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Imagine a world where all people are immortal. In a world where there is no poverty and wealth. In a world where everyone is equal. Will such a world be happy? After all, a person has everything. And when a person has strength, then a person begins to choose evil. The events of this book take place in the distant future. At a time when scientists rule the world and do everything for the happiness of everyone. This is the time when the sky is always covered by flying cars. This is the time when the sunbeam cannot break through the dark smoke. And also this is the time when science reached such a level that real magic can be created right in the laboratory. And so one day, a scientist named Sennhandd, the one who invented immortality, creates a creature that is capable of fulfilling any wishes. With the advent of such Wizards, people have new entertainment. Kind, ideal creatures do everything for people and soon they become slaves. The world is changing, people are changing. And one day, all this progress leads to a disaster that can only be stopped by one person. In a world where good is forgotten, where love and friendship have completely disappeared, the main character of this book, a guy named Okinizeus, goes against the system, and everything in order to be able to love.

Scifi / Romance
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Why do we live? Why does everything exist?

I found the answers to these two questions after meeting with It.

But when I found the answers, it was probably too late.

Everything that happened to people was because of immortality in the world.

And, perhaps, this is where we should start.

Many centuries have passed since the primitive came out of the cave and went to meet the unknown.

From the moment when the developed person turned back and then looked around and realized that he must change something, many thousands of centuries passed.

From the moment when a person was tired of getting sick, dying, and just tired of being weak, then, humanity decided that from now on, they will achieve immortality and perfect health.

But sometimes, looking at all the people, at all the progress that has happened over these few million years, I still have not seen the difference between a caveman and a man immortal.

Yes, now man has a new name and it is not Homo Sapiens, now the person belongs to the category Homo Immortalem.

And then, I’ll give you a hint, if a person used to be considered “Wise,” now, human was just “Immortal Man.” That’s good, of course, but now, the human had no wisdom at all.

Along with the course of the event, human adapted to life on Earth, and on other planets too.

There were no more boundaries for a human.

Science evolved at the speed of light, but the more it developed, the more everyone forgot about the mind, heart and soul.

But no one cared about it.

After all, the most important thing is that everyone was immortal and no one was sick.

And among all the achievements of humanity, I believe that the greatest achievement is that at last all diseases have been defeated.

As I read history books, I found a lot of information about terrible diseases, and that people used to live in fear and for a very short amount of time.

I was terrified of just thinking that a cancerous tumor could do to a weak and defenseless person. And the more I read the story, the more scared I was.

And it was all just a few centuries ago.

But now, as I looked out the window, I saw strong people in front of me.

People who did not get sick did not die, but simply lived.

How much suffering has it been for mankind to reach such a level of existence.

And given how much the person had to go through, all that irrationality and savagery of the present time seems only childish, and in the meantime, when a person can relax, because all the worst is left behind.

But still, the person has changed too much, and you will understand it by reading this book further.

So, get ready for adventure and to witness how a person slowly but surely destroys all reasonable and good in himself, and all in order to become a modern, eternal man.

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