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Chapter 8

Palmer Video Log

Dr. Joilee Reyna James

December 17, 2459 C.E.

In the past few months, something amazing has happened since I have lived with Quexamtil.

It was a night of festivities in the village square; a couple had just married. I sat next to Mantiko as the tribe gathered around the bonfire in the village’s center. Mantiko constantly looked at me with infatuation as I watched the marriage ceremony occurs.

I pretend not to notice as I shift my eyes to the couple and the ceremonial dances.

However, the festivities were interrupted, as there were unexpected visitors, or shall I say enemies of the Quexamtil. They are known as the Osuna tribe. They are another tribe that lives deep in the forest. Like Quexamtil, they are hunters and foragers.

Torches were lit in the Quexamtil village as the cosmic night sky blanketed above. Tonight was a special night as it celebrated Sierran male and female unity. Ixchepuliz performed the ceremony in front of a bond fire as the duty of a high priestess. The marriage ritual consisted of the two marrying parties receiving a slit on the palm of their hands. As blood flowed from Sierran’s hand, Ixchepuliz collected the blood in a flask containing marital herbs. Once the blood was collected, Ixchepuliz threw the flask in the fire, causing plums of smoke to fill the air. Ixchepuliz inhaled the smoke and blew it unto the couple. The coupled closed their eyes and inhaled in the smoke, which Ixchepuliz recited words known as The Binding of Devotion.

“From blood to blood, From to spirit to spirit. The two blood has been converted unto two spirits as you two have taken part of each other ethers. Your ethers have been mixed and now are branded unto each other souls. Now open your eyes and see the world as new, as you two have been reborn as one.”

The Sierran couple opens their eyes. Their eyes illuminated with a glow that amazed Joilee. She never saw anything like it. She wanted to use the palmer to scan the smoke, but she wanted to be respectful and not defile the ceremony.

Later that night, the ceremony continued with tribal dancing, chants, and Sierran exotic foods. However, festivities were interrupted with the sounding of a wooden horn. It gave a bassy shrieking alarm to the village. Mantiko and a few other tribal warriors grabbed their weapons and headed towards the village entrance. Joilee was not naive about what was happening, but she held the weapons Mantiko gave her and followed them. When Joilee arrived at the gate, she saw Mantiko arguing with another Sierran humanoid. However, their physique was of dark brownish complexion and dreaded hair. His name is Jembere. Ixchepuliz came to the gate entrance.

“What is going on?” Joilee asked I she put leez in the Quexamtil language.

“They are talking about the sky traveler.”

“Sky traveler. What sky traveler?”

“You, my friend. The Osuna tribe is here for you. They want you to come to visit their village.”

“Me? Why!”

“They believe your presence is the beginning of a prophecy that is coming to fruition.”

“A prophecy! What prophecy,” Joilee asks in disbelief.

“A prophecy that can lead to our salvation or our destruction.”

“What, I don’t believe that. Do. you believe that?”

“I do. I haven’t told Mantiko because this is for you to know. Since you have been here, I have been having visions about your origins and your people?”

“My people? What do you see in your visions?”

“I see your people coming here to bring tribulation to this world.”

“No! That is not possible. Your visions are wrong.”

“The Gods have never given me a false vision. I saw your arrival months before you came, and here you are,” Ixchepuliz replied.

Joilee was sarcastic in Ixchepuliz’s beliefs. She was even slightly offended. Joilee believed her people would never come to this world as aggressors. The Oldumare crew was heavily indoctrinated in the civil resolution protocol of The First Contact Constitution.

That indoctrination was about to be used when she saw Mantiko and the other tribal leader were about to raise their weapons. Joilee quickly ran over to the two warring tribal leaders. She used some of her combat skills to subdue Mantiko and the other tribal leaders.

“Stopped this!” Joilee demanded.

“He is invading our territory, and he must go!”

“I will not go until I talk to the sky traveler,” Gem bear ray demanded.

“No one fights over me.”

“The sky goddess speaks our language?” Gem bear ray was in disbelief that Joilee had learned their language.

“Mantiko allows him to say his peace.” Joilee requested. Mantiko agreed. Joilee turned towards the dark skin tribal leader.

“State your business and leave,” Joilee replied with a smile.

“I am Gem Bear ray! I am the Oxuna Chief. I come to take you to our village. We leave at once!”

Gem bear ray aggressively grabs Joilee by the wrist.


Joilee used a martial art technique to escape Jembere’s grasp.

“You dare touch her.”

“The sky traveler is coming with us,” Jembere demanded

“She is not going anywhere!” Mantiko shouted.

“I will kill you if you deny my request.”

“Like I said. No one is fighting over me. We are going to resolve this peacefully! Mantiko, let me speak with you alone.”

Mantiko and Joilee went to a nearby stone house. He ordered the occupants out. Once they had the dwelling to themselves, they began to talk.

“Mantiko, what is wrong with you? Why are you acting like this.”

“The Oxuna Tribe are our enemies. They dishonor us with their presence.”

“What about me! I am here to learn as much as I can while I am in this world.”

“You don’t know them.”

“Have you ever talked to them?” Joilee asked with folded arms.

“Don’t need to know when there is hatred in our ancestry.”

“That is insane. The same prejudice and bigotry have existed in our world for generations. Thanks to our people’s ignorance, our planet is dying. By the time my people came together, it was too late. Our ancestors destroyed our ecosystem. Learn from me. You have a chance to become something great in this beautiful world with your neighboring tribe. I am going to see the Oxuna tribe.”

Mantiko’s face showed his disturbing thoughts.

“Because the policies of my people obligate me.” Joilee walked up to Mantiko and caressed his face gently. “Don’t be upset! I’ll be back!”

“Fine! My best warriors and I are coming as well!”

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