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Chapter 15

Palmer Video Log

Dr. Joilee Reyna James

January 30th, 2460. C.E

After being directed to go through the Calisal mountain underpass, we were guided by a Calisal citizen who knew the way. For research data, I activated a sonar resonator that was part of the program in her Palmer. However, the scan readings were incomplete. The resonator program could only pick up 3 miles of the network. Obvious, the cavern network was like an endless labyrinth. Without a guide, I would surely have gotten lost.

After a few hours in the caves, I and my escort came across an underground hot spring. These hot springs kept the Calisal valley warm. The water contained an alien form of algae that lit the caves with a bio illuminance radiance. We had passed through the inner hot springs, and we arrived at the inner cliffs as we had to scale the cliffs.

After a few hours of an upward climb towards the inner cliffs, finally, we exited the caves and rested at a mountain base camp. We camped for the night and restocked on food. They had given us dark crimson berries with vines protruding from the inner seed. They were the size of golf balls.

It was called Vesunt, which meant blood sphere. I scanned the berry, which revealed that it was loaded with calories, antioxidants, and caffeine. So I ran a health simulation program of what side effects of eating the alien fruit. However, the Palmer seemed to malfunction since it said I could consume the berry in a full compact. So I decided to run the simulation again; however, the results were the same. So I decided to be my own lab rat and consume a small portion of the berry. Nor I did feel the effects, except a boost of energy?

My bio scan on my monitor started to spike. I read my bio signs showing that I just ingested 5000 mg of caffeine. That was way more than the daily dose that a human can eat, a lethal dose. My heart should have been pounding out of my chest, but I felt nothing but absolute alertness. This could not be right, I decided to initiate Palmer’s system diagnostics, and everything seemed to be functioning perfectly.

There is no physical or radiation damage, no operating system data corruption, or anything out of the norm. Then I decided to check the data since I started consuming the food on Sierra Alpha Prime. Before I received the first chakrun. Most of the food was deemed inconsumable due to my human D.N.A., now the Palmers backlog saying that I can eat them. Since my infusion, I have experienced a lesser appetite, which has not affected my stamina.

It seemed that the chakruns have altered my D.N.A. by 30%. In addition, my heart and lungs have enlarged by 5%. I can’t believe that I didn’t notice the change. So, I did another bio can of the chakrun. However, there was some type of electrical magnetic interference. If I were going to receive answers, I would surely find them making my journey ahead.


Joilee and her crew were led by the Calisal tribal leader Azulean. He led them through to the Coral Mountain pass.

The terrain was steep, rocky, dark, and windy in this biome. The upside is that it was better than a freezing desert. Joilee caught a glimpse above as well below the mountains. Above, she saw distant planets, an asteroid field, and gaseous nebulas.

Below, Joilee saw a ravine and a dense alien forest. Strange sounds were coming from below that spooked her. Azulean explained that they were the native animals that dwelled in the forest.

Azulean helped his guest press on as the path ascended higher into the mountains. The higher Joilee ascended, the air became denser. However, Joilee was not hard to breathe like during her first arrival.

The steep climb took two hours. When Joilee arrived, it was an alien-structured monastery. Joilee recognized the design from her history lessons. The monastery is of the Prambanan design. The infrastructure was more advanced in design as the infrastructure was more of a metallic structure. When Azulean escorts Joilee Mantiko, Jembere, and Depashe to the temple’s outer gates, they are met with no resistance.

Many of the residents seemed to be in a prayer or meditation-like state as they chanted mantras, chorus, and hymns that resonated throughout the temple.

Joilee preceded to enter the gates, but Azulean had blocked her path. Mantiko explained to Joilee that the place she stood was holy ground.

“Santun Matreal Chi Tao al! Which meant; the Holy mother of all. To enter requires to be invited. Indeed Joilee was when a female Sierrian who was much taller than any Sierran approached the gates. Her name was Matreal Lakemshi Yemenye. Matreal wore long white clothing that had an alien mantra design. It was similar to a Deel. As for headdress, it was also similar to the Ordos tribe in Central Asia.

Joilee recognized all those designs as they shared similarities with the ancient Mongolian people. It was like the other natives of the planet. Likewise, they shared similarities with the Earth’s extinct ancient culture, which she only viewed in history logs.

As Joilee pondered the shared traditions between Earth and Sierran natives, all the male Sierran fell to their knees. Their head focused on the ground to show reverence.

