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Chapter 13

Palmer Video Log

Dr. Joilee Reyna James

January 21st, 2460

Weeks after a hostile meeting with the Adarun people, we were directed to Danjal territory. Dapashe knew where the land resided and set sail for the land of the Danjal. It was a long bearish journey, and I was suffering from an upset stomach. I guess Palmer did not give a full analysis of the native seafood I ate. Luckily, the biasing monitor that was the size of a grain of rice implanted in my arm before I left Earth detected the foreign substance in my body. After a day of dispelling the toxins in my body, I would not dare to eat any creature from the water. Nevertheless, I had a lot of the food that the Sequetal people had grown on their own land.

After weeks of sailing on the open ocean, we docked in a desert-like region. The sand was of a dark crimson-purple color, and the skies no long-held their pinkish hue. Yet, the nebula changed the color spectrum of the atmosphere to an indigo color. However, unlike the Sahara Desert, this barren land was cold but still held its desolate landscape. When Joilee and her are docked at the Danjail port, they restock their food supplies, including heavier clothes for the freezing desert climate.

The food supplies were animal venison cooked in somewhat heavy animal fat. Interestingly, many cultures living in extremely cold climates cooked food high in fat throughout Earth’s history. This diet was used for extra calories and was a great way to provide body heat. However, I was going to be more cautious. I have gotten relaxed eating the food on this planet. I forgot to test everything with my Palmer. Never again! To my luck, the food is edible. It was a bit gamey. I wish I had a gravy cube from a ration pack, but luxury was not a necessity. As a matter of fact, living in luxury was non-existent, except for what the E.G.C.

As for the clothes, the weaving is amazing for keeping the body warm. It was a weaving mixture with a desert plant flower, which they call the bercatan. This flower is a thermogenic plant that produces heat. The clothes made from the fibers were light, but they kept me warm. Joilee was given a hood dress with a see-through veil to protect her face. The palmer scans stated the clothes produce at least 4000 BTU/per hour. It was like wearing a sauna, but it kept me warm. After acquiring a few traveling packs to hold our inventory, we were on our way.

After we had prepared for our journey, we made our way to see the tribe of the Danjal. We were directed to cross the blue desert called the Khionejei Valley, the indigo Zetheseji plateau, the coldest Danjal region, and the Calisal Oasis. The natives said that the oasis was the most fertile region as the hot springs allowed vegetation to prosper. It was a five-day journey on foot. Mantiko, Jembere, and Dapashe made our way to the oasis.


Crossing the Blood sands of Danjal; Joilee and her escorting party made their way to the beginning edge of the Khionejei Valley. Palmer read that it was at least 30 degrees. Joilee activated Palmer’s climate scan. The further into the desert, the climate would drop to a negative 10 degrees. However, with thermogenic clothing, it was twenty degrees warmer. As Joilee tracked the desert, she and her crew felt they had phenomenal experiences with their clothes. The more the temperatures dropped in climate, the clothes would produce more B.T.U.’s. The plant fibers seem to have a resistant effect of producing more heat when detecting climate change. This is how the bercatan survived the harsh weather.

During the day, the temperature reached as high as -5 degrees, and at night it dropped to -20 degrees. The adventurers were able to seek shelter with tent-like covering that they draped over themselves to protect themselves from the onslaught of freeze sandstorms.

Within a day and a half, they reached the Zetheseji Plateau. They had to scale the two-story mountain structure before they could walk until they reached the final destination. The temperature on top of the plateau was far more fridged than the desert valley. The plateau consisted of high fridges winds that dropped to -70 degrees. The cold weather penetrated the clothes as the B.T.U threshold cap was -40 degrees. However, they pushed forward through gusting winds.


While in the freezing tundra conditions, the parties’ rations are nearly depleted. Joilee’s winter protection wardrobe is failing as the climate slowly drops beyond her wardrobe hyperthermia threshold. However, the climate was not much of a bother for Mantiko or the other Sierrans as their anatomy could produce 30% more B.T.U.s than humans.

