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Chapter 11

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Palmer Video Log

Dr. Joilee Reyna James

January 10th, 2460 C.E.

After visiting Oxuna natives, I was instructed to head to the Sequetal Plains. We journeyed through the forest through the Sarexen Forest. Sarexen meant a place of forever night. The name suited the area well, as the forest was dense with foliage and fog. It took a day to travel through. To aid with my journey, both Mantiko’s and Jembere’s tribal parties escorted me through the forest. However, there are generations of tension and fighting between the tribes. I requested each tribes to stay 10 feet from my right and left. However, Mantiko and Jembere stayed close to me.

Deep in the Sarexen forest, Joilee and her escort party walk through a dense pathway. Mantiko and Jembere ordered a few of their tribal members to scout ahead. Oxuna and Quexamatil scouts posted positions in the trees and a few miles ahead. Joilee wished Mantiko and Jembere would do the same as there was constant bickering amongst the two. Finally, Joilee had enough as the two argued over who was going to lead after getting lost.

“Will you two stop it? Both of you arguing it gives me a headache,” Joilee scoffed with frustration.

Joilee was extra irritable, especially after being nearly killed by the two.

Mantiko cuts Jembere a snide look.

“You see what you are doing? You are making the sky visitor upset,” Jembere snarled.

“It is you with your big mouth,”

“It’s both of you who I am getting frustrated with. You two need to find a way of getting along if you both are going to be around me.”

“You can expect me to get along with a Jock-see dung pile like him,” Mantiko replied. A Jock-see was an elephant-like bug-like mammal that was native to Sequetal Plains.”

“Who are you calling a dung pile!”

“JUST STOP! If you don’t end this feud, I am afraid that you won’t have a future. Take my word for it!”

“What are you saying? You are here to destroy us if we don’t,” Jembere snarled.

“I don’t have the power or the will to destroy anything. My world is dying from years of senseless wars. The years of fighting amongst our race destroyed our planet. Now we look to the stars for a new planet to call home. So I am begging you both to try to get along.”

Both Mantiko and Jembere hear her swear a temporary truce. Joilee was happy to reduce insults for words to hostile stares between the two tribal chiefs.

A few days after covering more ground, Joilee and her travel party managed to reach the forest’s edge to open grassy fields. Finally, the travel party reached the Sequetal plains.

The plains were an orange color hue, and the sky illuminated a pinkish-yellow. Joilee looked to the sky and saw the three planets into the horizon and Sierran that made the satellites appear faint in the distance. Mantiko puts his hands on Joilee’s shoulder and points off in the distance. Joilee fixated her eyes in the far distance where Mantiko was pointing. Joilee observed three figures standing tall in the distance.

“Are they?”

“Sequetal people.”

Joilee and her escorts walked towards the three figures in the distance. It took a fifteen-minute trek to reach the standing humanoids. The humanoid was the Sequetal tribe that lived in the grassy plains. They were dressed in a tribal wardrobe that bore geometric patterns that consisted of orange and white colors. In addition, they wore a cloth-like headdress that draped to the base of their shoulders. However, one Sequetal sentinel stood out amongst them. He was much taller, stalkier in body mass, and his presence demanded respect.

Joilee walked through the village, observing the stone architecture and the indigenous decor. As they walked, Joilee noticed the villagers that were doing their daily chores followed her crew. They were a whisper in their language;

Aveen nai sunsextal,” which meant; the being from the sky. Some were amazed by Joilee’s presence, and like the other Sierran indigenous, were fearful of her. However, Joilee focused her sights ahead to keep focus.

Joilee and her party were escorted to a pyramid structure that was in a similar design to a Ziggurat structure. Two tall sentinels in their Sequetal garb guarded the entrance. The gate guards requested to see the village priests.

The guards only allowed Joilee’s entrance and the stalky Sequetal guard to enter. After that, Jembere and Mantiko, and a few other party members were made to wait at the village square.

Joilee was escorted through Ziggurat and was made to climb stairs; a priestess chamber was on the fourth story, the highest point of the infrastructure.

Joilee was escorted to the center chamber that was on the third floor. Joilee noticed that glass-like minerals metals consist of orange, white, and their primary tribal color, yellow. Stone fire pits were aligned throughout around the perimeter of the wall that lit the room. The priestess was meditating in the middle of the room where the floor was raised into a small pyramid. The plume of feathers and animal hide were used to soften the floor. Her name was Texsunse.

