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Phase - II

“And even the moon is moving far from the earth which still is causing some disturbances in the tidal waves on earth. Sun’s life is a major issue but what about the Andromeda galaxy when it will collide with Milky Way? Rather than save the civilizations, humans left the planet earth in search of other planets, isn’t this a wrong intention? Asks Elarun

“Yes, this is but this is the ‘curiosity’ which makes everyone know and search for nature’s incredible and mysterious things. Perhaps, Narain civilization in future will do the same what humans did and might we as well. And don’t worry, Narain civilization has the potential to survive in this condition but yes, space calamity like a collision of galaxies and the end of the sun’s life both are major issues. Even they are not developed enough to save themselves. Their existence came after ours but we lived with humans and we knew the weather conditions, natural calamities and other things that happened on planet earth. Can we land? I ask

“No, we are late we have to go now, see ‘space portal’ is open now; let’s confirm our place otherwise the ‘space portal’ will disappear” replies Naifru

“So many ‘space portals’ open today, this is an incredible view” said Elarun

“Yes, humans are still visiting on planet earth to modify the planet’s atmosphere, hope, they will soon modify it. Humans are travelling through that ‘portal’ 6th one but they rarely visit here (in this spacetime) because they themselves have some issue regarding their structure of DNA and RNA, which was due to some vicious viruses, not know exactly from where those viruses came, and planet’s atmosphere that made them think to leave the planet and it takes years and years at least thousand of years to find the planet habitable for them. They even tussling with the ‘Living’ as they are developing the habitable zones because there are few in numbers and they make their habitable ‘zones’ there in which they live without any need of planet’s atmosphere and it’s akin like earth’s atmosphere.

“How do you know all this? I mean this happened millions of years ago” asks Elarun

“I know because of some evidence and proofs that found on our planet” replies Naifru

“Well, I don’t know anything about this” said Elarun

“The process of life tells us how civilizations on different planets live and survive just like the life on the planet earth where starvation, loss of cultivation, biological hazards compelled them to think in search for other planet and they did this. However, their research on how to traverse consciousness from one dimension to another dimension is successful. Let’s hope, they will not exploit it and never let their discoveries in the trash. The technology they used didn’t help them to save their planet’s atmosphere and even for other living creatures there to survive” said Nifru

“This seems everything in nature is dynamics” said Elarun

“Yes, you are right, everything in nature is dynamic. Human’s legacy will survive forever but their intention in future decides how the life transforms from one dimension to other as we all are travellers at least in our known spacetime” Naifru

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