Universe Two

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Elena Strover is a young girl on a journey she will never forget. Long lost and supposedly dead brothers, dangerous criminal lovers and most of all a crazy man trying to take over the universe... again.

Scifi / Romance
Abbie B
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Here we go again...

Hi everyone! My name is Abbie and I am introducing you to...

Universe Two

Universe Two has been my baby since around 2016. It has been rewritten many times and now has been rewritten once again. My skills have improved a lot since the last version of my story and I am happy to say I am ready to get some parts rolling out!

This story was originally published on Wattpad way back when, and after a failed publishing contract I decided to move it to a new platform! It will still be on Wattpad and both here and on Wattpad will have the same amount of chapters and the same upload day.

For now I will upload once a week on Wednesdays! My username over on Wattpad is abbieawesum if you want to check me out! I am uploading the first 10 chapters so you can get a taste of my writing style and get you wanting more in the future!

Thank you for looking at my story and I hope you enjoy!

Oh and as always if you or someone you know needs a little bit of help with editing feel free to let me know! I am always happy to help and I always want to help others improve their work!


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