Texsunse was chanting in her native alien language; as plums of smoke rose from a stone resin burner that put her in a light trans. Joilee looked ahead of the priestess and noticed the similar alien gateway she saw in Oxunavillage. Joilee removed her Palmer and began scanning the room. The Palmer detected power levels similar to the alien gateway in the Jerexunale chamber.

“Come sky visitor, and sit with me,” Texsunse requested.

Joilee put her Palmer in her kevlar woven utility belt; and sat with Texsunse. Texsunse looked at Joilee with her alien soporific pupils. Joilee soon started to feel hazy. Joilee soon realized that the smoke from the resin caused the somniferous effects. Joilee tried to get up before the smoke took its full effect. Texsunse grabbed Joilee by the wrist; Joilee tried to pull away but was unsuccessful.

“Breath,” Texsunse advised.

Joilee looked at Texsunse calm demeanor. Joilee returned to her place on the animal skin rug. Joilee did what Texsunse advised and took deep breaths. Joilee soon felt paralyzed and soon fell over as she entered into Alpha wave sleep. The resin did not have a potent effect on Texsunse’s alien physique.

A few hours later, Joilee was woken in a Joilee looked around and saw Texsunse opening windows to let the remaining hours of sunlight into the room and clear the resin smoke.

“You are finally awake! I apologize if the resin’s effects were a bit potent for you.”

“What did you do to me? Why did you have me breathe in that smoke!”

“I did nothing. The ashe lua (sacred smoke) is meant to cleanse you?”

“Cleanse me? From what?”

“Bad energy that you may be harboring?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Tribes all believe that everything in life is made up of energy: Plasum (Fire), Sholtum (thunder), Herespun (air), Mer-rex-soon (water), veerbretume (sound), animarexumse (Spirit), Therexsia (Earth), and Herion (soul), and amaredium (emotion). Therefore, any living being that void of any one of these energies is void of life.”

“Do I have these energies as well, since I am not native to this world?”

“I dunno. However, our ancient ancestors believed that all life born from the void is made up of one common source of energy.”

“I feel a bit drowsey.”

“It is cocatalus resin made from the cocatalus shrubs. It has many uses to induce sleep, meditation, relaxation: and, most importantly, spiritual cleansing. The cocatalus of the plant has its intelligence, the product of it works when needed.”

“The other tribes did not have me go through with the ritual,” Joilee stated.

“We all have our rituals,” Texsunse replied as she placed her hand against the wall to activate the gate. When the gate was fully activated, Texsunse walked through, which Joilee followed.

“Why are you here, sky visitor?”

“You can call me Joilee,”

“Very well, Joilee. Why are you here?”

“I came to this village to retrieve the next chakrun stone.”

“That is obvious as I sense the others are embedded themselves into your making. So why have you come to our world.”

“My world is dying. So my people have decided to look to the stars for a new planet to call home. We discovered that this planet, this world was close to sustaining life. So I was sent here by my people to research and survey the planet to make sure that my people can start a new life here.”

“I guess that you have finally found the answer,” Texsunse replied as she put her hand on a device that caused a panel to open behind her. The platform raises to Texsunse waist, another panel slides open and a box rises from the middle of the panel.

“Come claim the chakrun, and if it finds you worthy: then you will become one with it. Gimme your hand.”

Joilee reaches out to Texsunse. Texsunse grabbed Joilee’s hand and pricked it with a dagger. Texsunse dropped Joilee’s blood onto the chakrun.

“Now claim your gift!”

Joilee walked over to the panel and reached out for yellowish-orange chakrun stone. Like the other she had inherited, the chakrun had attached itself to Joilee’s solar plexus. Joilee hunched over in pain as the chakrun glowed a bring yellow as it synchronized with the vibration of Joilee’s essence. Once the chakrun made a harmonic sound, that synchronization was complete. Joilee pain slowly dissipates.

“The stone found you worthy. The chief, my son Dapashe will accompany you.”

“When will I meet him?′

“You already have. Dapashe escorted you here. You will travel with you to the Mami Adarun Islands. There you will meet the ocean tribe. Be warned they are very territorial and very untrusting to visitors. In your case, very abrasive.”

“Great, so if this place is on an island, how am I going to get there?”

“We have a boat that will take you across the waters.

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