As Jembere was doing recon the other head, he realized a desert storm was coming their way. Joilee started to panic as there was nothing but barren wasteland miles all around. Depeche suggests taking their weapons and digging a hole into the ground. Joilee waisted digging through the cold, fidget grainy sand with her hand. However, Joilee quickly stopped as she quickly was frostbitten. Joilee started to shiver from the hyperthermia and pain. Joilee did not realize the sand was far below -120 degrees.

Mantiko took off his protective blanket and wrapped it around Joilee. Then, Mantiko grabbed his dagger and started rapidly digging. The other joined him as Jembere used a sickle, and Dapashe used his spear to dig into the Sierra soil. Once, they were about 8 feet deep into the Sierra surface. Mantiko, Jembere, and Dapashe covered the ground with their thermogenic blankets and used the tent to cover the top.

The three Sierra sat on the base of the teen to keep the tip from blowing away. However, Joilee was in the center of the three Sierras, lying from exhaustion. Joilee had her hands inside her wardrobe, trying to recover from hyperthermia. Mantiko grabs Joilee’s hands to examine them. Mantiko realizes the injuries. Mantiko poured water on his Joilees hands to remove the sand from her hand; before removing a natural ointment solution from his hip bag. Mantiko applied the solution to Joilee’s hands.

Joilee felt a relieving effect as the pain subsided. Joilee could wiggle her hands.

“Thank you,” Joilee replied with shivering lips. Joilee replied as she fell asleep.

After a day and a half, taking cover inside the Zethessi Plateau, the party continued on their journey. As Joilee walked, she looked at Mantiko with great admiration for looking after her since they first met. Joilee was starting to see something special in Mantiko as a friendly companion.

Any actions of interspecies relations were forbidden on all accounts. For one, they were two different species. Even though Sierra natives shared 65% D.N.A., mixing genetics would have an unpredictable outcome. Moreover, it would violate E.G.C. Prime Directive of any interplanetary romantic relations. Any E.G.C. personnel would face court martial, quarantine, and death sentence. Moreover, their corpse would be used to observe any possible alien microbial species that the human would have contracted from another species. It doesn’t mean that a microbial special would be a sexually transmitted infection; however, sharing alien D.N.A. may have unforeseen complications for humans or Sierras.

Regardless Joilee decided to show her gratitude toward Mantiko for his unconditional care. Joilee reached into her hip pocket and removed her dog tags issued to her by the E.G.C. Giving gifts was allowed by the E.G.C. policy if it encouraged political relations. It was all she had, and I hope it would say a lot. Joilee approached Mantiko. Joilee playful brushed up against Mantiko.

“Joilee, I see you are feeling better.”

“Yeah, I will feel great when we reach our destination.”

“Yes, this land is very unpleasant.”

“Anyway, I have a gift for you,” Joilee replied as she held up her dog tags.

“What are they!”

“It makes me proud and gives me hope every time I look at them.”

“I can’t take this.”

“Strange, are you the one who said it was a bad omen if a gift was rejected?”

“It is indeed our cultural belief. So what are you going to do if you need to feel proud or hope.”

“I’ll just glance in your direction,” Joilee smiled before walking ahead.

Mantiko smiled as he looked at the name tags that had Joilee’s full name, rank, and her E.G.C. assigned Agricultural sector.


It was a tiring 3-day trek before they reached the plateau’s edge. At that moment, the winds had ceased, and the sky became clear. Joilee looked up to finally see the beautiful Danjal galactic sky. Jembere was irritated by Joilees’s presence.”

“Do you really have time to stand there and waste time,” Jembere scolded Joilee?

“Sorry, I am just grateful for surviving another day.”

“Stupid alien,” Jembere scoffed.

“Watch what you say. Joilee is new to our world. If she wants to gander at the stars above.”

“Could you two stop the fighting and come have a look,” Dapashe replied as he stated while looking over the cliffs.

Everyone did what Depashe suggested and looked over the cliff. Joilee and the other saw a valley that was thriving in vegetation.

“This must be the Calisal Oasis,” Joilee replied excitedly.

“Finally, maybe we can get out of this cursed land.”

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