in the search for another world and the two civilizations that we left on planet earth was developed by us and we leave them in severe condition and this propels one of the two civilization that is Tufol to think that another civilization that is ‘Narain’ will one day, in future, will do the same wherever they are, on other planet and might they will do the same that manifests the ‘process of life’ but the lesson for the future civilizations to treat their home planets better and make it safer for their generations.

Scifi / Adventure
Sunny S Koul
Age Rating:

Phase - I

Pouring down my head and find some civilizations on the planet earth as they have the time and the star (sun) will become the red giant in the near future about 5 billion years they have but Andromeda Galaxy what about it? It will collide with the Milky Way; I guess they have few days. How do they manage all this and protect themselves? Humans will survive, they already find their place beyond the solar system and they have the way to travel beyond galaxies and even they traverse their thoughts through space. But the civilization on the planet earth is living like in a ’deadly world’ not suitable for ’living’ see what’s there”said Nifru

“Really, it’s tragic. What humans do with their planet; the atmosphere is not there and there are dunes of water but only a few remaining. Can we land?”asks Elarun

“No, we can’t because that civilization is living with a special kind of camouflage on their faces; they are the hybrids of the humans and the planetTixus they (humans) found; this planet is from ’Galaxy 369 NTAE’ the planet with a dual star system that is binary suns” replies Nifru. They (humans) bifurcated two civilizations one is ’Narain’ and another one ’Tufol’ that is the name of our civilization.

“Is this? Really, it was a sad day for both the civilizations”said Elarun

“Yes, this is. Now, the ’Narain’ civilization is in danger because they don’t have proper facilities even the atmosphere there is so thin that they are unable to breathe and this is the consequence of humans because they demolish the earth’s atmosphere, even there are no trees and ’Narain’ civilization is living with artificial oxygen system that is in the form of ’artificial giant chambers that produces oxygen with the help of sunlight and the carbon dioxide.

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