“Welcome sky visitor Joilee to Pineausun Kalusuxes Temple. I have patiently been waiting for you.”

“You know my name?”

“All Sierran’s are aware of your presence whether they have laid eyes on you or not,” Matreal replied. Then, the Matreal looked at Mantiko and the others who were kneeling.

“My sons, you all may go back home.”

“What about Joilee? I promised to stay with her,” Mantiko replied.

“You know that you are not permitted unless they seek the knowledge of new wonders.”

“I must stay with Joilee,”

“Don’t be disrespectful,” Jembere replied.

“He is right; never argue with the Matreal, have you no honor,” Depashe stated.

“No, it’s okay, my son. Such devotion to a stranger of our world is pleasing to my sight.”

“So that means I can stay.”

“No, but when the time comes, I’ll allow you to come for her when she is ready!”

“When I am ready?”

“Yes, there is the knowledge you seek; rather, it is knowing and unknowingly.”

“How long will it take.”

“Your path to inner knowledge takes as long as you want.”

Joilee looked at Mantiko with a sincere look.

“Mantiko, it’s okay. I will come back to your village when Matreal determines when I am ready.”

Mantiko looked at Joilee with a sad look.

“I will do as you say.”

“Before you come with me, You must leave everything you brought from your world at the gate,” Matreal replied.

Joilee looked at her Palmer before powering down the device and handing it to Mantiko.

“Hold on to this from me!”

“I’ll guard it with my all!”

“That is not necessary!”

“Allow you all to camp here for a few days. You will be fed. After the third solaria cycle, you all will depart,” The Matreal stated to the male Sierrans. The Matreal led Joilee inside the city gates while Mantiko looked like a Joilee. Joilee looked back at Mantiko; she felt empathy for Mantiko, as she had grown fond of his friendship.


Joilee was allowed to bathe and given similar clothes as the other Calisal citizens. A meal was made from the local edible plant. After her meal, Joilee was given living quarters to rest.

Joilee could not sleep. Soon as she closed her eyes., she dreamed of home. Joilee vaguely dreamed of home, as his survival thoughts were her maximum importance. Her journey led her to the sanctum, a holy place for reflection.

Joilee thought about her family. Did the deep space communications satellites send the Oldumare’s distress message to the oasis? Was her Palmer recordings reaching back to Earth as well. Moreover, was the E.G.C. council sending another scout ship? It has been close to a year since she arrived, so another E.G.C. deep space vessel should be well on its way. Those were the thoughts that raced through her mind.

Not to mention her fiancé Orlando. She thought that Orlando was losing his mind, the thought of her stranded alone on an alien planet, or worst, dead. Joilee sat up on the bed and hunched over in doubt of unknowing her fate. Joilee wishes to go back to her people, but the fact is, can she go home. Her D.N.A. is changing, but to what? Joilee, hopefully, she could remove the chakruns before she leaves the planet. Then, maybe her D.N.A. will return to normal.

“What troubles you, my friend?”

Joilee quickly jumped to her feet in fear. However, once her eyes laid upon Matreal Lakemshi Yemenye, she immediately calmed herself. Joilee did not realize that Matreal had entered the room.

“How did you get in here? I did not hear the doors open.”

“I am nowhere, and I am everywhere?”

“Are you some omnipresent being?”

“It is an ability for anyone who retrieved and masters all the chakrun.”

“Even empathic abilities, I mean there is no way you could have to tell what I was thinking unless otherwise.”

“To sense one emotion is an ability that all possess even without a chakrun. However, chakrun can enhance and awaken abilities.”

“Will I have those abilities?”

“It all depends on you.”

Joilee sighs.

“So, what troubles you?”

“I miss my people.”

“That is understandable. You are far from home.”

“I have no one here to call a friend.”

“You lost all your friends here and sacrificed time with your family just come to our world. However, you gained so many friends and even an admirer.”

Joilee face twisted with sarcastic ridicule.

“An admire?”

“Of course! He has been by your side since you started your journey for the chakruns.”

“You mean Mantiko? I admit, Mantiko is a good loyal friend, but. I do not see him as an ideal mate.”

“Why not? He loves you?”

“If you have not noticed. We are different species if you have not noticed.”

“Your perception will change as you spend more time on hour world.”

“Speaking of change, what are the chakruns doing to my body. I have noticed it changing my D.N.A.?

