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Chapter 2

Joilee’s Promising Years

(Few Years Prior)

Before Joilee’s deep space expedition to Sierra Alpha Prime, Joilee was part of the Earth’s Governmental Conglomerate (E.G.C.) Joilee was born at the age of a central world government ruled by a military social council. Since the E.G.C. was formed 200 years ago, it enforced laws and policies for every citizen to become a citizen-soldier. The use of the currency was obsolete. Everything that world citizens needed was issued through government ration based on the E.G.C social class system. The E.G.C. also enforced population control policies. Citizens were mandated to enlist in an E.G.C. military force at the age of seven.

Joilee was admitted to the E.G.C. military academy and trained in the basics of weapons combat, hand-to-hand close quarter contact (CQC), solo baton (stick fighting ), and Mag Krav. Her advanced training is known as Zero Gravity Protocol. Zero Gravity Protocol consisted of space marine combat, space shuttle piloting, space fighter jet combat, and emergency drift.

Through all Joilee’s training at the age of 14, she decided she wanted to be an Interplanetary Agricultural Scientist. Once the E.G.C. permitted her to pursue her interest, her studies included Plant & Human Biological Relations, Plant Genetic Mutations, and Terraforming. Joilee was the top in her class. She had written numerous essays on terraforming, plant genetic modifications &[ manipulation. Joilee received praise personally from the E.G.C council for her experiments in altering D.N.A. of strawberries, grapes, wheat, and corn increasing its lifespan for up to 2 years. By the age of 18, she earned the title Level III of Agricultural Scientist as the valedictorian at her graduation from the E.G.C. Agricultural science academy. By the age of 22, she has been awarded the title of Chief Science Officer of Interplanetary Agriculture.

After her graduation was assigned to the Agricultural Science Division before being assigned to the ship Oldumare to observe the planet Sierra Alpha Prime in the Alpha Centauri Galaxy. The planet was discovered 100 years ago by unmanned intergalactic space shuttles equipped with lightwave engines.

These shuttles were programmed to scan distant worlds for colonization. The Oldumare was the first prototype ship built with the experimental engine that ran on Lightwave technology. This technology operated by bombarding mass amounts of light particles into dark matter, creating combustion light waves that allowed it to travel at the speed of light.

The E.G.C’s Applied Science Division began researching and developing a prototype engine. In theory, the engine would fold time and space to connect Earth’s solar system with Alpha Centauri Solar System by creating a wormhole. However, this development of this technology would take another fifty or so years.

After Joilee received her rank, she and her classmates went to a bar and celebrated. The following morning she’d had packed her trip home to the Detroit Biodome Hub before she had to board the Oldumare in a week.

As she was packing her clothes, a voice from her phone alerted her that she had a video phone. She grabbed a thin glass sheet that projected the holographic app icons. She turned on the large image of a bald dark skin man that wore an E.G.C. military uniform. His name is Lieutenant Orlando Jackson.

Jackson and Joilee had entered the academy together; however, their path took a slight split. While Joilee became interested in science, Jackson became an E.G.C. combatant marine. Jackson was a weapons expert and trained to be a field combat strategist. Jackson and Joilee were close friends and became even closer throughout their military careers.

“Hey, baby girl!” Jackson replied with a smile on his face.

“Hey baby, how are you!” Joilee replied.

“Fine as always. What are you doing, baby girl?”

“I am packing to go see my family before I board the Oldumare in a week. Wassup with you?”

“I just want to apologize for making it to your promotional ceremony or not being able to celebrate with you last night.”

“Don’t worry about it. I understand that you had the new grunts to train.”

“You know I put in my request to be stationed on the Olodumare.”

“Yes, I remember. I wished that you could go!”

“Yeah. I can’t believe I got some bullshit about our relationship that could interfere with the mission at hand.”

“Hey, you and I know that E.G.C.’s protocol is about personnel in relationships during military operations. We were lucky that they allowed us to stay on the same base.”

“Don’t forget our sparring match at the gym.”

“I won’t forget. I never miss the opportunity to kick your ass.”

“You wish.” Joilee chuckled.

