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Chapter 10

Palmer Video Log

Dr. Joilee Reyna James

January 4, 2460 C. E.

After a few days traveling with the Quexamatil, we decided to make camp for the night. While we rested, we once again encountered the Oxuna tribe. However, my meeting with them did not go well as Mantiko and the leader of the tribe Jembere, tried to kill each other over me. While I tried to stop them from killing each other, I took a knife to the abdomen. While dying, I was saved by one of the Oxuna priested named Jerexunale. She managed to heal my fatal wound in seconds.

Jerexunale was a female native that commanded respect with her presence. Like Ixepuliz, Jerexunale was shrouded with mystery but held an enlightened personality. I am very interested in learning from her as it will be beneficial.


Joilee woke up in a stone hut as she was screaming frantically from a daymare of being stabbed. Ixepuliz ran by her side to whisper words of comfort and protection.

Joilee regained her composure; she looked at Ixepuliz and immediately became angry.

“Get away from me,” Joilee scolded.

“Joilee, I am sorry,” Ixepuliz stated. Joilee sighed.

“Ixepuliz, I know you are trying to look out for me, but you have to control your anger. Your temper is not good for you,” Joilee replied.

Ixepuliz did not understand a word, but he nodded.

Joilee got up from a make-shift mat and darted towards a window. Joilee sees geometric pottery, idols, and woven mats made from fiber not known to her.

Jerexunale walked into the hut with two tall Oxuna bodyguards carrying spears. Jerexunale ordered Ixepuliz to leave, but Ixepuliz refused. The two bodyguards drew their spears against Ixepuliz. Ixepuliz quickly drew his dagger. Joilee put her hand on Ixepuliz and gently pushes down the dagger as a gesture for him to surrender. Ixepuliz looked at Joilee.

Joilee had a frustrated look on her face. Ixepuliz looked into Joilee’s judgemental eyes. Ixepuliz put his weapon back in his pelt sheath to avoid the same mistake twice. Ixepuliz agreed to leave the hut with the two bodyguards.

Jeruexunale moved a wall scone which opened a pathway in the middle of the floor. Jerexunale said a few words and gestured her to follow her. Jerexunale descended into the floor. Beneath the stone hut, there was a device of advanced technology. The device powered a doorway in the room. The door is constructed of an archway of liquid-like design.

Jerexunale chanted a few words, and the device came alive. The device focused particle beams onto the liquid surface, showing a purplish color. Joilee was amazed. Joilee took her Palmer to get energy readings which were off the scale. Jerexunale again gestured for Joilee to follow her before stepping through the portal. Joilee was hesitant at first, but she trusted Jerexunale. She did save her life.

Joilee stepped through the portal. Within seconds, Joilee stood inside an oval-shaped room. The technology was evident that it was an advanced alien structure. There were similar liquid-structured doorways that circled the room. Jerexunale went to a console and uttered more words. A small panel slid up, revealing an alien stone in an alien glass-like container.

Jerexunale took the crystal and sat in the middle of the room in a lotus position. Jerexunale invited her to sit with her. Joilee complied and sat across from Jerexunale. Joilee looked at the crystal and was mesmerized by its hypnotic beauty as it glowed an indigo color.

Jerexunale set the crystal in between them. Jerexunale opens the vile with Joilee’s crystalized blood and sprinkles it over the crystal. The crystal radiated an indigo glow. Without warning, the crystal levitated and implanted itself in Joilee’s throat. Joilee screamed in pain, but streaks of dispair sounded.

“Stay calm; it will help you on your journey,” Jerexunale said.

Joilee was baffled. She could have sworn that she understood Jerexunale before she passed out again.

An hour Joilee woke with Jerexuale sitting across from her. She had a terrible headache, and her throat was hurting.

“I am glad that you are awake,” Jerexunale said. Joilee knew she was not going crazy as she knew she understood her.

“I can understand you!”

“Yes, I had fused you with the chakrun crystal.”

“What is a chakrun crystal?”

“It a stone that bears the essence of the life of our world. There are several of them. I have given you one them.”

“Why did you do that?”

“I received a vision from the Gods. They said to bless you with the gift of communication..”

“How does that work.?”

“I used your blood so the crystal can recognize its new host.”

“You have to take it out.”

“I can’t. Once the stone is infused with its host, it must never be removed.”

’What if I remove it?”

“You will die. Come, there is much to discuss.”

“Okay, what do you want to talk about?”

“Starting where are you from, and why are you here. Are you friend or foe?”

“I will rather be a friend, but that is up to how the natives perceive me to be?”

“Many of our people believe you are part of a prophecy. Some believe you are here to save us or destroy us.”

“I am here to do neither. My sole purpose here is to survive till my people get here. That will be in a year from now.”

“I see!”

“Now it’s my turn to ask questions.”


“Who are you?

“I am Jerexunale is the priestess and healer.”

