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Chapter 16

Five Years Later

During her training with Matreal, Joilee has learned to harmonize her body with the chakrun stones. Joilee’s appearance has changed as her skin became more of a brownish hue, and her hair has grown past shoulder length. Moreover, her physical stamina has improved tremendously. Her body has adapted to the planet’s environment. Deep inside the monastery, Matreal activates a portal for Joilee to step through.

“I have taught you enough to harmonize your body with the chakrun. How do you feel?”

“Yes, all the chakrun and I are one. I thank you, my Matreal,” Joilee replied.

Matreal hated to see Joilee leave, but Matreal knew her guest had a greater purpose beyond the monastery’s walls.

“Whenever you need me, I will be here for you.” Matreal replied.

Joilee stepped through the portal gate. On the other end, she found Ixchepuliz waiting for her on the other end. Joilee found her in Quexamtil portal room. Ixchepuliz greeted Joilee.

“Welcome back, sky visitor.”


“You have changed; I sense a great energy coming from within you!”

“You do!”

“Yes, it is coming from all the chakruns you have gathered. You should be proud, only Sierran women who are next in line to Gran Matreal are able to harness the power of all chakruns. Are you here to take that role?”

“No, my objective is the same. I am trying to go back to my home.”

“Very understandable. Come! You have come back at an excellent time. We are in the marriage mating season of every Sierrian. You will join us for the ceremony.”

“Mantiko is getting married?”

“No! Every year he rejects a mate!”


“I think you already know.”

Joilee followed Ixchepuliz to a hut that was made in her honor. Once Joilee settled in, she walked around the village and observed her surroundings decorated for the ceremony. She noticed Mantiko was coming back with a hunting party . Ten tribesmen carry a game, each paired with a dead animal tied on carrying poles. When Mantiko laid eyes on Joilee, he dropped the end of his stick, leaving his carrying partner to support his share of the weight. Mantiko quickly approached Joilee.

“You are back, after all, this time,” Mantiko smiled.

“Yes, Joilee smiled.”

“Are you staying?′

“It appears so.”

“Wait here. I have something for you.”

Mantiko went to his chambers inside the temple and returned in ten minutes. He represented the Palmer that was left in his care. However, Palmer was not in the near-perfect condition before. It had dents, and the screen was cracked. Joilee attempted to turn it on, but the power source was also damaged.

“What happened to it?” Joilee asked.

“On our way back home, we were attacked by a pack of animals. While trying to escape down a cliff, I dropped it.”

“Well, I guess it is useless. Joilee replied as she put the Palmer in her hip pouch.”

“Joilee, are you coming to the festival tonight?”

“Of course.”

’“Good, I want to ask you something.”

“What is it?”

“I want you to marry me!:

“Joilee was taken back by request.”

“I dunno. I mean, my people will come for me.”

“Joilee, I don’t think you people are coming. You have been here for six years.”

Mantiko’s words hit Joilee with a realization that he was right. It would have taken five years for the Earth’s government to send rescue ships. Yet, she was alone, as she was the sole surviving human on Sierra Alpha Prime.

“You may have to consider that your people abandoned you or think you are dead. However, we are your people now, and I want to marry you!:

“I have to think about it.”

“Can you give an answer by tonight? The marriage ceremonies will occur. This is the last night..”

“Talk about pressure,” Joilee laughed. “I will have an answer for you tonight.

Joilee went inside of her hut with her damaged Palmer. Joilee examined the damages to the device. Joilee attempted to turn it on, but it would not function. Joilee closed her eyes and held the Palmer. The chakrun started to illuminate on her body. Suddenly the Palmer screen started to flicker until it was functioning.

“I know I could get it to work,” Joilee smiled.


Palmer Video Log

Dr. Reyna James

November 2, 2464 C E

I was once an alien, a stranger in the native eyes; I have proven to be one of them as I learned their ways and customs. Their customs and hospitality are very welcoming.

However, while learning about these amazing people, I no longer feel loneliness. Thank God for Mantiko. Mantiko has done more than their part to make sure I am loved here. Mantiko and I have become excellent friends. I even developed feelings for him. It’s ironic. I would have never thought that I would fall for an alien. Sounds like something out of a science fiction novel. I am trying my best not to ignore Earth’s Governmental protocols; however, what am I supposed to do? . I must go now. There is a ceremony I have to prepare for. This will be my last and final video log.


Joilee watches the couple become married during the celestial ceremony. Because she would never find a human companion, Sadden gets up and goes to the outskirts of the village. Mantiko notices that Joilee is leaving the celestial ceremony. He decides to talk to her. He noticed the sad look on her face and could tell that she was depressed. Mantiko knew Joilee missed being with her kind. She often stared at the sky. She looks at the three planets and holds their position in the brightly colored galaxy.

“What is the matter?” Mantiko inquired.

“I want to say that you are right about what you said earlier. My people should have been here by now.”

“Maybe it’s a sign from our ancestors!”

“What sign could that be?”

“That you belong here with us! You are already one of us.”

“I am lonely here!”

“What are you talking about? You have a village that is your family!”

“That’s not what I meant!”

“You mean you seek companionship…love?

“I do, but I am promised to another, but he probably thinks I am dead.”

“Then be my wife.”

“How could you love me? You don’t even know me!”

“I may not have known you five years ago, but I know you now. You became something better.”

“And what is that?”

“You were an alien woman stranded on this world. I watched her fight through intense odds. You have become strong mentally, physically, and spiritually. If it’s companionship you want, allow me to give it to you?”

“And what if my people do come for me?

“Would you allow me to leave?”

“If that’s what you want.”

“Then I accept!” Mantiko removes his amulet around his neck and puts on Joilee.

“Come! Let’s see my mother! She will marry us tomorrow night while the planets are aligned.

The next night, Mantiko and Joilee stood in front of Ixchepuliz. She took a dagger and cut the palm of Mantiko’s hand. Then she cut Joilee and combined their open wounds to mingle blood.

“What was two are now one. With each of your blood is joined as one in this divine union. Joilee, you are now one of us. You are reborn as a Ke-sha-mah-teal.”

That night was a wonderful night for Joilee, as she became a Sierran native through marriage. In Mantiko’s bed-chamber. Joilee put the inoperable Palmer inside a stone-like chest and walked into the marriage chamber with Mantiko. Inside Mantiko’s and Joilee’s quarters. Joilee and Mantiko consummate their union as the three planets illuminate through the sunroof. After an hour of embrace, they finally fell asleep on the animal skin comforter in each other’s arms. However, inside the chest where Joilee stored her Palmer, the device flashes the words ``Earth Conglomerate Subspace Signal Detected” before losing power.

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