“Alright, I gotta go train the neophytes. See you soon,” Orlando replied as he ended the holographic call.

Joilee had a set schedule.

During her first days as a military officer, she had six hours of military training and eight hours of education. During Joilee’s mornings, she reports to the nearest gym for her mandatory fitness training. Joilee wakes up about 4 am and does not leave the gym until 8 pm. Every time Joilee entered the fitness center, she had to complete a set of exercises mandated by the military division. Once Joilee was done with her daily fitness requirement, she reported to the agriculture division.

Joilee’s work days were long and stressful at the time. Once she completed her 72 hour work week, she was allowed to take a week off. Joilee spent her first day for her mandatory psychiatric evaluation, as all citizens must have one. The rest of her days were to use at her wish. Joilee would rest for the next two days, which was a luxury for her. However, her preferred reward was spending time sparring with her childhood friend and lover from Lieutenant Orlando Jackson’s military.

Joilee and Orlando are in a relationship that is transparent to the E.G.C. as another mandate. E.G.C. was never against relationships, but it is closely monitored to ensure that essential citizens are not distracted from their work. E.G.C. believes in sexual relationships within their society as an outlet from the counsel’s strenuous work demands. However, procreation was a granted privilege, as population control policies were set in place to preserve the dwindling resources.

Joilee and Orlando would meet up at the gym to spar in mixed martial arts whenever he had time off. Fortunately for Orlando, the military allowed him the same time off as Joilee. Joilee and Orlando spar vigorously. Orlando pins Joilee to the mat with a side mount move.

“I got you now!” Orlando bolsters

“Your so fucking predictable,” How Joilee escapes as she performs a hip escape and puts him into a Guillotine chokehold. Orlando has a hard time getting out of the move. Orlando taps the mat, signaling for his surrender.

“Goddam Joilee, you’re about to kill a man.”

“I told you to practice your escape move,” Joilee replied as she was breathing hard.

“You need to ease up on the leg weight; your legs are like iron traps.”

“Oh, really, you don’t complain when I loosen them for you when we are in bed.”

“No, I don’t. E.G.C had all forms of control of human activity. Good thing council allows us some fun time together,” Orlando smirked.

Sex amongst the citizens required a permit consisting of a medical exam and an upgraded version of RFID chips that administered doses of birth control for men and women. A couple must be married and go through parental education to receive a permit for procreation to have a child. It was a way to ensure population control.

Joilee jumps on top of Orlando and straddles him to press her lips against his. Orlando returns her kiss, which feels soft to the touch. Joilee can feel the rise of his manhood in his pants, which causes her to stop.

“Easy there, soldier. I think your gun is ready to fire,” Joilee replied with a giggle.

“It’s your damn fault! You looking so damn fine, and not seeing you for nearly two weeks has made my week,” Orlando replied. Joilee jumps off of Orlando and stands to her feet. Don’t worry, tonight we have plenty of time for that. You are treating me to dinner with your food ration card. You owe me that much for missing my promotional ceremony. ”

“Anything for you.”

“Alright, see you at the Marine Hotel.”

After finishing up dinner and a night of lovemaking, Jackson and Joilee lay in bed in the nude after eating and making love. Joilee and Jackson held hands as they looked at the skyline that was within the biodome. Even the biodome had holographic projectors that gave the impression of a beautiful Sunday or beautiful moonlit sky. The projectors were operated by the biodome computer algorithms that made the weather random as if it was real. Outside the biodome, the sky was dark and covered with smog. Some parts of the Earth’s atmosphere were even toxic to breathe. These were the result of the weapons used in the war 200 years ago. However, it did not matter to Joilee or Orlando. As long as they were together, they were happy.

“Baby, will you miss me when you are up there in the heavens?” Jackson asked as he wrapped his arms around her.

“Of course, baby! Why would you ask that?”

“You will be gone for a year. I am kinda nervous.

“What you gotta be nervous for. Ships have been doing in-depth exploration for nearly 125 years. I will be on the fastest ship ever made by the E.G.C.

“Yeah, you are right. I heard that they built it with the latest light waves engines. The way they are talking, that baby can fly!”