“Oh, speaking of healing. Thank you for saving my life.”


“What does that mean?”

“You are welcome.”

“So, what is the history of your people.”

“What do you mean.”

“Your beliefs, your culture.”

“There are many tribes with different beliefs and customs, but we all share a common creation story.”

Jerexunale tells a story about ancient Gods who populated the great void in the sky, creating worlds and life on other planets.

“The creation of world comes from the scrolls of wa-ak-tal-alk-hull-queel, or Time of Creation.

“In the passage of the Forgers of Worlds. It is told that before all that existed, there were five great beings known as the Five Architects. There was Baba Obatala, Mama Quiche, Anganyu, Shinatsuhiko, and Zemnya. The Five Architects had mastered time, space, and matter. From the dark void, the Five Architects set ablaze the void with great white light, that birth the universe. After creating worlds, He took Massive rocks and metals into the void he crushes them together with great strength. Anganyu, the god of fires, plunged his staff, soldering the rock with cosmic fire. Mama Quiche took her divine cup and poured water onto the solder rock, cooling the rock. She created the seas and the oceans. From the cooling rock, Shinatsuhiko wielded his sword to create the winds of Sierra Alpha Prime. Zemnya, the mother of her creation disk, seeded Sierra Alpha Prime with life. Once the Gods saw that what they created was good, they left the void to create other worlds.”

“And that is our legend of how our world came to be,“Jerexunale explained.

Joilee was amazed to hear the Sierra Alpha Prime’s creation story. Religion had been made apocryphal on Earth, as the council believed it served no purpose. Joilee only put her faith in the laws, policies, scientific advancement, and protocols of her government. It was the only thing that allowed the human race to come together as a collective whole. However, a few factions saw the human cosmocratic government as a fascist entity.

“Thank you for telling me such a beautiful story.”

“No need to thank me as it is our custom and hope that if you say that you are a friend to our people.”

“I am!”

“I must admit, I don’t trust you, Joilee.”

“What makes you say that. I have not shown any hostility!”

“It’s not your action but what I sense from you. The gods have shown me a vision of you. You come from a dying world, and your people are on the verge of extinction. It is inevitable.”

“Then why did you give me these beautiful stones.”

“Because the stone given to you has a connection to our world. You become part of it as it becomes part of you,” Ixepule replied. Joilee turned around and saw one of the doorways emanate with light. As the portal opened Ixepuliz, Ixepuliz’s mother walked through. Ixepuliz carries an alien container that has a blood-red stone inside.

“You dare to step in our domain without being invited,” Jerexunale scoffed.

“Ixepuliz, how did you get here?”

“Never mind that! Je-rex-soo-na-ley may ask to have an audience with you?”

“Yes, and maybe you can explain your intrusion.”

Ixepuliz and Jerexunale walked to the other end of the room. Joilee wondered what they were going to talk about. However, she did not want to be rude. Joilee started scanning the alien inscriptions and designs on the wall.

“Explain, wretched one. Why have you come uninvited?”

“Forgive my intrusion; however, we must talk about our sky visitor. Since she has arrived, I have been receiving a vision of the Sanele Jinsex Tunelechi.”

“Are you talking about the Great Tribulation End Times? How can that be as I have never received such vision.”

“In time, you will as it is prophesied as all tribal priest and priestess will receive such visions.”

“So could she be the harbinger of Eternal Enlightenment or the unending cycle of Death and Destruction.

“That remains to be determined by her action. In the meantime, we must be cautious of her. Teach her the ways of all the tribes. Our tribal feud must end now!”

“I agree.”

“I see you you given our sky visitor the visha-syntexal chakrun.”

“Yes, as I was instructed to do so in a vision given to me by the Gods.”

“If you are receiving instruction from the Gods themselves, then I must proceed as there is no time to waste.

Ixepuliz walked to Joilee and asked her to remove the waist pelt. Joilee was confused, but she trusted Ixepule and did so. She took Joilee’s hand. Without warning, Ixepuliz cut Joilee’s hand.

“What the hell!”

Ixepuliz drip blood over the dark red stone, which caused it to glow, and suddenly it flew toward Joilees private area and fused with her clitoris.

Joilee fell to the floor in pain.

“What did you do to me!”

“Please endure as I am fusing you with the necessary resources to help you adapt to our world.”

“You could have warned me,” replied with quivering pain.

Within a few minutes, the pain has resided. Ixepuliz helped Joilee off the floor!

“How do you feel?”

“I feel...tired.”

“It is normal. In time your body will get used to the harmonics of the stones.”


“Our world vibrates at a different energy than your world. Every chakrun that infuses with you, there will be discomfort. I have given you the Muljratathara Chakrun. You will need to journey to the other tribes. I will have my Ixepuliz escort you.”

“And my son Jembere as well. Meanwhile, rest as it has been a strenuous day!”

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