“The chakrun changes every being that it possesses. Each tribe priestess possesses each chakrun according to the energies within their tribe. With their immediate fusion with their chakrun, they are changed into new beings learning to master it. ”

“But I have more than one chakrun. So what will I change into?”

“When a Sierra priestess achieves all the chakrun, such as I, she becomes the mother to all on Sierran’s. However, it is unknown to a being that is foreign to our world. It takes time, dedication, endurance, and patience to sync one’s harmonics fully with the chakrun.

“How long I must stay to master them all.”

“That all depend on the chakrun. They all have a will of their own. They will endow you with power once you retrieve them all? I will train you how to harmonize with them all!”

“Well, that will be impossible. As you already know, I do not have the Anahatun chakrun.”

“That easy to remedy. Come with me!”

Matreal led Joilee to the part of the deep bowls of the temple, where matriarchs attend to the Anahatun sanctum. This wing part had the Anahatun glyphs imbued with emerald light. Matreal and Joilee enter an oval room where a chakrun crystalarium stood as tall as on story building. Joilee was amazed to see something so large and so beautiful. Martial when to the chakrun and placed her hands on both sides and her forehead on the pillar. Matreal closed her eyes and chanted a Y.A.M. Sound. Matreal’s Anahatun, chakrun, and her throat and crown chakrun glowed. When Matreal opened her eyes, there were no pupils present as they went completely white.

The chakrun released glowed and released a small chakrun, the other that Joilee received. Matreal instructed Joilee to remove her clothes, to which Joilee complied. Matreal walked to Joilee and said.

“To receive the Anahatun chakrun, one’s heart must be open.”

Joilee was confused until Matreal brandished a dagger with an alien design and stabbed Joilee in the heart. Joilee fell to the floor in pain as blood gushed from her man artery.

“Why did you do this,” Joilee panicked.

Matreal kneeled to Joilee and placed the Anahatun chakrun inside the open wound. The Anahtun glowed as it fused Joilee’s wound closed. Then, all the chakrun started to pulsate with energy. The intense feeling was overwhelming to Joilee, which caused her to back out.


Days later, Joilee woke up in a chamber completely nude. Yet, Joilee still felt an unusual feeling, as if her body was vibrating with every heartbeat. Joilee panicky touched her chest. The wound was replaced with the Ananahtun chakrun as it protruded from her chest surface.

“You are finally awake!”

Joilee looked over to the corner where Matreal was lighting incense. Joilee became infuriated.

“STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM ME,” Joilee growled.

“I understand that you are upset about what occurred, but it was necessary.”

“Necessary! You tried to kill me!”

“If I wanted you dead, we would not be talking. The Anahatun needs to be fused with your heart, like the other who sought the chakruns.

Joilee thought about what Matreal said. Like the other chakrun, they required some sort of blood fusing.

“You could have given me a warning.”

“You are right. I should have. I promise to be transparent to any ritual that you may have any doubt about.”

Joilee started breathing heavily, and she started to shake more as her anger toward Matreal grew.

“You need to calm down and breathe. You are upsetting the chakruns.”

“What are you talking about,” Joilee trembled.

“The chakruns can feel your emotions. Therefore, you must control your emotions.”


“First, clear your mind and breathe slow?”

Joilee closed her eyes and followed Matreal’s instructions.

Joilee felt her emotion residing as well the discomfort she was feeling. Once Joilee felt the pulsating vibration resides, she felt calm. Joilee wondered if this would be her new norm, as she has now become a bio symbiote host to an alien substance.

“What have you all done to me?”

“What do you mean?”

“These jewels infused with my body. So why are you changing me?”

“We are not the ones that are changing. It is our world that is changing. The longer you stay here, the more you become something different. The chakruns will aid you until its time?”

“Time for what?”

“The path that you must walk?”

“Please stop talking in code. Just be upfront with me as you promised!”

“I have not broken that promise. Whatever path you must, the path you must take from within; you must discover it.”

“Do you know what the future lies before me?”

“No, Joilee! Everyone has their own star to follow. Follow your own star. Master the chakrun!”

“Master it!”

“I don’t even know what they are?”

“Then let me teach you if you allow me.”

Joilee started to weep with fear, which once again aggravated the chakruns.

“Joilee, you are not the only one who comes here with self-doubt and fears. However, suppose you allow me to teach you. In that case, I promise sooner or later you will understand everything that I have occurred.”

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