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The Last of Their Kind

By Victoria Stahr All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Adventure


Years ago a strange species found Earth. They called themselves Shadows and first watched the human race from far off. No one understood how, but they were able to see and hear from the shadows the sun created, some even from their home planet of Rumia.
After around two thousand years, in the year 2050 C.E., they made themselves known to our race. By then we had begun to explore space in more depth. It is assumed that they figured it was time for them to make their presence known.
Almost immediately a war started because of the fear of humans. For nearly a hundred years, the humans fought against the Shadows, thinking them to be monsters and invaders, when they were a mostly diplomatic people, as it was later revealed by their late king's eldest son at his trial(see the Earth v. Invaders ruling).
At that point it was assumed that he was the last survivor of his kind. There is still some speculation that there are two others that still remain alive, though it is not known how they would be able to, since the UWA(united world army) did a thorough sweep of all the domed cities on the planet.
It is also unknown if any of the other species they encountered will declare war against the human population or not. Records of both were kept in a drive given to the believed alive Shadows, so nothing is on record. The UN will decide soon if our moves were the correct one's to make, almost eighteen years after the war's end. I hope they realize their mistake. I for one do not want to face Shifters or Drakos, if they are as real as the legends on Rumia say they are.

-The Thoughts and Writings of Dr. Alex Windhill, Professor of History and Philosophy at Oxford University. 2165 C.E. Deceased 2166 C.E.
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