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In the distant future, the Earth's biosphere is on the verge of ecosystem collapse. Nations plotted against each other using advanced weapons of mass destruction in the last devastating World War known as "The Great Global Conflict." Now the Earth is overpopulated with very few resources for consumption. As a result, the human race lives massive bio-domes for survival. The year is 2458. The newly formed one-world government called the Earth Government Conglomerate (E.G.C) looks too in-depth space exploration to survive the human race. After years of space exploration, the E.G.C finds a habitable Earthlike planet to colonize. Joilee is a government agricultural scientist is assigned to the Alpha Centauri System. Her crew travels on an intergalactic ship, "The Oldumare," to survey the planet called Sierra Alpha Prime. Shortly after arriving in orbit, a massive energy source destroys the ship killing every crew member, except for Joilee, who becomes the sole survivor. Stranded on the planet, Joilee finds herself not alone when she encounters a primitive indigenous race known as the Quexamatil. With the help of the natives, Joilee learns how to survive.

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Human evolution is inevitable to adapt to the ever-changing earth’s environment. This evolution can bring either order or chaos. Apparently, order and chaos are two conflicting ideas that are written in our moral psyche.

In the year 2237, CE. was a tribulation time for Earth. World governments were in an all-out global conflict. China and the United States were at war. Great Britain and its allies were at war with Russia. Countries in Africa and South America were warring within their continents. As technology advanced, so did the ruthless tactics of these warring countries. Within the middle of this conflict was the Trinitarian Weapons and Vehicles manufacturer.

Joseph Garrison was a 23-year-old multi-billionaire who inherited his fortune and the family business called The Trinitarian Group. The Trinitarian Group was a private military corporation that was in his family for five generations. Joseph Garrison financed research in advanced weapons, computers, cybernetics, nanotechnology, and space travel. His company established the first colonies on the moon and Mars. Next, Joseph ordered the first surface colony on Mars, using biodome technology that his company created and perfected in 2129. The Trinitarian Group supplied arms and technology to the warring while developing far more advanced weapons for his campaign.

- 2255 C.E -

Growing tired of the everlasting amongst the nations, Joseph migrated to his newly built biodome city called Marsidia. Joseph established his own government after switching his company’s ethics from profit to policy. Joseph planned to overtake Earth and unite the nations under a martian government. For years Joseph secretly recruited disenfranchised and disabled soldiers and augmented them with cybernetic and nanotechnology. Moreover, Joseph manufactured droids and drones to aid in his crusade.

- April 22, 2270 CE -

After years of planning, Joseph attacked Earth’s key governmental cities. Within hours, significant world capitals such as China, American, and Russia were under siege. These events initiated World War III, also known as the Great Global Conflict.

To show his unrivaled power from the Earth’s orbit, the Marsidian forces fired a dark matter weapon known as the Wrath of God. Washington DC, Beijing, and Moscow were vaporized in an instant flash. The remaining earth government formed a treaty known as the Earth Emergency Pact to fight against the Marsidian forces.

For the next seven years, Earth suffered countless losses and was losing the war. One last desperation act was to attack Mars head-on. This victory ensured the Earth’s success; however, Joseph refused to accept defeat so easily. Joseph fired his dark matter weapon on Earth that disrupted the ecosystem.

The Earth suffered unpredictable superstorms, great seismic earthquakes, and volcanic chain reactions. Ashes and sulfur covered the atmosphere, which blocked out the sun. Vegetation and the Earth’s ecosystem slowly died. Many citizens migrated to already erected biodome cities. Within these cities, anarchy became a human behavior as the strong preyed on the weak.

To create planetary order, the remaining governments formed a one-world republican government by signing the Earth Cohesion Treaty, which formed the Earth Government Conglomerate (EGC). EGC rapidly established order using the remaining earth’s military as their authoritative enforcers. The government has a senate of 20 members. Fifteen members have been lobbying the laws and policies of all the remaining cities. However, five members that are considered the high council vote to put laws into effect.

With the acknowledgment of a dying planet, The EGC decided to look to the stars for humanity’s survival. The EGC moved their senate to Marsidia and renamed the city Hearthtropolis. The government built deep space probes and ships to reach the galaxy’s distant inner and outer realms. All Meridian technology was confiscated and used for the advancement of governmental control and deep space exploration.


The EGC civilization consists of cities that live in earth bio-domes that consist of sectors. Each biodome sector consists of the military, medical division (physical and mental health), agriculture, applied & advanced science, environmental quality, and residential.

The Military Division enforced the government’s laws. The recruits, military law enforcement, barracks, and armor and weapons depot are housed underneath this midsize biodome. Recruits who come here go through strenuous training. This training consists of hand-to-hand combat, weapons training, and zero-gravity training for space exploration and combat. After six months of basic training, students are either sent to their selected division to work. Those who stay in the military go through advanced combat training.

Agricultural Science Division is where vegetation is genetically enhanced and grown. Moreover, agriculture scientists also research new ways to genetically modify and create new species of food and plants that extend plant life and increase the production rate. Livestock is cloned, raised, and processed. The food is processed and shipped to the essential areas in ration packs.

The Applied and Advance Science Division was responsible for applying existing scientific knowledge into practical applications. This division was responsible for enhancing EGC’s current technology. This division focused its research on extra stellar travel. They came up with many theories of creating wormholes and artificial black holes for space exploration. Yet, the division decided that those theories were too unsafe to put into practice. However, scientists turned to the very thing that nearly destroyed earth. This division used dark matter technology to build light wave engines. The majority of EGC’s extra stellar ships are equipped with a light wave engine.

Environmental Quality Division is responsible for EGC society’s ecological life support. This division was responsible for the quality of clean air and water. Working with the Agricultural division, they apply technology to enrich the soil on Earth and planetary colonies. This division has crew stationed throughout the sectors within the biodomes to ensure life support systems are running at an efficient rate. They also work on theories of Terraforming planets. They have successfully terraformed a small asteroid known as New Eden. These sectors are heavily guarded under the military.

The Citizen Division is the most valuable aspect of the government. All citizens are lottery picked to contribute to the government. A citizen who isn’t considered to work in any of the divisions mentioned above is sent to do hard manual work labor. They are responsible for the maintenance and production of the population.

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