Burning Sun

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A new industrial revolution has enabled the inhabitants of Phoe to travel the stars. New innovations are springing up everywhere, planets have been and are being discovered, and new alliances have been formed. It seems as if nothing will stand in the way of the inhabitants of Phoe, but everything has its price and enviers lurk everywhere. The story follows the rise of the still realtive young empire through the eyes of several characters, in a still largely unknown galaxy.

Scifi / Action
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Prologue: Burning Sun

Sand, nothing but sand everywhere.

Kane sighed, and let his gaze wander around the sheer endless horizion.

The hot air around him flickerd, he lifted his head and looked in the direction of the sun which burned without mercy.

Not a single animal was to be seen, neither on land nor in the air.

Not even plants, the temeratures ensured that there were hardly any plants,except some cati and dried up thorn bushes,.

Only this damm sand.

He let his eyes wander over the sky, not a single cloud was to be seen, only an endless blue. He turned around and walked down the dune he had been standing on, if it only wasn’t so he thought to himself. On his way down he could see the men who had fled from the burning of the sun into the shadows of the vehicles, only a few were to be seen on the vehicles or on the surrownding dunes.

When he reached the bottom, he stepped into the shadow of one of the vehicles and sat down whith a crunching noise.

Around him lay some men, trying to sleep. This was one of the two options to escape this desolated desert,

Kane thought to himself. He didn’t want to thing about the other option for the time beeing.

He let his eyes wander over their small camp, over the the tired, sweating faces of men, dusted armor and battered vehicles. How has it come so far, he thought.

It was supposed to be a routine mission, at least that was said as they were given their orders.

Quickly in and out they had said, just escort the vehicles and then they might be able to already

leave this planet again, a routine mission they said...

Tired, he let himself sink onto the warm sand, just a brief pause and then I will continue he thought and sank into sleep.

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