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Chapter 12

Palmer Video Log

Dr. Joilee Reyna James

January 21st, 2460 C.E.

It has been months since my arrival on Sierra Alpha Prime. Many nights I wonder how my family is doing. I miss my mother, father, and Mason so much. I wonder how Orlando is doing. I wonder if thinking about me as I journey throughout this beautiful world. Knowing Orlando, he is probably the first to volunteer for a rescue mission. I wish I could tell my family about my experience on this beautiful planet. However, regardless of how much I missed them, I must remain focused on my survival.

After spending a few days preparing for our trip across the waters, supplies were taken from the village to the Sequetal seaside village port of Ahn-She! Ahn-She had ships that we built like ancient roman ships, which were powered by humanoid and wind.

Anyway, I must stay focused and meet with the natives to establish forms of relations. I know I have probably violated many governmental prime directives in communing with the planet natives. However, if my people have any chance for survival, I must learn the ways of the Sierran natives.

The remaining satellite that has managed not to be shot down, tracks my movement in geo synchronized orbit. Whatever weapon that destroyed the Oldumare, decided not to destroy the satellite probe.


On the open sea known as the Doshal Sea, Joilee and her escorts sail on the dark purplish waters during the midday. Joilee looked over the seaside horizon as the planet’s daily planet cycle was close to an end. She was fascinated by the night sky. Joilee observed the planet, stars, and nebulas that were becoming visible.

As Joilee looked over the seaside, Mantiko watched Joilee with great infatuation. He held a necklace in his hand that he traded at the Sequetal village.

It was made with cloth, animal hide, and rock-like metal. Jembere saw the love he had for Joilee in his eyes and decided to taunt him.

“You have eyes for the sky visiter, I see.”

“Yeah, what is it to you?”

“I find your behavior careless. You don’t know who the alien is or why it is here. She could be here for our destruction for as little as you know.”

“Or she is here for our salvation.”

“Salvation for what. Her race. She even said that her people are looking for another world to live in.”

“That is yet to be determined. In the meanwhile, Joilee is under the protection of the Quexamatil tribe. Respect that,” Mantiko replied as they stormed towards Joilee’s direction.

Mantiko called for Joilee. Joilee turned around with delight in her eyes from watching the Sierran night sky.

“Hey, Mantiko!”

“Joilee, I have something for you?”

“What is it?”

“Mantiko presents Joilee the necklace.”

“For me?”


“I can’t take this. It’s beautiful.”

“That is what you deserve. It is just as beautiful as its owner. Besides, it is bad luck for me if my gift is rejected.” Mantiko replied as he extended the necklace to Joilee.

“Well, I don’t want that,” Joilee replied as she took the necklace and put it on.

“How does the necklace look on me?”

“Like I said, just as beautiful as its owner. It’s getting late. You should sleep. Texunse has provided you a place to sleep.”

“You are right. I am feeling a bit tired.”


Later that night. The night sky lights up over the ocean waters. The Sequetal natives on the ship’s top deck saw beams of light fire from the surface into the night sky. Mantiko awakened Joilee to witness the nightly light show. Joilee is woken and looks at the night sky. Every beam that was shot appeared to cause an explosion. Joilee could tell as they were fragmented and burned up in the atmosphere. Joilee watched as the beam of light fired until it hit the last target. Joilee was watching the fireworks in a slight concern when her Palmer started to beep. Joilee looked at the Palmer, and it was the same energy signature that brought down the Oldumare. Joilee hoped that it wasn’t her rescue team that was being annihilated in orbit.

As they continued to watch, as they watched the skies lit with beams of light and exploding debris falling sky, one of the Texunse crew members yelled, “Venxa” which the word meaning ship. All the crew looks towards the other starboard bow of the ship. Joilee and others gazed upon a larger ship the three times the Sequetal ship.

Throughout Sierra Alpha Prime, the Adarun people were known as great ship crafters who lived up to their legends as sea conquers. The ships were considered massive. The ship’s dimensions are at least 150 yards long and two stories tall. The hull was aligned with a dragonskin hide of a whale-sized serpent beast known as the qui-ma-cha.

Once the Adarun ship was close 30 feet away from the Sequetal ship, a single arrow flew and landed on the top port side. Dapashe observed the note that was attached to the arrow. Dapashe read the note, which read.


“What does the note say,” Gem-bear-ray asked.

“We need to go,” Dapashe replied.

“Why have we not reached the Adarun Islands,” Joilee replied.

“We do not need to get the Adarun islands because the Adarun island has come to us.”

The Adarun people were great sailors and very territorial. Their ships were massive to scare any invaders by sight, yet their reputation was lived for their fierceness. Hearing the legends, Dapashe was ready to turn his ship around.

“We can’t leave now. I need to retrieve the next Dapashe.”