“Have you heard about the city ships they are building?”

“Yeah, I heard they are massive,” Joilee replied.

“They built ten ships. Each can fit at least 5000 people. That is 3000 people that will be leaving this Earth in 10 years.”

“It is a lot,” Joilee replied nervously.

“What is the matter?”

“Knowing all the people are counting on the Oldumare crew is a lot. I hope everything goes well. I will be responsible for surveying the land for terraforming so we can at least grow decent food.”

“Hey, baby. Calm down. You and the Oldumare crew will do well. I just hope I can deal with you going away for a long time.”

“I will see you in a year. You better not go dipping on me with other women while I am gone.”

“Baby, you are the only one that has my heart!”

“I just bet!” Joilee replied as she gave off a playful giggle.

“I have something to prove that!”

Jackson gets up from the bed and goes to his uniform, removing a ring box from his marine suit uniform.

“What are you doing?” Joilee asked. Jackson walks over to Joilee and gets down on one knee.

Dr. Joilee Reyna James. I just want to show you how much I love you.”

“Don’t tell me about you, too,” Joilee was super elated that Jackson was proposing to her.”

“Yes! Will you marry me?” Orlando asked as he got on one knee.

“Yes!” Joilee replied as she hugged Orlando Jackson tight.”

“Aw! Baby girl, you made me the happiest man!”

“You have to come with me to meet my parents!”


“Like you have to pack tonight!”

“Baby, I can’t. I have to run drills for field exercises all this week.”

“It’s alright! We’ll find a way!” Joilee pressed her lip tightly against Jackson. Jackson fell back into bed with Joilee.

After spending the rest of the week with Orlando, Joilee got up bright and early. She was already dressed in her E.G.C. uniform. Jackson was still asleep when Joilee sat on the bed’s age and kissed Jackson to wake him. Jackson woke up to Joilee’s face as the holographic sun gave her a halo.

“It’s all ready for you to go already?”

“Yeah! My transport shuttle leaves in a few hours.

“I wish I could see you off!”

“Don’t worry about it, baby! I know you have a lot on your plate. Just make sure you have your ass at that boarding bay next week.”

“I would not miss it for the world.”

Joilee gets up and grabs her roll cart luggage, and leaves the hotel. Within five hours, the E.G.C., a transport ship, landed in the Hart Plaza landing bay area. Once the transport ship docked, Joilee took a transport train to a sub-bio-dome division 10 miles south from the Detroit Biodome hub. The transport car entered the sub-bio-dome that was the suburban type habitat. Joilee transport drove to the house near an artificial lake. Once the vehicle stopped at her parent’s home, living quarters were accommodating for a four-family home.

Joilee got out of the transport vehicle and walked into her home in her E.G.C. military uniform. It always made her parents proud to see their child in costume. She walked into the house with an excited look on her face. She saw nobody in the room. She set her luggage at the door and continued to search the house. She finally made her way out the back door and suddenly, “SURPRISE”; All her family shouted. Joilee was startled, which soon turned to joy. Joilee’s mother and father approached her.

Joilee’s father was a Chief Medical Officer in Psychiatry and Mental Health. He was an African American in his early 60′s with salt n pepper hair and a beard. He was educated by the E.G.C.’s to be a mental health counselor.

Joilee’s mother Rachel James, was of Irish descent. She was in her late 40′s and had red hair with a few streaks of gray mixed in with her reddish-brown hair. She worked as a Chief Medical Nurse in the E.G.C. medical facilities around the globe.

“I am so glad to see you both,” Joilee replied as she hugged both her parents. “We hear about your new position. We are so proud of you.”

“Dr. Joilee Reyna James. Chief Science Officer of Agriculture. That has a beautiful ring to it!”

“Where is Mason?”

“In his room catching up on his military exercises. He has been slacking off.”

“Well, let me go, say hi to the twerp!”

Moments later, Joilee walked inside Mason’s room. Mason shared the same brownish red hair and caramel skin tone characteristic as Joilee. Mason is 15 years old and was tall for his age, 6′3 to be exact.

