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Chapter 4

After four and half years later, the Oldumare had arrived at the Sierra Alpha Prime solars system. The Oldumare had dropped out of subspace six months away from their destination. This time was to prepare the crew for the planetary survey. The first phase of the Oldumare crew was to revive the essential personnel from pod stasis.

Joilee wakes up to a blurry vision as the medical staff looks over her while flashing a medical light in her eyes.

“She’s coming around,” One of the Joilee’s hearing sounded like a stretched audio file, as the medical staff voices sounded deep and slow.

The chief medical doctor walks over and snaps his fingers in an attempt to test Joilee’s reflexes.

“Give me 100 milligrams of Modafinil,” the Chief Medical Doctor demanded. The nurse prepared an injection gun and handed it to her superior.

“Joilee, you may feel a bit nauseous immediately after the injection. That is normal.” The doctor stated. Joilee could not understand the words the doctor was saying.

The doctor injects the Modafinil into the main artery in Joilee’s neck. Joilee eyes widened, and she gasped for air as she felt her heart speed up.

“Breathe,” The Doctor stated as she looked at Joilee. Joilee could not understand as she felt a strong sense of nausea. Joilee hunched over the medical bed and spewed vomit of green mucus. Once Joilee was done, she laid back on the bed as she attempted to slow down her breathing.

The Chief Doctor looks into Joilee’s eyes again. Joilee’s pupils dilated, and see natural reflexes; the doctor was pleased. Now it was time for him to evaluate his patient’s awareness.

“Do you remember your name,” The Doctor asked.

“Doctor Reyna Joilee.”

“Good! Can you tell me where you are?”

“I don’t know!”

“You are aboard the deep space exploration ship called the Oldumare. Do me a favor and try to wiggle your toes.” Joilee wiggles her toes with little movement. “Good,” The Doctor replied.

“Why can’t I remember anything.”

“That is normal. You have been asleep for nearly five years. Once your medical evaluation is complete, you will attend Memory Recall Therapy.”

Being in a medically induced sleep had its side effects. Memory loss was one of the medical concerns. Therefore, memory recall therapy was one of the protocols after being revived from sleep stasis. Other protocols followed; such as; psychological evaluation, mission briefing, and physical therapy.”

Memory Recall Therapy consisted of; the crew watching video recordings of themselves. It was a mandated protocol before going into pod stasis. The video was a briefing about her upbringing, military training, and her mission to Sierra Alpha Prime.

Psychological evaluation a treatment was mandatory for revived officers. After being in hypersleep stasis for long periods, patients suffered anxiety and depression from a brain chemical imbalance. Therefore, the security officers had to undergo scheduled evaluations and take mood-boosting supplements, such as serotonin injections.

Physical therapy was the most important phase. The body was weak after being immobile for long periods. So Joilee and the rest of the crew had to spend at least three hours a day doing cardio and muscle training.

After a couple of weeks of regaining her ability to walk, Joilee started her physical therapy. First, Joilee went to the ship gym, the size of a football field. She was doing ten miles a day and lifting weights regularly within two months.

The medical doctor cleared her for duty once Joilee passed her physical therapy and psych evaluation. Joilee was assigned a skin-tight adaptable environmental suit to assist her on her mission.


Oldumare had finally arrived at Sierra Alpha Prime. On the final approach to the planet, the Oldumare released a network of communication satellites between the Alpha Centauri and Earth’s solar system. Once the Oldumare arrived above the planet, the crew released a series of drone satellites for atmospheric analysis. It was not long when the Oldumare suddenly shook with tremors.

Joilee was in the science lab making final preparations to collect herbal and soil samples from the planet. Joilee fell over to the floor. Joilee tried to stand, but again she was thrown to the floor from another violent tremor. Dr. Pryat rushes into the lab and helps Joilee off the floor.

“What is going on?” Joilee inquired with sincere concern.

“I dunno.”

Suddenly, the ship’s light goes from bright white to a reddish hue. The emergency alarms sounded. The Captain’s voice broadcasted over the audio communications channel.

“All personnel. Evacuate the Oldumare, I repeat. Evacuate the Oldumare. Calmly make your way to the nearest shuttle pod bay.”

“Come on, Joilee. We gotta get the hell out of here,” Dr. Priyat stated.

Joilee, Pryat, and the Oldumare crew quickly tried to make their way to any available escape pod. Men and women were scattering, not carrying if they were trampling people. Suddenly a red bean cuts through the ship floor, evaporating the fleeing staff. The remaining survivors were jettisoned into space as there were screams and panic. Dr. Priyat was one of the unfortunate once.

Joilee was next to meet her demise as the vacuums of space were pulling her into the cold dark void. Joilee quickly grabbed an entrance to a sliding bulkhead door stuck in the open position. Joilee held on for her dear life.

Joilee saw the bulkhead emergency panel. Joilee pulled herself towards the lever as she fought against oncoming debris, unsecured personnel, and the depleting oxygen. Joilee opened the panel and pulled the lever with all her strength. The bulkhead doors quickly sealed the breach, and the area established oxygen and artificial gravity. Joilee plummeted to the floor. Joilee quickly got up and made her way to the emergency shuttle pod bay.

Before Joilee could enter the emergency shuttle bay, Joilee had to pass through the exosuit checkpoint chamber that was still operable. Joilee stepped into an available exosuit. Once upon entrance, the suit compressed, fitting itself to Joilee’s body frame. The exosuit is fully equipped with a helmet, a parachute, oxygen tank, and a Palmer Device.

Once the exosuit activated and synced with Joilee’s Biosign’s implant, the exosuit chamber doors opened to the escape shuttle pod bay. Joilee quickly made her way to the closest ship that was not destroyed or jettisoned into space. Then, a flash of light shined on Joilee’s helmet that caught her attention. Joilee saw a security officer at the rear of a shuttle. Joilee quickly ran towards the shuttle, avoiding any unsecured items, cargo, and debris that would bring her demise.

Once Joilee was on board, the pilot remotely opened the bay doors with the shuttles control console. The shuttle bay decompressed, blowing all the technology in the area into space. The pilot wasted no time taking off. Once they were clear of the ship, Joilee looked out the window. She caught a glimpse of the Oldumare ripped apart by beams of light coming from the surface planet.

“This can’t be!” Joilee replied in horror. Suddenly the Oldumare tore in half as both descended into the planet’s atmosphere. One half of the vessel where one of the dark matter engines explodes. Debris befell from the sky in every direction.

“Hold on tight, we are in for a rough ride,” The pilot yelled as he made his way toward the planet’s surface. Joilee quickly strapped herself into the emergency seat to prepare for the onslaught of debris.

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