“This is one tribe you don’t want to ignore! If they say leave their territory, you leave!”

“Coward! Joilee needs to go to the Adarun islands. So that is where we are going to go,” Mantiko yelled.

“How dare you say that to me! You dare respect me on my ship! I’ll cut you down and feed you the sea!”

“Stop it,” Joilee yelled. Joilee glared a look at Mantiko. “Mantiko, there is no need to be disrespectful to our host.”

Joilee turned her attention towards Dapashe.

“Dapashe, could you please ask the Adarun people to allow us passage.”

Dapashe sighed before commanding one of his people to send off Joilee’s request. Shortly after sending a message written on a Sequetal cloth that was attached on an arrow; the second story port side hull opened. The fifty Adarun people wearing animal sea hide and alien shells for armor pointed arrows at the Sequetal ship. Another arrow landed on the top port side of the Sequetal ship. Dapashe reads the letter!

“Prepare to be bored!”

The Adarun ship’s lower port side opened up. Two dinghy size ships emerged from the entrance of the ship. Once they were close enough, the Adarun secured their ship to Dapashe’s ship with grappling hooks. The Adarun chief, Nagarasa boarded the ship with a few of the crew members. Nagarasa walked in front of Dapashe, giving him a grim look; before turning his attention toward Joilee. Nagarasa’s approach was intimidating, which made Joilee quiver in fear. Mantiko stood in front of Joilee; at the drop of a notice to protect Joilee!

“Step aside,” Nagarasa demanded.

“I am not moving. Now state your business?”

“My business is not with you, but it is with her! She is to be executed,” Nagarasa pointed at Joilee.

“You will not touch her; I will die before I let you near her!”

“Then so be it,” Nagarasa drew his sword made from Sierran metals and the same material his ship is made from.

“Put away your weapon, my son!”

An older Adarunian female dressed in priestess attire that was according to her tribal fashion. Her name is Yemenexu . As Yemenexu approached Joilee, men Sequetal and Adarun alike. Yemenexu walked around Joilee giving her a look down.

“I would like to speak to her in private.”

Dapashe ordered all his crew to vacate the lower deck to allow Joilee and Yemenexu privacy. Like other priestesses, Yemenexu walked around Joilee to examine her physique. Yemenexu was amazed by her physique difference; however, her presence in their world was appalling.

“If it was not for the other priestess giving you the chakrun, I would have long let my son kill you!”

“Kill me, why. What have I done!”

“Not the fact of what you have done, but what it is prophesied.”

“Prophesied,” Joilee replied as she let out a sarcastic chuckle. “Prophecies are nothing more than bedtime stories you tell children.”

“Yet bedtime stories hold some truth. Since your arrival to this world, a chain of events has been triggered!”

“What do you mean?”

“The fact that our sky illuminates with power that spouts from our land, and fire illuminates the sky. Not to mention the vision I have of you and what future you bring for our people. The question is, do you bring salvation or damnation!”

“I bring neither. I am just trying to survive until my people come to save me.”

“Even in your words, you are unaware of the dangers you speak of!”

“What are you saying? My people and I are dangerous!”

“Not in your full entirety or understanding.”

“You don’t even know my people or me!”

“Indeed, I don’t know you or your people, and I care not to, but I do know what the Sierran Prophecies say, which I hold dear faith to.”

“Then educate me on your prophecies!”

“Very well. If you know why most Sierran’s would be cautious of you, you should know why. Long ago, when our gods created this world. They had warned our ancestors of great prosperity or calamity that could follow. As above in heaven so, shall it below the Sierran soil. As it is in our legend that has been told. A great gateway will open in the skies. Death, fire, and great turmoil will occur when the Hand of the Gods protect us as they hurl flames from beneath our world. Yet, as the demon army is vociferated, A great demon empress manages to survive.

This demon empress is known as Rangatira pour mai te kore ka, which means “The Dark Empress from the Void.” The demon empress will disguise herself as one of our people and trick her into helping her. The demon empress knew that the longer she waited on our world, she would serve as a conduit to her demon race; they would again open the gate above and come to devour our world.

“Very interesting story,” Joilee replied.

“Yet, we believe it wholeheartedly.

“Well, your story about me is flawed.”

“How so!?

“Well, you said this demon empress has some shapeshifting powers that would allow her to live amongst the people in the world.”


“Well, I don’t possess any of those abilities. I am still in my natural form.”

“And how do I know that you are telling the truth? Remember, demons lie.”

“I can promise you that I am not a demon.”

“Your promises are invalid. Thus I will not give the Anahatux chakrun.


“Until you find something greater to believe in that is than your own intentions, the chakruns will never grant you true power.”

“My intention is to return to go home to my people. I don’t want power.”

“When the time comes, our chakrun energy will be given to you. Go to the Calisal Oasis in the land where warmth dies.”

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