Joilee ambled at Mason and surprised Mason from behind. He had a pair of goggles and a handgun in his hand. He was engrossed in E.G.C.’s military training exercise, which was later made public for the citizens.

“HEY, YOU!” Joilee shouted as she freighted Mason. Mason dropped the V.R. gun causing him to lose the training exercise.

“DAMN IT!” Mason replied as he took his V.R. goggles off. Mason was ready to barrage his distracter with vulgar insults until he saw Joilee’s face.

“Hey, sis’ when did you get in?”

“About 10 minutes ago.”

“I heard about your promotion. Congrats! Seems like you’re doing well!”

“And it seems like you have not been. Mom and dad have told me you are not taking your exams seriously.”

’C’mon, J! You are not about to lecture me when you just got home.”

“No! Well, not now, at least. Anyway, get out of this room, and let’s get some food.

Joilee enjoyed her welcome home party with her family and friends. After the long day of eating and catching up with family and friends, Joilee helped her mother clean up and wash dishes. Joilee was carrying dirty dishes into the house as her mother was putting away the extra food.

“You don’t have to do that.”

“I don’t mind.”

“I will, once I help you, mom!”

“Fine! Make sure you clean those plates thoroughly. You have a bad habit of half washing the plates.”

“I do not. Well, not since I was a little.”

“Uh-huh! Anyway, when are we going to meet him?”

“Meet who?”

“The man who put that ring on your finger!”

“Oh!” Joilee replied as she started to blush.

“I was hoping he would come here to meet you and dad, but he had trained new cadets.”

“Busy man, huh!”

“Yeah, and I am proud of him.”

“You never told me that you were seeing a man.”

“I know! It’s just that I have been swamped, and I did not have a chance to call you and dad.”

“Well, tell me about him!”

“Well, his name is Lieutenant Orlando Jackson. We met at the academy. We were friends for a while, but we started dating a year ago.”

“Well, I am happy for you. When is the wedding?”

“As soon as I get back from my space expedition.”

“Yeah, that!” Mrs. James replied with a worried look on her face.

“Mom, what’s wrong?”

“It’s just that I am worried about you going up there. You will be gone for two years; that’s a long time.”

“Yeah, but I’ll be back in no time. I am quite sure time will go by real fast.”

Suddenly the doorbell rings. Mr. James gets the doorbell. He opens the door, and Jackson standing on the other side in his uniform.

“How may I help you, young man.”

“Yes. Is there a Dr. Joilee Reyna James here?”

“Depend on who’s asking!” Mr. James replied with an emotionless look.

“My name is Lieutenant Orlando Jackson,” Jackson replied as he extended his hand for a shake. Mr. James looked at his side and stared right back in his face.


Joilee and Mrs. James walk into the living room as she hears Orlando’s voice in the kitchen.

“Orlando? What are you doing here?”

“I am here to see you!”

“I thought you had drill exercises all week.” “I asked my C.O. for a favor to take some time off!”

“Joilee, you know this clown!”

“Daddy, be nice. This is my fiancée.”

“All I am just messing with him.” Mr. James started to laugh!

“So you are the young man that has my daughter glowing with smiles. Come in.”

A week later, Jackson sees Joilee off as she boards a transport shuttle to the interplanetary ship “The Stellar Errand.” Once Joilee and her crew boards the ship, the ship pilots make the final countdown. Once The Stella Errand ignited, the engines created plumes of smoke beneath the vessel, causing it to project into space. Orlando could see the light from engines from the biodome platform.

Joilee looked outside the window to catch a glimpse of Earth’s atmosphere, which had a brownish hue. The Earth seemed far beautiful in the history lessons that showed her a bluish planet. Joilee and the crew stayed at the space station for two days before boarding the interplanetary ship, the Stellar Errand. Once onboard, the Stellar Errand Joilee and the ship’s crew were transported to the galaxy’s outer realms to the next to Pluto’s orbital space station, “The Oasis.” Once the vessel broke the orbit, the transport ship docked the Earth’s space port “Heaven’s Watch Tower,” before making a five-day trip Pluto’s orbital space colony “The Oasis.”

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